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    All you can remember from last night is the lights and sounds of the club. You are pretty sure someone fired several gunshots, but you're not quite sure. The music was loud, and the lights were bright. That's all you remember before you blacked out.

    You have now woken up in some hotel room, which you apparently trashed.


    Several other people who must have also been at the club last night are also in there. Your head is pounding, and you don't even recall your own name. You search for your ID, but can't find it, so someone must have stolen it.

    Just great.

    You went partying, and lost your ID, both in your head, and the physical thing. You have a massive hangover, you don't know what happened last night, and you know nobody else in the room. It's just a collection of random people, who are in the same boat as you.

    And what a random collection it is.

    Well, this should be fun...

    And hey, at least you aren't an involuntary organ donor! Or maybe you are, I don't know.


    Motoko woke up in the bathtub. She was still wearing her clothes, and even her coat. Her head was pounding profusely. How the hell could a cyborg even get a hangover? She guessed it was the part of her brain that was still human that was reacting. She thought for a moment before getting up. That's weird. She found that she couldn't even remember her own name! Somehow that part of her brain had drawn a blank. Had she been ghost hacked? She patted her pockets to find her ID was no there. That was odd.

    Motoko made her way out of the bathtub, slipping several times. Motoko slowly made her way across the trashed bathroom to the broken mirror which had been written on. She grabbed the first toothbrush and began brushing her teeth. She then grabbed an Aspirin from a bottle which had been toppled over. She took it. Her mind was a complete mess. Someone seemed to have hacked her. Or something. She didn't know. She was just going through motions. She finally stepped into the main part of the hotel rooom.
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  2. Head throbbing and still feeling somewhat dizzy, Linne slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was still a little blurry, but after a few blinks it wasn't too big a deal. As she looked around, the room did not seem familiar to her. Trying to figure out what happened, she tried to recall the events from the previous night. Unfortunately, she couldn't remember much, and in the process realized she couldn't even recall her own name.

    "First my body, and now my own name, huh? With any luck, soon I'll completely disappear."

    The room she awoke in was a total wreck, and to make matters worse it seemed there were others in here. Just great. Linne reached for her weapons, when she suddenly realized she couldn't move.

    Huh. How'd that happen? Regardless of how, she was more or less stuck hanging from the ceiling it seemed. Kuu wasn't here to help, and there were no traces of her weapons. Maybe thrown into a closet haphazardly, or hidden under some of the many things strewn about. Not that it mattered at the moment, as they couldn't help her. After swinging about in vain for a little while, she just sighed and gave up for now to try to think of another way out.

    Then some woman she didn't recognize walked in. Linne didn't really want to ask for help, but she also didn't want to be stuck forever. One deep breath in, and one long breath out. She could do it.

    "...Would anyone mind getting me down?"

    Perfect. Now to either wait for someone to be helpful, or swing about some more and hope the ropes break.​
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  3. Pain. Noise. Light. Dante himself hadn't had to endure such agony descending through the nine levels of hell. Why had the gods abandoned him? Why had the Assassins failed him. Why in the bloody hell was there a girl hanging from the ceiling?

    Pushing his askew glasses back into place, Shaun didn't once stop to consider that the girl on the ceiling needed a hand down. That would have required a head that didn't have an Olympian sized headache and a personality transplant.

    Shaun pushed himself off the cushion less couch that he was half lying on, the other half of course being on the floor, and took stock of his surroundings.

    In a word, pigsty. What had happened here last night had been A Night To Remember, not that he could remember it for some reason. It was almost as if he'd gotten absolutely knockered and forgotten what had happened. But of course, for the legendary Assassin this could never happen. He did not simply get drunk. He was far far too perfect of a specimen for that.

    Welp. Our perfect specimen ain't gonna be no help here amirite?​
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  4. Michael woke up with start. The first thing he saw, was a half-eaten bowl of cornflakes. The second thing he noticed was that he was lying on the floor, propped up against the door of the apartment. The third thing he noticed was that someone had stolen his coat. The fourth thing he noticed was that thing cost $500 to customise, and he had to avoid the scrutinizing gaze of the 40-something woman at the shop, who seemed to have no idea why a billionaire wanted the words 'Fair Play' stitched into a Leather Jacket.

    Aaaaaaaaand that's all he got. He couldn't remember much else. Especially not why he was dressed like a member of the Polish Olympic team, or why he had ridiculous tattoos on both goddamn arms.

    To be honest, he felt like Darkseid had torn his head off, used it as a Football, and then put it back onto his body. Last night had been great!....If he could remember what happened. Which was easier said than done. It was a night to remember, and he was a very clever person, so nothing that bad could've happened. Right? Right?!

    Anyhow, he got up. He was a tough guy, right? Getting the girl down from the ceiling shouldn't be that hard....
    If he didn't have a headace which made him feel like he'd been hit by a truck.
    'Alright, Imma need a knife, a stepladder and a pen. And a cab, and my wallet, and another drink....'
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  5. The man in the pink vest's eyes shot open after the others in the room spoke a few words here and there. Not that he could see anything, which he thought was curious, until the cause of this hit him. His head, helmet and all, was shoved straight into the wall, through the paint and the plywood and the plaster, leaving his still-standing body awkwardly statue-like at the end of the room. Well. He'd awoken in stranger situations, for sure, but this one was probably gonna end up near the top few spots.

    A few seconds of spastic cursing, grumbling, and pulling later, the man's helmet slid free of its prison, sending him cascading to the floor amid a shower of dust and paint powder. Lying spread-eagle on the floor, fully clothed in a cyan biker helmet, he could clearly see the others in the room, albeit upside down. The telltale pricking sensation of his tools shoved into his vest pocket calmed him down a bit, and the tinted visor of his helmet slowly turned from individual to individual.

    "Well. Some party last night, huh, guys?"

    His carefree tone didn't at all match the gravelly, intimidating voice that belonged to him, and he made no attempt to stand, seemingly gaining his bearings.
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  6. "Ungh..." was the only sound Leorio would utter when he would wake up.

    Did his head hurt like all hell? Check. Felt like he just went through someone rapidly pounding it with a sledgehammer. Messed up suit? Check. He was just glad it was somehow still in one piece, all things considered. Though holy hell, he needed to just... There we go. Loosen up the tie and undo the top button. Now he felt slightly less suffocated, but the smell in this place... Jeez.

    Uh... Weren't there exercises for this? One of those "breathe in, breathe out" sort of deals? If only they had Nen to do self-healing or something. Well, they probably did, but considering how limited his expertise in there was... Damn. He would use his medical knowledge and do some good palpation or something like that, but no pressure points or anything like that would be able to alleviate this sort of headache.

    After several minutes of intense "agonizing in pain on the ground" action, Leorio would force himself up with a low groan, stumbling to his feet and into another area. First things first, alleviation. He'd need a lot of water. Or if nothing else, egg yolks. Assuming there wasn't any medicine available for this sorta stuff. Aspirin was common, but this situation, while seemingly common on paper, did not seem like any ordinary... what did they call it again? Ah, right. Hangover.

    And then when he'd go into the next room, he'd see it.

    A vaguely familiar looking girl wrapped up blanket or whatever, hanging from the ceiling like a comfy pinata or something.


    "... Uh..."

    Leorio didn't know how to deal with this at the moment, so he just stared, mystified, before briefly rubbing his temples, turning around, and walking back to where he came from.

    "It is too early for this... Way too early."

    Then eventually, he turned around again, walking in the opposite direction again and coming back into the girl's line of sight.

    "Tch... Gimme a sec," he murmured, searching through his many pockets for something, before pulling out what appeared to be a knife.


    "Stay still... Because I know my mind won't. Tell me if I'm about to accidentally slice your ear or something..." Leorio mumbled tiredly, walking over next to Linne and... falling flat on his face. Hangovers cause lack of motor skills, right? He was still trying to get his bearings back. This was what he got.

    "Ow," he grunted irritably, before slowly forcing himself up, stumbling into the nearby wall in the process. Soon enough, after a few more moments, he would finally get where he needed to be, stopping right next to Linne again and beginning to cut away at the rope, holding it steady as best as he could with his other hand. Soon enough, whether by blind luck or some miracle, the rope would hopefully manage to snap, letting Linne free.

    As "free" as possibly "dropping face or back first into the ground" could be anyway.


    "... You okay?"

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  7. Motoko looked around the room. She blinked several times. A girl was dangling from the ceiling, a dude was lying against the door in a tight jumpsuit, a glasses wearing guy sleeping on the now ruined couch and floor, a dude who wore motorcycle gear shoved in the wall, and a guy fully dressed in a business suit.

    She recognized Biker's helmet, which, who wore a motorcycle gear into a nightclub? And she saw the sparkling of Michael's jumpsuit, but recognized no one else in the room.

    The room was completely ruined. A table was broken, clothes were everywhere, furniture was torn up, the works. She almost felt sorry for the maid service at this hotel. Almost. She carefully stepped over all the garbage. Clothes, paper, bottles and glasses, some... Corn Flakes? Who the hell was eating a bowl of Corn Flakes at a party?

    Motoko stepped over to the window, albeit a bit nauseous and headachy. She tried to clear away the hangover by turning on her Chemical plant, and flushing away the alcohol, but to no avail. That was also odd. Motoko threw open the windows. The world was still spinning, but she made out traffic far below, and buildings around them, So they were still in a city.


    Motoko turned around and began rubbing her temples. "Does anyone know where we are? Or... How we got here for that matter?" She groaned.

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  8. Linne was ready to wait for the other guy to get...well, no, she wasn't ready to wait for that guy to collect all those things. But what came to her "aid" might have been even worse.

    She may have still been in a little bit of a daze, but seeing someone equally or more dazed walking towards her with a knife was disconcerting. If she died, that meant she'd end up in another body, ending another girl's life for her own. But of course, wiggling around wouldn't exactly help matters, so she sat as still as she could, even holding her breath, and hoped for the best.

    Don't cut me don't cut me don't cut me

    And the best she got. At least, for the most part. As she fell from her spot with a clattering noise, she'd planned to simply land on her feet, and maybe use one arm to support her. Instead, one foot hit the ground first and sent her falling onto her side.

    "...I'm fine. Thanks," she replied as she tried to stand herself back up. And promptly failed, this time staggering to the other side. How embarrassing. "You wouldn't happen to know how I ended up like that...would you?"

    Slowly managing to stand up, she silently swore to not go to a party again and took another glance around the room. She'd had stranger company, but at least she knew her usual company. These were just strangers. Speaking of company, where was Kuu? Poor little dragon. Hopefully nobody had eaten the little guy.

    Recalling a clattering noise when she was cut loose, she dug around in the cushion she'd been wrapped in. Made one wonder where it came from, perhaps the cushion-less couch? Regardless, she found her knife, called Nameless. With naming schema like this, it was actually no wonder she forget her own name.

    ...No, she'd had her name for a few centuries, it was still weird to be forgetting it, but she couldn't do anything about that for now. Stifling a giggle from the sheer ridiculousness of forgetting her name after all this time, she folded the knife and put it in her hoodie pocket. There was still her longer sword to be found, though.

    Ignoring Mr. Needy and the weird biker dude, as her opinion on the party was rather negative anyway, she chose to answer Motoko.


    Then she continued her search for her long sword, uncharacteristically staggering around as she did.

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  9. What had happened last night?

    Rising up from under the table in the center of the room, a loud thud could have been heard as the singer's forehead smashed into the underside of the table. Naturally the wooden table wasn't all that bothered by the thick skull crashing into it but a slight whimpering could have been heard coming from the one under it. Stretching his arms out, he'd seek to pull himself out from under the table and stagger to his feet. He really did get blasted off his arse. But it would have been rude to turn down a party invitation right? Specially since his best buddy Murdoc prodded him into going. Lovable bloke that Murdoc.

    Reaching up to address the new bump adorning his forehead thanks to colliding with the table, the rather tall and lanky man sighed. He couldn't even remember his own bloody name! He knew for certain that he was a member of Gorillaz, the lead vocalist in fact! But just what was his name..? The last time this happened, he was pretty sure when Murdoc backed that car into his head. Or was it somewhere else? His head felt like a jigsaw puzzle! Only without any of the pieces.

    At least he wasn't alone, he wasn't sure what would have happened if he'd been left to his own devices. Probably not something too good. Staggering over to a window, 2-D propped his hands onto it and looked out it.


    "Can't even see the apartment from here..." He squeaked out with his cockney accent influencing every annunciation of his words.

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  10. Ornstein woke up in a somewhat compromising position. He was occupying a good chunk of the floor, most of his armor stripped off. Pieces of it lied about him. Fortunately, it was the sort that could be easily put on- it was very light and unrestrictive, to fit his combat style- so he could get it together if he needed to. A loud groan escaped the towering Knight. "What in Gwyn's name...?" His voice was best described as smooth and bright in what many of them would perceive as an upper-class English accent. It might even be warm, were it not for his pounding headache.

    Speaking of names... what was his? What the Hell had happened? Where was he? Who were these people? He skipped the part about carrying I.D., being as he carried none. He stood with a groan. At least, he tried to. The still dazed Knight didn't quite process the height of the ceiling, and ended up smacking his head into it. The pain in his head spiked. "Fucking..." A string of curses escaped him as he sat there on his knees, clutching his head, until he finally really noticed the group he was with... and turned bright red with embarrassment.

    There were a couple ladies in the group. Seeing them, Ornstein became painfully aware of how rude what he'd just said was, and of the fact that he was half naked. Scooping up pieces of armor, he started to move (basically walk on his knees) to an alcove where he could hide himself and get dressed. The Knight stammered, "I-I'm sorry! I was not aware I was in mixed company! Forgive me!" Now, do not mistake modesty for shame; Ornstein was good-looking, and extremely fit. Superhuman. But being attractive didn't automatically make you a total ass, and being caught in such a state was woefully unseemly.

    Leaving his helmet off and sitting on his haunches with the jingle of metal, Ornstein looked around the group with an apologetic smile. "I'm very sorry. I pray I did nothing dishonorable to any of you while I was..." The Knight tried to think of a more tactful word, but, failing that, he just put it bluntly. "... Drunk." He cringed and rubbed his head again, his smile quickly disappearing."Does anyone know where we are?"

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  11. [​IMG]

    "Beats me..." Leorio murmured in response to Linne and Motoko with a shrug, rubbing his head as he continued to attempt to alleviate his never-ending headache, though to little avail, "And I'm not really sure I wanna know, though I do wonder whose bright idea it was to tie up a girl... I wonder if it was me..."

    It was then that he would realize something a little late. He had absolutely no recollection, no memory at all, of what had transpired in recent memory. The previous day was a complete blur to him. Like it had all been erased. Let's see... What did he remember happening before now? Alright, uh... sending Kurapika off with Melody? A little too far. Let's bring it forward. Studying further in medicine? Alright, closer. Deciding to have a break and go to one of those local parties around...

    Oh, hell.

    Jeez... The one time I decide to indulge myself and this is what happens, He thought to himself, I'm just glad Gon, Killua, and Kurapika weren't around to see this.

    And then he saw it.


    The gates of Hell.

    The two doors of life and death.

    The orbs of fate.


    "Oh... Oh, no."

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  12. Ornstein gave the man a sheepish grin, now filly dressed and equipped, save for his helmet and the gigantic fucking spear splayed across the room. "Sorry. Things must have gotten crazy, huh?" The Knight locked eyes on what he deemed a child- granted, present company was likely all a few hundred years younger than he- and got serious again. What was she doing here, in a situation such as this? In fact... where was he? Looking out the window from where he sat, he saw things unlike anything he'd ever seen before. The wonder was apparent in his voice. "By Gwyn's great name, what manner of place is this? Why are the buildings so tall... No... how?" His eyes snappee back to the others.

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  13. Motoko cocked her pistol. "We seem to be in America. Judging by several flags, but, this isn't an America I know." Motoko drew a pistol. "Something's definitely wrong. I let my guard down. If none of us remember who we are, or what happened, then... Someone must have ghost hacked all of us. Something we saw, something we know." Motoko began heading towards the door.

    And then she tripped on Wwhat else, but a bowl of Corn Flakes. Code blinded her for a moment, and Motko began falling. She dropped her pistol, scattering rounds all over the room. "Or, we just got piss drunk and wound up here somehow."

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  14. Disappointed that he couldn't even pinpoint a close way to get home from here, 2-D figured he might as well try to make conversation. As much conversation that you could get out of a bunch of hung-over blokes anyway. Throwing a friendly wave towards everyone's way, he paused when he came towards Ornstein and looked him over. Due to the brain damage he suffered after getting two eight-ball fractures and being in a coma, the singer wasn't very bright. But he could at least tell that something seemed off about this guy. He just couldn't pinpoint what it was. Reaching for a cigarette, 2-D grabbed his lighter and took a drag on the cigarette before it finally hit him and he'd snicker.


    "Oi mate! Where are all your clothes?! I'm one for freedom but going starkers is a bit out there! Feel free to keep doing you, tho! I'm...Oh that's right. I don't remember my name. Well, I'm someone alright! Head vocalist of the Gorillaz."

    As it was explained that they weren't in America, 2-D let out a sigh of relief. "Bein hungover and drunk in America doesn't sound like a recipe for a good time. Tho being hungover anywhere else seems pretty sketchy to me too!" He'd exclaim fearfully before watching as Motoko wiped out on the ground. Walking over he'd extend a hand to help her up, all the while his tongue was fixing itself up his nostril.

    "Dunno my name at the moment, but it's nice to meet ya all the same. Took quite a wipe-out there. You alright or somethin?"


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  15. "...That's not the kind of weapon I was looking for."

    Well, in any case.

    The man was taller than even the tallest people she'd met in her centuries of existence, and by the way he spoke and dressed, he was clearly from a time period long past. If he was immortal, he clearly hadn't adapted as well as she had to the modern times.

    A thought occurred.

    "You weren't the one with the bright idea of hanging me from the ceiling, were you?" she asked Ornstein somewhat accusingly once he'd finished dressing. "And sorry, I don't feel like explaining the intricacies of structural engineering at the moment, but I'd appreciate it if you answered my question anyway."

    America, huh? How'd she get here? Swimming across the ocean was pretty clearly out of the question, and she was pretty certain she didn't buy any tickets to get here. Perhaps this woman was freaking out, and thus saying things about "ghost hacking" and what not. Poor youngsters, and their lack of experience.

    "Whatever happened, we won't find an answer to in this little room. Perhaps it'd be best to move about. ...Once we're not feeling so off, at least. Now where's my sword..."

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  16. Ornstein bristled and huffed, his armor clanking. He was glad he'd covered himself.

    "America? Well... what sort of place is this, that it has things so wondrous?"

    Ornstein blinked at her and blushed again, now looking ashamed. He'd allowed this to happen in front of a child! "I do apologize, young miss. I assure you I would never have intentionally exposed myself if I had been sober. Perhaps I did tie you to the ceiling. I don't know. If I did, I'm truly sorry." The Knight hated wronging others.

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  17. Michael raised an eyebrow. 'Well, someone's feeling confident.' To be fair, he'd probably done the same thing at least once.
    'But if we're in America, which state are we in? It could give us a clue on how to get home.' Wherever home is, he thought.
    'If we can all stand, we may as well see what's outside. Can anyone remember what's outside?

    Oh, and can anyone find a leather jacket with the words 'Fair Play' on the arms? It could have my wallet or ID in it, as this....thing.
    He looked down at his costume. 'Doesn't exactly have any pockets, per se.'

  18. [​IMG]

    "The more apologetic you are about things, the more suspicious you come off as..." Leorio murmured to Ornstein. Then again, who was he to talk? On sight, most people, at least, in his personal experience, just assumed he was some thirty-something year old creeper. The kind who would walk up to kids like "How do you do, fellow kids?" or something to that degree, when in reality, he had looked like this as early as when he was... what, 17 years old? And now he had just turned about 21, looking the exact same as he did back then.

    Lucky to grow up fast... my ass.

    "Anyway... Coulda fooled me. America? Is that some region of Yorknew City or something? Certainly looks like it," Leorio murmured, not seeming to react when Motoko would trip on corn flakes, or when they kept talking about the girl hung on the ceiling like a pinata.

    "You might be right about that, kid, but can't we... take more time to adjust? I think if I go out right now, I'll probably fall on my face. Or hurl. Or fall on my face from tripping on the puke," the young man muttered, before clearing his throat, "Sorry, I'm just cautious about this stuff since I wanna be a doctor."

    And of course, all doctors greeted people with smiles! So he forced a smile before long, even if it was kind of a half-assed one.


    "I'm Leorio. What's all your names? I... faintly remember seeing you people somewhere before, but I'm more a faces person than a names person."

    Either way, it didn't matter, considering he could barely remember anything at all from last night.

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  19. Young miss, huh? Guess that's unavoidable.

    "Heh, I look forward to your continued modest appearance," Linne told Ornstein, somewhat amused. "Well, I won't hold you accountable for something you may or may not have done, and can't even remember. Just please keep your clothes on, and ropes away from me."

    And with the case of her being tied to ceiling being resolved, or more accurately dismissed due to lack of information, she ran a quick glance of the room to look for the man's "Fair Play" jacket. If there was such a thing, she didn't notice it, much like her sword.

    "Sorry, I believe you're out of luck."

    "That's fine, feel free to catch up with me lat- Ah!" she answered Leorio, before tripping over something on the floor. Maybe she'd wait around some more after all. Muttering under her breath as she stood back up, she took a look at what she tripped over. Under a copious amount of clothing was a sword almost as tall as her, which wasn't all that tall to be fair, with dulled edges.

    "Oh, I found you." All that was left was to find Kuu. Though as a living being, it was pretty clear he wasn't in this room or he'd have been making some sort of noise by now. But of course her pet dragon would have to wait until she could at least traverse a room properly.

    "K-kid? Well, anyway, I can't remember my name. Isn't that amusing?" Linne giggled a little. "But I have been called the 'Princess of the Night Blade,' so I suppose some take on that will do. Oh, and to be honest, I do not recall meeting you. Perhaps you are mistaken." Though she said that, she couldn't shake off the feeling that something about the people here was familiar, but with no grasp on what it was she chose to ignore it.

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  20. [​IMG]

    2-D frowned at the bristling. He hoped he didn't hurt the bloke's feelings or anything. But the guy was roaming around feeling the breeze whether he liked it that way or not. How could he have not commented on that? At least he was covered up now. Would have been quite awkward if he kept looking that way around the ladies hanging around with them.

    "Oh, sorry if it felt like I was burstin your bubble or sometin, mate. I'm sure people get a real kick out of you being starkers in other parties. I just didn't think it'd be that great, here! Like I said tho, glad to meet ya! Now if only I could remember my name. Pretty important to know I'd think?"

    "Whenever I get a chance to go down to the pub, I'm usually swarmed by fans who want my autograph. I just'd like a pint to drink and then I'd be on my merry way. I guess whatever the case I liked you guys enough to stick around longer than usual and I ended up blasted and under a table. Or so I'd like to think that's what happened. I'm not really sure. Have a hard time remembering things on account of the two dents in my head." He'd point to his eyeballs which were filled to the brim with blood. But yet 2-D could see perfectly fine. Funny how that worked out.

    "Of course, figuring out my name can come later. I'm not one to turn down someone greeting me. I may not recall my own name but I'm glad to know yours, Leo! But um..Has anyone seen a mask around? Looks kinda like a clown? If you find it I'd like it back. Helps me hide my headaches."

    He very slowly turned to face Linne as he looked her up and down, his expression inquisitive.

    "Princess of the Night Blade, eh? We have a Queen back where I'm from. But she don't have a badass title like yours. Still a dapper old lass if I do say so myself. I'm...someone I'm pretty sure. Of relative importance at the very least and it's my honor to meet you. I think that's how that goes. Yeah, I'm sure it is!' He'd say before extending a hand towards Linne. The guy seemed friendly enough if quite dumb to be frank.

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