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  1. "Adir? Honey are you packed up for the flight?"
    "Yes Mom i packed everything"
    "What about underwear"
    "You are ridiculous of course i did!" I knew i forgot something important. Going through his cloths finding everything he needed, Oh man even my swim suit haha Selene wouldn't be happy if i couldn't swim the whole summer. He smiled at the thought of her name, its been since last summer since he had last seen her, even though they had just met last summer he felt like he had known her his whole life. Adir ran downstairs in a hurry if he wasn't quick he would miss the flight. His suitcase was flying all over the place as he stumbled around to get to the cab.

    On the drive all he could think about was he new found best friend Selene, She was absolutely beautiful that long blue hair, Sky blue eyes perfect flawless skin. She was almost pulled out of his dreams. Adir was also surprised that he never burnt she kept him out in the sun all day. Living south of Traverse town in Snowfall Medow his skin was as white as the snow that fell
    "I wonder if she remembered me? did she think of me during the fall and winter months? What if she moved!"All these thoughts hit his head hard he needed to stay cool and positive, If Leos caught him so worried he would never hear the end of it.

    The flight was very long he couldn't wait to touch down
  2. They fluttered open as the sky shown from her eyes. They were that blue. That rare. That pretty. Her fists balled and rubbed the sleeps out of the skies. A yawn then a stretch soon followed. The girl looked around seeing the normal bedroom scene. Her's on the other hand was decorated just to her loving touch. The walls were lavender with cyan circles evenly seperate and nicely set. Baby pink paint splatters tossed randomly around too. They were all different sizes and all spread out oddly. A diagonally set of photos were placed on the walls freely. The boy pictured in them brought a smile across her face. Today was the day. Adir would be there just to see her.

    Her emotions about the white haired wonder flared. She remembered his eyes as she got lost in them many times. Mostly never letting him realize. Selene's face glowed red just thoughts of him drove her crazy. She didn't know the emotions but she loved the feeling. Hopping out her bed, she rushed to her closet. Throwing off her deep violet night gown, she picked out an outfit that was simply as strange as herself. Stepping in the blue jeans was first. One leg cut off at her upper thigh as the other fell to the normal length. Next was a black tank top that cut off at her belly button. Next few steps were mix match colorful socks, old pair of chucks with mix colored shoe laces, then lastly a rainbow polka shell necklace. Peering in the mirror, something was wrong. Horribly wrong. Blue hair tangled and messy. She sighed. One day she was going to cut it. A brush ran through the light blue locks. Straightening and organizing each strand.

    Time passed as it normally took a half an hour to brush her thick hair properly. She smiled in the mirror and even gave herself a wink. Her feet caused her to run down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Good morning, sweety. Your little friends plane should land soon."

    "I know ma." her body jumped for joy as a squeal even came from her. She just couldn't wait. She rushed out the door and ran into town.
  3. He could see the beach from the plane window it was beautiful and the waves were crashing around the golden sand, children played and spashed around. He was touching down now and was far to excited for his own good. His mother knew exactly how he was feeling and let him be. He couldnt wait to see those sky blue eyes, He had gotten lost in them countless of times of course without her knowing though.

    Heading outside the sun was already hot upon his snowy skin, His bright ice eyes shown in a glimmer. he spun around with his arms out enjoying the rays and the familiar scent of the sea. He stopped after hitting a man in the side "HEY WATCH IT KID" he said roughly "Uh..crap sorry sir the plane was uh cramped." the man just walked off mumbling to himself heading to a local favorite Seaside a local beach side diner. Smelling the air he sniffed out a small stand selling his favorite sea-salt ice-cream, He was never seen without it here, he needed something cold or he would never make the first hour. "One please" "That be 5 money" Adir rustled through his long black and ice blue checkered shorts for a coin, handing the man the coin he held the treat in his mouth enjoying the vanilla and sea-salt mixture. He needed to keep moving to get his stuff back to the beach house in the center of Seaside.

    It was a decent place two floors with hard wood and marble counter tops, It had full front facing windows and a small garden kept by the neighbor, He was a quiet guy who liked roses a young guy at that too I think it started with an M. Throwing his suit case on his second floor room, he looked around it was just as he left it Snow flakes and very light blue walls. His bed was far to made though. so he jumped and rolled around on it messing up the sheets.

    "Mom im going to see if i can find Selene ill be back later tonight!"
    "Not to late Adir you just got here you'll wear your self thin"

    Running out the door he head back to the sea-salt stand if Selene knew him then she would defiantly find him there. The man this time at the stand knew Adir, he was his favorite summer time customer and gave him a discount. Adir waited by a bench by the stand Eating his treat once again.
  4. Selene ran through out the whole city. It was quite big and she couldn't remember where the ice cream stand was. Aisles and alleys past. Ran through. Run by. No sight of it. She stopped to catch her breath. Where was that stupid stand. Her blue eyes scanned the area and stopped on a small shop. She wandered in putting aside meeting the boy. Selene had never seen this shop before. "When did you come in town?" Her small and very young voice spoke out. The man turned around and looked down at the lass.

    "I've been here for quite a long time, youngin'." She couldn't see what the man was selling for it was all covered in white sheets. The store seemed off. Very suspisous. She shrugged remembering about Adir. This time she back tracked remembering a jewelry store was near it. Her memory pin pointed the area and went straight to it. The sea salt ice cream stand was right there. She looked around it and saw the white haired individual. She blushed seeing that he looked older. It was crazy how much someone could grow in a year. He looked much older than he did in the previous year. Selene quickly calmed her nerves and slowly walked over to him. She saw his head was down as he ate, figuring she'd take advantage of it.

    She knew her voice had matured a bit and decided to give it a go with him. "Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?" The blue haired girl waited for a reply as her hands were folded together behind her back.
  5. Keeping his head down he simply said with his mouth full of Sea-salt ice-cream "naw ah awl" he managed to make simple vowels but it was a complete embarrassing mess. there was a familiar tone to that voice, and even the sweet scent that came off the girl. Oh lord please dont tell me i just did that to Selene please no no no no. Sure enough as he slowly looked up, his cheeks burning bright red. He quickly swallowed as he was startled and started choking on the stick after sucking it down. He finally gained himself after literally eating the stick. "You you look so great Selene did you get taller?" Oh dear lord what was he doing has she gotten taller? you sir are an idiot lets see what else you spill out go head ask her if she got new shoes too. "Im so g-glad to see you!"
  6. She chuckled as his reaction was just priceless. It was even better than what had gone through her head. Her finger rubbed off a bit of the left over ice cream on his face. Her tongue licked the melting blue substance off her finger. Selene smiled at him. "Yummy." She quickly hugged him and sat in his lap. Taller, huh? Is that what you call it? Selene over thought to herself. "Thanks. You ain't looking bad yourself." Selene gave a wink and popped off his lap. Her fists shot up. "I may even have to fight off the neighborhood girls." Truth was, he was looking great. He grew up and just became really attractive in her eyes. If it wasn't for the fact of being his best friend she would have already landed a big wet one on him already. Alas, no could do. Their friendship came first. She rather be beside him as a friend rather than lose him completely for coming clean about the feelings. Selene bent down and grabbed his cheeks between her figures and squeezed his lips together like a fish. Then doing the same just pulling apart making him look like a tiki statue. Selene couldn't help but bust out laughing. She didn't know how to converse with him at this moment. She just screwed around until he had spoken or did something.
  7. Adir batted away her hand and laughed "your such a child haha" He smiled and got up giving her a proper tight hug keeping her close then letting her go. "You look fantastic so tell me do i need to meet some guy who wishes my best friends lips upon his? " he said jokingly but hoping she said no.
  8. Selene blushed as the hug lasted a few minutes. It had been what she wanted... Needed for a long time.

    She stood there a bit with her pointer finger against her chin. "Hmm... Well there is Trevis. He doesn't go a day where he doesn't try to-" She cut herself off to brush her hand against his cheek. Her face narrowed in letting her breath roll across his face. Selene broke the scene to continue on. "Do that... Then there is Demetri." She placed a hand on each of his shoulders to shake him a bit. "You have to rescue me!" Selene ran her finger under his chin."I'll give you what ever you want... anything and every thing until your heart is content." Selene simply teased. she missed these times.
  9. He pulled her close to his now very strong cut body"Don't fret my queen your White knight is here, i'll slay the heartless where they stand to protect your heart from being taken by filth" He looked at her with a serious face then laughed and pulled her hand running to the ocean, stopping running back for another icecream then heading to the shore. The beach sand was golden and the sea was crystal clear, Destiny island was off in the distance. it was a beautiful sight
  10. Selene couldn't help but be captivated by his reply. She even wished he had been serious. That close to him inches away. Feeling his warm breath on her cheeks. She began to get goosebumps. The feeling dispersed as he started laughing then grabbed her hand. He pulled her to the most real scenes she ever laid eyes on. Beautiful. Clean. Fresh. The waves crashed as sang a lovely song that flowed in her ears. Her eyes closed as her blank face melted into a smile. She hoped this would be the best summer yet.
  11. "So my Queen have you missed me much?" He stared off into the ocean and kicked off his shoes and felt the sand at his feet. The warmth was great and refreshing The waves crashed at his legs, he pulled her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders."hey listen i ment what i said a few moments ago" Fuck! where did that shit come from oh god shes gonna think im a creep!
  12. "My handsome knight... I missed thee more than the sky has stars." Poor analogy on her part but she shrugged it off. She sat down to also kick off her shoes and sock. the sand was trying to slip in her pants thanks to the very high cut off point on one leg. She reached her feet to be snatched up in his arms. Her mind went blank as he spoke. This was a feeling she wish she could keep close forever. They had talked previously? She didn't want to seem like a bitch and a bad friend. Selene took in a deep breath. "Give me a recap?"

    Eekkk. Fuck my life. Please don't hate me.
  13. "I will protect your heart from any heartless and if i cannot make it then let my heart be taken as well my queen"
  14. She couldn't help from her body moving on its own. She rose on her tip toes and kisses his lips softly. It was too light to actually break away from. It simply broke it self. "They couldn't take my heart dear night. I had already given it to someone else. Even if they never even knew." She hugged him tight not wanting to let go. It was great to have him back.
  15. He was in shock her lips touched his and his heart beat hard and harder. He pulled her close "i wasn't just talking about other guys after you, I do mean a real heartless, as long as you were ok thats all that matters" letting go he pulled off his shirt revealing his body to her, and he walked into the sea
  16. She honestly didn't care what he meant. She was serious too. Her heart belonged to him. Yet, he still had no clue. She smiled as he revealed his body. Selene simply pulled off her shirt and her jeans. Her under garments were the things that she left on. Guess she didn't think they were going to swim right off the bat. Her bra and panties were completely black with white lacing around the edges. She tied back her hair into a bun then followed him in. The cold water crashed around them as the water continued its melody. This was completely refreshing.
  17. Adir turned around and looked at her, His face went red seeing the love of his life in her underwear and bra. Her body was that of an angel absolutely flawless. The water crashed around them and it was perfect, He missed the cold and this water was pretty chilly usually. The sky was cloudless and blemish free just like Selene's eyes, The most beautiful he had ever gazed upon. The sun was high above and bright, The seaguls cawed their songs and the wind danced around causing a boy to lose his cap. these moments he wanted to last forever.

    He realised he had been starring into her eyes for a stupid amount of time and quickly turned around facing the ocean. He ment every word he said, He would throw him self at a heartless for her saftey, he vowed to never harm her or hurt her, He knew he was in love with her. She was his Seaside Queen.
  18. She got lost in the blizzard storm of his eyes. They weren't cold but they were very eyes catching and remarkable. She didn't even mind that he could stare at her endlessly. Honestly, she adored it. It gave the excuse of being able to do it too.

    When Adir turned around, her arms wrapped around to his chest as her head laid against his back. Her finger tips ran up and down his chest and she just listened to his heart beat speed its pace. All in all being in the water as deep as they were gave her the open golden opportunity. Her arms slithered away wrapping around his neck and her body jumped on his. The wind didn't help this as their bodies fell forward. Water splashed over them then engulfed their bodies. Selene's grasp on the boy loosened as she began to swim further out. Under the surface, it was beautiful. A shiny flicker caught her eyes. She swam back ending up gasping for air. Her body instantly dove back down and kicked all the way to the sandy bottom. Her butt laid flat body her hands waving above her to keep her down there. Of course it wasn't that deep. Her delicate now wrinkly fingers dug through the sand getting the shiny object from before. Not actually looking at what she had found, her hand scooped it up and her body fought back to the world. Selene's hand held on to Adir shoulder then brought her hand up which caused the sand around the object to disperse.
  19. His heart raced fast and pumped hard, He wanted to just blurt out that he loved her and wanted to be all hers but he couldn't get the words out in time before she dove into the water. It had seemed she was looking for something and she was on it like a fish. She was so graceful in the water, his Sea-Side queen. When she finally came back up he was in a daze every time he saw her it put him in shock, his body got hot and his muscles tensed, he hated not being able to hold her and just kiss her deeply. "Wh-ah what is it?"
  20. Her legs kicked back and forth keeping her up. Selene's face was close to his. Her sky eyes met his winter snow pair when he asked a question. "It's a silver locket!" The girl's hand moved from his shoulder to examine it more. It shape wasn't the normal heart. The locket was a small circle with a smaller design. It didn't have a lame picture inside either. It wasn't banged, wasn't chipped, and wasn't even a little rusted. It was perfect. Her face brightened with her smile. Her lips met the cover of it's polished beauty. She looked back at him and put the necklace around his neck."There..." Her breath heavier than seconds before and her raced. Her hand fell down his chest rubbed it softly. Selene didn't know where she got the courage to accomplish these actions. "I missed you, Adir."