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  1. Name: Carson White
    Personality: He's stubborn, wild, weird,funny and out going. He has a big heart but dose not show it. He is told that he is cold and mean but its only because he doesn't want to be hurt.

    Bio: He was always getting in to fights and trouble. His father wasn't in the picture and when he was he would be a drunk abusive man to him and his mother. He father would be gone for years then come back. He had to learn how to be a man on his own. Finally his mum got really sick and passed away. Which causes him to get into more trouble . Now he's in a foster care.
    Eyes: Blue ( I know they are not in the picture but couldn't find one with blue)
    Hair: Black
    Voice: Cold and mean alot. But can B soft and sweet and sexy.
    Body. Skinny/muscular ( nice body)

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  2. Name: Daisy Light
    Age: 16
    Personality: Very quiet and shy. Shes a good girl who is always had her head into books. Shes really intelligent and finds new ways of learning new things. She suffers from anxiety. Shes really sweet, loves flowers, the sky, nature basiclly.

    Bio: Daisy is a loner. She doesnt fit well with her peers.She was put into a foster home because she didnt have family to take her in after father was murdered by her mother. Growing up, she had a good a childhood. She spent her days outside picking flowers, singing, playing dolls, having tea parties, and sketching.

    Height: 4"9

    Hair color: Long black hair

    Eye color: dark eyes

    Body type: petite

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  3. Carson was being taken to his new home. He just sat there emotionless. The sun reflects the light not showing his blue eyes. The case worker knocked on the door and they walked in. " hello this is Carson he will be living with you for now one...he doesn't speak much...so try to understand if he doesn't talk to you!" She said
  4. Sitting on the window ledge, she hummed as she sketch. The suns rays warmed her peach skin. The other teenagers who lived with her were watching tv and talking. She sat alone. A knock was heard at the door before it flew open. Two people walked into the room. Daisys eyes went up to the male that walked into the room. She ignored the case worker. Who was talking about the male staying in her foster home. Daisy slowly got off the ledge. The house mother quickly came out of the kitchen and greeted the case worker. "Hello Carson! Welcome to your new home. Dont be afraid to make new friends here! If you need anything just hollar. Your room is upstairs if you like to get comfortable. Go down the hall. The first door to your right." the house mother states.. Daisy gathered her books and tried to walked away. "Daisy!! " Daisy turned around. "yyes .. Mother."

    "Go outside and water my plants and take the weeds out of them too."

    "yyyes. Mother." Daisy turned around. As she turned around a few kids threw a paper ball at her and laughed at her. She ignored the stupidity and went in the backyard. The male was gorgous. But something about him seem dark.. She couldnt put her finger on it.
  5. As the foster mother told Carson where his room would be, he looked up and noticed a girl. She was kinda cute but he didn't care for girls or people in general. The case worker leaves and the foster mother tells the young girl to go do stuff. Carson could see she was a bitch but just shrug it off. Going to his room he plops on the bed and takes a nap for about 30 mins. As he wakes up he walks to the window seeing the girl still outside. Sighing he walks outside. " your slow!" He said rudely
  6. Pulling out weeds from the garden and watering plants. The sun beamed in her face. She wiped her forehead. Suddenly she heard someone by and yelled at her. She gasped falling down. She notices the new guy. HE told her she was slow. The girl gave a small pout. "You scared me!!!" she slowly got up and looked at her skirt. It was stained with dirt. She sighed and groaned looking to the sky.
  7. Carson stood there with an emotionless expression. " a woman who complains and is slow when doing chores will never make a good wife." Hr said bluntly." But a mother who makes the girl do the dirty chores with no help is a worthless piece of crap...so being the gentleman that I am...i will help you!" Carson said bending over and picking the weeds.
  8. She listened to the newbies lecture and got slightly offended. Who was he to tell her she was slow and who was he to tell her she wouldnt make a good wife because she complained. Daisy got on her knees and picked weeds. She sighed. "maybe i dont wanna be a wife.. Maybe i will never get married".
  9. How funny was this girl, is the only thought that when through her mind. He looked at her with his bright blue eyes then sighed. Out of nowhere he rubbed dirt on her face and put a see on her head." There now you wont have to worry about a man wanting you....your such a sad girl." He said as he finished pulling the rest of the weeds out. " your weak and slow...because of that you let others walk all over you. So sad and makes you so unattractive. Learn how to stand up for yourself and don't let others do that crap to you...well have a nice day!" With that he went back inside
  10. When he rubbed dirt on her face and placed the seed on her head. Daisy looked down and felt like she was gonna cry. She listened to what he had to say and bit her lip. She only felt that way because she didnt think she was attractive enough, wait no.. That wasnt the word, 'perfect' was the word. Perfect enough to fit any description. She sighed. When he disappeared into the house she got up and grabbed a rag. She wet the rag with the water from the hose and wiped her face, shaking her head so the seed can fall and went back inside. She walked through the kitchen, the livingroom, and went up the stairs. She went into her room and shut the door.
  11. A few hours later it was time for dinner. The mother called for all the kids to come and eat. There was a total of 6 ranging from 7 to 16. The older boys ran downstairs playing as they did. The others ran happily. Carson didn't show up. " Daisy can you please go get Carson for dinner?" She asked
  12. Once the mother called everyone down. Daisy went downstairs and straight into the dining room. She was pushed by several of the boys on her way. Walking to the table and almost at her seat, the house mother asked her to get the new guy downstairs for dinner. Daisy groaned alittle. She and carson didnt have a great start and didnt want to see him.. She turned around and headed back upstairs. She walked the halls and ended up at carsons door. "Carson.. Come down."
  13. Carson never answered his bedroom door. Out of nowhere he comes out of the bathroom which was right across from his room. He wasnt wearing a shirt and was still dripping wet, he had a towel on his head. " ya ya I heard. Ikk be there in a minute!"
  14. Daisy looked at Carson and his body and her mouth dropped. He had the most strongest body ever and it was beautifully built. He looked like one of the models in her art classes. She didnt wanna be awkward so Daisy quickly turned around and walk down the hall. She went down the stairs and into the dinning room. "He'll be down" she said trying to get herself in check. She sat down and looked at her food. Everyone had to wait for carson to come down. The rules were never to eat without the whole famiky being there. Tonight dinner was steamed chicken and snow peas. 'Yum' she looked at her plate.
  15. 5 minutes later Carson came downstairs to eat. He sat next to Daisy, everyone could smell how nice and clean he was. He started to eat, the way he ate was so gentleman like. " thank you very much for dinner...its delicious!" He said he gave Daisy a odd look. " do you have manners like a lady or do you eat like a man?" He asked. He doesn't mean to be rude. But that's all he knows
  16. As soon as Carson came down, everyone began to eat. Daisy ate at own pace while everyone ate either fast or slow. Her eyes lit up at the question carson asked her. She slowly turned to him. "i eat at my own pace. I believe those who eat fast and agressively are disgusting and have no manners at all what so ever." she whispered to Carson and softly smiled.
  17. That was a good answer, she smirked a little. " well that's good...lets hope the rest of you I lady like as well!" Carson finished his food and went to take a walk. There was something about that girl that. Carson liked.
  18. After several minutes of eating, Daisy was full and stood up. Everyone had left and left their plates. It was her turn today to wash the dishes. She walked around the table collecting plates and silverwear. She went to the kitchen and placed them in the sink and washed it. Her mind was all over the place. She thought of Carson and how mean he was to her. She wonder why was he so cold. After washing, she dries each plate and set it in the cabnet. She then heads up to her room and shuts the door. Her room was a mess and her sketchbook was torned. The pages were everywhere. She frowned and picked up the pages of her artwork.
  19. A little while later Carson came home. Seeing everyone was doing there own thing and Daisy wasn't to be found he sighed and walked up to her room. Maybe he was to hard on her. He sees her door open a little. Walking over there he knocks on the Dorr slowly opening it as he he did. "...wohh what happened in here...did you throw a hissy fit?"
  20. She hears the door opened more and heard a familiar voice. It was Carsons. She gathered her sketches together sat the on the desk. "someone ripped up my art work. I came in here and everything torn apart. She sighed and shook her head. "i am really upset and angry. I know no one will admit to doing it.. And violence isnt the answer."Daisy admitted in a mellow tone. She sat on her bed.
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