A New Dawn

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  1. The Dark Kingdom was hardly a welcoming place, which probably was what gave it its name in the first place. Though it was a massive hold of land, expanding over several mountain ranges and valleys of all kinds. There was even a dessert in its massive claim. However, this land was broken, ravaged by one expanding war after another and with little repair work in between. Though was could be expected of a kingdom who's ruler was dubbed the Over Lord and who's royal family had connections to the underworld? It seemed that that such thoughts on taking care of their civilians were push aside for glory, blood and battle...At least, up until the current generation.

    "You seem nervous, M'lady...Is anything wrong?" A Lizard man spoke calmly, looking over at the young and petite female who was sitting in the middle of the bench in the carriage, looking very small compared to the soldiers that were on either side of her.

    The female in question looked over to the lizard man in front of her and gave a small shy smile before shaking her head a bit, her bonnet ribbon bouncing a bit before she spoke softly.

    "Not nervous...excited." Amura said simply.

    He lizard had guest right, she was not only nervous, she was terrified. The Dark Kingdom was not a place she had even been in, her mother had forbidden it. Of course, she knew why she was heading there. She was to take her place as the only heir of her father, the passed on Over Lord. It was hard to believe she was the only one, considering her memories of the countless mistresses that he had come with to visit her on those days he wasn't battling another kingdom for their fields. The stories she remembered of the capital were not positive. It was poor and only those in power, like the council and some scattered generals, had any wealth. The rest of the people were dirt poor and more than likely jobless, dependent upon war to create jobs since the kingdom was born.

    It was no wonder that the past rulers, including her father, had been so bloody thirsty. War was the only thing that had kept the kingdom alive. It was her turn now, she would be the one making the call and deciding what would be done in this dangerous land. As she glanced out the window at the poverty stricken city, she only seemed to pale more...if that is possible with her light skin tone. The Carriage rode through the town quickly, being escorted by sever horse riding guards. It certainly was catching the attention of the watching public. They were approaching the castle quickly and it only made her heart beat faster, her hands holding on tightly to her skirt.

    "You must be very excited, M'lady...your knuckles are turning white." The lizard commented, obviously not believing her her words. She only gave another shy smile before the man continued. "You have a lot on your shoulders now, as I understand, But you are not doing this alone. Your personal vassal will be by your side to do anything and everything for you. You have nothing to fear."

    Amura nodded her head in understanding before glancing out the windows again, the carriage passing through the high gates of the surrounding wall of the castle, the carriage also running across a large draw bridge that hug over a spike filled mote. She looked over her dress, the skirt sticking out thanks to the bustle in the back, the skirt a bright pale blue and having a high lacy white collar. She was more like a doll than an Over Lord...or Lady in this case. She gave a small sigh before she glanced at the door of the carriage once more, the stairs up to the castle doors slipping into view as the horses started to slow.
  2. “You know, sitting like that isn’t going to make the overlord come faster…”

    Seraphim’s father had a deep voice; it was enough to snap her back into reality. Her endlessly-blue eyes looked out the window, scanning all of the surroundings. There were merchants wandering around, villagers…she focused on one of them; he looked suspicious- it could mean danger for her master. Long, delicate finger twirling around her dark curls; she continued to study them- almost ignoring what her overbearing father was trying to tell her.

    “Child, calm yourself…” Vaughn said sternly, uncrossing his arms the moment that the carriage arrived. He had this all planned; make her into the perfect vassal and servant- her beauty was enough to gain any overlord’s approval- even IF it was a woman. He had hoped on that; Seraphim was easy on the eyes, even if she was turned down for this legendary role as vassal, she could at least gain her way in the underworld. There were high hopes for her-more like high expectations.<o:p></o:p>

    Seraphim could not fail. The Underworld was in peril.

    “Phim- so help me…”

    Seraphim jumped up from her seat when she noticed the carriage; her fingers balled up into fists full of her black dress.<o:p></o:p>
    The lace was a bit much…

    It was made for herto be able to fight, as she already had to prove herself in presence of the new overlord. Chest heaving, she glanced on and was quickly out of the main hall ofthe castle; her father’s words forgotten, she scrambled onto the graveloutside, just as it pulled up. Father long forgotten, she stood alone amongstthe guards- head held higher.

    “What are you—“ Vaughn kept his cool and walked down the courtyard, hands in his pockets; it was the only thing that would stifle his need to choke the life out of Seraphim. She was doing exactly what he DID NOT want; moving on her own free will…apparently, she had NO idea how vassals worked. Clearing his throat, he soon joined his impatient daughter’s side; awaiting her obvious surprise the moment she would see her Master. “Weapons…” He added, as she tucked the visible ones under the long black robes of her dress. With her hood drawn, she was ambiguous; the long curls were the only thing visible to the arriving carriage. <o:p></o:p>
  3. "We are here..." the lizard spoke as he gave a sharped tooth grin out the window.

    Amura was about to have a panic attack as she glanced out the window to she those two tall figures there, one a strong looking man and the other a hooded being with long curling locks popping out from the hood. Would these people be here to help her? Hurt her? Teach her? All three of those ideas frightened her as each one lead down and equally frightening path that she did not wish to travel. It was too late to turn back now though, she was here along with all her life's belongings, save for her mother who stayed behind at their nice home on the border on the kingdom.

    The lizard man motioned for her to stay seated for the moment as he stepped out of the carriage first. He approached Vaughn with a smile before stopping in front of him. It was for the best she stayed seated anyway, she had to gather up her small bag of books she had brought into the carriage to pass the time.

    "Vaughn, it is good to see you...and you as well Seraphim...Your new Master will be out of the carriage in a moment, they are gathering up their things." He said, playing along with the fact that Seraphim knew nothing of her Master's gender. Of course, Amura was just as clueless about her Vassal's gender.

    The guards in the carriage were the first to step out of the carriage, standing on either side of the door and waiting, watching for any quick moments around them. Even on the safe grounds of the castle one could never rest, least there be a assassin in the area. Amura took a deep breath and tried to gather herself in the carriage before standing up, gathering her skirt in one hand as the other held onto her books. Stepping out, she gave her books to one of the guards who took it silently and then put her free hand in the other's hold to help her down the small steps and onto the ground of the cobble stone drive in front of the castle.

    "Come M'lady...You vassal is here to meet you." The lizard man said with a grin.
  4. “Always a pleasure…” Vaughn grinned at the lizard man; Ash was one of his friends from the past and it was nice to see him. With a curt nod, he motioned to his daughter with a flourish of his hands. She just stood there and before she could say anything to Ash, she leapt into the sky; her first action as a vassal would be important.
    The villager she noticed from before had vanished; she noticed him when he was up on the building behind her new master.
    Now, was the time for action.

    The stranger was aiming for the new overlord; Seraphim’s actions would quickly end that. There had been talk of a new overlord and the villagers were worried about their land, of course they would think the new plan of action was to attack. They were desperate, just like those who ruled. It only took a moment; she leapt into the sky, blotted out by the sun- as she brought her blade blissfully against his skin. Blood sprayed, it did not matter; she was wearing black for a reason.

    Less obvious bloodshed.<o:p></o:p>

    His broken body landed at Amura’s feet and shortly after, came Seraphim. On her landing, she made eye contact with the girl; all of those years, wasted on trying to be the most useful (in many ways) vassal- she was to be a servant to the king…however, there was not one.

    Her master would be Amura and as she removed the hood, she glanced at her father and Ash. They knew of her fate, yet said nothing- how unfair. As the two girls looked at eachother, she cleared her throat. <o:p></o:p>
  5. Amura had only just stepped out of the carriage when one of the greeters suddenly disappeared. Blinking a bit in surprise, she glanced around the court yard as she made a move to approach Ash, wondering if it was this older looking gentleman that would be the vassal he had been telling her about. However, before she could stand next to him a body landed at her feet, making her scream a bit in surprise before a hand slapped over her mouth, silencing herself so she would not look foolish.

    Her eyes locked with another pair, a bright blue gaze hiding under that hood from before. Amura was in slight shock from the sudden appearance of blood and the dead body, but she was quick to calm herself. The stories from her mother and father had been more than enough to prepare her for a few limp corpses...it was the more intense stuff that made her worried. As it was revealed that her vassal was in fact a woman, a part of her was relaxed and also stressed at the same time. It made her feel better to see another woman such as herself in the castle, but this show of violence concerned her...what if her vassal did not like her? Maybe she would try to kill her as well? The idea was silly..but also worrisome.

    As they stared silently at each other, it seemed Ash took noticed of the uncomfortable silence. Clearing his throat, he figured that he should step in and do the introducing for them if they could not do it for themselves.

    "M'lady...This is Seraphim, your vassal. She is the daughter of Vaughn over here who was the vassal to your father before he passed away those months ago. She'll be here to help you, show you what you wish and even entertain you if you desire. Think of her as...a all day and all night service, that is the way of the vassal here." He explained before looking to Sera. "Sera, You new Mistress is M'lady Amura...She's the daughter of Lady Trina from the south and the former Over Lord. She doesn't know much about the capital so do show her around...I'll be too busy keeping the hounds- I mean, the council at bay. Now, hurry up and greet her, least she thinks your mute."

    Amura stayed silent, only looking to Ash curiously before looking at Seraphim again. She really was lost on what to say at that moment and honestly hoped that she would speak first.
  6. “At your service, M’lady…” As much as she did not want to admit it, Seraphim was almost curious about the girl; she had been prepared for an overlord- a MAN. This was something she was not familiar with. However, as the elders spoke, Seraphim quickly dragged the girl into the bustling crowd; her arm carefully wrapped around Amura’s waist. They darted into the masses and quickly blended in; when she got a moment, Phim managed to drag her to a small park, filled with greenery.

    It seemed like the only silent and peaceful place in the kingdom.

    She had to be able to introduce herself, somehow. Once Amura was placed on the bench, Sera pulled the hood back completely and revealed her face. It was an awkward smile that played across her lips; the girl had no idea how to make friends, most of the time was spent training. “I am not completely familiar with these parts, M’lady, but how about we travel them together?” She said softly as she watched the passersby.

    “I promise I won’t ever steer you wrong.” With that, she offered a delicate gloved hand, only after wiping a bit of blood off.
  7. Amura had planned on responding to the girls hello but she was quickly grabbed by the wrist and pulled into a bustling crowd across the draw bridge and into the capital city's busy and poverty stricken streets. Being pulled through the people with an arm around her waist, Amura was a bit surprised to just so suddenly be dragged along into an unknown city. Whether or not this woman was her vassal did not make her feel any better. Finally being tossed onto a bench where she panted and blinked in shock, she turned to look up at the uncovered face of her vassal.

    The smile was awkward...but kind. She could see she was at least trying. Glancing at her hand, she was still trying to catch her breath from the running she had gone through, reaching out with her free hand that was not holding her books and taking it gently as she stood, grabbing a bit of her skirt as she stood.

    "Alright...But this time can we walk?" She asked softly as she looked up at the taller woman.
  8. Whatever danger that was near the overlord, had disappeared and soon, Seraphim calmly let out a sigh. Crystal-blue eyes gazed upon the poverty-stricken crowd; the lack of a decent leader left the townsfolk devastated and the economy was obviously lacking. The streets were once filled with cozy little bungalows; spidervines trickling from house to house, adding to the lush scenery. Merchants used to also line the streets; packed full of all the goods any demon would need. She remembered a little eatery that was near the castle at one point; Vaughn used to take her there a lot, when she was a little girl. The park they were standing in, used to be filled with other little demons, running and playing- raising hell, as her father used to put it. Everything in her hometown had changed so much; it was more than obvious that she and Amura had their work set out for them. So far, the only thing that remained the same was the damp and strange smell of the lake.<o:p></o:p>

    As Phim looked on, she came to the realization that the changes needed would not happen overnight.

    These were matters for the demon council, yet another thing that would be handled tomorrow. For now, the two girls had the whole day to be somewhat normal. The next day, it would be back to business; who owes who money, who wants to go to war, how they will help make the place better; in the back of her mind, she figured that her issues would need to go in her notebook. For now, she had an overlord…well lady, to entertain.

    “Of course, M’lady…we can walk.” Like the perfect vassal, she stood and once again pulled the hood over her head; it was going to be no good, the two females walking through most-likely crime-filled streets. Phim even took a moment to apply blood red lipstick, fixed her curls and fidgeted in her heavy robes. The lace was a bit…much. At least she could move freely, if needed; if not, she could just rip it. She stood, statuesque and stoic; ready to lead the overlord anywhere she wanted. <o:p></o:p>

    Lady. Shit, this was going to be a bit harder than she expected.

    “Anywhere you would like to go, in particular?” Phim asked kindly; completely unaware that her normally bored tone had changed. For a moment, she felt as though they were normal girls- they would not get days out like this very often, after coronation. “This is our only day. One last day to be normal…” As they joined the crowd, she could not help but notice everyone staring at them; Amura’s pastel clothing was more attention-drawing than Phim had thought. The overlady stuck out like a sore thumb in
    the underworld.

    This would have to be an issue directly addressed and remedied.
  9. Amura stood there in silence as her vassal preped herself for their small walk through the city. The more she looked around the more she saw that was wrong with the capital. It was falling apart. Many buildings were empty and abandoned, windows broken and turned into squatter homes when there was no more room for make shift tents in allies. There was so much that would need to be fixed...changed...It was daunting to say the least. How could she do it all alone? She had no idea how to run a country, she barely even knew her father accept for fleeting memories of rushed visits from him...He was always out to battle. Closing her eyes for a moment, she just breathed, trying to calm her worried heart and to stay positive. These people thought she was the solution...and some even thought her to be just a continuation of the problem. She would change that though...hopefully.

    Turning to look at Seraphim as she mentioned this being their last day to just be normal girls, she felt her face pale a bit once more. Walking in step with her vassal, she took those words to heart. This really was her last day of just being the daughter of her mother...Now she would be the daughter of her father, the heir to the most frightening empire known to man and demon alike. That was far to much pressure for someone of her age.

    "The last day...It almost feels like I'm walking to the gallows when you speak like that, Ms. Seraphim. As for some place to do, is there a market of any kind?" She asked as she glanced around once more.

    She noticed that there were many people looking at her, some staring curiously and others with not so kind intentions. It felt so strange to be out in the open, she was used to being hidden away, sheltered and protected by her mother...She really was ill prepared to run this country.
  10. “You may call me Seraphim…” She mused, chuckling a bit. Now was the time to take Amura shopping; not only to fix the problem, but to do what seemed to be engrained into their DNA…


    Seraphim walked alongside her mistress, hands folded in her robes. A small smile curled across her lips; she already knew what everyone was thinking about the bright being in their midst. It was a problem that would be fixed in just a moment, as she carefully led Amura to clothing merchant. The building was pretty sizeable; the smell of incense filled her nostrils as she moved along the racks of silks.

    Can’s Silks was still flourishing in the Underworld and it was renowned for its sense of fashion. People bustled in and out of the store, through racks and doors with piled of clothing in their balled up fists. Business was always booming there, it seemed; that too was an unchanging factor.

    Dresses and gowns of almost every underworld-approved color surrounded them and Phim started looking; she was pretty decent at dressing someone, well-or so she thought.<o:p></o:p>
  11. "A-alright then...Seraphim." She said softly as they continued to walk through the city.

    Amura was led into a rather busy store, in fact she was surprised to find it in such a good state. It was full of business and there were customers flying in and out of the store with arms of clothing and cloth. She felt like this shop was in a completely different world than the capital...A profitable world. Well, at least it was a sign that things could get better. Still...she couldn't help but wonder why her vassal had pulled her here, she didn't need any new clothing.

    She wandered quietly though the shelves and racks, seeing what there was mostly out of curiosity. As she wandered, a certain piece caught her eye. It was a gorgeous black lace dress that pooled on the floor around the form it was on. It reminded her of a dress her mother wore when she was very young, though her mother's had been a lovely blue lace. Reaching out to it, she touched the lace sleeves lightly as she examined it, the touch and feel of it reminding her of her mother.

    Dress (open)
    [​IMG]imagine it to the floor.
  12. Phim grinned to herself as her fingers filed through the racks of clothing; all of the fine silks were extraordinary and well worth the pretty penny they cost. Already, she noticed that a few of the workers had their eyes on the two girls; in the Underworld, everyone noticed new faces. Pulling a few more lacy articles of clothing from the rack, she clicked her tongue and muttered.

    “Being the over lady does not mean you have to wear just black, you know…” She said jokingly, pulling one dress lined with turquoise and a different one that was black and crimson. “A splash of color is always good, but there’s no reason to draw attention to one’s self, M’lady.”<o:p></o:p>

    “Well, what do we have here? Would you two gorgeous girls like to try something on?” A brilliant idea popped into the vassal’s head as the owner of the store came waltzing up to them; his fabulously-royal purple and black pinstripe suit was impressive, perhaps she could convince him to make their dresses and robes.

    Who was she kidding? Seraphim had been the vassal of the new over lady- of course he would want to make them. Maybe even for free…They weren’t just customers, anymore.

    “I would actually like to have a….word, for a moment.”Seraphim said sweetly, carefully dragging the man to the side and quickly muttering something inaudible to Amura. As they chatted, the smile on his face grew- as did his excitement. However, strict instructions from the vassal kept him from practically leaping and squealing in excitement as he quickly slid to Amura’s side.
    “Free of charge, M’lady…anything in the store. And if you’d like, I could put your vassal in something more…fitting?” He gave her a wink, a playful nudge and awaited Amura’s wishes as Seraphim glanced through the racks of clothes a few feet away.<o:p></o:p>
  13. Looking away from the dress as her vassal spoke to her, she blinked a few times. The girl had a point, she did not have to dress in all black as the stories of the over lords often led on. However, there was something about the black she liked, even if it was like nothing she had ever worn before. She was far to used to bustles and lace and pastel colors. It would take a very long time for her to change into these darker colors...A small part of her wondered if she could get away with being the first ruler to wear pastel.

    "I don't mean to draw attention, everyone here just wears darker colors than me..." She said softly before glancing towards the approaching owner.

    Amura was not given a chance to speak to him though as Seraphim swooped in and pulled him away, speaking of something she could not hear. She looked back to the dress once more, wondering how much it cost until the owner appeared yet again by her side and started to speak of everything being free and also changing the clothing on her vassal. Confused by the nudging and wink she gave him a uncertain look before speaking.

    "Well...If there is anything she'd like to try on then please help her out...I'm not here to try anything really." She explained softly to him.
  14. Phim was thankfully far away from Can and Amura; the man grinned and let out a chortle.

    “It is very unlikely to see an unattractive Succubus…” He said, raising an eyebrow in curiosity. Seraphim had been dragged into the store before, by her father Vaughn and ended up having the same results. Every dress long and covering up most things that her kind would kill to have; it was much to even her father’s dislike, that his daughter was not exactly…proud of herself.

    “Underneath those robes is a gorgeous woman, you would just never know it. You’re her new master, perhaps if you suggest something- she might change her tune?” Can’s grin spread as the succubus meandered through the racks, waiting; he even motioned to a few colorful dresses and nodded. “It could be a nice change for her!” <o:p></o:p>
  15. Amura listened a bit to the owner as she blinked in thought. He sort of had a point, in a way. However it was not her job to tell her what to wear, her job was to run the country. Still, she could imagine that the way she dressed did effect the way people looked at her sometimes. Looking over to the owner, she figure that maybe he had a point, but she wouldn't do anything like telling him what to do.

    "I'll think about it...But like I said, let her pick what she likes." Amura said before approaching Seraphim.

    "Seraphim, Is there anything you are going to try on? I don't wish to but I am fine will watching. It will help pass the time." She said kindly as she looked at the clothing she was carrying. "So what is it that you have picked out?"
  16. “No, these are for you, M’lady. I took the liberty of picking a few things you might want. Considering the fact that you have coronation this evening…” Little did she know, Can had his eye on her; grabbing dresses that complimented the ones that the vassal had picked. One way or another, the two girls were going to walk out of there, looking like new. His mind was set. Smirking, he moved along the racks and grabbed a few more things, before disappearing to the back of the store. Their dressing rooms had to be in order!

    “Wait, what?” Seraphim had been snapped out of her aloof trance as she glanced at the clothing; in her arms were fine dresses, with a splash of color. They would look wonderful on Amura; she needed a bit of color, considering how pale she was. Silks lined with turquoise, silver, red and even one with pink. As a vassal, she had to be very good at purchasing goods-especially ones that the over lady would like. She certainly was not getting things for herself…and the mention of trying things on made her cheeks turn red.

    She did not come to shop for herself- she came for Amura. Before either one of the girls could protest, Can scooped them up and quickly hustled them into separate dressing rooms. One posted up next to the other, Phim sighed and caught a glimpse of the dresses picked out for her. The warmth in her cheeks grew as she threw her hands up in the air in somewhat-silent frustration; she loved the bland clothing she had and was wearing it for years. It helped in battle and in general, when people couldn’t tell if she was a male or not. Knowing that Amura was right in the cubicle next door, Phim spoke; her voice was coated in the uncertainty and nervousness that showed on her face, the moment she was told that she had to try clothes on.

    “Wait…do I have to try this on?” She asked, rubbing the back of her head.<o:p></o:p>
  17. Amura had not expected for her new vassal to try and pick out clothing for her, though she was pleased to see that they weren't anything too clingy and was far more elegant as well. At least her vassal was being attentive to her likes, though how she knew then she was uncertain. Before she could try to politely decline the offer of being dressed up, she was swooped up once more, this time by the owner, and put into a well lit dressing room. Looking over her options, she noticed that her clothing was very royal and elegant, also high collared. Some were more open though at the next and some even were ope enough to show off the top of her breasts.

    Flushed a bit in the face at showing off that much skin, she could only imagine what Can had slipped into Seraphim's room. Looking up as she heard her vassal speak, she also shared in the nervousness of trying on some of these dresses. She was so used to high collars, long sleeves and bright pastels...These dark colors and laces are certainly nothing she had ever worn before.

    "Well...If I have to try on these dresses then I'd rather not do it alone. Though, try on the ones you like...If you don't like it then I won't make you wear it." She said back simply, though her own nervousness was sounding as she picked up one of the dresses.

    Looking it over, she picked a rather large number, it being high collared and rather lovely. It's skirt was very large though and filled the whole dressing room. It was too the point where the skirt was spilling out the door by the time she was completely in it. The main color of the dress was a dark red, detailed with black lace. She rather liked the design, but the colors threw her for a loop. She wasn't sure if she liked it or was afraid of it! Taking a deep breath, she stepped from the dressing room slowly, looking towards Sera's room to see if she had come out yet.
  18. "Okay, I will try one...Just one, right?" Grumbling in discontent, Phim grabbed one of the dresses and squeezed herself into it; without really knowing, it was the exact one to accompany Amura’s elegant gown. A vassal had certain standards that needed to be met; at all times, they were to compliment the overlord and make him look good.

    In this case, it was a woman- however, the standards remained the same.

    Once she adjusted herself and did more than a few glances in the mirror; to her surprise, she actually felt comfortable in it. In fact, she was even more shocked that it looked dastardly-good. Bouncy locks trailing down her semi-bare shoulder, she stepped out and immediately turned red when she noticed Amura.
    “Oh, my! You two look wonderful!” Can chimed in, poking his head around the corner and drawing everyone’s attention and eyes to the ladies. Oohs and Ahs soon followed and of course, Phim realized that if they walked out of the store without buying anything- it would make the new overlord and vassal look bad.

    “W-we’ll take them?” Seraphim said half-heartedly, glancing at Amura once again for any grievance she might have. <o:p></o:p>
  19. Amura blinked a bit in surprise as the two of them seemed to match in a way. The dress Seraphim had on suited her very nicely and went well with the one she had decided to try on. Before they could slip away though, the owner quickly called them out and ended up gathering the attention of the rest of the shoppers. Blushing from all the ooh's and ah's she looked to Seraphim before nodding her head slowly. It seemed that they little choice on if they would be getting these dresses or not.

    "I suppose so..." Amura said softly before looking to her vassal. "We should change back though, we have to return to the castle and deal with the coronation." She added as she looked to her vassal and turned towards the dressing room again.

    After changing back into her original clothing, Amura waited for Seraphim to join her as their new dresses were packages up and given to them free of charge. Apparently the owner had been very serious about giving it to them for free. As much as she did not wish to do this, here was little much of a choice she had. Whatever was coming, she looked at it head on and hope for the best...
  20. The evening came quicker than both of the girls had expected. In the few hours that they were out shopping, the entire castle had been transformed; fragrant flowers lined every hall, overbearing the dank, musty smell from before. All of the gold-plated things seemed to have been spit-shined; the finest china was out as well as the spirits. No costs were held accounted for, as even the villagers with stores or restaurants lined the cobblestone driveway, baring their goods for free. All around, servants bustled to and fro; setting the gifts on large tables, fetching drinks, food, and anything else that was mumbled below the undertone of a grand orchestra.

    As they scattered, there was one “servant” who was having a bit of a problem.

    “It’s okay, you can do this.” Seraphim had bathed and prepared for the event and now simply stood there in her undergarments; an eye nervously drifting to the finely-wrapped dress that she was given, earlier. A few heavy sighs here and there, she paced in front of the mirror- hoping with each step, that her confidence would build. A flourish of her hands in the air and a grunt later, nothing changed- but the time.

    Seraphim had procrastinated as long as she could and now, the coronation was about to begin.

    A loud knocking on her bedroom door drove the matter home; out of pure instinct, she ripped open the package and had tugged the skin-tight dress on. “Ready, Father!” She yelled, in just enough time to scoot to the door and unlock it for her angry father. Fastening the straps on the heels, she wriggled past him and out into the hall; a mess of curls flying down the hallway, she tightened her weapon to her back. “See you down there!”

    With that, she was gone.

    It only took her a few seconds to get clear down to the other end of the hall and sliding up to Amura’s door, she slowed down enough to carefully knock. “M’lady- are you ready?” She asked, carefully leaning against the heavy wooden door.