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⊠ A partner or two ⊠ Search for friends ⊠

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by King, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. Hey all!

    This is my search for one more partner, so I'm just gonna jump into the deep end and let you people hear what you need to.

    What I'm looking for:

    A 18+ partner (preferably). Good grasp on their writing style and characters. Someone who can write a good paragraph or two, more would be great. Someone who is gonna read my resume.
    Someone who can and likes to play 2 / 3 characters. (rl themes so no animez) I'm mainly into doubling or multiple characters!
    LGBT friendly. The romance I envision is gay lmao.

    What you can expect:

    2 - 3 paragraphs, more on intros. Intermediate / Advanced level.
    Lots of deco. Expect theme songs / gifs / videos, I love to involve this.
    OOC chat! If you're into it and like to talk, I love to!
    that gay shit™

    So I've got a few specific ideas and pairings I'm craving, they're all up for discussion!
    The Premise:

    The year is 1996. A group of friends have been friends since high school. What brought them together? A UFO crash, duh!

    The group wanted the truth ever since they got together to find it after the crash. Each have their own reasons for their research, but they all want to know. Some are skeptical, some truly believe. However, the more they documented and interfered, the more they became noticed. At first it was the school stopping them from holding meetings, then it was their collage preventing them from using their resources. It wasn't long before the government got involved.

    Now they're adults, all with their own lives. Not to mention the complex relationships bubbling up in their group. But nothing is going to stop them from finding the truth!
    UFOs / ghosts / government cover up / mystery / etc
    Mulder and Scully encounters (It'd be a massive + if you've watched the X files! Also it is a tinsie bit inspired by scooby doo lmao.)
    Complex friendships
    Sub plots:

    I want to play a closeted man, who had a secret relationship/some sort of romance with another guy in the group in high school. It was too much for the guy, so it never fully blossomed. My man became comfortable with his sexuality, but never got over his first man. So when he represses his sexuality and finds a new lover, my character finds himself still in love.

    I also have a character idea for a girl. She's been arrested many times, has a crush on Scully, has punched at least all of her friends. She's got some issues with mental illness, but her best friend always manages to look after her. Hell yes for inseparable platonic bonds.

    Other cravings:

    I'd like to do something diesel-punk, Germany WW2? Some secret lovers, spies etc etc...
    I'm always craving dark themes. Cannibalism? Check. Serial murder? Check. I've got many characters I'd love to play in a dark RP.
    If you've watched the UK show Humans, you'll know what I'm going for. If you also google it, you'll know also what I'm going for lmao. Character A owns a synth. He's lonely, depressed and maybe a little insane. Maybe sexually ambiguous. Character B (My 100% preferred role) is synth, a handsome one too. A has been getting a little too close to his synth. Touching it when it was turned off, being super, cuddly... And when a virus is released into the synth's network, it effects them one by one, giving them consciousness. Of course B gains a consciousness, a sense of self awareness, it leaves him with a clean mind. A is left feeling guilty, wondering whether he should romance his synth, and B is left trying to figure out what are his real feelings.
    Lots to do with this one here!!

    SO HMU!! If you see anything you like message me!​

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  2. added some xtras!!
  3. I would love to roleplay with you. i feel like we would be a great match. I write about 4+ paragraphs and more if it's my starter post. I am very much into LGBT+ pairings as well as dark themes. I have a plot we can work on together if you are interested.
  4. Hi! Please PM me your ideas!

    Usually I much prefer 18+ partners, but if your plot idea is really good, we can work it out!
  5. I would love to do a Marvel roleplay with you! :3 I'm also LGBT+ friendly and love decorating up a post (seriously, a friend got me into it and I've been drowning in it since). I write around 4+ paragraphs for each character (assuming we'll double up) though it usually depends on the content given. Quality before quantity, right? So if you're interested, I would love to roleplay together!
  6. Hey! Please PM me your ideas, I'm interested in a marvel RP but it depends on the plot/characters and stuff soo, I'm listening 8D
  7. i added a plot or two but im only looking for them and im being rly rly rly picky so pls one more person ok
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