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  1. The management is planning on bringing Foxy back after a decade and a half of him being out of order for biting someone (not the Bite of '87, but a less serious bite). But many local parents are uneasy about the idea. They think Foxy is inherently dangerous and should be scrapped. The management eventually comes up with another idea--to commission the building of a brand-new animatronic to work with Foxy and keep him under wraps. While Freddy and Chica are completely open to the idea of another animatronic joining their family, Foxy and Bonnie are less than enthused--Foxy especially, seeing as he'll have to share his Cove with someone else. The management delivers the new animatronic during the nighttime so he can get properly acquainted with his new family.

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    Freddy Fazbear

    Animal Type: Grizzly Bear
    Short Bio: The stalwart patriarch of the Fazbear family. Freddy is extremely overprotective of his family, to the point where he can get gratuitously violent with anyone he deems to be a threat to them. He's a bit of a know-it-all. He loves to learn, especially from books--he even goes as far as to steal books from the employee break room and employee lockers and hide them in his secret reading nook. He's the reason that a daily newspaper arrives on the pizzeria's doorstep every morning--he likes to read them. Freddy loves children, but despises adults. He has a particularly caustic relationship with wild child Foxy. He loves to sing, and also loves to eat--he eagerly offers to taste-test when Chica decides she wants to cook something new. Freddy is particularly quiet and inherently polite when he speaks, even if he's speaking to someone he doesn't like all that much. He has a bit of a Southern twang to his voice.
    Likes: Singing, books, classical music, children, his comfort zone, learning new things, rain, autumn
    Dislikes: Adults, threats to his family, hijinks, fire, Chica when she's angry, foul language, rule-breakers, being touched
    Fun Fact: His nose actually makes that party favor noise when it's honked.

    Animal Type: Red Fox (is also a pirate)
    Short Bio: The black sheep of the Fazbear family. Foxy considers himself to be vastly different from his more child-friendly counterparts. He looks dangerous, with his sharp teeth and claws and his lethal hook. But, as long as he isn't truly enraged, nothing could be farther from the truth. He's a sweet guy, really. He loves his family to death, especially his best friend Bonnie. He doesn't always get along with Freddy, mainly because he's a wild child who likes to do his own thing. Foxy has the curiosity of about twenty cats, and the brashness to go along with it. He's the only member of the family who occasionally slips out of the pizzeria at night when there's no night guard to chase--he goes straight for the roof to watch the stars. He hopes to one day see the ocean with his own eyes. He's especially fond of games, particularly card games like poker (where he can win all the booty).
    Likes: Pranks, exploring, children, ships, stars, water (surprisingly), teasing Bonnie, games (of any kind)
    Dislikes: Authority figures, adults, Chica when she's angry, accidentally scaring children, losing (in anything), sharing, mice, confined spaces
    Fun Fact: Foxy likes to sing sea shanties, very loudly, whenever he gets a bath.

    Animal Type: Rabbit
    Short Bio: The second-in-command of the Fazbear family. Bonnie comes off, initially, as being a bit of a douchebag, especially to adult humans when no children are around. He's cold and generally unpleasant at first, and he might threaten to beat up the object of his ire. To his family, and to those he's close with, Bonnie is an unshakably loyal friend with a heart of gold. He thoroughly enjoys getting up to no good with his best friend Foxy. Music, flowers, and animals are some of Bonnie's favorite things. He thinks he's a better singer than Freddy! Like Foxy, Bonnie is insanely interested in the outside world, but in spite of his size, strength, and tough guy attitude he's actually a bit of a coward and is afraid to leave the pizzeria even for a second. His guitar is his beloved treasure. Bonnie is especially fond of animals, particularly dogs and cats--he often freaks out whenever a child or adult enters the pizzeria with a service dog, and sometimes he can be caught feeding mice if he finds them in the kitchen (much to Chica's horror).
    Likes: Music (especially rock), children, dancing, the outside world, flowers, salty foods, teasing Foxy, animals (especially dogs and cats)
    Dislikes: Chica when she's angry, outsiders, adults, getting his oil changed, asparagus, getting his feet wet, people touching his guitar, bees and wasps
    Fun Fact: Bonnie loves it when people massage his ears, to the point that he'll grovel and beg for it if someone starts, then stops.

    Animal Type: Chicken (technically a hen)
    Short Bio: The peacemaker of the Fazbear family. Chica is the sweetest thing in the entire world, friendly and loving to everyone she meets (though she's understandably wary around adults). She's a fantastic chef, even better than the human cooks that work at the pizzeria. Chica is the resident mother hen. She chases Foxy and Bonnie around and scolds them a lot to keep them from getting into trouble and maybe hurting themselves or damaging things in the process. She's very close with Freddy and spends quite a bit of time with him. Like Freddy, Chica also loves to learn new things. Especially about food, or pretty foreign places! She collects pretty and colorful things, like shiny buttons, colorful bottle caps, and carelessly misplaced jewelry. She also has an impressive collection of round and sometimes colorful stones from Foxy's nighttime adventures outside. Chica is by far the most welcoming of the four animatronics.
    Likes: Pizza, cooking, children, movies (especially if there's singing), colorful things, animals (especially birds), honking Freddy's nose, peacefulness
    Dislikes: Foxy's foul mouth, people in her kitchen, adults, thunderstorms, her shortness, mean bullies, scary things, weapons
    Fun Fact: Chica actually has the worst temper out of all of the animatronics, but it takes a lot to make her truly angry.

    Personality: Blair is a very happy person no matter what. He has an overall great personality, but there are a few blips in there. He's happy-go-lucky, hyper, and clueless at times. He is extremely book smart, but he doesn't have any common sense, reacting on impulses rather than thinking things through. He doesn't care about the consequences at times. Blair does have a small anger streak, and when you light the match, you're lighting a bonfire. He can get extremely upset if you don't do things his way and, surprisingly, he's very controlling.

    Likes: Blair likes control, warm places, comfy places, sleeping, reading, paleontology and all of that.

    Dislikes: Blair doesn't like thunder, mean people, irritable noises, and being confined into small spaces.

    Small Facts: Blair is very small, standing at 5'5".Extremely loud, too. Has no personal space. Very affectionate. Has no problem telling you how it is. Secretly loves verbal arguments. Is Scottish so he has a Scottish accent.

    Also, all of this is just for the FNAF!VERSE. Blair is an actual, thought out character of mine in his Main!Verse. He is SO much more complicated! This is just a small biography for this verse.

    It was a shame, really and truly, that this was only the newbie night guard's second night on the job. Something felt...different about the decrepit building this time around. It was as if the air was charged with electricity or something similar. Upon checking the cameras, the new guy realized that all three of the animatronics were gone--to who knows where. And there were just three, right? He hadn't exactly been paying too much attention to what the messages left on his phone said--he was too distracted by the mysterious disappearance of the rabbit, the duck-thing, and the bear, frantically flipping through each camera to try and locate them. Now what the hell?! That guy on the phone said the bear rarely wandered off of the stage! And now he was gone! What the fuck was this?!

    That poor, innocent, unsuspecting night guard. He had no idea when he sauntered oh-so-confidently into the pizzeria on this evening that he would be walking into his worst nightmare. A certain pirate fox just received some piss-poor news from the management he despised so much.


    The guard nearly jumped out of his skin. Who the fuck was that?! That voice was loud, echoing throughout the ancient building and bouncing off of the gaudily-decorated walls. No one was supposed to be here but him! And those apparently bloodthirsty monsters, of course.

    "Now, Foxy..." This was a different voice. Softer and gentler, with the faintest hints of a pleasant Southern drawl.


    "Oh, come on, Foxy!" This was clearly a female's voice, considerably higher pitched than the others and noticeably cheerful and bubbly. "Cheer up! Please? For me? It won't be so bad! You'll have constant company! Someone to talk to! And don't forget--you need this new animatronic or the owners won't let you play with the children again!"

    The female voice suddenly squeaked with fear--apparently, the one who had the roughly accented voice didn't take too kindly to that statement. "Ye got bees in your brain?! I don' want company, ye sorry excuse for a parrot!" he snapped.

    "Oi!" This was a new voice, somewhat androgynous and much more mechanical-sounding than the other three voices. "That's enough, Foxy! Shut the hell up and leave Chica alone!" Ignoring the ruffled 'BONNIE!' and the exasperated sigh from the drawling Southern-accented voice he got in return for his cursing, the androgynous speaker continued. "You know, I actually think Foxy's justified in being mad. Honestly, I don't want some fresh-faced punk stealing any of my thunder either. But really, guys, we're supposed to be hunting down that cute new night guard, not arguing like this."

    "I CAN HEAR YOU, YOU KNOW," the exasperated young man bellowed from his cramped office. "NOOOOOOOOBODY CARES," Bonnie called back in a deceptively pleasant singsong voice.

    "We can get him later." The owner of the gentle drawling voice was trying his best to calm everyone else down. Partially because he wanted this to be ingrained as a pleasant experience in the minds of his family members, as well as this new animatronic. "We have more important things to take care of."

    Near the frosted glass of the front doors stood the four resident animatronics, surrounding a heavy reinforced wooden box. Foxy sulked off to the side, currently ensnared in an unpleasant glaring match with Bonnie, who had his thick arms folded across his chest and his ears standing straight up. The hulking form of Freddy was closest to the box, his distinctive dark blue eyes poring over the note the management left for them one last time. Chica stood dutifully by his side, fingers twitching eagerly. She wanted to rip that box open right away!

    "...I doubt that he--" "Or she!" "--will be in one piece when we open this box. We may have to put him--" "Or her!" "--together." Foxy snorted, gesturing wildly at the troublesome box with his hook. "You put the landlubber together, then! Cap'n Foxy's gonna get the night guard!" He made to bolt off, but he was stopped in his tracks by Bonnie, who reached out and grabbed a hold of his big bushy tail. "Like hell you are," he muttered through his teeth. "This is your headache, short stuff, and you're gonna help us deal with it." Foxy screeched, swinging at the rabbit with his hook--Bonnie simply leaned back to dodge the hit. Undeterred by Foxy's violent reaction, Bonnie dragged him over to the box by his tail, whistling all the while.

    It took much longer than it should have, and there were bickering and squabbles along the way--Freddy had to whack a defiant Foxy upside the head a couple of times--but eventually, the box spilled open. The new animatronic's endoskeleton was in perfect shape, thank goodness. Each of them grabbed pieces of the suit. Even though Foxy and Bonnie were still less than enthusiastic about a newcomer in their midst, the two of them got to arguing about who would put which piece on. They eventually decided that because Foxy had to live with this animatronic that the pirate fox would get the honor of putting its head into place and turning it on.

    Once the others were finished getting the other parts into place, Foxy stalked forward, the head in his hands. Bonnie chuckled, watching him go. "You sure you can reach that high, small fry?" "Shut yer mouth!" Foxy huffed, hackles raising along his back. "I ain' that short!" Indignant over the insult, especially since this new animatronic was shorter than he was, Foxy reached over, fitting the head on over the endoskeleton. Still grumbling to himself, the furry fox shuffled around behind the sleeping animatronic. He yanked open the nearly-invisible panel on the back of its neck and flipped the correct switch, trudging back to join his family.

    His ears were dropped and his jaw was clenched. Clearly, he still wasn't happy about all of this.
  2. A pair of mechanical, blue eyes slowly blinked open. They were dull at first, but as the power started to surge through the body of this new animatronic, they started to flicker on. They glowed a light, baby blue color and the first expression to crack onto the newbie's face was a great, big smile of happiness. His blonde locks were a mess from being closed up in that box for a few days. It was a long way from the Lab to the Pizzeria. First thing's first, introductions! "Hello!" The robotic voice chirped happily. His small hand reached up, fingers waggling in a sort of wave. The motions were a little mechanical at first, but they soon became fluid.

    "Mah name is Blair an', if mah memory from the lab serves me well, this is Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, righ'?" His body shook a little, excess energy slowly leaking out into the air before it got a good rhythm going. This was only his second time being turned on, so the circuits in his system were still trying to find the right way to distribute the electricity fairly to each part of his body. "Ah'm glad tha' they sen' me tae a place with a bunch o' competent robots like yerselves! Someone's go' tae pu' me taegether righ'! Glad it coul' be y'all!" (( SORRY---I'M SOUTHERN, SO I HAVE TO TYPE IT OUT LIKE THAT! )) There was a small whirring sound, and the other's tail started to wag back and forth, whipping through the air at a great speed. This, and his ears, were very easy indicators of how Blair was feeling. If one watched him closely, they would be able to read him like a book.

    After he was done taking a look around at the animatronics that stood before him, his gaze brought him elsewhere. He looked at the ceiling, white with some dark mold patches. Blair looked over at the walls covered in kids drawings, saying things like 'My first birthday here!" The carpet was particularly cute. It had cupcakes and guitars as patterns. He did, however, notice a few stains, but, hey! This place was ancient! "This place 'as a great atmosphere! Ah'm glad tae work here than somewhere else, ye know?" His tail kept that steady pace, the folded ears pricking up on his head.

    When Blair was done looking around, he gazed over at Bonnie, eyes lighting up. "Oh, ye're the big ol' bunny they were talkin' abou' over in the lab! They said they 'ad a lo' o' fun buildin' ye! They also said tha' Ah need tae trea' ye with some respect!" Blair's grin widened considerably. "Ah also 'eard tha' ye go' a guitar! Maybe we can play sometime! Ye can show me the ropes an' give me some private lessons!"

    The blonde then turned to Freddy. "An' ye're tha' big lovable goof tha' they were mentioning! They said tha' ye were the leader!" His legs carried him over, a little wobbly at first, but steadying itself out. "Ah 'ope tae be bes' friends with ye, sir!" His small hand reached out to pat the Bear's larger one.

    He gazed around, eyes landing onto the only female in the room. He gasped loudly. "Oh mah goodness! Ye're shorter than me!" He perked up considerably so, rushing over to Chica. "Ah 'eard ye're a great cook! Maybe ye can teach me sometime! Ah woul' love some cooking lessons from a real genius like yerself!" He wrapped his arms around her neck and squeezed, cheek resting on the top of her head. "We're goin' tae be great friends, Ah can tell ye tha' righ' now!"

    "So, tha's three people down...Now where's---Oh, there ye are!" Blair sauntered over to the fox, scratching at his head slightly. "Ye're foxy, righ'? Ah'll be sharin' the cove with ye!" He looked the other animatronic up and down, eyes landing on the hook. "Ooooh, tha's shiny." His small hand reached forth, bringing the hook up to his face so he could examine it. His finger poked against the sharp point, a small hiss escaping his mouth. "Don' ye think tha's a little dangerous tae 'ave aroun' the children?" His tone lowered and became very concerned. The tail that was once wagging the whole time stopped, drooping down to the ground. "Tha' migh' be the reason why they're makin' me stay with ye in the firs' place. Let's try an' keep tha' thing as far away from the children's faces as we can, okay? Ah woul' 'ate fer ye tae be the cause o' some...Major mutilation." The tone now went from concerned to serious. He winked at Foxy, the smile that was once there slowly coming back. He stepped away softly, standing in the middle of all four animatronics.

    "Now tha' we go' all o' tha' over with, how is everyone?" He went back to being that happy little boy they had seen just a few seconds ago, his tail slowly picking up speed one again.
  3. Foxy instantly groaned, bringing his hand and hook up in an attempt to muffle the excited new animatronic's loud voice. Chica clicked her mechanical tongue, her beak clenched and her eyes slightly narrowed. Really, now? If a little volume was all it took to make Foxy angry, then how on Earth was he ever going to learn how to properly interact with children again after all this time? After all, children were loud and boisterous, too! Bonnie said nothing at first. Instead he began to hum thoughtfully, his magenta eyes fixed on the cheerful new animatronic. Freddy folded his large hands behind his back, carefully scrutinizing the new addition. He was the patriarch--the leader. If he didn't approve of this new animatronic, then the management would have no choice but to sell or scrap him.

    One of Bonnie's eyes squinted when the fresh face addressed him. An ear twitched when he was referred to as 'the big ol' bunny.' "Yeah, don't ever call me that again. It's Bonnie." His voice was borderline threatening. Foxy dropped his hands from his ears, flipping his squeaky eye-patch up. He immediately began to snicker. Oh, yes...he would certainly be stealing that little moniker from this landlubber. Bonnie elbowed him sharply in the side, but it seemed to have no effect. "You'd better treat me with respect." He puffed his chest out as far as it would go. "I'm your superior." Foxy snickered again, earning himself another rough jab in the side.

    His large ears bounced somewhat. "No one touches my guitar. Not even the cleaning crew. They know better. You won't touch it, either...if you want to keep your head, that is." Bonnie's trust wouldn't be easy to earn, it seemed. He didn't much care for outsiders.

    Foxy and Bonnie couldn't contain themselves when Blair moved on to Freddy. They both burst out into raucous laughter, leaning on each other for support. Even Chica sputtered and chuckled. Freddy instantly frowned--his endoskeleton began heating up with embarrassment. Bonnie's laughter morphed into giggles when Blair referred to Freddy as 'sir.' A lot of night guards tried to pull the respect card with Freddy by calling him 'sir' when they ran out of power and he suddenly appeared. Freddy grunted, reaching out to properly shake Blair's hand--a good firm handshake was always a requirement for him when meeting someone for the first time. He didn't say anything, though. He was still reeling with embarrassment over being called a lovable goof.

    Chica huffed, feathers obviously ruffled. Her meager height was a sore topic for her--Bonnie and many of the children teased her about it all the time. The annoyance didn't last long, though. She quickly perked up when the new guy continued. "I love to cook!" she chirped happily, clasping her hands together in front of her. "I'd love to teach you! And you can taste-test my food with Freddy!" She easily melted into the hug, clearly thrilled that this new animatronic was friendly...even if he wasn't the girl she was hoping for. It got lonely sometimes, being the only girl in the gang.

    Foxy's mirth had all but disappeared by the time the merry animatronic sauntered his way over. The hostility was immediate--his hackles raised, his eyes narrowed, and he squared his shoulders, as if he was preparing to throw down. He bared his surgically sharp teeth at the other male when his hook was grabbed, though when his three family members flashed him warning looks he grudgingly restrained himself from bringing it crashing forward into Blair's face. Foxy did not like to be touched, especially by a practical stranger.

    "I didn' ask for me hook, landlubber," he grunted, twitching an ear. "They made me this way. And don' get all full o' yerself now. Ol' Foxy don' need a babysitter. I'd never hurt one o' me lads or lasses. Only adults." For a brief moment, the warm honey gold color of the fox's eyes was replaced by an intimidating inky blackness, but the darkness quickly faded. He was more than happy when Blair finally released his hold on his hook--pouting, Foxy checked it for damages. "And that's Cap'n to ye, swabbie," he added after a moment, his tone flat and deliberately unfriendly. "Ye got the chutzpah te call the Cap'n by his name. I oughta keelhaul ya!"

    Freddy sighed, sensing that this was going to turn into a no-holds-barred brawl if he didn't intervene. "Well...why don't we ease our new family member into his initiation?" Bonnie perked up at once. "You want him to go get the night guard, right? I'll go with him. Show him the ropes." Hopefully, if they gave Foxy time to be alone and cool off, he wouldn't be quite as hostile in their next meeting.
  4. Blair noticed the obvious hostility that the animatronics seemed to have. Bonnie seemed to be a little mean, especially with the not sharing part. How did he even survive in a Pizzeria full of kids if he didn't even share his stuff with anyone? That was a little strange to the blonde. Then Freddy just seemed quiet, obviously embarrassed about something, yet the clueless robot had no idea what. Then Chica seemed to be the most fun! She seemed nice to have around! Foxy actually scared him, honestly, and when he snatched his hook away after letting it go, Blair kind of flinched just a little. "R-righ', Ah'll make sure tae call ye Bonnie, an' Ah'll make sure tae never touch yer guitar." There was a low sigh, and it did damper the poor blondes mood just a little.

    "An' as fer ye..." He turned to Foxy. "Ah'll make sure tae call ye Cap'n from now on..." His voice wasn't as excited now, really. All of the hostility wasn't really good for his mood. His assessments were done computing in his brain chip. He had slight detailed analyses on each of the four animatronics and how they behaved towards newcomers like Blair.

    Bonnie was a little irritable, especially when asked to share his things. Very childish in Blair's opinion, but he wouldn't say anything. Another thing he noticed was his love for being complimented and his incessant want to be number one and have respect. He was probably narcissistic.

    Freddy was very silent. He wasn't really intimidating to Blair, but you could definitely tell he meant business. That strong handshake made Blair like him just a little bit more.

    Chica was so happy and cheerful! Blair knew that they were really going to get along. He couldn't wait for her to teach him how to cook! This would be a great learning experience for him!

    Now, Foxy...He was genuinely scary to Blair. He could tell that it would take a little bit to finally have him warm up to this new animatronic. He felt this urge, though...It was a very strange desire to become better friends with, not just Foxy, but all of the robots. Maybe it was his programming. Eh, he wouldn't know, but his ears did prick when he heard initiation.

    "Ye wan' me tae do wha'? Get the night guard?" He cocked his head to the side, curious. "Oh, Ah get tae meet the night guard!?" His tail whirred loudly, blue eyes glowing intensely. If he kept this up, he was going to blow a circuit. His overall excitement was too much for this small body to handle, and if he didn't slow it down soon, they would have to send him back to get repaired.
  5. Blair's words, thankfully, seemed to placate Bonnie at least. The massive rabbit shifted his weight from one leg to the other, nodding firmly. "Good. If you really wanna learn how to do something, you should learn how to behave like a pirate," he added as an afterthought. "You'll be working with the stumpy grump over there, after all." Foxy's thick red fur bristled with annoyance. "Wha' did ye just call me?!" Chica was between them in an instant, pressing a hand against both of their chests. "Boys!" She sounded quite chiding, much like a indignant mother scolding her misbehaving toddlers. "Bonnie, stop teasing him. And Foxy..." She hesitated, and before Foxy could blurt out a not-so-nice rebuttal, Freddy cleared his throat.

    "Go back to your Cove," he finished for her, his expression hardening considerably. "And stay there until we need you. You need to calm down. Now." There was an obvious retort on Foxy's tongue, a bitchy one no doubt, and he quickly opened his toothy mouth to unleash verbal hell on their leader. Chica clucked and gestured angrily toward Pirate Cove. "You listen to Freddy! Go!" she snapped. "Now!" Both Foxy and Bonnie jumped. Grumbling, Foxy cast one more baleful glower toward the new animatronic before turning on his heel, clomping off loudly toward his humble home.

    Bonnie rolled his eyes. "He's such a drama queen." Freddy grunted, turning slowly and heading back toward the stage. "Bonnie. You are the biggest drama queen out of all of us." Bonnie made an offended noise, glaring at Freddy like he just offended his ancient rabbit ancestors. Chica giggled, a pleasant lilting noise, and dutifully followed the family patriarch back toward the stage. "He's right, you know! Hey, Blair! Good luck!" She punched the air. "Go get 'em! Get that bad night guard for us!"

    The hulking bunny watched them go, still pouting a bit. A few long seconds passed. He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck, and turned his gaze on the smaller animatronic. "You're funny-looking, you know that?" His tone wasn't quite as hostile as before (in fact, he sounded more inquisitive than anything else), but it was still far from friendly. "Why do you look so much like a human? None of us look like that. Except when--" He cut himself off, averting his gaze. "...Yeah, that's a story for another time. I don't even know you well enough to delve into that." Bonnie grabbed onto one of Blair's hands, tugging on it none-too-gently. "This way. Down to the dining area here."

    He paused between two tables, his gaze locked upward. "See that camera?" He kept his voice soft and made a real effort not to move his mouth too much. "The night guard sees us through those cameras. You'll know it's on when there's a red light flashing. Like right now." Bonnie's eyes remained glued to the camera lens. "We're not allowed to move when the camera's on us. Foxy's the only exception. When it turns off--ah!" As in on cue, the red light blinked off. "When it goes off, then we can move." Bonnie crept along between the long tables, keeping an eye on the cameras as he passed along. "The night guard's in a small office between this hallway and the one on the other side," he explained as they breached the mouth of the hallway. He froze when another red light blinked on in the near distance, farther down the hallway.

    "We have to get in without him seeing us. If he sees us, he'll shut the door in our faces. If you get in, you scream in his face, grab him, and wait for me, Freddy, or Foxy to come take him from you--we'll know to come because we'll hear you shouting." For the time being, he opted not to tell Blair why they had to get the night guard, or what would happen to him after they caught him. He had a gut feeling that if he explained further before they caught the guard, then Blair wouldn't go through with it.
  6. When Foxy looked back at Blair, much like a child wanting attention, he brought his hand up and waved to him. "Bye, Foxy! O-or shoul' Ah say Cap'n! See ye later, Cap'n!" His face cracked into a large grin, teeth shinning in the dull light. "Don't miss me tae much!" He then, excitedly, turned back to the other animatronics, tail wagging happily. "So, Ah go' tae get the nigh'guard! Okay! Ah won' le' ye down, Freddy! Nor will Ah le' ye down, Chica!"

    He trotted off with Bonnie towards the dinning area, only stopping when the large bunny did. "Oh? Ah look funny tae ye? Well, they said they made me like this tae better bon' with the chil'ren. So, tha's why Ah look like this. Ah wish y'all looked like this, tae..." He grumbled softly before having his arm snatched up by the large animatronic. The blonde listened to the explanation about the cameras, trying not to nod. He noticed that the light was still red.

    When it flashed off, he continued to follow Bonnie, right along his heels. "Okay, okay...So, don' move when the light is on an' we 'ave tae get tae the doorway before he sees us! Go' ye!" When the light at the end of the hallway flickered off, Blair turned to Bonnie and nodded once. "Ah go' this! Stay here!" He slowly crept down the hall, standing on his tip toes. Since he was new, he made no noise. His joints didn't creak or anything, so he was very silent.

    The light only flashed once while he was in the hallway, and he was pretty sure that he had stayed still enough. His head poked into the widow, looking into the dull lit office. His eyes laid upon a man sitting in a chair, looking through a monitor. Oh! He saw Bonnie on the camera! Wasn't that funny! Blair took a few more steps before jumping into the room. "Hey there, Mr. Nigh'guard!" He was so cheerful about this!

    "The other animatronics tol' me tha' Ah was supposed tae come in here an' scream in yer face! Ah guess we're playing a game, huh? Ah love games!" He quickly hopped onto the other male, pinning him down onto the chair. His mouth slowly opened and a bloodcurdling, metallic screech erupted from his voice box. It was loud enough to rupture someone's eardrums and actually make them bleed. The pitch was extremely high, and he was sure that the others heard him.
  7. "Yeah, just don't fuck it up, okay? If you get him quickly, then we can take you on the grand tour of the place. We can move around without restraint from midnight until six in the morning. It's about one in the morning now. We'll have plenty of time to get you settled in if you hurry." Bonnie politely hung back, standing tall and proud in an attempt to distract the inexperienced night guard. He even added in a few too-mechanical twitches and chittering sounds to seal the deal, and he could swear he heard the startled night guard cursing at him from the office nearby. Foxy and Bonnie both loved to scare the night guards. Foxy especially--sometimes he would leave the night guards taunting and oftentimes highly inappropriate notes if they lasted three nights or more. Bonnie could clearly remember him leaving a mock love letter for the last one. That garnered the funniest reaction--that crafty night guard stuck his head out into the hallway and hollered that he'd rather date a tin can.

    He wasn't quite so cheeky while he was being stuffed into an extra Bonnie suit later on that night.

    A wicked grin stretched across the large bunny's face when Blair successfully scurried his way into the office. The novice night guard screamed bloody murder and flailed his arms. The tablet went flying, bouncing off of the nearest wall and then falling to the ground with an ominous cracking sound. "N-no!" His voice cracked with pure unadulterated fear. "Stay away from me!" Bonnie cracked the mechanical joints in his neck and knuckles when that earsplitting caterwaul echoed throughout the pizzeria. Though Bonnie was close by and already making his way down the hallway, swift Foxy, the fastest animatronic of the original four, whizzed past him. He skidded dangerously while turning, but he managed to make it into the office without toppling over or damaging anything.

    "MY PREY!" he bellowed, reaching down to roughly grip the adult's shoulder. His sharp mechanical claws dug in, and then he brought his hook down, pressing it dangerously against the night guard's throat. "Thought ye could get away with ignorin' Cap'n Foxy in his cove, did ye?" If Foxy looked frightening to Blair before, he had to look downright terrifying now. His eyes were all black with tiny pinpricks of white light in the middle, and he had his hook perfectly poised to decapitate the horrified human. "Well that ain' how things work 'round here!" The fox sneered at the night guard, leaning further over him--the poor thing was shaking like a leaf in a tornado. "It ain' yer lucky day, night guard scum. Cap'n Foxy's in a mood most foul on this eve, indeed. 'M gonna enjoy ripping yer sorry hide inta itty-bitty pieces."

    "Cool it down with the theatrics, would you, Foxy?" Bonnie leaned casually against the doorway, regarding the scene with an eerie calmness about him. "We've got work to do. You're still pretty worked up, aren't you? Why don't just you and me stuff him this time?" He peered idly at Blair. "I'll bet you're confused. I kind of left out the part where we beat the tar out of him and stuff him into a spare animatronic suit. Figured you wouldn't want to be part of that. It's not pretty, and it's not nice. You should go back to the dining area. Find Freddy and Chica. Freddy can explain why we do this kind of thing. I, uh..."

    Bonnie's eyes darkened--they resembled Foxy's eyes, completely black with tiny white pinpricks of light. The sudden color change made him look less like a huggable fuzzy bunny rabbit and more like the monster many rumors about this place made him out to be. "...I...don't really like to talk about it. It makes me angry." Gradually, the darkness faded from Bonnie's gaze until his eyes were back to that friendly and bright magenta color. "And trust me..." He wrung his large hands together. "You don't wanna see me when I'm angry."

    Foxy nudged Blair with the dull end of his hook. "Hop off, landlubber. And get to steppin'." He leaned down even further until he was almost face to face with the almost catatonic night guard. "We've got things to do wit' our prize here. Lots 'a painful things. Like rippin'. And tearin'. And pullin' ye apart organ by disgusting organ."

    Bonnie waved a hand in Blair's direction, urging him to get a move on before Foxy lost his patience and disemboweled their prone victim right there in the office.
  8. When he saw Foxy zip into the room, his tail started to wag. "Oh, there ye are Foxy!" That whirring sound started again, and he was trying to calm down, but he was genuinely happy to see his new pal. "Ah go' 'em, jus' like y'all said tae do!" However, his tail stopped wagging when he saw his eyes. What made it worse was how rough he was getting with the nightguard. Blair thought this was just a big game, but Bonnie's explanation and the way even his eyes turned, cleared up any confusion Blair had about any of the stuff that was going on. A small whimper sounded from the robots throat, and he nodded. "A-ah understan'..." Blair didn't want to look Foxy in the face, but the nudge of his hook made him step away from the man.

    Almost immediately, he took off down the hall, tail tucked in between his legs, ears pressed flat against his head. He sprinted through the dinning room and tried jumping onto the stage, only having his bottom half clip it softly, causing him to halt and eventually fall over. When he staggered onto his feet, he opted on climbing onto the stage. "F-Freddy! Ch-Chica! Foxy an' Bonnie are k-killing the nigh'guard!" His voice was loud and panicked, fear obvious in his eyes.

    "B-Bonnie won' tell me why he's doin' it! Y-ye go' tae stop 'em! They tricked me! Bonnie said tha' he didn' tell me wha' his intentions were, because he didn' think tha' Ah'd wan' tae do it if Ah foun' ou'!" He was frantically getting to his feet, blonde hair a slight mess from the sprinting he had just done,

    "Ye go' tae tell 'em tae stop! Th-the nigh'guard didn' do anythin'! A-Ah though' this was jus' a game tae play with him!" His eyes twitched frantically, his processors were trying to compute what was happening. "D-don' kill 'em, please, Freddy! Tell 'em nae tae do it!"

    What he couldn't comprehend for the life of him, or lack there of, was why they were doing this to the innocent man. All he had done was stay in his office and keep them safe. Safe from robbers or looters. The whirring in his body started up again. There was internal fan inside of the boy, keeping his body cool and safe from overheating. He was very prone to that.
  9. "Oh-oh!" Chica, startled by the sudden crashing sound, nearly toppled off of the stage herself. It was Freddy's shockingly quick reaction that saved her from taking a painful tumble--he reached out, fast as lightning, and nimbly caught her with one large arm. He was surprisingly fast for such a big and bulky bear! He righted the yellow animatronic quickly--Chica shook herself off, blinking rapidly. "I'm sorry. Thank you, Freddy." He hummed in response and turned his attention onto Blair, fixing him with an ominous sideways stare. Now that she was all settled again, Chica began shuffling her large feet, clearly uneasy about the topic at hand. Freddy reached out and patted the chicken on the shoulder.

    "Why don't you head to the kitchen and fix us all something to eat?" he suggested, noticing that even her eyes were starting to darken--just like Bonnie, it seemed as if she didn't like to talk about their reasoning behind slaughtering night guards, or even think about it for that matter. "I'm sure our new companion wouldn't mind sampling some of your delicious cooking." Chica nodded frantically, apparently fighting against the darkness seeping into her gaze. "Yes...yes! I'll...I'll go and do that. Um..." She paused when she was about halfway out of the curtain, slowly glancing back at Freddy. "...Are you going to be okay? Explaining things, I mean." For a second, just a split second, even Freddy's calm blue gaze began to darken. "...No," he admitted, purposely avoiding meeting her gaze. "But this is something I should explain to him. I am the leader, after all."

    Chica did not argue. Instead, she nodded solemnly and quietly slipped out through the curtains, her plodding footsteps heading straight for the kitchen. Immersing herself in cooking would help her to put the bad memories at the back of her mind.

    Freddy heaved a great sigh, folding his arms across his chest and staring pointedly at the aging curtain in front of him. For what seemed like an eternity, he said nothing, and he also didn't move to rescue the unfortunate night guard from Bonnie and Foxy's clutches. Disturbing sounds began echoing through the pizzeria, mostly Foxy shouting and laughing, as well as the sounds of mechanical parts moving around. "...Allow me to explain." The big bear finally met the smaller animatronic's gaze. "...We were once human beings, my family and I. Children, to be precise." His gaze softened a bit. None of them could remember very much about their time as children--they couldn't remember their names, their families, or even their exact ages. "We were good friends, the five of us. Ah, yes..."

    Freddy twiddled his large fingers. "There is another animatronic here, one you have yet to meet. He is a golden version of myself. Officially, his name is Fredbear. But we all refer to him as Goldie. He happens to be rather reclusive. You probably won't meet him for quite some time. But...I'm getting sidetracked, here..."

    He stood a little straighter, noticing that muffled shrieks were now coming from the parts and service area, where all of the spare parts and suits were kept. "We all came here on the very same day. For a birthday party. It was either Goldie's party or my party. None of us can remember which. This was decades ago, and the place was at a different location then, far away from here. The golden rabbit, or Spring Bonnie, animatronic led the five of us to a back room, luring us with promises of cake and prizes. But...it wasn't an animatronic at all. It was a human. An adult male wearing a costume." Freddy's eyes finally darkened completely. For some reason, his eyes seemed to be much darker than everyone else's. Pitch black! "He locked us in. He attacked us. Slaughtered us. Tortured us. And...there were other things that were done to us as well."

    It didn't seem like Freddy was able to elaborate further. He was beginning to shiver, his endoskeleton rattling with the motions.

    "And when he was finished...he crammed us into these animatronic suits." Freddy placed a hand over his abdomen. "Our bodies are long gone. But we are still here. We remain, searching for the one who harmed us. The adult was never captured. We don't know his name. But..." Slowly, gradually, Freddy's eyes returned to their calming ocean blue color. "We know what he sounds like. And we all distinctly remember a purple uniform, as well as a shiny golden badge..."

    Just like what the night guard wore.

    "We do not trust night guards. A night guard hurt us. Killed us. Took us away from our families. Families we will never know." At last, the bear averted his gaze. "We will not tolerate the presence of a night guard. We will kill them on sight, or drive them away--whichever comes first. For all we know..." Briefly, his eyes blackened once more. "That night guard could have been the one who killed us. I hope you understand why he cannot be allowed to live."
  10. Blair watched Chica run off, a little upset that she couldn't stay with him on the stage. He turned his attention back to Freddy, listening to his story of how he and his friends were once actual humans. He gulped softly and felt a shiver run up his spine, hearing the voices in the background. He could hear the liquid like sounds of blood spilling onto the floor and organs slapping against the tile. The whirring started to slow down considerably, but his tail and ears stayed in an upset position. There was a small sigh and he glanced off to the sigh, fiddling with his thumbs.

    "A-Ah understand, Freddy..." He gave a nod and started to shuffle his feet. "D-do Ah need tae go in there an' help them kill the man, or...?" Actually the thought of slaughtering someone almost made him sick to his non-existent stomach. Hopefully Freddy would say no and he could just go and lie down in Pirate's Cove, away from all of this mutilation and horror. His brain chip really needed to process all of this new information.
  11. "Oh my, no." A hint of amusement touched Freddy's features. "Certainly not. Bonnie and Foxy have it covered. Foxy is in a particularly foul mood. Hopefully, he will calm down a great deal after the night guard is taken care of." Freddy parted the curtains, holding them back politely for Blair. He could tell that the blonde needed ample time to process this information. "Foxy is not used to having to share his space. He has been alone, isolated in Pirate Cove, for more than a decade. He will calm down eventually, when he realizes that he has no choice in the matter." Foxy was always a loner, as long as Freddy could remember. He preferred to do things his own way, and as such he often clashed with Freddy.

    "Allow me to guide you to Pirate Cove." Mindful of his bulky weight, Freddy carefully climbed down from the stage, beckoning to Blair. "I will show you where you can rest for a while. There are certain places Foxy is fond of, so you'll want to avoid those. His ship, The Red Tail, is one of these places. He won't allow you on board until you earn his respect." Freddy strode his way confidently across the dining area. The closer they drew to the other end of the dining area, where Pirate Cove was located, the louder the unpleasant sounds became. There was no more muffled screaming. Instead, the presumably suffering night guard was making horrific gurgling and groaning noises. The air was heady with the coppery scent of blood.

    Freddy paid the noises and the smell no mind. He instead came to a stop directly in front of some extremely ratty and tattered purple curtains, dotted with yellow stars. "This is Pirate Cove. The management has replacement curtains ordered and on the way. I know these are pretty sad. It hasn't been used for over a decade, though...so their sorry state doesn't surprise me." He reached out and grabbed the end of one--part of it actually disintegrated in his hand. They were apparently pretty dusty, too. Freddy's once spotless brown fur was now dotted with splotches of gray. Being mindful of the pathetic curtains, the bear slowly pulled them apart. Behind the curtains was a stage that was almost as large as the stage the band played on. It was deeper, though--it stretched back farther into the wall. It was made to look like a fake beach, and a fake ocean where the makeshift pirate ship sat. The ship itself was surprisingly large, extending up to the ceiling. The wood was freshly stained, and the railings had been painted red. There was a treasure trove on the opposite side of the stage. It consisted of four huge fake treasure chests, with fake coins. There was also a stuffed parrot and several fake treasures--including, but not limited to, a golden crown, a scepter, and a bunch of huge fake gems. Behind the ship and the treasure trove was a small obstacle course made to resemble a tropical paradise.

    "Avoid the ship and the treasure trove," Freddy advised, motioning to each in turn. "Foxy hates it when anyone trespasses in either place. There is plenty of space for you to settle down in the obstacle course." He paused. "...Shall I send someone to fetch you when Chica is finished cooking? It would be good to have a meal together, without a night guard spying on us."
  12. Blair cautiously followed the animatronic, going through the curtain when he held it open for him. He jumped off of the stage, a small smile spreading onto his face. That was kind of fun, honestly. His legs carried him over to where the old curtains were. He tried to block out the sounds and the smell, but it was a little hard, considering so much blood was in the office. The little fan probably kept the copper like smell blowing through the hallway and into the dinning room. He was extremely glad that he didn't have to help in this slaughter, because the noises would probably haunt him for while.

    After entering Pirate's Cove, Blair hopped up onto the stage and gazed around at all of the things that were there. His tail started to wag and he looked over at the Obstacle Course. He could rest up on top of that thing up there! It was as tall as Freddy! He nodded happily and rushed over to the object, trying to climb onto it. He finally got to the top and grinned down at Freddy. "Hey there!" He chirped. It seemed like he had forgotten all of the things that he heard and smelt.

    "Yeah! Ah wouldn' min' 'aving someone come in here an' tell me when dinner's ready!" The blonde curled up into a ball and snuggled into the top of the plush object, grinning some more. "This is pretty comfy, actually!" He had so many more joints than the other animatronics, so he was able to bend and twist his body into so many shapes.

    Blair had found a comfortable position. He was on his back, head hanging off of the object, glancing at Freddy with a goofy, upside down grin. "If ye wan' y'all can ea' in 'ear with me!" It was an honest, kind gesture, even though it wasn't his cove in the first place.
  13. Freddy chuckled, his sharp unblinking gaze closely monitoring Blair's activities. He was fully prepared to catch the new animatronic if he happened to fall--prepared to utilize his special ability to teleport short distances if he had to. "As much as I appreciate the kind offer...I don't think Foxy would appreciate us eating and scattering crumbs all over his Cove." Children aside, the only creatures Foxy willingly allowed in his Cove were Bonnie and the cleaning crew that came in after closing time and before the pizzeria opened. He was meticulous about the cleanliness of his attractive home.

    Freddy had to admit, Pirate Cove was looking fantastic. After Foxy was decommissioned for biting a parent who struck his child, the management just left Pirate Cove--and the rowdy animatronic within--to rot. They started using the closed-off Cove as a massive storage space. They also salvaged parts of his ships for other projects. Foxy was happier than he had been in years after the employees started sprucing up his sorely neglected Cove. It was too bad that he had to go and let Blair's presence ruin that happiness for him.

    "Very well. I'll send Foxy or Bonnie to fetch you, then. Chica and I will set the table." The big bear shuffled his feet against the gaudy carpeting underfoot. "I will make sure they wash up before they touch any food." He wasn't entirely sure how bloody Bonnie would be...but if Foxy's violent and raging attitude this evening were anything to go by, the rowdy pirate fox would be drenched. Freddy sincerely hoped he wouldn't have to force Foxy into the single cramped employee shower again for a bath. That would be the third time this month. By now, most of the senior employees had already learned to expect a bloodbath in both the back room and the employee shower, though occasionally a newer employee would shriek bloody murder when they discovered the carnage, especially in the shower where they weren't exactly expecting it to be.

    It was always amusing to watch the novices squirm.

    Freddy tipped his hat to Blair and reached forward, pulling the curtains so that they were mostly closed, before he turned and lumbered off, heading straight for the room that was now the main source of the bloody smell. He disappeared inside, though before doing so he lifted his foot up, made a disgusted noise, and glowered at someone (presumably Foxy, because the pirate snarked that he ought to take a picture, because it would last longer). A few moments later, he emerged from the small room, trailed by Bonnie, who was trailed by Foxy. Bonnie's hands were stained with bright red blood--it stood out against his lilac fur. It was harder to tell with Foxy...but there were some ominous dripping sounds as the trio walked by Pirate Cove. Bonnie headed straight for the men's restroom. Freddy had to drag Foxy by his hook arm farther down the hallway. Apparently, the fox would need the shower after all.

    A half hour passed by without much activity--save for Bonnie acting up when Foxy made his grand return. "He looks like a drowned rat when he's wet!" he squealed gleefully, pointing at the annoyed fox who was currently toweling himself off. "At least I don' look like one all the time." "Hey, now..."

    There was a short scuffle, during which a metallic clang rang out and Foxy yowled with pain. "ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT!" he snarled, his stomping footsteps approaching Pirate Cove. The curtains were whipped open and the irate pirate, who had himself all wrapped up in a fluffy dark blue towel, stood before Blair, fur still damp. At least he didn't reek of blood anymore. "Food's done." His voice was a low grunt.
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  14. Blair had laid up on top the object for that half an hour, eyes closed. He had rested his head on top of his arms which were crossed over. The robot let his body recharge, completely shutting off all of his senses except for hearing. Every few minutes he would hear the faint clattering of plates, or a certain pirate's voice. None were too loud to pop him from his artificial slumber.

    However, the moment he heard the rough grunt of, 'Food's done', he quickly started his senses up again, letting his body whir into action. With a quick, swift move, Blair was at the bottom in an instant, giving a small bow. "I'll be here all week, folks!" The blonde snickered and shuffled his feet over to Foxy, following him out of Pirate's Cove.

    The metallic smell of blood clung to the air, and when he exited the curtains, he was reminded of what had occurred in the backroom. Gulping, he could feel the terror rip through his endoskeleton. That was horrible, hearing the man's gurgling and bubbling as Foxy and Bonnie ripped into him.

    He went over to the table and sat down, but when Bonnie came and sat next to him, he got up and moved to sit on the other side with Chica. He didn't really want to see the bunny right now, nor did he want to see Foxy. So, instead of looking up, he opted to just staring down at his white, empty plate. He placed his pale hands in between his legs, gulping and fiddling his thumbs around.

    This was awkward and scary...Hopefully he would never have to participate in any of these acts.

    {[ Again, sorry for the shortness---Tired, hungry, and needing to take a shower. ]}
  15. Bonnie snorted after Blair moved and settled himself down beside Chica. "Excuse you. How rude can you get? What did I do?" "Bonnie!" Chica brandished a large pizza cutter in the rabbit's direction. "Knock it off!" Wisely, Bonnie threw up his hands in surrender. Nobody wanted to make Chica angry. "Okay, okay!" Judging by his tone of voice and his pulled back ears, he wasn't pleased in the slightest that Chica was siding with the new guy over him. "Jesus Christ, Chica!" From his seat the head of the table, Freddy scowled. Bonnie's insensitive behavior was to be expected. They had been mercilessly slaughtering night guards for decades now. This was nothing new for them--just an ordinary weekly event. But for Blair, this had to be nothing short of a living nightmare. This was not his fight. This was their fight. Even though he now knew the truth, Freddy wasn't expecting Blair to suddenly jump up and help out if he didn't want to. None of them would force him.

    Foxy wasn't even paying attention. During the brief argument, he reached out and snatched up the first slice of pizza, and now he was munching away on it, tearing into it with his razor-sharp teeth. Well...that was a good thing! Just as Freddy predicted, annihilating the night guard really had knocked Foxy down a few pegs. "Speaking of rude..." Chica clacked the teeth of her endoskeleton over, frowning in a disapproving manner at the distracted fox. "You're supposed to wait for everyone else to get a slice before you eat! You're such a pig, Foxy!" Foxy rolled his eyes and just kept on chowing down. "Let him go." Amusement flashed in Freddy's blue gaze--he too reached out and took a couple of slices from the pan. "At least he's quiet when he eats." Bonnie snickered, snagging up a single slice for himself. Foxy merely shrugged his shoulders, as if he didn't really care.

    Still in an iffy mood, it seemed.

    Eager to diffuse some of the tension, Chica turned to Blair, taking two slices for herself. "What do you like to do for fun?" she inquired, genuinely curious. "I like to cook..." She glanced around, noticing that the boys were all too busy stuffing their faces--especially Foxy. "Freddy likes to sing, and read. Bonnie likes music--all kinds of music. Foxy likes games--we all like games, actually. And he likes to go outside, too." "Indeed." Freddy spared a glance at the pirate, who pointedly ignored the almost reproachful look. "Even though it is against the rules. It's in our programming, you see, to be wary of the world beyond our home. We can leave...but we have to fight our programming to do so. But Foxy's programming is corrupted, most likely from being out of order and neglected by the human staff for so long. He can venture outside without having to fight his instincts." The bear's gaze hardened. "But he can't stay outside for very long. None of us can. If we were to be spotted...that would be troublesome for us."

    "Yeah..." When he was sure Freddy wasn't looking, Bonnie snuck a glance at the front door. "See, nobody knows that we're actually sentient and all that. They just think we're really advanced robots. And if one of us is seen out there, that'd be kind of suspicious. Not to mention terrifying."
  16. Blair tentatively reached out for a piece of pizza, quickly chomping through all the way to the crust, listening to the bickering robots. He just opted to sit there and stay quiet, hoping to be able to have some alone time. He didn't want to think about any of the things that went down that night. He picked up another slice, mowing through that one as well.

    When the question was presented his way, the animatronic jumped a little, gulping. "U-uhm...Well...Ah like tae run aroun'...Uhm, they programmed me tae like eating...Uhm, sunshine..." He shifted around uncomfortably in his seat, wishing he could leave the table. He didn't care too much to hear about the other animatronics. All he cared about himself at the moment.

    "Ah like tae read..." He took another bite, having an excuse to stop talking.
  17. The second the new animatronic blurted out something about liking to run, Foxy suddenly froze, his large expressive ears noticeably pricking up. With a slice of pizza half-hanging out of his mouth, he squinted one golden eye in Blair's direction, apparently giving him a good once-over. Only Bonnie seemed to notice this--he propped a heavy elbow up on the table and placed a fuzzy hand on his cheek, a smirk pulling at one corner of his mouth. "I like sunshine, too," the big bunny admitted, shuffling his feet underneath the table. "There's a big window in the employee break room. Whenever we're closed for the day, I like to sit there and look outside." "Me, too!" Chica piped up, clearly enthralled that they had something in common. "Sometimes we even open it up to let the breeze in."

    "Pah!" Foxy threw his hook up into the air. "Wha's the big obsession with sunshine? Yeh can' even look at the sun directly! Now, Ol' Foxy...he be likin' the moonlight. And starlight." Wistfully, the fox turned his golden gaze toward the front door. "I like ta climb up onta the roof an' look at the stars at nigh'. Wonder what it'd be like ta touch one..." "Well..." Freddy tapped his fingers on the table. "You would spontaneously combust would be my guess. After all, stars are merely huge balls of fire and gases." Foxy scowled. "Keep on thinkin' that, ye scallywag. Why yeh gotta get all scientific an' factual all the time?"

    Freddy knew better than to answer that question--Foxy would only use his answer to provoke another squabble. Instead he turned his soothing blue gaze on Blair. "I also enjoy reading," he declared, looking pleased. "I have quite the collection of books. I can show it to you sometime."

    "Yeah, yeah..." Foxy jumped up from his seat, leaving his empty plate behind. He stretched himself out, raising his arms up and linking them behind his neck. "Ye like runnin', do yeh, landlubber?" Clearly, he was addressing Blair, even though his gaze was trained on the hallways nearby. "No one likes runnin' more than Cap'n Foxy! There ain't a soul all across the seven seas that can beat me in a race!" The slender fox shifted his weight from one foot the other, at last meeting Blair's blue eyes with his own honey gold pair. "Wanna try yer luck?"

    "Do it." Bonnie rubbed his hands together, a downright devious expression on his face. "Beat him. Give him a hearty helping of humble pie!" Sure, Foxy was fast. But Foxy was also old--older than all of the other animatronics, Golden aside. He wasn't in the best shape, either. The management had him spruced up for his eventual reintroduction to the restaurant, but he was still in an obvious state of disrepair. He was covered in holes, which exposed his endoskeleton within. The fur on his hand and both of his legs had also disintegrated completely, and some of the metal seemed to have rusted from being exposed for so long. Bonnie wasn't confident in Foxy's ability to outrun a brand-new animatronic, especially one as small and light as Blair.
  18. When everyone started to chime in about how they loved what he loved, Blair started to perk up just a little, tail wagging back and forth slowly. A small smile sprouted onto his face.

    It quickly disappeared, however, when Foxy started boasting about how he loved to run. The boy's tail stopped, ears laying flat against his head. There was a low sigh and he picked at the crust on his pizza, popping a piece into his mouth. He didn't want to race Foxy...He didn't really feel like doing much of anything. Even after Freddy explained why they did what they did, Blair still felt so uneasy about the whole thing.

    "Nah...Ah don' wan' tae race ye..." He pushed his plate away and stood up, steadily staring at the table. "Ah'm goin' tae be doin' somethin' else...Don' bother me...Especially if anymore nigh'guards come in..." Blair's programming was to love each and every human. Adults, children, and teens alike. When something tragic like that happened, he couldn't help but feel saddened.

    Blair politely pushed his chair in and kicked at the ground, turning around and slowly shuffling to Pirate's Cove. He, with much difficulty, climbed onto the stage, grunting and wiggling, just trying to get his tiny body up there. He gave them one last look before pushing past the curtains and going deeper into the stage. The blonde slowly climbed up onto his little 'perch', curling up and waiting for morning...Maybe he could recharge some more...
  19. For a few long seconds, Foxy just stared at the blonde's retreating form, his gaze critical as ever and his jaw clenched tightly. Then he let loose a loud and obnoxious snort, raising his tail and turning his back on Blair. "Arr! Do I scare yeh, ye yellow-bellied little gobshite? Does Ol' Cap'n Foxy make ye shiver in yer boots! Well, good!" He puffed his chest out dramatically. "I haven't lost me touch yet!" Bonnie made a disparaging noise, immediately turning his attention back to the food and reaching out for another slice of pizza. "Man...how disappointing. That guy's a drag." "He's just rattled," Freddy explained, watching as Blair disappeared behind the ratty curtains of Pirate Cove. "Give him time. He'll feel better in the morning."

    "An' what if he don't?" Foxy's features twisted in a grimace. "I ain' gonna let some mopey landlubber ruin me first day back sailin' th' seven seas with me lads an' lasses!" "It'll be okay, Foxy!" Ever the optimist, Chica smiled at her somewhat reclusive brother in arms. "Just...do your own thing, okay? But help him out. Teach him the rules and everything!" No matter how hard he tried to hide it, and no matter how much he missed it all, Foxy was extremely nervous about performing again. For several days before Blair's box arrived on the doorstep, Foxy sulked about the pizzeria, fretting and worrying about how the kids would take to him. This would be first time performing for children in well over a decade. What if they didn't like him? What if they thought that the hundreds upon hundreds of salty sea tales he'd come up with over the past decade or so were rubbish? What if his ragged appearance scared them? Poor Bonnie was often subject to the panicking fox's whining, and when he got tired of it (which didn't take very long) he dumped the anxious pirate on Chica.

    Bonnie was right. Foxy was a drama queen.

    The other four animatronics were active throughout the night. And really, why wouldn't they be? Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica weren't allowed to move from the stage anymore during the daytime. This was their only chance to wander around and do what they wanted to do. And Foxy had been out of order for ages, unable to make a sound during the day. This was their time to let loose! Once they finished eating, Bonnie, Foxy, and Chica decided to play a rousing game of hide-and-seek while Freddy settled himself down by the stage, a well-worn book in hand. They had to stop after the third game, though--Foxy got himself stuck underneath the cramped desk in the security office and had to be pulled out, much to Bonnie's delight.

    The other three managed to drag Freddy into playing a game of Chinese Checkers (which Freddy won), and then they had a Connect-Four tournament (which Foxy won). They were halfway through a game of Monopoly when Freddy pointed out that it was nearly six in the morning. Good timing, too--Foxy was in dead last and starting to lose his temper. They exchanged goodbyes--Foxy snarled and whacked Bonnie with his hook when he lifted him up into a bear hug. The three band members lumbered their way toward the stage. Foxy yanked open the curtains to Pirate Cove and then whipped them shut again. He completely ignored Blair, instead heading straight for his ship. He stood straight up behind the captain's wheel, staring forward. Slowly, gradually, the light faded from his eyes.

    It was about six-thirty when the cleaning crew arrived. They made a beeline for the back room, as if they were expecting the majority of the mess to be in there. They barely even reacted to what must have been a gruesome sight inside. Instead, the most senior member of the crew sighed heavily, snapped on his gloves, and strode right in. They were in there for about an hour, long enough for other employees to start arriving. When they finally left the room, they were carting along four large garbage bags. It took them considerably less time to sweep and clean the building itself. When the same senior crew member discovered the extra carnage in the office, he threw his mop down on the floor and loudly shouted "REALLY? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" From his place on the stage, Bonnie snickered quietly.

    The cleaning crew left fifteen minutes before the doors opened. One manager headed for the stage and the other one, a willowy black-haired woman, hopped up into Pirate Cove, making a face after touching the aging curtains. "Up and at 'em, boys." Hopefully, because he would be working with the wily pirate fox, Blair would have the same programming as Foxy. The others were forbidden from moving around during the daytime...but Foxy was a different story. He just couldn't go past the carpeting in front of the Cove. Foxy raised his hook and opened his mouth, showing that he was on and ready to go. When the woman turned her back to them, he rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out at her. He hopped off of his ship with a loud grunt.

    "Listen, landlubber. And listen good." He cracked the joints in his single hand and began doing the same for the rest of his joints, getting ready for his first day back on the job in a long time. "The lads n' lasses 'll be all over me Cove. We be allowed to wander around...but we can' go past tha' carpeting there." He gestured to it with his hook. "This be your first day. Try ta find a niche. Freddy sings, Bonnie plays th' guitar, and Chica sings an' tells jokes. Cap'n Foxy jumps an' runs an' plays with the kids, an' I also tell 'em stories and sing sea shanties." He huffed, making his way to the front of the Cove's stage. He didn't want Blair to upstage him in any way, shape, or form. "Figure out what yer gonna do with 'em. And fast. They be openin' the floodgates soon."
  20. Blair blocked out their noises all night, placing his hands over his ears so that he wouldn't be able to hear their joy and happiness. It would get to him, and his programming would make him go out and interact with the animatronics. He was too upset at the killing of the night guard to even think about having any interactions with those hideous robots.

    When morning came, he was still seated up on his little perch. This was his 'throne' now. It would probably take the others a few days to realize this, but if Blair was not around, he was going to be up here. As Foxy hopped off of the ship, his tail began to wag. He listened to the instructions, nodding politely at the end. "Y-yes sir, Cap'n."

    He was now anticipating the arrival of children. Instead of staying on his throne, Blair game slinking down, standing on his feet. Stretching a little, he moved to stand next to Foxy at the front of the stage. With a small smile, he clasped his hands together, prepared to greet the kids. His tail whipped through the air and his ears were perked up. This was a staggering attitude change.
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