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    For years the Montagne de Beauté has always been the prime hot spot for skiiers everywhere. Twenty-five years ago it was only a small shack nestled between the highest mountains. Walter Amity had taken it in as his home, deciding a year later that the shack should be a ski resort, the mountains were luscious with thick snow every year which held even through the summers. The winters were harsh but that only made Walter's idea even better. He needed money. His credit was horrible, the death of his wife had caused mounds of Debt to pile on, the banks wouldn't take part in his dream. But he found someone who would, and it turn it would cost him his life.

    He sought help from the Don of one of the most prestigious and dangerous Mob families in New York. The Varechi family, new to Wyoming, had settled in a mansion on the outskirts of the city while their mansion back in New York was being renovated. Walter had invited the Don and his family over, showing his plans and area. The Don accepted, in exchange for money, Walter was to provide a payment of $1500 every five months to the Don for his services.

    The Resort burst with people of all sorts, skiiers and touring bands. Walter made millions each month and the resort became well known around the United States. Walter had been fascinated with Las Vegas, which at the time was becoming as grand as his resort under Benjamin Siegel. Walter sought out to make his own resort as grand, borrowing more money and soon forgetting to pay it back.

    He had been warned, even signed a contract, that he was to pay his debts. Under the generous donations of Don Varechi, Walter kept taken the money given to him and making the resort grander than before. He didn't know that once money was given it would need to be payed back. Walter was a good man, charitable and charismatic. He had one fault, and like Bugsy Siegel, it was his downfall. Walter was roaming the halls late at night, checking on the grounds but not behind him, as he figured, who would want to harm him? Under the eyes of God, he had done nothing worth death.

    Poor Walter had gotten strangled to death in the hall, his blood soaked into the carpet, his face contorted in horror and panic. His throat sliced open like cheese under a sharp knife. The early morning came screams of horror and shock, many guests came out of their rooms to find poor Walter, lying in his own pool of blood, the used Garrote Wire, and a single piece of paper with the scribbly writing of someone gloved 'Pay your debts' written in red ink.

    The resort was shut down for twelve years.

    • I recommend adding your character's picture to each one of your postings, simply because it reminds people of who you are. With this in mind, please do not choose an outrageously large image that takes up the whole page. If it does, please use the Thumbnail option.
    • Of course there is to be no god modding. I will have your removed immediately from the roleplay and your character will be killed off.
    • There will be no mentioning of Avocados in this roleplay
    • Try and post at least once a day, I would like to keep this roleplay going as long as possible.
    • Post at least a paragraph or more each post.
    • I will personally be choosing the character who will play as the hidden killer, you may ask for your character to be chosen via PM, but don't expect your character to be chosen. (Unless you bribe me)


    Ten years later, the resort has been owned by many different people, all who have mysteriously died the same way as the landlord, Walter Amity. The same note has been left and the killings have led to fewer guests to none at all. The last owner attempted to create a ball, stocking up on food and supplies to bring customers back.

    This is where you come in, you have been invited for various reasons to spend a weekend at the resort, part of a paid vacation. These invites sent randomly. On the day you arrive, you meet the other characters, spend the day hanging out. However, the same night, a massive blizzard leaves the resort with no exits, all the doors are blocked by snow. The only power comes from the backup generator which the owner had turned on during the night.

    The next morning during breakfast, you find that the owner had been strangled and no one was there to see it. Only that the killer is still lurking around the resort, stuck in the storm like you against their will.

    Your job is to find out who the killer is and survive the storm before the killer kills again. No one is your friend, and only one is your true enemy. Can you catch the killer before he kills again?


    Leucothea (open)
    Name: Kayden (Donnie) Starre

    Age: 25


    Skills: Fabulous drawer, easy manipulator, Tsundere in anime terms, excellent memory and math skills. Boxer/MMA fighting, physics major.

    Items: A silver locket with the engraved initials A.R.I, holding something secret inside, around his neck. A Winchester serrated switch blade with the engraving of the letters A.C.E. A pocket book which he uses to write mysterious information in.

    Interests: Drawing, most of his drawings are of people with mutilated faces, unknown to all but him. Physics and chemistry, he's always in some desolated place combining chemicals. Blood, its not certain whether blood is a memory for his past life or the lives he wishes to end. Bodies.....mutilated dead bodies. He can often be found mumbling the same quote from The Shining under his breath, along with books, music, etc. Kayden came to the resort to run from his past in Washington.

    Soulhallow (open)
    Name: Simon Frost

    Age: 23


    • Muay Thai
    • Mimcry-He can mimic most voices perfectly or so close most people can't tell
    • Excellent Trapper/Bowman

    Items: Snowboard, Collapsible compound bow, Large Coil of rope

    • Simon loves to snowboard, especially if he's able to race someone or just have fun altogether with anyone. He has quite an affinity for martial arts, having trained for MMA until he chose Muay Thai specifically for its eight points of contact the Knees, Elbows, Fists, and Feet. Games of luck also appeal to him very much, such as rolling dice or Blackjack where he can also bet on the game. Last but not least he hunts game with a bow instead of the traditional rifle like most hunters, preferring the adrenaline from being so close to his prey, because there is always that moment when the hunter becomes the hunted.
    Character Sheet:



    Appearance: (Picture required)

    Skills: (remember, this is a survival mystery. Choose wisely).

    Items: (up to three things- don't list stuff like a wallet or a coat)

    Interests: (one paragraph. No more no less.)

    Reason:(Just a simple reason why you accepted the invite to the resort)

    Song: (Just for fun, your characters theme song)
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  2. [​IMG]


    Rose poppiet (pop-it) Garland


    Writing, Singing and hand-in-hand combat (not good at). she also knows how to use a knife but she not very good at it.

    A doll, A porty and Fairy/Dark book.

    She likes stuff that makes her curiosity rises. she like mystery. and she speaks as if she older then is looks sometimes. most of the time her father worrys about that.


    There is no reason her father made her go. he was suppose to go but instead he makes his daughter go. that all and that's it. he also wants her to be out side and meet people.

    she sings this once in a while or hums it ^^
  3. Name: Kaiya de Vries

    Age: 25

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Skills: photographic memory, fast sketching, skillfull with a knife, obsevation of emotion, being able to smile trough everything (not a pokerface).

    Items: stanley knife and extra 'filling', metal plate with handles on the back so she can put her sketchpad on it and draw standing, sketch set with a lot of sharp pencils.

    Interests: Kaiya is a skillfull artist who is still in college. Thanks to her photographic memory and practised drawing skills she is able to redraw a scenary after seeing it once. She also sharpens her pencils with a stanley knife because she hates pencilsharpeners. While working on a project to improve her drawing of portraits (wich look sometimes nothing like a face) an offer was made to her. She would draw multiple sceneries with a snow theme in exchange for a vacation in one of the locations. Currently she is on the job of drawing sceneries and observing for her portraits. She also doesn't tell anyone about her photographic memory because everyone she knew would treat her weirdly when she did tell. It also is a blessing and a curse since she never forgets so she taught herself to smile trough the happy, sad and bad things in her live.

    I know that she is not really a strong or usefull character but she stuck in my head. but that metal plate thing is basicially a shield since she always carries it with her.
  4. @loviebeest we could always use an an horrible honorable sacrifice\
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  6. *Gasp* Oh No My character- Yeah your right ^^
  7. OK, I've never played a guy before, but I'm having a go ;)

    : Jared Phillips (AKA Jedd)

    Age: 23

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Skills: Soccer. While he is hopeless at any strenuous activity, he can kick a pretty good ball. Camping. He did seven years of scouts as a kid, and he can do lots of cool stuff like like lighting fires and warding off bears. Confusing people. With his spurts of random. Sword fighting. Just a little. And he's seen it lots in the movies.

    Items: iPod (purely for entertainment), pencil case (11 pens, 16 pencils. Always be prepared!), professional camera (with the tripod and carrier bag and neck strap and everything!)

    Interests: Writing, he is a journalist, after all. He carries a personal journal that he writes all of his experiences in, plus a notebook for his work. Music. He is a big fan of classical music, especially. Peace. He tries to avoid conflict whenever possible, and feels awkward in the middle of a heated situation. Randomness in general. He often says strange or irrelevant things that make no sense whatsoever.

    Reason: As a budding journalist, a paid trip to the famous resort with the 'Debt Conspiracy' (as he called it) surrounding it was Jedd's dream come true. And, hey, free holiday!

    Song: The Llama Song
  8. He is wonderful. Accepted. :)
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  10. If you all are still interested in this roleplay, I will be making the main thread for this roleplay sometime this week. I will link the thread here.
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  14. Are spots still opened or am I too late?
  15. This roleplay is still open for characters. Welcome :)
  16. ((If there's still room, here's my app.))

    Name: Aaron Davidson

    Age: 26


    Skills: Has taken several self-defense courses, giving him the ability to disarm and disable an opponent easily. Thanks to years of reading mystery novels and working as a detective, he's become adept at identifying evidence and piecing together crime scenes.

    Items: A notebook that he constantly keeps track of leads, evidence, and clues in. His service revolver that he keeps on him at all times. A pocket-watch given to him by his sister so he could always keep track of time.

    Interests: Aaron loves to read mystery novels. Throughout his career as an officer and detective, he's slowly begun to write a novel of his own. He keeps track of everything involving a crime scene, not wanting to miss a single detail. This has lead Aaron to become very methodical in everyday life as well.

    Reason: Aaron had been under a lot of stress at work recently due to several of his co-workers being arrested for attempting to destroy evidence in a case. Because of this, the department had come under investigation, with every case in the last few years coming under scrutiny. When the offer for a weekend long paid for vacation came from the chief of the police department, Aaron quickly took the offer. It also helped he would still receive his wages for it as well.

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  17. Awesome, how many more players do you need before we start?
  18. We don't need any, the thread to post is open, but nobody has posted in it yet. I'm slowly but surely going to get my first post in with my charrie. You can post first if you want.
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