A different Apocalypse.

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  1. Hello Guys and Girls. ^^

    It has been a very long time since I have been on the forum and to actually pe part of a project, and to write.. which I`ve always loved to do anyway.

    I am just wondering if anyone would be interested in a Apocalyptic Zombie RP, with a nice storyline but nothing to complicated. I was part of two Zombie RPs but I think they got closed down due the inactivity after I took a break from the forum.

    I miss role playing, and especially after I had seen the final episode of TWD, made me re-think and kind of miss writing with zombies and surviving and fighting..etc.

    The Maine storyline would be something like this :

    This is a roleplay thread for people who are serious about roleplaying. The zombie setting is more “The Walking Dead” Than “Left 4 Dead” That is, it's not a story about zombies being killed, but about the PEOPLE killing the zombies, how they feel, what are their thoughts while doing it. Not looking for some long internal monologue, something more than “I see three zombies come around the corner. I shoot two in the head and throw my knife at the third.”. Give it some feeling, please. And it's shouldn't even be all about the people killing zombies. It's also about the struggle for survival, the interaction with other survivors. This is what this RP is about is for.

    The infection started in China. The first videos and photos that quickly spread across the web were all dismissed at a ploy, China trying to bait other countries to bring there militaries into some trap. By the time people started believing it, it had spread to across all of Asia. Within days it had reached Europe. Martial law was declared. USA has closed it's borders and international flights. However, (in the USA) most people still go about their daily lives as usual. The status quo has not been shaken. Yet.

    The action will take place in USA- New York City.(to keep it simple)

    IF anyone interested in this simplistic, yet good-badd-ass fun- Killing - Zom-Zoms- please share your opinions. ^^

  2. I miss zombie RPs ;u; I'd love to do this if you decide to start it.
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  3. JESS !! <33

    I miss you..! and yes I would like to start it, ^^ Obviously we need some people..
    It`s a shame that the other one got closed down. (or moved somewhere and I dont see it lol ) ~

    Maybe we could gather some people- like the old crew would be LOVELY ! - fan girl screams >:)
  4. I would be interested in doing this. Unfortunately I am not part of the old crew D: New crew is cool... right?
  5. PURE!

    I know! I was looking forward to posting more ;n; But oh well.. I just might bring my twins back. Might. And I'd love to see the old crew again *o* But some of them aren't active anymore...


    New crews are cool too *o*
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    I am active almost every day with the exceptions of sundays and the time I am at work xD
  7. Haha have yes! The twins were awesome, I'd love to see them again; wins yes I have nothing against a new crew lol
    New people is always good he he
  8. Great I look forward to bringing a character from a long time ago zombie rp and giving him new life. Alexander Heir will live again!
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  9. Definitely looking forward to it then; )
    I hope at least to get in this group another person ^^ and if any of you want to play two charactera it's okay ~
  10. I would be into it! If spots are available that is.
  11. i'm into it, count me in
  12. Rick!! lol. I dig the new name, man. :p
  13. thanks lol, find the new name fits
  14. Haha :)) well obviously I want some commitems at least a little bit ^^
    Also I hope you guys can write more than one paragraph ~

    If lucky I'll open it these days in the fallowing week; )
  15. This sounds really interesting and I'd love to join. Count me in!
  16. Awesome then xd. You are in; )
  17. Me in? c:
  18. I would like to say that as well it will be plenty of gore and killing and swearing and some crazy shit :))

    I don't know if the under aged , meaning under 15 are able to deal with that lol

    And again I would like to make it clear that me as an GM, I am expecting decent writing ^^
  19. I an but a wee child D: Don't ruin my dreams Dx
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  20. Nahhh just saying the important matters: ))

    I'll try to open The OOC THREAD these days and and IC soon after everyone postS the CS lol xd
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