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  1. It was a sacred place, born from years of blind tradition. Whether human or not, you treated it as hollowed ground. Nobody dared go near it, not even the school kids who had been to the abandoned asylum, dared go near it. They didn't know why they just didn't. Maybe it was the fear it radiated, the anger it radiated... the pure hatred, it radiated. Either way, it was an old and empty place passed from generation to generation until only the purest blood would be spilt.
  2. Many rumours had been spread from this place. These tales would tell of fearsome beasts and even fiercer beings, neither human nor wolf. They were a strong and powerful race, said by some to be gods, yet that was not strictly true for the beings they worshipped were mightier than they ever were.
  3. People claimed to have seen them, a flash of fur or the dart of legs in a blackening night but they were laughed down. A man nor a beast but a mix of the two? Don't be so preposterous! Yet those who had caught a glimpse knew the truth, knew that these beasts were stronger than anything, faster than anything... better than anything. Nobody knew these fierce beasts had a master of their own. A beautiful God, beyond anything a mere human could comprehend.
  4. His name was Lunar, God of the Night. He controlled his beasts, forced them once a month to take the complete form of a large hound, each one different, though each one equally as terrifying. Lunar gave them their strength and guidence and wisdom and power. He made them who they were.
  5. Rumour had it only a handful of these vicious beasts he had created had ever seen Lunar, and had forever been scarred by it. They could no longer form coherent thoughts, let alone transform. Little did 16-year-old James know that he would be next.
  6. James was skinny and small for his age. He wasn't very fast nor skilled at fighting, though he was fairly bright. He liked to sleep and read in his spare time instead of playing football with his friends and he wasn't particularly strong, definately far from terrifying. James was the last person anyone would expect a god to appear to, least of all a god as powerful as Lunar. But happen it did.
  7. *skip to... a couple of days before it happens?*
    James slid into his registration as quietly as possibly, hoping the teacher wouldn't notice how late he was.
    "James Moore! I'm sure you have a valid excuse for your lateness?" she asked, to which James crumbled.
    "I... Uh.. I slept through my alarm," he gulped. It wouldn't be good for his already dead reputation if people found out he had actually spent the night gazing at the stars.
    "Hmph," was all the teacher replied, looking back at her computer. Only then did James notice the new student sitting beside him.
  8. He was like nothing he had ever seen before. His frame was lithe, his hair long and snowy white. His features were pointed, slightly animalistic and his face was young, though his grey eyes were the eyes of someone who had seen many years of hardship. The earthy smell of the forest seemed to roll off him.
  9. James smiled at him, despite the fact he wore a frown. There was something off about him, something intangible. An uncontrollable shudder ripped through him.
    "He.. Hello," he said softly
  10. The boy turned towards him. His eyes wandered over him, assessing him before curving his lips into a wolfish grin, showing sharp teeth. "Hello."
  11. "James," he said, regaining a little of his confidence as he threw his hand out. His rational mind took over from his gut; this kid couldn't hurt him
  12. "Alex," the boy replied, shaking the extended hand. "Nice to meet you." His voice was musical, soft andlight, the accent unfamiliar to James. He gave Alex a warm smile and turned to face the front again.
  13. James tried his hardest to concentrate on the quiz the teacher was giving them, trying to get back into her good books, but he could never shake off this gut wrenching feeling he had about the boy beside him. Somehow he knew, just knew, that Alex was a danger to him and to everyone around him.
    "You're... new, right?" he asked quietly, trying to seem more confident and nonchalant than he really was. His sweaty palms and shaking knees betrayed him.
  14. Alex smirked and nodded. He took in James' worried expression then chuckled softly. "No need to be scared of me, I'm not going to bite." He slouched casually in his seat and chewed the end of his pen. "Hmm. Know the answer to this one?" he asked, pointing to the board.
  15. James gave a short chuckle, scratching at the back of his neck as he leaned back too in an attempt to look cool.
    "Not a clue," he smirked slightly, glancing at Alex. He tried to give of his own confident air but he knew he was failing. No matter what Alex said, he would be terrified of him.
  16. Alex was quiet for a while. He chewed his pen with those sharp teeth and frowned at the teacher as she strutted up and down the aise. It seemed as though he was deep in thought, leaving behind a slightly uncomfortable silence but a few minutes later, he flicked openhis timetable and began to study it. "Are you anywhere near the art block first? I think im in need of a guide."
  17. James gave an imperceptible jump as Alex spoke but soon recovered himself, frantically flipping open his planner and checking his timetable.
    "Uh... yes, actually I am. I have art. In... AR1," said James, glancing at Alex with a weak smile. Half of him hoped Alex was in his class, the other half begged to any deities listening that he was in none of Alex's classes.
  18. Alex smiled back. "Wow. Some god must be on my side today. At least I'll know somebody in my class." He grabbed his school bag as the bell rang.
  19. James' mind was a mix of "Oh Holy Crap" and "Thank God" as he grabbed his bag too and stood up, raking his chair under the table and heading towards the door. He left amongst the other students all in their own little cliques but waited just outside the door for Alex. He was the last one out, as per usual. ((Lol Alex K is ALWAYS the last one out too -_-))
  20. (if alex was the new kid how do you know he is the last one out usually?)
    "So...none of your other friends joining us?" Alex began, making conversation as they shoved their way through the corridors. He strutted alongside James, revelling in the gapes sent his way, soaking up the attention.
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