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  1. The world has turned into a dark, dusty, red planet. A red planet we one called earth. Trees are dead, the lakes and rivers and oceans are below their normal level. Red-like dust can be seen every where you look, like another dust bowl. Creatures have taken over this world. Vampires, werewolves, witches, elves, anything you can think of. A disease has spread infecting them, making them horrid, nasty beings. They loose all sense of reality. First they foam at the mouth, then pass out for a few hours. Once awakened they're memories are gone, and they are hungry, evil, and out for a fight. They hide in the corners of the world, waiting for some unsuspecting human to come across their path. A few creatures, though will never get this disease. Some are immune.
    Tokyo, Japan. 2013. October 23rd.
    Kiyomi looks up at the massive buildings of Toyko before her. The streets are quiet, all is silent. The breeze whisps her beautiful long red hair in front of her face as her red eyes look at the city in horror. "I didn't believe them when they told me this was happening...." She said, softly to herself.
    Kiyomi Yagami, a vampire, comes from Tokyo Japan, but lives in Central United States. This disease hasnt spread too far over there yet, but its going to. Her cousin Damien, an elf, told her of these happenings, and she made it a misson to herself to go back to Japan, where the diease is taking effect the most, to go investigate.

    She walks silently down the streets, the lonliness of it all was starting to set in. Her little feet careful with each step, making sure not to attract any of the sick creatures. She didn't feel like a fight. But something told her, with her being there, there was bound to be one.
  2. Micah walked swiftly through the alleyways, not wanting to be caught out after dark. If he was, there was no telling what could happen. He might be fine, but there was a greater possibility that he would be attacked by one of them. Pulling his hood lower over his head, hissing softly as the slight breeze blew it down, exposing his face to the sun, he tried to find his small hideout. He had never been to Tokyo, and probably never would have been, had it not been for the disease. He still wasn't used to the streets, and sometimes got lost. Today was one of those happenings.

    Though he wasn't as allergic to the light as many of his kind were, he was still worse than a great deal of them, where the slightest hint of sunlight was enough to irritate him and bare skin would be red within minutes. Not too much longer later, he would be in agony. Luckily, though, if he was adequately covered, it wasn't too much of a problem, so he was relatively safe when he left the safety of his home during the day.

    Taking long strides, he was careful to avoid the darker corners, imagining monsters where there were none. Biting the inside of his cheek, he almost stepped out into the street when he saw a figure further down it. Backing into the slight shadows, he lifted a gloved hand to brush away some of the dark-colored locks of hair from his eyes so he could get a better view of the person, his heart beating against his chest like a metronome and the only thing he could hear at the moment.
  3. Kiyomi continued to walk down the sidewalks of Tokyo. Looking for someone, anyone to help her. She could fight herself but it wasn't easy if twenty of those little infected pests were trying to bite and claw. With a sigh she stopped and pulled out her phone to look at the time. The only reason she had her phone was to call her cousin Damien, A wood elf, in New York. He was a complete genius and was working on a cure. Kiyomi's mission was to bring one of the infected back so he could take a sample.
    As she puleld out her phone she heard a sound near her. A sound like someone was stalking her, trying to hide. She slowly, but firmly grasped the Katana that was strapped to her back.

    "Who goes there?!" She called out, looking over her shoulder, and around everywhere.
  4. Being a hybrid was hard enough when the world was normal. It's even harder now. The mix between a vampire and a lycan. An abomination they called me...until I killed them. My mother and father shouldn't have forgotten about the war and made a baby that was capable of killing them. However I didn't kill my parents. I only killed whoever disrespected me. And it was a challenge. But now it's just....vampires and werewolves are scattered some becoming part of the infected and some fighting them with humans who actually want to live. All the of the world were infected, but as I've heard some are immune like me. Only a couple hundred humans left in the world I'm guessing. But for right now I'm in Tokyo, and I'm pretty sure I found someone who's not human or infected....she was a vampire. Being raised mostly by my dad, due to my mom being a hardcore fighter during the war. She couldn't leave her post. It would be too suspicious. So I was raised to hate other vampires though. It didn't include my mom. She was too loving, my father would tell me.

    I had been following her for a few minutes now, but I was shocked when she yelled out. She couldn't of seen me, but it wasn't until I looked around some more to see another vampire. I growled but kept it quiet. As I kept sniffing I found out the girl I had been following was a vampire. But hey it was all I could get for now. I'd have to make friends with them. I stayed out of sight.
  5. Micah had almost come out from his hiding place when the girl shouted out into the semi-daylight. However, common sense took hold of him, and he remained where he was. Hearing a soft noise to the right of him, probably across the cracked and broken street, he tried to make it appear as if he hadn't heard it. It was soft enough that whoever made it probably was trying to hide.

    Mulling over his choices, he finally decided on the one that probably would make friends the easiest thing to obtain. Stepping out from his hiding place, he made sure his hands were where the girl could see him as he slowly walked towards her. "Hallo, friend!" he called, letting a wide grin spread across his face. From the direction he was walking towards her, it was unlikely that she could see the various knives and other such weapons hidden in his jacket. It was also unlikely that she could see his eyes, but that wasn't important for now.

    "Should not two kindred souls be able to walk in the same city? Or are you as solitary as some of those vagrants in Okinawa?"
  6. Hayra leaned out over the edge of the apartment's cracked, bare balcony that overlooked a considerable amount of Toyko's nearby foundations and housing estates. All were deserted by now though, like they had been for the past few months. So much damage had scarred this previously bright city. She stiffled a cough as a gust of red dust in the wind entered her lungs, popping what seemed to be a handful of berries into her mouth afterwards. At first glance she would appear to be just another elf who had somehow managed to have the right genetic code and was able to stay immune to the virus. Upon closer inspection though, one would notice how her ears were considerably shorter and rounder than what would be considered as normal. Aside from that, her nose was also larger and her overall movements just seemed more boyish than the well known femininity of a female elf. "Can't help my heritage..." she muttered indifferently to herself.
    Her ears twitched slightly as her gaze shot over the rubble, seeking out the source of sudden noises. Well, this was new. Not even bothering to check for safety, she grabbed her makeshift bow with it's sheath of arrows slung over her shoulder and hopped over the ledge. Her hand grabbed at her back pocket as she landed, making sure the PSS Silent Pistol was still secure before she took off running soundlessly on the balls of her feet, her messy, dirty blond ponytail swishing wildly behind her. "If anyone asks, I am not a human. Just an elf looking for surviving humans to bring back to Canada who are in need of diagnosis." She swallowed at the partial lie and slowed her pace down to a half jog, ready to leap into a shadow at a split second's notice as soon as even so much as a twig shivered in the wind. Geez... maybe she really was becoming paranoid.
  7. Kiyomi's eyebrow lifted. Now it wasn't just one soul that was in her presence, it was two....no, three. Three of them. Were they infected? Well one of them wasn't. An infected wouldn't come out and say hello. The infected don't have enough sense for that. Kiyomi took a hold off her katana and brought it down slowly back to her side. "Um, hello." She said. "Okinawa? No, no. I was born and raised her in Tokyo." She said, her eyes slit. "Um...is it just me, or is someone else....or two, here with us?" Kiyomi looked around, putting her hand back on her handle and turning around slowly in a one eighty. She finally rested her eyes back on the male that had told her hello. "Its dangerous here....you shouldn't be out in the open. Who are you? What are you...?"
  8. "But you are also in the open, aren't you?" Micah asked, still grinning. "But besides that, you, my little lady, can call me Micah. I only tell my very special friends my real name, so you, my little lady, can be honored." He grinned. He wasn't normally this blatantly charming, but when he was meeting new people he found that he was able to make friends easier if he was a shameless flirt.

    "Tell me," he added. "Why would a little girl like yourself be out here?" He grinned charmingly, walking closer to her. Ignoring the fact that there were most definitely others hiding in the shadows, he got within reaching distance, and gently took her hand, shaking it gently, careful to avoid that katana. Lifting her hand in his gloved one, he gently kissed it, the grin on his face apparent.

    This close, it must be apparent that he was at least a half-vampire, and an uninfected one at that, but he had no idea as to how the girl would react, so he kept his guard up and made sure to be ready to jump back if needed. "Is your name as pretty as your face?" he asked, wondering if she would get the reference.
  9. Well she's obviously not infected he said to himself. He listened to their conversation about being out in the open...something I'm not all that good at. I'm pretty awesome at being hidden. Especially in my hybrid form. Dark blue skin, fully black eyes and hair, yeah that's pretty much what the night is. Just a little less discreet. I tend to growl and roar a lot. That's the werewolf side of me taking over I guess. I was in my human form at that moment, and I thought I was just about ready to show myself when I noticed another being with a bow and arrow. hmmm...I should probably confront her first. How should I do that with out scaring her though....no idea.
  10. [​IMG] Jayden was walking. At least that's what he thought. He hadn't completely this new body. He had only just become a vampire but a few weeks earlier under "dire" circumstances. It was hard to tell if he was strolling or darting through alleyways. Before he had changed, he was just your everyday voulgar, foul mouth, bad-assed teen. Now he was... a monster. He could barely carry on a conversation with a stranger before giving into his temptations. It wasn't just hunger like the other vampires. He literally craved bloodshed and gore. He hated what he had become... It took literally run through a garbage can and rolling into the middle of the nearest street for him to realize that he was in fact sprinting. As he lifted his face from the floor, a couple new scents entered his range dead ahead. 3? 4? he wasn't very good at this. It didn't matter to Jayden. Even for a vampire he could tell his strength was rather "abnormal" . Jayden rose to his feet, his messy hair showing ever so slightly, hood flopped over his head, bandanna wrapped around his mouth hiding his fangs and leather gloves covering up his razor like nails. Jayden hated when the sun was out. It was just another irritation, something sent to anger him as usual. Even so his eyes seemed to be full of not hate, or rage but sorrow, guilt and loneliness. Drip...Drip.. "Eh?" Jayden muttered as his eyes darted towards the source of the sound. It was him or rather his right arm. His blood was seeping threw his vintage hoody. It was a slight "repercussion" due to his last encounter with those things. But he hadn't the time to worry about something a trivial as his arm, which was taking much to long to heal. In front of him he spotted 3 figures. One girl, then a male vampire, then something else which was doing a poor job at hiding at the moment. Jayden stood motionless for a moment as he racked his brain searching for his next course of action. He wasn't one for thinking. And so he stood there.. no more than 12 ft away
  11. Hayra went from her easy jog to a mildly quick walk, positioning her feet carefully so they wouldn't scrape at the dusting of red sand layed out on the ground like powder. The voices were definitely closer now and sounded to be on a more intimate tone. So long as it wasn't growls, screams and cries for help, anything could sound intimate to her after the initial days of her staying here. There had been survivors, dozens of them. They had all been in agony though, the virus or whatever it was, for some reason taking longer to affect them than more others, turning it in to an agonizing process. Before she had come, everyone had warned her about the pleas and sobbing and other aweful noises that she would have to experience but she didn't take any heed of them, running head first into trouble as usual. Like now...
    She froze on the spot and as fluidly as possible, slipped into a dark corner where two building met up, casting an oversized and abnormally thick shadow on the area. The darkness was probably just her imagination though. Right then, a crash of garbage cans falling over interupted her thoughts, followed by scuffling and then silence. Her instict had been just in time... again. Her hands lifted up slowly to cover her mouth and nose, trying to disrupt the air current that they were making, as she timidly pressed further into the darkness, eyes warily watching the lit streets for what might emerge. Mouth turned into a small grimance, she realised that she had forgotten to pre-safety check the shadow for danger. Ah, crud.
  12. "Ehhh...?" Kiyomi was more than shocked when she saw this male that just came out of nowhere, say hello to her, and kiss her hand. It made her blush, yes, but still it was very strange. Calling her little lady and 'special friend'. "What kind of shit you pulling, dude?" Kiyomi tugged her hand away and stared him down. With a sigh, she closed her eyes, then opened them. "My name is Kiyomi Yagami." There it was again, another unfamilar smell...there were four now. She looked around, and jumped back when she heard the sound of the trash can fall. It was all too much for her. "IF YOU'RE HIDING I RECCOMMEND YOU COME OUT NOW!!" She almost roared and bared her fangs, though she meant no harm unless they were one of the infected.
  13. His smile widening at her distress from his actions, he simply stepped away a foot, watching as she shouted into the barren red landscape. After she had silenced, he shouted, his voice much softer than hers but definitely audible to the others hiding from view, "I would, too. This little lady has a katana!" Letting his voice echo into nothingness, he quickly glanced at all the shadows, trying to determine which ones could hold infected or not. That crash of the trashcan...could whoever did that be infected? His grin waned a little, but still remained as he slowly reached into his jacket, feeling for just a second the handle of his favored knife.
  14. Her heartbeat began to thump in her chest faster like a speeding metronome. If felt as if the voices of the two were speaking directly at her, knowing exactly where she was and the best ways of how to kill her. Maybe this whole thing was a set up. A way to trap unwary travelers so that they could be purposely changed in to one of those things and used in some kind of army. What if they had smelled her blood and knew it wasn't pure? What if they were one of those cults who hunted for those with witch's magic in them, then drained their essance and used it in some kind of ritual while she would be forever in a state of suspended torture as her soul-
    Hayra sucked in an almost audible lungful of air and staggered back a few more steps into the darkness. Her head felt as if it were pulsating with the effort to keep her thoughts on track. She took in another one, this one clearly more even and showed that she was in control again. It hadn't been as bad as the previous visions, she reasoned, feeling her hands clench and unclench themselves unwillingly. The genetic mix of her deoxyribonucleic acid tended to 'disagree' with her mental and physical health at times. Half human, quater elf and quarter witch. A wonderful blend of magic, fragility and disadvantages. Oh, and hatred and neglect couldn't be left out either. Half human and half elf was understandable; it happens. But how could a witch get mixed in there, seeing as how elves and witches had been enemies for the last half century or so? However it happened, it was done, and she was the result.
  15. She would hide just a few feet away from me. That's totally convenient. There was nothing for me to do, but...introduce myself? ugh...something's wrong with me. I reached my arm towards her and tapper her shoulder. "Don't panic," I whispered. "I can sense you're a hybrid. Like me...half and half right?" I smiled as she turned around to look at me. Thank god I was in human form. She'd probably kill me instantly otherwise...not that I would let her.
  16. She spun on the spot, muscles tensed with anticipation at the unexpected touch, relaxing only ever so slightly when she heard the person speak. The infected don't speak, she reminded herself, and if they did it would only be senseless babble. Taking in a steady breath, she nodded once in affirmation at his assumtion. "Close enough," she agreed in a whisper. Her head was kept straight with only her eyes looking up to steadily meet his from under her loose bangs of hair. Hayra quickly judged the distance between them and took a hasty step back so she would have room; lest she need her weapons any time soon.
  17. My smile faded when I realized I didn't know her name yet. "Um..Jason by the way," he said before sticking his hand out to shake hers. This chick definitely had skill. I could tell just by looking at her. I can also tell she's been through a lot. I don't dare ask for her life story at the moment, but I still remember mine like it was yesterday. Being born into the world, my father being an over size werewolf, and my mother being an elder vampire. I came from a family of power, but they were enemies. Huge enemies. They regret all the feelings they had for each other, and if they were still alive they probably still would today. They sent me to live with the humans, so they wouldn't have to look at me in shame of themselves. I lived in orphanages, and even as a baby they sent me out. They called me a demon baby and an anti-Christ. Mostly, because I was ripping other children to shreds, with ease and no mercy. I was sent high tech heavily guarded prisons and kept escaping. I could never be good, no matter how much I tried. The world was already convinced I was sent from hell. I was in hiding until this whole infected thing broke out....killing my damn food. All the chaos I used to cause I can't do anymore. I'm way to weak. Blood is something that keeps me alive, and keeps me powerful. Blood has been hard to get lately. Last time I fed was about a week ago. I'm literally starving. Something that I tried my best not to do was suck the life out of this elf girl I just met. Elf blood was always the most pure, but I people like us need to say together. No blood sucking for me for a while it seems. There's a chance I'll be looking death in the face soon...
  18. "Hayra," she replied in the same soft tone as before, this statement more firm. Although her eyes didn't leave his, her mind went into a quick blur of possibilities over the option to shake his hand or not. Only at the last moment did she place hers in his, feeling the heat that emitted from his body escape through the palm and touch her own skin. A small smile came to her lips as her chin tilted back in to a more natural position so she could study his face more appropriately. "A pleasure," she said at last, a barely noticable dip of her head signifying an ammount of mutual respect of those newly acquainted.
  19. Hykos could feel the gas mask wrapped tightly around his face as he explored the desolate streets of the once advanced city. The dust seemed to accumulate everywhere and the once thriving metropolis was now reduced to ruins. It reminded him of the nuclear war that had happened countless generations ago but even that was controlled chaos, this was complete eradication. He pulled his grizzled coat around himself and continued to move on as he brushed his paper white hair from his face.

    As he listened to each of his footsteps as he wandered around the streets he began to wonder of his comrades who had worked here in the old days of wars and conflicts. How they had experimented on simple things like turning disease into weapons and working with artificial elements that they had created. The world was now filled with vampires and werewolves. He was disgusted with the change. Humans and Elves had helped worked with one another on improvements to energy consumption and food distribution during constant conflicts. They were the ones moving forward as all he remembered about the other species was how they simply were a negative impact on anything else. Very few he found helpful and even fewer tried to help all species.

    Of course he couldn't blame them for everything. Humans had a definite part in what had happened to the state of the world but with the Elves they would definitely find a way out of this horror. He wondered of a wood elf that was working in New York. The man was quite intelligent and before Japan's systems had shut down he remembered much of the world making small progresses as he had. Germany, France, South Korea, The United Kingdom and even the United States all had roles in trying to solve their current situation. Much more nations were involved of course but in regions of congestion and overpopulation. Places like China were swamped with the disease in weeks and devastated within months. He still had a very good friend there and had hope they were still alive.

    As he began to scavenge around he could feel his oxygen supply begin to exhaust itself. He sighed and stopped in the middle of the street as he began to breathe slowly. There was no idea if the air was contaminated. Some people had no affects while others could turn within moments. As he swapped his oxygen tank for another he continued to look at his surrounding area.

    As normal, it remained quiet.
  20. Hearing voices, Micah turned, pointed in case Kiyomi couldn't hear them, and promptly began walking towards the source, finding two people hiding. "'Allo," he immediately said to the girl, a grin coming to his face. Stating the first thing he noticed, he continued, "So, you're a halfie? We didn't get that many in Scotland, where I lived most of my life, so it is indeed a curiosity to meet someone like you." Turning towards the man she had been talking with, he gave him the same grin and said, "A pleasure to meet you, dear sir, unless you are an infected. In which case, I'll promptly be leaving."