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  1. Charles didn't wake up.

    The snow fell gently, caressing the wide windows of the ski resort. It was late in the evening, the fireplace in the lobby was crackling underneath a television boasting of another college hockey game. Most of the guests have settled in their hotel rooms, getting ready for a soundless slumber.

    All but one.

    It was a famous resort, the vacation spot of a lifetime. Charles was the landlord, a wealthy individual with a taste for the garish. He build his house as an extension of the resort itself, complete with a ballroom, a banquet hall… and an elaborate set of underground tunnels when the weather turned unfavorable.

    Charles was a charitable man, a charismatic and courteous man. But Charles had a problem. He didn't tell anyone about his problem, not even his closest friends… and most certainly not his wife.

    The little girls he brought to his room never told either.

    Charles was on the hunt now, making sure the kiddies were all tucked into their beds. If one was still wandering the halls, well, he'd just have to teach them a lesson. But instead of children, he only found only one individual. Curious, he inquired as to why they were still awake.

    Poor Charles never got an answer.
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  2. The Rules - OOC
    IC (pending)

    Anthony Verselli
    Elizabeth Hawkins
    Carlos Ryebrean
    Kaiya de Vries

    Victoria Lobo
    Kayden (Donnie) Starre
    Rose Garland
    Julieta Marriot
    Lincoln Darry
    Simon Frost




    You are in a ski resort in Wyoming. The property of the resort is expansive, covering acres. The main building consists of a lower level lobby, connected to a cafeteria. The above two floors consist of hotel rooms. Just behind the lobby is the landlord's mansion. Bunkers and supply sheds are found along the trails of the resort, and three ski lifts are present on the site.

    A blizzard has engulfed the region, making travel impossible as well as cutting off communication with the outside world. There is no way of entering or leaving the main building. The power seems to be down, and the storm does not seem to be letting up any time soon.

    Worse yet, the landlord, Charles, was found dead next to the front door just an hour before. Nobody has reported seeing any strange activity, and parties are forming to look for clues. The situation is dire- there's a killer on the loose.



    This game usually will last up to one week. Every day one to two people may die. This means you must be able to actively participate during that full time period. If you do not post at least once a day or every other day (I'll decide, based on the situation) I will either kill your character off or you will be dropped.

    I strongly recommend adding your character's picture to each one of your postings, simply because it reminds people of who you are. With this in mind, please do not choose an outrageously large image that takes up the whole page.

    Of course there is to be no god modding.

    You are absolutely not allowed to mention anything about avocados in your posts.



    Skelly (open)



    Appearance: Picture required

    Skills: (remember, this is a survival mystery. Choose wisely).

    Items: (up to three things- don't list stuff like a wallet or a coat)

    Interests: (one paragraph. No more no less.)

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  3. Name: Anthony Verselli

    Age: 28

    Appearance: (could not find Image source or artist to credit)

    Skills: Lie detection, pick pocketing and minor theft, sneaking, lying, baking, minor self-defense capabilities, charismatic, moderate knowledge of pharmaceuticals, lock picking, and good empathetic skills.

    Items: Small dagger, vile seemingly containing holy water, a bible with the Book of Revelations hollowed out and inside is a soft microfiber cloth and lock picks.

    Interests: Ex pick-pocket, now aspiring father of the local Our Lady of the Mountains Parish, Anthony Verselli aspires to become Bishop of his sect of churches and, one day if all goes well, become Pope of the Catholic Church. He is visiting this ski resort as part of his volunteering duty to aspire people to attend Our Lady of the Mountains Parish. He wishes to spread word of his faith and to possibly earn the church more revenue in order to grab the attention of the local, and slowly decaying, Bishop. Anthony is also interested in bringing progressive ideals into the Catholic church, like many predecessors before him, and tries to leave a positive image when talking with any potential members of his Parish's flock.
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  4. So is the picture supposed to be photo or drawn?
  5. The picture can be either :)

    @LordM Approved~
  6. Elizabeth Hawkins

    23 years old


    Skills: Deception, perfect poker face

    Items: A set of 66 masks, each displaying a different emotion, a journal with accompanying pencil, and a make-up case.

    Interests: Elizabeth is a travelling menreiki actress who performs using her 66 masks. Through her job she has learnt to conceal all emotion, and to trick others. Her reason for staying at the lodge is because she was to perform at a culture festival nearby.
  7. IMG_20140503_180932.jpg
    Name: Carlos Ryebrean

    Age: 18

    Skills: Judo, BT Linux, natural leader

    Items: Laptop, cellphone, headphones

    Interests: Often he is on his computer doing various things. Doesn't like to talk to people he doesn't know but is more than willing to make friends. He came to the resort as a graduation gift from his parents and was going to spend the week there.
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  8. can you save a spot for me? I will edit the form in later. I'm at school right now but I can post everyday. One question: How many characters can you have?
  9. Yes, I can. And only one for now.
  10. Name: Kaiya de Vries

    Age: 25

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Skills: photographic memory, fast sketching, skillfull with a knife, obsevation of emotion, being able to smile trough everything (not a pokerface).

    Items: stanley knife and extra 'filling', metal plate with handles on the back so she can put her sketchpad on it and draw standing, sketch set with a lot of sharp pencils.

    Interests: Kaiya is a skillfull artist who is still in college. Thanks to her photographic memory and practised drawing skills she is able to redraw a scenary after seeing it once. She also sharpens her pencils with a stanley knife because she hates pencilsharpeners. While working on a project to improve her drawing of portraits (wich look sometimes nothing like a face) an offer was made to her. She would draw multiple sceneries with a snow theme in exchange for a vacation in one of the locations. Currently she is on the job of drawing sceneries and observing for her portraits. She also doesn't tell anyone about her photographic memory because everyone she knew would treat her weirdly when she did tell. It also is a blessing and a curse since she never forgets so she taught herself to smile trough the happy, sad and bad things in her live.

    I know that she is not really a strong or usefull character but she stuck in my head. but that metal plate thing is basicially a shield since she always carries it with her.
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  11. Is there space for more?
  12. According to the OP there are 4 spots left :P
  13. Name:Victoria Lobo

    Age: 25

    Skills: Dart throwing, Taekwondo black belt, amateur boxer, high alcohol tolerance, lying, stealing, speaks Spanish and plays guitar.

    Items: Her black fender guitar with blue flame design, brass knuckles, camera.

    Interests: She enjoys taking photographs of anything that catches her attention, almost always has her camera on her. She was raised in Honduras where she became 'addicted' to fighting due to adrenaline rush it gave her, she learned Taekwondo to improve herself and keeps her brass knuckles with her just in case. She joined a band called 'ICE' and became the guitarist and back-up singer. The reason she came to the resort is because the rest of her band was going to come a week later and they were going to participate in a battle of bands, she came early to relax and see snow which doesn't occur in her home country.
  14. Is this still open?
  15. I believe so
  16. Name: Kayden (Donnie) Starre

    Age: 25


    Skills: Fabulous drawer, easy manipulator, Tsundere in anime terms, excellent memory and math skills. Boxer/MMA fighting, physics major.

    Items: A silver locket with the engraved initials A.R.I, holding something secret inside, around his neck. A Winchester serrated switch blade with the engraving of the letters A.C.E. A pocket book which he uses to write mysterious information in.

    Interests: Drawing, most of his drawings are of people with mutilated faces, unknown to all but him. Physics and chemistry, he's always in some desolated place combining chemicals. Blood, its not certain whether blood is a memory for his past life or the lives he wishes to end. Bodies.....mutilated dead bodies. He can often be found mumbling the same quote from The Shining under his breath, along with books, music, etc. Kayden came to the resort to run from his past in Washington.
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  18. mind If I join love this sounds very nice!
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