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  1. It was a crisp fall morning as students all over the city began to wake up and prepare for the first day of school. The teachers were already at the school, preparing their classrooms and readying themselves for the new school year. At first students began to trickle in by ones and twos. But soon the main courtyard was filled with students who were meeting their friends, comparing schedules, or simply killing time until classes start.
  2. Esme Avila D'Leon


    As she walked through the courtyard, Esme tugged at the strap of her simple, black backpack. Securing it up her shoulder. Her green hair was swaying from side to side, at each step she took. Her uniform, consisting of a white button up shirt tucked into a dark blue skirt; black knee high socks and black shoes, was perfectly in place. She also had a dark, navy coat on and a deep red scarf was wrapped around her neck to keep herself warm. Her green eyes where solely fixated on the schedule in her hands.

    'Homeroom, English, Math, Science, Lunch, Gym, History, Music, Homeroom again...At least I have one of my favorite classes before the last homeroom...' Esme went over her junior year schedule, mentally, keeping her eyes from looking around. Yet, she could still hear the voices of the other students making their way through the courtyard as well.

    It was not long before she had her full schedule memorized, so folding it, she placed it inside her pocket. Finally, she was able to look around. The school was small, but with the typical style. The courtyard was beautiful, more so at the particular season they were in, Fall. The green leaves turning a bright yellow. Inhaling, she sighed in blissfulness. "I love autumn." Esme whispered to herself, a small smile forming on her lips, while still walking towards the entrance.

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  3. Reina Rioux
    Reina wandered onto the school grounds and fixed her gaze out on the courtyard which by now was filled with many other students. She tugged a strand of her orange hair behind her ear just as a strong breeze blew from behind. She shifted her bag to one had as she tried to hold down her navy uniform skirt to prevent it from blowing everywhere and possibly flashing someone. After the gust of wind died down she straightened out her gray blazer and continued through the courtyard. The rest of what she wore consisted of thigh high navy socks, brown shoes and a cute little blue bow around the top of her white blouse to add a little style.

    She pulled out her schedule from one of her bag pockets and scanned over her classes. She murmured each one to herself then took in a deep breath. It was her third year, so she was already all familiar with the school, though it seems like her nerves is still getting the best of her. She quickly shook her head then lightly smacked the sides off her cheeks “Alright Reina, let’s have another good year” she said encouragingly to herself and stiffly continued towards the school building.
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  4. Russell walked to the school grounds, taller than most people he looked around and saw a lot of new students. He looked towards the school itself and sighed "Just a little longer of this and I'll be free to sleep whenever I want to, and not have to get up at the crack of dawn to be here on time..." He took out his phone and found a song that would drown out most of the chatter and put his headphones on, "...Might as well walk to my homeroom" Russell straightened his bag and walked on into the school.
  5. Grayson Carlisle

    Grayson felt the cold air trickle down his spine behind his shirt as he entered school grounds, the cool air filling his lungs and giving him a sensation of bitter chills. He loved this feeling, it put him in a good mood. He looked up at the large school that sat before him, eerie like a real functioning hell on earth. He took in a deep breath then exhaled heavily through his mouth.

    "It's a new year." He told himself, smiling. He felt more confident than he did last year. He was a third year student now, and it all seemed to be looking up. "What could happen?" He asked himself, taking the next few strides up to the front door of the school and walking in.

    He immediately felt nervous. There were so many people walking in rather large groups of friends, smiling and laughing. He heard some people mention things about where they went during the summer and all these things that have happened to them. He wondered if he would make friends this year, which would be nice considering he had none. He shrugged that thought off and continued his journey to his new locker, and new classroom, eager to see who he would have for a teacher and as fellow classmates.
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  6. Elliot Redwood
    Ah yes, another year of school has undoubtedly begun. This would be Elliot's third year and she wasn't too enthused about being there. For one she despised the whole uniform thing. It felt too controlling but there wasn't much to be done about the school rules. So instead of blending in with everyone she made sure to stand out just a little. The dark blue skirt and white button up shirt was still essential but she also wore black over the knee socks. These weren't ordinary socks since it had dark grey skulls designed all over it. Her shoes were black ankle length combat boots to help make her feel slightly normal in her uniform. Her last and final accessory was a leather bracelet which made her dull uniform feel normal.

    With all of that on she was able to conquer the day even if she didn't want to. "Goodbye summer, you will be truly missed." She thought to herself and without warning that small extra gust of cool autumn air came about. The sudden chill made hurry inside the building. Elliot wasn't ready for fall but it was hear and making itself well known. "Damn seasons. Just had to change didn't ya." She muttered under her breath as she strolled through the halls to her locker. She looked at her schedule and agreed slightly with it and placed the few things she had away. Homeroom wouldn't start for a moment or two so she had time to figure out what there was left to do.

  7. Russell made it to the classroom but no one was in there, he sighed, "Hmm...". He walked over to a seat in the back of the room and laid his head down on the desk and closed his eyes.
  8. Esme Avila D'Leon


    Arriving at her locker, Esme carefully placed some of her heavier books inside. Taking out a picture of her "baby cousin", she taped it inside the locker door, giving it a personal touch. Looking at the photo, Esme couldn't help the subtle smile that appeared on her face. Her cousin just reminded her of, well, herself. The same expression of a deer caught in the headlights. It was cute. Shaking the nostalgic thoughts away, she closed the locker door and made her way to her homeroom.

    "I wonder who is our teacher this semester." Esme whispered to herself, not caring if others gave her a weird look. She was accustomed to it, and frankly she liked it that way. It stopped people from approaching and asking questions about her life, questions that she would refuse to answer anyways. 'And this is how you want to change? That's how you want to create fond memories..?' The sudden thoughts, made her halt just in front of her homeroom door.

    Esme couldn't believe herself, she was just confronted by her own conscience. She was surely going crazy, yet her inner thoughts were right. She wanted to replace painful memories with happy ones; and she did, by helping others around. However, she felt unsatisfied, something was missing. And just as quick as lighting, she knew what is was that she was missing. She was missing a friend. Someone she could share those memories with. Someone that could help her dream again.

    However, after so long of being alone, Esme didn't know how to get a friend. The only ones she was comfortable around, where toddlers. Kids she would babysit in the neighborhood. 'How do you make a friend? How do you know when someone is truly your friend?' Dismissing the solemn questions and doubts in her mind for now, she opted to focused on the day ahead. First day of school, first day of junior year. 'Surely, I would be able to make just one friend before the school ends.' With that slight positive thought in mind, Esme entered in the room that would be called her homeroom for the rest of the year.

    Once inside, she kept to herself and claimed a sit next to the window. She could see there was already someone resting in one of the back seats. She was about to introduced herself, but at the last second she chickened out, she didn't want to disturb his rest. Instead, she decided to settle her head on her arms and rest a bit herself. And with one last thought, she closed her eyes to wait the start of classes. 'Now, to wait for the bell that signals the official start of the new school year...'

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  9. Grayson Carlisle

    When Grayson finally found his way through the winding halls of his school and to his homeroom, he glanced over at the row of lockers, seeing a few already occupied. He looked down at his heavy bag and shrugged, deciding you never know what you'll need on the first day of school.

    Pulling his bag up onto his shoulder further, he walked into homeroom. He saw a few people resting at desks and saw the back corner of the room was open, right by the window. He made is way over and sat down in it happily, putting his bag a top of his desk. He rested his chin on his elbow and gazed out the window.
    "It's early Grayson, don't get your hopes up...." He mumbled to himself.

    He began to think rapidly, words and words filling his mind and swirling around in a tornado of thoughts. He wondered what subject this was, seeing as how he was switched last minute by the headmaster of the school, nobody really bothered to tell him. All he had guiding him was a small scrap piece of paper with a room number on it. He began to wonder.

    "Maybe I could ask a classmate?" He asked himself, averting his eyes from the outdoors and glancing around the room once more. He then remembered one thing about himself he absolutely hated.

    He was incredibly shy.

    And so he decided instead of actually finding out where he was, he decided to sit and silence and open up his sketch book. He began to doodle a sketch of the giving tree, a tree from an old book his therapist read to him when he was young. It made him smile and rid his mind of negative thoughts.
  10. The five minute warning bell rang as Arlo pulled into the faculty parking lot. Turning off his rumbling black motorcycle, Arlo stared at the school for a few minutes as students scurried around in their haste to get to class. "well this will certainly be different." Letting out a resigned sigh, Arlo hefted his backpack and trudged into the school. He certainly stood out from the crowd. Wearing his leather jacket, white collared shirt with a loose black tie, and jeans with biker boots. He looked more like a delinquent than a teacher. Holding his piece of paper in hand, Arlo walked down the halls in search of his classroom.

  11. Reina Rioux
    Once at her locker, Reina heard the five minute warning bell go off. She stuffed whatever else she was planning on leaving in her locker then slammed the door shut before proceeding down the hall towards her homeroom. As she walked by, she can hear the murmuring of a couple of student, Reina raised an eyebrow as she listened to their gossiping carefully. They were each mentioning something about a delinquent visitor at the school, they thought he might’ve been a student but he was no way dressed in the required uniform.

    Reina took a sharp turn, her long orange hair following behind her, and thought about the situation, 'who in the world could this person be..' she thought to herself then stopped before a classroom. She doubled checked the room number that was on her schedule then strolled in to the classroom. She scanned the room as she walked, there seemed to be a few students already here, many of them already at their seats. She walked all the way to the end row then took the front seat. She set her bag down at the side of the desk, plumped down onto her seat and swirled around to get a better look at the classroom, her mind drifting to the conversation she overheard in the hallways about this mystery guest.

    Reina’s eyes rested on a couple of students behind “Any of you guys hear about an apparent delinquent in our school?” She asked them out loud while crossing her leg over another, not really expecting much if they answered.

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  12. Soon the classroom started to fill up with other students and Reina's question did not go unanswered. "i heard that he was a student who got held back!" Several other students piped up with ideas and soon the whole class was talking about the mystery man.

    Suddenly Arlo walked into the room and everyone went silent. Walking up to the teacher desk, Arlo dropped his backpack on the floor and sat down in the swivel chair and propped his feet up on the desk. "Hello everyone, I am your new teacher. My name is Arlo Penton. But you all will call me Penton. I am not old enough to be called Mr. Penton." Taking out a sheet of paper, Arlo looked at it then back at the class. "so it says here for everyone to introduce themselves....lets start with..you." Arlo said as he pointed at Esme.
  13. Esme Avila D'Leon


    The sound of pencil against paper got Esme to open her eyes. Many students had already filed into the class. Looking around she spotted a boy not to far away from her, he was drawing something in a sketch book. Esme was about to say something to the boy, yet she was interrupted by a girl with orange hair. Esme watched as the newcomer, got in her seat and suddenly turned around towards the class. "Any of you guys hear about an apparent delinquent in our school?” Again, she was about to say something but another student decided to interrupt again.

    "I heard that he was a student who got held back!" Shaking her head, Esme went back to resting her head in her arms and looking out the window. After that last comment, the other students started a heated conversation, and she preferred not getting involved. The new person was this, the new person was that, Esme rolled her eyes. She started to drift off, not paying attention to their words. Instead, she was more intrigued as to who was going to be their teacher. 'Hm...I wonder still..'

    After a couple of minutes another person made his entrance to the class. Looking over, it was a boy, Esme would say about a year or two older. She watched as he made himself comfortable in the teachers desk. Seeing the way he was dressed, Esme was about to dismiss him as another student. Probabbly, the one all of her classmates thought was a deliquent or something. However, that is when he decided to introduce himself to the class.

    "Hello everyone, I am your new teacher. My name is Arlo Penton. But you all will call me Penton. I am not old enough to be called Mr. Penton." Esme's narrowed a bit, still thinking it was some kind of joke. Yet his next words took her of guard a bit. "So it says here for everyone to introduce themselves....lets start with..you." With a finger pointed towards her, Esme eyes widened a bit. 'He is being serious...This is our new teacher...'

    After along pause, she noticed that all eyes were on her now. So, with a slight blushed of embarrassment, she stood up and decided to get it over with. Turning towards her classmates, she started talking. "Hello. My name is Esme Avila D'Leon, but I prefer just Esme or Avi. I'm in my junior year and after I graduate I would like to study culinary arts. Please, take care of me." Keeping it simple, Esme refused to revealed to much of herself, specially her actual dream. So, with slight bow to her classmates and to her teacher, she quickly sat down, her face still a bit pink. 'I hate introductions...'

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  14. Arlo nodded and continued down his list. After several more students introduced themselves, Arlo pointed to Reina. "alright its your turn now. Tell us your name and....what you want to be when you grow up." Arlo spun himself around in the swivel chair, clearly showing how he was not taking things seriously.

  15. Grayson Carlisle

    Grayson continued his drawing, not looking up from his page. He heard people begin to whisper and his eyebrow twitched. First day of school, and people were already starting gossip. He couldn't wait for this so called "delinquent" to show up. He hoped they would totally surprise everyone. He didn't think gossip was nice, especially when none of these people have probably actually seen this person.

    He let out a heavy sigh and put down his pencil, running a hand through his black hair and glancing out the window once more. He heard someone else walk in the room. His head turned and his eyebrows furrowed.

    This... Man looked no more than a couple years older than himself was, but the man strode right over and sat in the teachers desk. 'This man can't be the teacher.... Could he?' He questioned in his head.

    Grayson's mouth dropped ever so slightly when the man introduced himself to the classroom. 'Penton' he repeated to himself, slouching low in his chair as to make himself invisible. His black bangs hung over his eyes to hide himself. He looked up in the slightest way to see a girl not far from where he was being asked to introduce herself. He could tell she was nervous doing so, but he knows that he will be just the same being called upon himself.

    Gray then looked down at the wooden wodden surface of his desktop, praying he would be the last one to have to speak aloud, especially on the first day. It would be humiliating and he would make absolutely no friends, because people would look at his as that awkward not who sits in the back of the class. "Just be calm Grayson..." He mumbled to himself, tapping his fingers against his knee nervously.
  16. 2.png

    Yoson walked onto the school grounds when the warning bell rang. He was in no rush, it was the first day and its not like he would get punished at all if he was a few seconds late. Yoson pushed his bag further up his arm and trudged on. By the time that he entered the school Yoson was breathing heavily and for sure was late. The halls were empty but also filled with banners saying "Welcome back to school" and the such. Quickly he pulled out his schedule and glanced at where he was supposed to go. Yoson trudged to the door saying the correct room. A person was introducing himself once he walked in. Yoson quietly tried to enter the classroom and close the door behind him. Silently he spotted a open desk and placed his bag on top of it then sitting within the desk.​
  17. Reina Rioux

    Reina listened carefully to what the other students had to say about the mystery man. She nodded to each one, thinking about it carefully and dismissing those stories that did not fit, ‘Hmm I don’t remember anything like this for the past 3 years I’ve been at this school… Never heard of a delinquent getting held back a few years’, so that can’t quite possibly be it unless she missed out on some valuable information during her high school years. Suddenly the door burst open and a boy who looked a little older than herself, nonchalantly walked towards the teacher’s corner before kicking back and resting his feet on top of the desk. Everyone stayed quiet and watched the leathered dressed boy in complete shock as he fumbled through some papers.

    Reina’s eyes widen when he introduced himself as the new homeroom teacher. She quickly squirmed around in her seat, obviously confused and annoyed by this, she wanted answers for this, who in the world is this guy? She turned back to the rest of the classroom who sat completely still until the ‘Teacher’ asked a student to introduce themselves. Reina watched as the girl hesitated at first before getting up and formally gave an introduction. When Esme, the girl who had just introduced herself, finished and sat back down Reina turned back to face the teacher, ‘This is not a joke…’ Reina thought to herself. She tensed up and a shiver went down her spine when the teacher pointed at her next. He asked her to provide her name and future desired occupation.

    Reina blinked a couple of times and stayed where she was, still processing the surprising situation. She then took in a deep breath and tightened her hand in a fist before suddenly getting up “I’m Reina Rioux, sixteen years old and plan on doing something in the medical field, t-thank you.. I’m hoping for a good year with you all” she cringed at that last part, feeling slightly annoyed with the teacher’s immature behavior as he swirled around in the chair. She forced a smile before smacking back down into her seat. Just then, at the corner of her eye, Reina caught a glimpse of a blonde boy sneaking into the classroom. Irritated, she crossed her arms and glared back at the so called teacher in front of her to see what he’ll do about the tardy student.

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  18. Arlo stopped spinning in his chair just in time to catch a boy sneaking in late. "ah I see we have the first late student of the year...i will let you off with a warning since its the first day after all.." Calling on a few other students, Arlo pointed to the sleeping Russell in the back. "hey sleepyhead! Wake up and introduce yourself." Arlo picked up an eraser and chucked it at him, managing to lightly bounce the projectile off of his head.
    "just to let you all know, dont think this class is going to be easy because of how young I am. I graduated college at the age of fifteen and I am the only teacher in this school that teaches all four core subjects. Also I do not believe in detention. Detention just puts all the troublemakers in one place. In my class you will be made an honorary janitor assisstant. My good friend Mr. Henson is the head janitor of the school. You see Mr. Henson has a bad back and needs all the help he can get. So if you misbehave in my class, you will spend an hour after school helping Mr. Henson. Also I told him to give you all the dirtiest and nastiest jobs. That way you will be cleaning up all sorts of piss and shit instead of hanging out with the other troublemakers in detention....Now young sir if you would please introduce yourself." Ending his speech with a wolfish smile, Arlo leaned back in his chair and waited for Russell to speak.
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  19. Russell felt something hit him in the back of the head, confused he took off his headphones and heard the last of what a strange man was saying, "introduce yourself". Without thinking about who said it, Russell stood up, towering above the other students who were sitting beside him. "My name is Russell Schlender... um... that's about it really...". Russell stood there for a second frozen before sitting down and slouching in his seat.
  20. Arlo rolled his eyes and sighed as the large boy made his introduction. "alright lets see who is next...how about you?" Arlo pointed at Elliot next as he idly twirled a pencil in his hand.
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