A friendly game of Cat and Mice

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  1. Bells rang out as a signal not many were used to hearing.
    The sound meaning someone had actually managed to escape the high security prison and experimental center on Ravendodge hill.
    It was something of a feat just to be captured and sent there, let alone get past the numerous guards and defensive systems set up to keep you there.
    Most places would send out several people to find an escapee with the hopes of having more eyes, thus more chances to locate the missing mouse.
    However, this place was far ahead of the others and the mouse could run, but hide? I'd think.
    Ankle bands were snug tight around each prisoner and the escaped male was no exception.
    The blinker on the steel ring flashed rapidly in the darkness, giving warning to all those around him that the man was dangerous and on the run.

    There was a high reward for the capture of any person wearing the band but most people weren't stupid enough to try and go after such a dangerously labeled figure as such.
    So, it was left to the two heads of the prison.
    Kast and Calamity.
    The two were business partners in the science department and had a pretty nifty set of elemental skills along with swordplay at their disposal and considering they were very close friends, always protected one another.

    Kast had dark red hair with a pale complexion and solid green eyes while Calamity sported white hair and red eyes.
    Both had on white lab coats since they'd been interrupted right in the middle of testing but the large clothing didn't seem to hinder them in the least as they bolted through flashing hallways in search of the mouse...
  2. Escaping hadn't been easy, being caught and forced to watch his entire family disappearing quickly was a terrible thought to bear with in mind. He was tired and the ache filled his entire body, he had to force himself into break out of his chains, and he couldn't take that band off of him. He wasn't outside of the prison yet and it was staring to take too long for him, he was growing desperate as he sneaked trough the hallways trying to find a way out the building without having to use his abilities to not give himself away.

    He then ran into two shadows, probably guards or something of the like, he did not like this, the sole idea of having his efforts wasted, he was unable to manage such a thing, but then he saw a window right by his side, and decided to get off from it, to his luck, he was in a first floor so jumping out of it wasn't hard and did not harm him.

    His dark blue hair crawled over his face, his heterocromic eyes gazing upon a bunch of other lights, they were already searching the backs of the place, it was bad but he had to be quick and smooth not be found. "Just a little more" h mumbled to himself, getting up to run into the woods before him, even tough he knew it would be easy to get lost in a stormy night like the one present.

    Soon he definitely could not take it anymore, so he decided to be smarter, he climbed one of the trees, and stayed in it's top, away from the jail that had held him so mercilessly. He panted as quietly as he managed to, not to give himself away.
  3. The two shadows had indeed been important to dodge and the kid was indeed lucky to see that window.
    Calem had nearly gotten a hold of his ankle as he'd bolted but the boy was just fast enough to slip free.
    But the chase wasn't over, not even close.
    The younger of the two males hopped up and out, following the kid the second his booted feet hit the ground.
    Kast would probably stay behind for the time being, planning and watching the ankle tracker for his partner.

    Calamity had an earpiece in that would allow whatever Kast wanted to say to him audible as long as the device was in, thus, he knew exactly where to find the male who'd managed to squirm free.
    Coming to a stop in front of the large oak tree he looked up, smirking at the sight.
    "You best come down now, boy or your going to wish you had died in your escape."
    It was a promising threat and one Calem loved to fulfill in cases where some didn't take him seriously.
    Reaching up he opened his hand slightly. "Now. Come."

    The man's coat and badge made it pretty obvious that he was one of the higher ups and with that title came powers.
    It would be wise for the other to give up without a fight...
  4. He widened his eyes and growled, jumping away a bit more as he could, managing to get away and jumping off the tree, this resulting in harming his arm, he growled in pain and jumped back into his feet, turning to look at the man. "Never." he growled once more before running off again, taking a fallen tree's branch in his way of escaping and breaking it into half to be able to bear the two sides which had spiky edges.

    He kept running in the knowledge that these men had the way to find him, he needed to fool him somehow, but he did not know how to do this, he was way more scared than he was worried to be found.
  5. Calamity watched the boy fall from the tree, narrowing his eyes as the kid hurt himself.
    That wasn't part of the plan.
    He wanted the darn guy whole when he brought him back.
    With an annoyed growl he made a punching motion towards the kid, then swung his arm around to the right.
    A large chunk of earth came up out of the ground right in front of the guy, then curved around to try and make a circle and trap the guy.
  6. The young one stopped suddenly when he noticed the earth moving and found himself caught. But at this point he looked around, and as quickly and skillful as he could, he climbed a tree, jumped over the lifted ground, and kept running away, hoping the wall his pursuer had created to generate a distraction so he'd loose track of him for good, even tough he knew this wouldn't happen. His energy was running low, his physical strength was one thing, but his mind wasn't that strong anymore. He then reach a bad border, he never knew, how couldn't he notice he was in the coast, his only choice was to taint fate and jump, or look for another way, but this decision was taking him too long to take.
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    Calamity was riding the earth like one would roller blades as he skid over the wall he'd created and into the air.
    His landing brought him to a halt about ten yards away from the other male.
    Determined red eyes bore into the male angrily.
    "Stop damaging yourself and come back now! Your life isn't worth such a poor attempt of escape!"
    He stepped forward as the other seemed to look over the edge.
    "You jump and I will have the cliff come out to meet you, forcing you back onto the ledge so do not waste my time. Come!"
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    He heard the man speaking at him and gave him a growl "I'm never going back there..." he said furiously, getting ready to fight him off to free himself, even tough that band he had been forced to wear before really annoyed him he just didn't feel like it was the place or time to take it off.

    He took a grip of the broken branch he was holding, with the hopes that it would, at least, protect him for a bit until he found a way out of this problem, but he couldn't think it off, not with this threat in front of him, he had to kill this man in order to free himself, but really, how easy was this to accomplish?
    He did not know.
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    The young scientist stepped forward, rolling his eyes as the other raised a tree branch in his defense.
    "Oh no. A tree branch.
    Your supposed to be all high and mighty. Where are your powers now, boy?"
    To think they had such a pathetic man in their high security hold. And he escaped...
    Calamity took another step forward, slowly bridging the gap between him and the other.
    "What is your trick, boy? How were you able to get out so quickly where so many others have failed?"
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    He kept growling and rose his defense about to attack him, still he remained quiet for a moment "Why would I tell YOU that?!" he ferociously yelled taking another step back, right into the edge of the coast and about to fall. "Just let me go and I won't hurt you!" he warned, trying to convince the man of leaving him alone.

    Of course his expression was everything but mellowed out, he was a raging fury and about to kill him if he made a wrong move.
  11. Calamity raised an eyebrow at the others' words.
    "You're making little sense, boy."
    He opened his arms in a gesture of slight confusion before continuing.
    "You do not wish to tell me yet you threaten me with the exact power you wan to keep silent?"
    There was a chuckle from the man's throat as he started walking straight for the male.
    "Well then. I'm waiting. Let's see you kill me."
  12. The young one shook his head and growled "Just stay away from me!" he screamed motioning a threat to the man's life with the branch, taking position as if he were holding two blades in his hands, about to stab him hardly if he didn't walk away, just ready to fight off the man, and when he was close enough he grew desperate and tried to stab him with one of the spear like tips of his broken branch.
  13. The young scientist shook his head and reached out towards the incoming branch.
    The item froze in mid air, shook for a second, then snapped into several pieces to fall to the ground which left only a tiny twig in the boy's hand.
    "Are you done, boy? I see nothing of threat here."
    Reaching forward he snagged the male's shirt and yanked.
    "Now then. Keep your mouth closed and come back quietly. We might even feed you next week if you behave."
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    The young one gasped and stared at his pseudo weapon being destroyer like the piece of wood it was, and suddenly, he was being held close strongly.
    He didn't like the idea but this was his only way out and now he couldn't give himself the luxury of doubting, he moved one of his arms, and strongly slammed it agaisn't the male's body, releasing a "bullet" of energy which tossed him away with the strength of an angry bull dashing at a slim body.

    He panted and watched what he had done, with the hope to have killed this man, whom in the way had tore down two threes due to strength of the hit. He felt completely exausted and felt it uneasy to breathe, using these skills wasn't easy, not to say that it just drained his energy whole.
  15. It wasn't so easy to kill Calamity.
    He wasn't one of the head scientists and magical fighters for nothing.
    Though the blow did deal a good amount of damage and definitely some internal bleeding.
    The man lay there in a the splinters of an red oak tree for several moments before spitting up a good mouthful of blood and rolling over.
    There was a large bruise forming on his chest along with blood pooling from the area in the upper center that had been split open.
    He was honestly surprised his sternum had taken the hit and not shattered...luck, I guess.

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  16. The young one sighed in relief when he saw the man completely hurt at the distance, he jolted away, and began running off again hoping that this time the man would be hurt enough not to follow him, and even tough his body was sore and he needed a breathing second, he wouldn't stop now.
    Not when he was so close to freedom. It was too good to be true but he hoped it wouldn't just be a bad sign.
    He also hoped he hadn't killed that man deep inside, his own heart too good for his own welfare.
  17. "D-damnit!"
    The guy wasn't dead but darn did his chest hurt.
    "Little brat's gonna pay for that." He growled through gritted teeth.
    He started running towards where the kid had, intent on not losing his trail even if he didn't catch up for a bit.
    His feet were unsteady but slowly getting better as he jumped and skidded through the forest, taking a ride on some earth any chance he got.
  18. His body finally gave it up when he reached the edge of a river, he didn't know where the water flow led but he didn't want to fall on it to find out, so he sat on the wet ground and began trying to catch his breath by panting heavily and relaxing, he couldn't bear the incredible pain in his body but he also didn't want to be caught up with.
    Still, he kept worrying about that man who was chasing him, thinking he had killed him, whether a bless or a curse, he still cared, he wanted to go back and see if he was okay, but there was no way of knowing.
    Suddenly he heart a rustle in the bushes, his senses jolted but the instant he tried to move, all he could feel was an excruciating pain from deep within himself. He couldn't move anymore, putting himself in great danger.
    If he had to fight once more he'd probably faint.
  19. The young scientist emerged from the bushes moments later.
    His chest was bleeding but was already starting to clot.
    As soon as he saw the boy his eyes narrowed and he slowed to a very careful walk.
    "There you are. Used up all your powers?"
    His voice was gruff and he spat out blood a few times as he made his way slowly towards the man on the ground.
    "You wasted both of our afternoons with this stupid escape attempt.
    Now come back and we might be able to be 'friends'."
    As in the boy won't be sentenced to death.
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    The young one growled and forced himself up to his feet, his instincts were still harder and stronger than his body's needs, he needed to survive before anything else. And probably, killing this person was the only way out. He growled unwilling to move. "I... don't want to kill you.." he complained.