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  1. Hello, this is the second thread I have created to contain my ideas for possible roleplays. My first was getting a little full, so I decided to make a new one to contain all I wish to say~ I often get a lot of ideas I like to play out, so rather than make a ton of threads I decided to fit them all into only a few. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and if you wish to know more about myself and how I roleplay, you're welcomed to take a peek at my resume.

    If you are interested, write a comment below or send me a conversation~ We can plan things out from there.
    Living Puppet (open)

    Living Puppet


    Male x Female
    Human x Puppet
    I have already attempted this roleplay before, but sadly it was never completed. I hope to give it a second chance here, and maybe we can seep a bit deeper into the story than I had before.
    :skull:~BRIEF DESCRIPTION~:skull:

    ~(Needed role: Human Male)~
    ~(Genres: Demons, Gore, Graphic Violence, Romance (Possible), Drama, Apocalyptic.)~
    ~(Roleplay Description: You (the male role) are one of the few million people left on earth after the demonic species had been introduced. A few years ago, you were selected to be the scavenge for your hidden colony, assigned the role due to an unlucky draw conducted by the village's leader. In present day, you now have a job to make a rather dangerous trip across the outside landscape and deliver a message to a neighboring village, but on the second day of your trip you came to accidentally attraction the attention of a hellish hound due to an accidental step on a broken slab of glass. Without much of a warning other than a brief growl, you suddenly find yourself pinned down to the ground by the large beast, its claws digging rather deeply into you're shoulder. The pained noise the attack responded in caught the attention of a secondary demon, a girl perched on the edge of a tilted building. However, it seemed for once luck has actually come around to help you, for this very girl was one of the few who actually took to defending humans.)~



    The current year is 5506. Humanity has changed drastically during its stay on earth, creating a long and vibrant history full of ups and downs. Yet, it seemed as if this long history may be coming to an end this day for something new had been introduced to the world. A certain thing believed to be false by many people, until a singular day over a thousand years ago. A new species had appeared within the planet, and to them the title of Demons had been given. While at first, they seemed not to be a threat, their small numbers nothing near unnerving or frightening, but within years this all had changed. The demonic race had grown stronger and larger, soon some proved to even surpass human intelligence and many displayed much more power. This had created the decline of the Cenozoic era, and as things grew worse and worse, many people were ready to give up. Eventually, some even began to give up their title of dominance, claiming that the Cenozoic era had ended and that they should simply give in to defeat. It was these people who had created the Raksazoic era. The word Raksasa comes from the Hindi language, truly meaning 'demon'.
    However, while most of the world is covered with endless mountains of ruble and remains of what used to be a flourishing civilization, humans have still managed to make it by. Hidden within various hidden villages, humans have managed to just escape their extinction by a hair. By this time, only a little over a million people remained on earth, a great decline from what used to be billions. Their colonies remain hidden all over the place. You, yourself reside within one of these small civilizations. Over a thousand years after the beginnings of this terror, you had been born. You now live within a secret town which rests under the ruins of what used to be Detroit. Having taken to hidden systems of tunnels after the demonic threat came alone, a small village had been created under the ground hidden away safety from from demonic interruption. For all of your life you had remained safe following the rule of this village, though here you had adapted a rather dangerous job. You were a scavenger. When the village required something from the outside world, you were to go and get it. It wasn't really your choice, rather about a year ago you were selected to take this job due to an unlucky draw. No one would willingly take this job, and as such the choice often needed to be forced and unfair. You did however suck it up, and now it was piratically a normal thing for you.
    Today, you were taking on a new request. The village leader had requested something rather important for you to complete. A task in which you were too hand a letter over to a neighboring colony which resided in a location far west of your own home. You would be out in the dangerous world for about a week entirely by yourself, or at least that was the plan. You knew not of an encounter awaiting you, one that was certain to stir up quite a few events for most of humanity.

    It had now been two days sense you left the safety of your home and entered the vast destruction outside. Not yet had you reached the secondary colony, but no longer was it far. It would be only a day more before you would finally renter a safe human society and rest at ease, without the fear of some sneaky demon coming up behind you and drawing your short life to its end. Yet, unluckily it seemed as if such a thought had truly brought about a dosage of bad luck. While so far everything had gone without a problem, it seemed that an unfortunate step had caught the attention of something quite unfavorable. As you had accidentally stepped upon a shard of broken glass and shattered the noisy substance, a nearby hound had caught that faint, but still audible sound. It was a loud growl that had immediately alerted you of the upcoming danger, and without any more of a warning you suddenly found yourself being pinned to the ground by a pair of massive paws. Over top of you stood a large beast, it's black jowls brought up in a snarl and displaying large red-tipped teeth. Its red eyes stared down at you as harshly it pressed its claws deep into your shoulder, cutting through swiftly and going as far as to press against and even crack the bone beneath. It beckoned a cry from you, a rather loud one that caught even more attention from your surroundings, though this was not necessarily a bad thing.
    Far above and out of sight, a girl sat by her lonesome on the side of a leaning building. Behind her two feathered wings of black extended from her exposed back, curled up behind her in a restful manner. Around her neck was a collar, one made from black leather which featured a gem within its center. The violet gem glowed gently as the girl's eyes had gone to scanning the things below her out of boredom and plain curiosity. It was then that she noted something new. An odd scream had caught her attention, causing her eyes to drift off to the side and catch sight of the furred beast far below. Even its unfortunate prey had been caught in her sight, and slightly her eyes narrowed. She certainly wouldn't be allowing this, this hound held no right to attack an innocent man who was simply passing through. It may need food, but it should take on things its own size rather than attack something as frail as a human. A small huff of annoyance left her throat as she stood herself up, while her wings out stretched behind her. Yet, little did she truly know just what her approach would cause. Nor, was the human far below expecting his small errand to spring up anything such as this.

    :skull:~MY CHARACTER~:skull:


    :skull:Height~ 5"6'
    :skull:Weight~ 123 Lbs
    :skull:Name: Vasiliki Thecla
    :skull:Gender: Female
    :skull:Race: Demon~ Living Puppet
    :skull:Age: Appears 18
    :skull:Personality: Vasiliki is a rather strange demon when compared to others. She had been one of the many to hold intelligence and be able to formulate her own ideals and beliefs. She validates people on their person rather than race of strength, and this includes human beings as well. She truly is one of the few demons willing to cooperate and live alongside the human race, and she grows annoyed easily whenever she witnesses a demon taking advantage of a human. She is a strong willed girl, though often she can be rude or even mean towards others at first. Yet, overtime these things become more teasing, friendly, and playful. Overall, depending on how close you are to her, Vasiliki can either be sweet or completely sour.
    :skull:Abilities: As a living puppet, Vasiliki hold the power to manipulate her form into new states and shapes of matter. Easily she can turn her own body into a weapon if she so pleases, or she can simply impersonate the looks of other races.

    ↑Brief Description↑ (Needed role: Human Male) The world was falling to a demonic threat, and much of the human race had been killed off. Now, the few million remaining continue to hide in underground cities, but due to an unlucky draw, you were forced out into the outside world to scavenge and run errands. However, today as you were on a long trip to deliver a letter to a neighboring city, you soon found yourself to be pinned down by an hound-like demon. You thought yourself to be done, so it certainly was a surprise when you soon found yourself to be save, none the less by a demon.
    Lost Experiment (open)

    :blackpawn:Lost Experiment:blackpawn:


    Male x Female /or/ Male x Male
    Human x Monster

    This is a completely new one~ Though it seems rather fun to me. However sense the idea is so fresh I do welcome any suggestions towards the plot or characters. Don't be scared to voice such things, it could end up really helping the story.
    :blackpawn:~BRIEF DESCRIPTION~:blackpawn:

    ~( Needed role: Human Male /or/ Female )~
    ~( Genres: Drama, Mystery, Action {Possible: Tragedy, Romance, Yoai} )~

    ~( Roleplay Description: Four weeks ago you had gone to the funeral of your grandfather, only to find that within his will he had left to you his home. This was a pretty big deal due to the home's large scale and Victorian structure. Truly, it was a mansion in size. Even better is that he had left you with his fortune, and something he claimed to be a family secret. You knew not of what this secret was, but you departed for the home anyways. Now, four weeks after you're grandfather's funeral you find yourself within the walls of a large estate, only you now have something to find. This treasure your grandfather had spoken of, only it was not at all what could be expected... )~


    Within a single day, your entire life was changed by none other than a dead man. A home, a fortune, even a surprise were all given to you by his will, a grandfather whom you hardly even knew. You met him once or twice in your early childhood, but beyond that you hardly knew him. You couldn't even recall what he looked like until you had seen his blank face at his own funeral. It made no sense, why would he grant such generous gifts to a person he hardly knew? Surely, he must have had someone much closer to him of whom he could have given this all too. As such, it made no sense to you why this was all even happening, yet strangely enough it was reality. Even if it was't something easy for one to understand. Yet, what made it even stranger was a small addition to the will of your grandfather in which he claimed to be passing onto you 'A hidden present.' You held no idea what this could possibly be, yet it was written so playfully. He truly was acting as if it were to be a game of hide and seek for you, the entire mansion being the playground. Of course, at the moment you had absolutely no idea what was waiting for you within that house.
    Now, after four weeks of packing and preparing for your knew home, you stand at the bottom of a small stairwell leading to a pair of heavy oaken doors. Above you, the mansion's towers reach high into the sky, it holding a sky several times bigger than your previous home. It was a little strange though, this place felt oddly familiar in a way that was hard to understand. You felt like you had missed this place, as if there was something inside that you willed to reach, but what could it be? Why were you even feeling this? There was only one way for you to find out now. Perhaps this little hunt through the mansion could be rather interesting?
    However, little did you know what truly was waiting for you in the mansion's deep interior. Down the main hall of the first floor, there was a strange door at the clear end of the corridor. It was large in size, but its paint was much darker than all of the other doors. A golden lock was latched onto it's curved knob, but already it was unlocked and prepared for its newest guest to explore its inside. Behind this door there lay a descending stairwell that leads to the mansion's basement. The basement level is lacking any sort of light source, at first glance everything a front of you is pure black. However, if one were to peek slightly to the right behind the stairwell, a small light can be seen drafted across the room created by a barred window. Its striped pattern of dark and light curved over a figure in the far corner of the room, the shape of a person sitting with her back to the wall.
    Quietly, she sat within this little room, her silver hair covering away her eyes from view. Around her neck was a blackish collar, one connected to a long silver chain holding thick and strong metal upon it which extended to a built in loop within the wall where the chain was connected. Loosely it laid upon the floor before curving in an upwards motion to meet the metal collar. She was near still, that is until she noted something knew, and something quite familiar at that. Upwards, she peered her red eyes finally coming out into view as her hair fell away off to the side of her face. They locked on to where the door would be above her that allowed access to the mansion's basement level, and silently she pondered just what she was catching onto. Something nostalgic, a feeling much like she would receive from the previous home's owner. She of course knew he died, and this only brought her more confusion. Perhaps it was merely someone like him?
    However, regardless to this she still held the duty to protect this home, no matter who may be coming inside. Whether they felt familiar or not, she was not supposed to welcome anyone, but those the home's owner familiarized her with into the house, for truly this family had quite a lot of secrets to hide from those who may desire to sneak inside and steal them. Of course, she had yet to realize that this man really was welcomed to come within, that he had even been given the deed to the home from the previous and now deceased owner, and even at that he would now be the only person with command over her. Yet, this could only be discovered through some time, as long as the home's secret treasure could behave herself long enough.
    :blackpawn:~MY CHARACTER~:blackpawn:

    Height~ 5'7
    Weight~ 120 LBS

    Name~ Lilian Sakora
    Gender~ Female
    Race~ Mixed Monster
    Age~ 21
    Personality~ Lilian can be a quiet sort when she pleases, often when she first meets a person she refused to speak to them unless it is completely necessary, but once someone does manage to gain a bit of her liking she can quickly become much more welcoming and talkative. She can even grow to be protective and caring towards those who she had come to like, but she does try to hide it at time with small excuses or lies. However, if one were to become her enemy her actions towards them would differ greatly, causing her to be terribly rude or even aggressive depending on the situation.
    Abilities~ Lilian is capable of calling forth a weapon of her own, a rather large scythe made from a silver metal. Along with this, she does have the capability to hide away any significations of her more monstrous nature, such as her horns, wings, and even the unnatural colors of her eyes and hair if it is necessary. Being what she is also gives her a surplus of natural speed and strength when compared to humans.

    ↑Brief Description↑ (Needed role: Male) After the death of your distant grandfather, you were granted the deed and ownership of his mansion along with his fortune, but little did you know all of the secrets you would soon discover about the old man, beginning with a monstrous girl chained up within his basement.
    Sinful Oppose (open)

    Sinful Oppose


    Male x Female/or/Male x Male
    Demon x Human

    Once again, a very new roleplay. Open to suggestions once more, any that may help improve the story at hand.
    [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR]~BRIEF DESCRIPTION~[BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR]

    ~( Needed Role: Human Female )~
    ~( Genres: Religion, Gore, Action, Drama {Possible: Horror, Romance, Tragedy} )~
    ~(Roleplay Description: Rumors often circulate your tiny village, speaking of your father and his church and their seemingly dark ways of bringing about the word of god, and dealing with those who hold no faith. Of course, you never took to these beliefs due simply to how angelic and kind your father was in your eyes, until one day. As you were returning home, you had heard some noise from the church nearby and choosing to investigate, you came across your father and one of his more demonic victims... what will you do? )~

    Harsh words and hushed whispers were exactly what your town was known for, at least in your eyes. Always, people would speak of the inhumane church your very own father ran and occupied as the head priest and highest in power within your leaderless home. With no one of significant wealth or fame, all was left to the clergy who often did hold as much power as any political leader in the current time. As such, your own family was considered to be the most powerful and respected within your tiny village, but there was only a singular fault in these typical view points. Really, when the back of their leader was turned, the villigers would take to murmuring soft rumors of the church's darker side, one in which those who fail to believe, or so much as question their god above would be introduced to cruel torture and even supposed death in some cases. However, never before had any of these rumors been proven through the finding of a body or a first hand witness who was willing to speak. Not even you knew if these hushed ideas were true or false, but regardless you still always took to the defense of your father in his absence. In your eyes, he was always such a kind and gentle man, there was no way he could ever hurt a fly let alone a person. Yet, never would you expect to find that these rumors were indeed true, and your old man was hiding much more from you than you would ever think to be possible.
    It was today that many of his secrets would become clear to you, despite just how typical everything had begun. After visiting the many small shops in the town's center, you were once again on your way home: the small house neighboring the church your father runs. It wasn't all that long of a walk, and even better was that the whether seemed to be in your favor this day. Though the sun was indeed setting in the far distance, the weather still was warm with a soft, but nice breeze. Really, the day had been a rather perfect one for you, without any disruption or stress, though this all would change rather swiftly in the coming hour. It wasn't even something you were expecting to face ever in your life, simply due to how much you trusted and adored the man who had raised you into the woman you were today. It was simply incomprehensible to think he could be anything but a good man, and it was this belief that blinded you from stepping upon the truth sooner.
    It was at this time that you had finally arrived outside the front door of your tiny home, and you were just about to head inside until you heard an odd noise coming from the neighboring building. With this, your eyes fixated on the church with some curiosity... it sounded as if someone were yelling, and even at that it was a very familiar voice indeed. It caused an odd feeling to stir up within your stomach, perhaps a bit of worry? You were uncertain, but regardless you knew you had to go and check within the church, if something were to happen you didn't know what you would do. Quickly, you rested all you had collected from the store within the entrance of your home, setting it upon the small table neighboring the door before exiting out of the house and making your way towards the nearby church where you assumed your father was currently located.
    However, little did you know just what was inside... Hidden down, underneath the trap door in the corner of the church's back room there was a metallic ladder extending into the now lit stone basement. The cracked walls were stained in splatters of color, some featuring the crimson often recognized as blood, yet oddly enough the rested some black and even some purple. It looks almost as if one had gone and tossed buckets of paint across the stony canvas, though it all was randomized and held no true figure or shape. If it were to be some work of art, it was truly an odd one... however, another look around would certainly prove this to be false showing the true cause of the repetitive and odd splatters.
    Laying near the room's center, was an oddly pale man with white hair matching the very odd coloring of his skin. Two curved horns extended from either side of his head, while a tail much like the devil's had curled over his waist and now remains twisted slightly on black-stained floor in front of him, occasionally smearing the black liquid when its end would make a movement. It was clear that the source of the black in the room was this man, as that very liquid leaked from many opened wounds placed about his body visible through a mostly shredded shirt and ripped pants. A rather unsettling amount of this liquid was currently leaking from the left side of his face and going as far as to stain the floor below him. A hole was there, one where an eye had previously been though still the other was just where it was meant to be, though it was growing hazy as clear the blood loss and missing eye was enough to get to the poor man. His hands were bound tightly behind his back by a heavy chain, another holding his ankles together to prevent him from moving about at all, and even at that they rendered him to be completely helpless and unable to defend himself at all. Instead, his eye simply remained on the hazy figure who stood tall above him, or to be more pacific, his missing eye which was now in the other's bear hand.
    Mad chuckles were escaping the throat of the older man as he turned the eye about in his hand, examining it thoroughly before placing his sights on the other once more. A wicked grin had crossed his face as he bent over, his hand taking a tight clutch on the man who lay upon the ground, using a strong force to lift him up to eye level. The clutch did cause a small grunt of pain to leave the other, but this only caused the grin on the other's face to grow wider in a sort of sick pleasure. "No more snarky comments from you, hmm? Well, it isn't as if it matter... I already have what I want, now would you be kind enough to spit it out now? Just where is your power located? This all would end much sooner, if you would just tell me..." he man spoke in a venomous way, his voice raised near yelling still, but it seemed to have no effect on the other. Instead, he simply narrowed his singular eye as he responded, "M-my lips are sealed..." This only served to provoke more rage to his captor, resulting in his hair being released but a harsh kick being placed into his abdomen instead, a yelp leaving his throat as his figure curled a bit in the black liquid. Once again, the yelling continued only now... you were just outside the trap door, and prepared to head downstairs.

    (Please note: This roleplay takes place in the dark ages, also known as medieval times. )

    [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR]~MY CHARACTER~[BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] 5TZs5ZfP8Ws.jpeg [/BCOLOR]
    Height[BCOLOR=transparent]~ 5'9"[/BCOLOR]
    Weight[BCOLOR=transparent]~ 135 lbs[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Xypher Hikage[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 20[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gender: Male[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Race: Demon[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality: Xypher tends to be a more argumentative and problematic man, sometimes being picky or rude. Yet, even at this he can also seem rather distant and closed off to those around him and often he fails to fess up any information about himself or his past. He is a very secretive person who had problems speaking of himself, and it isn't often that he is seen being kind to another, but over time it can happen. He does hold a sweeter side, but few people get to see it. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Abilities: Xypher holds many hidden abilities which he rarely uses unless it is absolutely necessary, as such when forced to defend himself he often stick to the ways of humans and uses battle accessories such as knives or swords. However, he does hold much more strength and speed than a normal person even though his body's build seems a little more frail than some men. Xypher does however commonly use his abilities to mask away what he really is by shifting his horns to curl inwards into a position which he can easily hide underneath the hood of a cloak. His tail than can simply curl into his clothing and remain hidden that way. His pale skin remains though, and he often states that it is simply how he was born.[/BCOLOR]

    ↑Brief Description↑ (Needed role: Human Male/or/Female ) Always, rumors were told around your tiny village of the inhumane ways of the church your very own father ran, but due to a lack of proof and your attachment to your father, you never believed them. However, this very day it seemed your own beliefs would be proven wrong as you walked in upon your father in the act of tormenting his latest victim... only, something was very wrong with this victim, beginning with the frightening horns upon his head.​
    Corrupt (open)



    Male x Male/or/Male x Female
    Servant x Master

    This is a relatively new idea, I have based it off one of my old roleplays, but over all it is very new. As such, I am once again open to suggestions and ideas which may aid in improving the story.
    :downcat:~BRIEF DESCRIPTION~:downcat:

    ~(Needed Role: Female)~
    ~(Genres: Romance, Drama, Mystery [Possible: Action, Tragedy,] )~


    View attachment 55486
    Silent, strained breaths rung out in the forest, full of fatigue and hinted with pain. His eyes were set ahead and transfixed on a distant light far away, just barely peeking through the dense collection of trees. Often, it would be blocked from his sight be the sluggish passing of a branch, or the coverage of a collection of leaves, but never did he let himself lose sight of where he was heading. Despite the ever-growing stains of red marking his being, the pain it all caused, he still held a certain glint of determination in his eyes. He had somewhere he needed to be, and while it may seem so distant, he still wouldn't let himself draw back now. With the figure of a sleeping cat nestled in his arms, and a black case on his back, he continued forth, leaving behind him a speckled trail of crimson.
    It was about an hour after that the male finally did stumble free of the undergrowth, his steps creating a new sound as he set his weight atop a gravel driveway. Things were beginning to grow blurry around him, the dark night sky swirling into an imaginary collision with the dark bark of trees. A bright porch light swirled a few yards away, a secondary yellowish light shining from a window far above. "Master..." the man whispered between pants, his hazy eyes being placed upon the far away window. He reached out his hand, shifting the sleeping cat into only one arm causing the tiny beast to stir. From where he stood, he extended his hand to cross his vision, making look almost as if he had finally reached his destination. The glare of the window was blocked in the shadow of his hand, and for a moment a fleeting grin had crossed his face. It only vanished the moment hid form lost balance once again, causing him to stumble forwards and almost fall to the floor. He hissed quietly in pain, watching droplets of small red splatter on the ground below him. Narrow his eyes, he looked ahead, and upon unbalanced feet he began to make his way towards the porch. The door was now in his sights...
    Hearing the wooden creak of steps below him, he clutch the thin railing tightly. It wailed in a sort of protest against the man's weight, but he gave no acknowledgement to the wood's protest. So close, the door was merely feet away, but things were so blurry. He could see a blackness slowly creeping across him, summoned by speckled spots of white. They had looked almost as if they could be stars, and in his foggy mind he could have almost believed such a thing to be before him. With a last desperate attempt to make it, he reached out his hand in the direction of the distorted handle. He narrowed his eyes, a clear struggle placed within his expression. He missed, catching nothing but air as his figure finally did fall in its weakness. He simply couldn't make it, despite being oh so close. He had nearly been there, but already before he had hit the ground, his eyes had closed.
    Only a second before, the cat had wriggled free from the grasp of the man, jumping away to escape the impact of the fall. Landing on study and balanced paws, it gazed over the figure of the injured man. After a moment of examination, it set its green eyes upon the door ahead of it. With a flick of its brown tail, it walked ahead and began to sound loud meows, wanting to catch the attention of whoever had drawn this person to them. It stood on its back legs as it scratched lightly at the wood, all the while meowing just as loudly as it could manage.
    :downcat:~MY CHARACTER~:downcat:

    :downcat:Height~ 6'0"
    :downcat:Weight~ 132 LBS
    :downcat:Name: Midas Chrysanthos
    :downcat:Age: 22
    :downcat:Gender: Male
    :downcat:Race: Familiar
    :downcat:Personality: Midas is often perceived as a very quite person, an obedient one at that who does have quite a few innocent moments. His voice is often near that of a whisper, and it isn't often that he does raise his voice to a somewhat more audible level. However, he doesn't really seem timid. He still can be assertive despite his quite and commonly obedient tone. He can be a little harsh without knowing it, as can he act sweetly without really understanding how. Overall, he is a bit of a strange person, but he still does come through in the times he is needed.
    :downcat:Abilities: As a familiar, Midas is capable of healing only his master. He doesn't have the power for his healing abilities to effect anyone else, and even at that when they are set to use on his master, the wound isn't erased completely. It simply travels over onto his being. Along with his limited healing abilities, Midas can also manipulate sounds and fragrances to his will, and things such as this can be rather useful within battle situations. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to the human body, and he can use this knowledge when creating both his scents and sounds. However, he does have a bit more of a monstrous side, if something were to push him too far.
    :downcat:Other: Midas is somewhat of an artistic person. He enjoys music quite a bit, and he had take up to playing it. He is considered to be very talented with a violin, and luckily it is what he does enjoy playing the most. He has even taken to carrying around his instrument with him for with his ability of sound, it can be used as a weapon if he so desired.
    ~His Violin~

    ↑Brief Description↑ (Needed role: Female) An injured boy stumbled upon your porch, the loud meows of a cat trying to draw you outside in order to meet the needs of this stranger. However, upon waking up... he soon begins to insist that you are his master.
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