A Deadly Beauty

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History of Arx

Think of the Earth as we know it, now erase what you see of everything except for the landmasses and oceans. Now insert the same flora and fauna again. Add large city-states surrounded by huge iron walls. This is the basics to how the Earth progressed with the presence of Vampires. The humans built up their city-states with huge walls to defend from the viscious Vampire attacks. And for many many years this was how it worked. However, in many city-states the vampires found ways to sneak in. Some destroyed the entire populace and moved on, other snuck in and corrupted the local governments forcing the humans of the area to become a living blood bank. A constant source of nourishment.

However in the large city-state of Arx (located approximately where the modern day Vatican now resides) there was a different result. When the humans of the area became privy to the vampires entrance to the city, they immediately rallied behind their leaders to oppose the oncoming force. The vampire invading force, lacking any real structure and leadership, were driven back into one quarter of the city. The human leaders then came up with a plan. This was based mostly on the religious sector of the government that did not see the vampires as threats but as fellow inhabitants of the earth. So a truce was created. The humans would let the remaining vampires live, however, they would be walled into the section of the city, never to leave unless given permission by the government itself. Through the following days another law was set forth. Every month there would be sent into the Lamia (as the vampire quarter came to be known as) humans, those of the lowest rungs of society, beggars, homeless, orphans, and the worst of criminals, to feed the vampires and not kill them off. However, they would only provide one human for every three vampires according to the initial headcount of vampires.. This was enacted to both stem the population of the vampires, and to make them weak so they would not be able to try and over throw the city. Over time the population shrunk until that same amount of food, was sufficient to keep the population steady. However there was a small group of citizens who were strongly opposed to this manuever and wanted to see the vampires destroyed completely. They called themselves Humanitas Equitum.

Over the years as they passed things changed however. The general populace, as each generation went by became more and more ignorant of the vampires presence until they eventually forgot they existed. However the gvernment coninued its feeding of those in the Lamia according to the laws. Within the vampie community changes also arose. Instead of killing or turning the humans they were given they started keeping them alive. Drinking a little from each human so that the humans could recuperate and become a steady source of blood. The Humanitas Equitum still existed through out the city. They had passed down their hatred through the generations and retained their will to kill the vampires off. They were the few among the general citizens who still remembered the laws, and the treaty.

Rumors... Thats all they were right? Just simple rumors. To the rest of Humanitas Equitum thats exactly what they were. There were four people however, who saw it a little differently. Every rumor had a hint of truth to it. What exactly the truth behind this rumor was, well, they wanted to find that out. Dux Mercenaire, the leader of Humanitas. Secreta Mercenaire, Dux's female second in command. Sacre Mercenaire, Humanitas' third in command. These three people lead the 20 man strong Humanitas Equitum, and it was their job to ferret out the rumors from the facts. There was a fourth person who beleived that this may not be all rumor. Her unofficial title was Viverra Mercenaire, however she was just another of the group members. The only reason she held a different opinion of the rumors was she was a long time friend of Sacre.

"Do you really think they are true Jeremy? I mean.. if there was a vampire hunting in secret through out the city I think we would have heard about it before this... right?" She looked over at Jeremy who was sharpening his blades his face set in an emotionless visage.

He did however look up at her to speak. "If they are true Viktorya, we shall find out soon enough. Plus these rumors aren't exactly new ones. We have heard them before however Dux decided not to investigate them. I finally talked Dux into letting me take a couple of us and check this out. However, he will only let me take two people with me. Says 'We can't have our entire group going out on a rumor.' So I'm bringing you, and you may pick one other to bring along, somene reliably preferably."

She nodded and left going to find a third person while he went back to his blades. "I hate vampires..." he mumbled to himself.
"Arx City, what a hell hole."

He was standing in the middle of a crowd, hiding among the people was easy if you didn't show your eyes as much. The time of day hd recently diminished and became night. At the moment, Jason was looking around for Humanitas, he'd been in the city for so long they'd become suspectful of his hunting spree. All he'd done was bite a few civilians for restoration, but never killed them. Most of the time he wouldn't even feed just to preserve his absence. The humanitas woould probably kil him on spot if they found him. Not because he bit someone, just for the fact of what he is, a vampire. He's evaded dosens of encounters with them before and all were to close for comfort, even when he had the upper hand.

Becoming darker outside, Jason ducked into a back alley and started juming buildings towards the east of the city, where most of his known people reside. They're aren't free, but kept alive by having humans sent in to "supply" their needs. It made him sick to his stomach how they'd treat their slaves. Some would ask for blood in perverted ways, some don't even want blood, and others...do worse. But most of them are either killed or lock away for good. Jason sometimes took matters into his hands by saving the slave from such a fate, but the slave is always blabbing on about who and how he/she was saved. Making his reputation into a rumor, which may become a fatal mistake soon.

As he came to his destination, he landed on a roof and viewed the corridor his people were held in. On each side of a large gate were guards, UV spottlights, and turrets, just to stop an outbreak. It was feeding hour, which meant they were going to start sending in people, it quickly crossed his mind that he had to watch over these people and be sure nothing got out of order. A guard below gestured his hands and yelled, "Bring in the food."
A clear night sky was something very beautiful to behold. The gentle glistening of each star, so high up above to watch the world from a different kind of pedestal, it came as almost one of the wonders of the world to Axl. How could such items as stars and constellations, sprinklings of dust floating away to infinity and beyond, be available for the viewing of mortal eyes such as his? It didn't seem very fair to him, how the galaxy just bared itself for the world to gaze upon. Flashing It's stuff all over the place, could the sky not have some sort of decency once in a while? Clearly, it could not, as scum like himself were allowed the most public peek. Nevertheless, with a curve of the lips and a crinkle of the cheek, Axl took it all in like the selfish little brat he recalled his mother told him he was.
As his legs stretched out along the bench beneath him, the right limb decided to bend over the edge. A lanky figure, the sole of his shoe scraped the ground lightly, pushing back and forth in a carefree swinging motion. Arms lifting to place comfortably behind a head covered in bright red spiked up strands, it felt nice to relax in the open area of the city. The cool night air caressed his piercing cheekbones, sending the slightest of shudders down his spine, clinging to each angle of each little bone trailing down to his toes. Staring up at nothing in particular, soft copper eyes hid behind lids closing along them while a flat chest beneath some clothing material raised up high. Exhaling slowly, controlling the breathing pattern that was about to begin, the twenty-five-year-old male couldn't think of a better way to spend his night. Well, alright, maybe some vodka might not be too bad either. But, he was appreciating the moment, trying to treasure it no matter how quickly it might end.
Of course, Mr. Axl Troy McGillian was not here out of his own wanting. He did have purpose that night, as he waited on a call from a mate of his, letting his cell phone stay on vibrate on the inside of his left pocket, in case his ears didn't feel like picking apart each sound they heard in the busy life of the night. They were suppose to be hanging around the town, possibly hitting up a few bars, scoping out clubs, perhaps find a wall or two to tag up and admire from afar afterwards. Somehow, though, Axl was by himself, having been waiting already for close to half and hour. Unsure if he should give up by now or not, a sigh passed through his throat, contemplating the choices he should be making. Although..it was rather nice and simple to just lay here unbothered and uninterrupted. Shifting a little to face the back of the bench more, curling up slightly with his awkwardly tall body bending in every direction, his lungs filled with air once more as the taste of night was about him. How sweetly it lingered against his tongue, how perfect tonight felt thus far.. And still, the night had barely begun.

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As twilight began to end, the darkness crowding around everywhere, Neyo and Dahvie awoke. Dahvie took Neyo by the chain hanging from her neck. They both knew Neyo worked the "Night Shift".
"Before you leave, Neyo, you know what I need." Dahvie held out his hand, and Neyo slapped it, money in between the twins' hands. Dahvie gripped Neyo's palm, and pulled her close. He bit her neck for only a few seconds, then let her go. "Make sure you meet me back at the house before midnight." Neyo hesitated before leaving, and quietly asked.
"When will we have a real house?" She didn't mind living in a run-down apartment room, with a broken, single bed, and a dirty bathtub they rarely used.
"When you can make enough money to buy us one. And some fake teeth for myself. They won't let vampires out of this disgusting place, and you already pass as human." Dahvie patted her chin three times, then the top of her head twice. "And don't hurt yourself." He turned and began to head off into the darkness. It was time to feed.
Neyo walked off, she already had several "Appointments" to attend. And everyone of them thought she was a vampire, because her twin was a vampire, so nobody would try to bite her. Dahvie only sucked her blood in secret.
The most popular rumor about Neyo was that her fangs never came in, so Dahvie would have to suck someone's blood and spit it out into her mouth. But they were all only tall-tales.
Lily was among the ranks of the humans that were often released into the vampires' society as a means of feeding, although she had lived among them long enough to be integrated fully, following her masters around in case they needed her. She watched sadly as more were trotted into the predators' allocated area, little more than cattle to their new "owners".

Ruby was standing to her sister's right, fingers wrapped loosely round a chain that connected the two. She liked Lily to watch the new human shipments, let her see their fearful eyes or the haunted expressions on their faces. A smirk grew swiftly on her lips as she took in the younger girl's demeanor and she yanked down hard on the leash.
"What's that face for, hmm?" She hissed at Lily, her eyes flaring with twisted joy as the blonde cried out and dropped to her knees. A few eyes hovered over her, some of the more conscientious vampires probably considering whether to stop her.

"A little harsh, no?" The blonde's voice was quiet and breathless, sweeter than one would think was possible for one in her situation.
"You're human trash. You're lucky I'm not feeling my usual vindictive self today, or I might have ripped your throat out for your opinion." The elder girl had a husky edge to hers, a by-product of her quick temper and willingness to yell at those around her. Lily stayed where she was, on her knees. Her sister hadn't let any real harm come to her as of yet but she'd had some close encounters with the branding iron and didn't feel the urge to repeat them.
Lynnette was one of the humans they herded into the vampire's part of town. She didn't know what to expect here. Would they treat her just as badly as the people at the orphanage, or worse? Which ever one it was, she highly doubted that they would treat her better than those monsters at the orphanage did.

She never did anything to them. They all just picked on her, even forcefully bleached her hair pure white. Her hair was still as soft and everything like it was before they bleached it, it just never regained its color. Stepping through the gates and into vampire territory was frightening for her. She only ever heard stories about them, but of course the stories came from the orphanage. Lynnette didn't trust anything that they said was to be true.

She then started thinking what it would be like to have her blood sucked. Would it hurt, or would she just feel a prick in her neck? She wouldn't truly know what it was like until it actually happened to her. Even with all these thoughts about what could happen to her here, she still didn't regret leaving the orphanage to come here.
Dahvie waited patiently as he watched humans being snatched by vampires all around him. He didn't just grab any human and drink, he stood quietly and waited for the right one to come up. Any of these humans could have a disease, so why just pick any random one?
Dahvie gasped, he spotted her, his prey for today. He shoved his way past the crowd of depressed humans, and grabbed a small teenager by the arm. Her hair was white, shockingly white, shoulder-length, and seemed to glow in the darkness. He began walking away from the crowd, dragging the human with him. This one... He thought to himself. Is special.

Neyo had already stopped by her first client's house, it was quick and almost painless. She earned herself a good sixty-two dollars, more than what others would pay. She still had an extra hour of free-time before having to meet the needs of her second client. Stopping at a clearing in the park, she sat down in the soft grass and looked up.
Neyo gasped, she never did have time to admire sky. The beautiful stars and their patterns shone brightly. The moon was bright, white and full. She took in a deep breath, and let it out as she closed her eyes. Opening them once again, she watched in wonder as small, dark clouds would pass over the stars, imagining them as pieces of the sky, folding over the stars and rolling back to shine again. The air felt light, tranquil, this was a very magical moment for Neyo.
She looked down, away from the stars, and her eyes narrowed at a bench not too far from her. Were her eyes playing tricks on her? She rubbed them quickly, then looked again, but they were right. A tall, red-headed man was lying on the park bench, starring at the sky. She crawled slowly towards him, her chains rattling softly, but she kept her distance while studying his handsome features.
Alone. This was what Axl tried to feel at the moment, utterly alone. Even with all the lights and sounds bustling around his ears and eyes, he managed to block most of it out. Keeping his lids shut tight, taking in the black shadows that filled his closed off vision, a small curving smile trickled over each lip. He was imagining a scene in his head, where he would rather be at this very moment. Laying in the moist grass of a late night, in the middle of nowhere atop of some hill, with the night sky looming overhead like a blanket of protection from whatever is 'out there'. Maybe add a blanket or two, a large pillow, and of course a stunning woman beside him, and this would be the perfect setting. Blinking to look up again, a sigh escaped the young man. No, he wasn't magical, and daydreams did not come true, he could see this when he spotted a hobo across the street limping along with a cup, rattling with the weight of a penny or a nickle. Sad, this city was just too damn depressing for his taste. Sitting up slowly, giving a grunt like a weathered old man, more like a whine from being too lazy at the moment, the red head smoothed over his spikes with a careful palm. Rubbing at his eyes gently to wake up more, sensing the tones of exhaustion starting to creep up along his bones, he would not give in to sleep just yet tonight. He was young, as was the time of evening. No way would he act like a middle-aged geezer! Screw that, man. Screw that.

Swirving about on the bench, allowing his running kicks finally to hit the concrete walkway beneath him, Axl extended both arms high above his head. Stretching long enough, taking his time, he figured in his head he might not wait too much longer for his buddy to ring him up. The bastard wasn't worth many more minutes of sitting around, doing nothing. It was certain now he wasn't going to spot that guy ever again for a drink when they would go to a bar next. Nope, not gonna do it. No matter how nice Axl could be, he knew when he was being toyed with, and this just became the last time he would wait around for that drunken imbecile. Rolling his shining, copper tones, the boy's gaze faltered over to a figure in the distance. Arching a brow in a perplexed manner, it was true, there was the outline of a female crawling along the city floor. Who in their right mind would touch the dirty ground in this area.. Especially, what kind of woman would do so? Actually, such a careless risk-taker, well, that might be the kind of woman he could take an interest in.

The instant grin occupied Axl's face as he slid along the bench on his bottom to the end, nearest this being that came closer. She seemed rather cautious, though curious with the kind of expression held on her pale, porcelain face. Squinting, the human raised a hand up, adjusting the goggles on his head absent mindedly, trying to pick apart what she looked like from this far away. Now, it wasn't strange, the way her boyish raven hair waved along in the wind, nor the tint held in her different colored eyes. No, what was peculiar about this woman was the way she was dressed. Of course, every major city had their brothels and 'fun houses', any dweller of the area could take a hint and know of these 'secret sinful getaways'. But, this girl looked too young to be into such a job field. And to hold such a modest attire in public at that, well, the sudden feeling to rip off his own shirt, and cover her exposed body with it came upon Axl. This was not right to view. Oh, she was gorgeous, clearly, he wouldn't deny such a thing. But.. there were so many creepers in this place.. Did she even fear for her life right now, looking like that?

Gritting his teeth, Axl stood up, fingers curled up into gentle fists, slowly approaching to meet the girl. Looking down at her, hands brought up to his hips, he waited and cleared his throat upon blocking her path. Ever since losing his sister to the night, he viewed females with softer expressions, and doll-like features to be like that same, innocent and small personality. Thus, the Big Brother complex took over from time to time.
"What do you think you're doing?"
Eyeing the one below him, he took note of the chain wiggling from her neck. That was a tad odd. Though, not much surprised him anymore. Not when he lived in Arx, city of the damned, or so his mates would joke about.
Jason slowly made his way through the crowds of his people, keeping an eye on every feeding making sure it went well. So far the feedings were normal, just a bite and then send them off. It was what he expected but even so he wasn't going to drop his guard for a second. As the humans soon started to traffic into the area, Jason noticed two in particular. A girl who looked around 18 or so, being held by the chain of what looked to be her own sister,he could smell their relation in their blood. Most other vampires wouldn't care, but Jason took this into his heart. Slaves are surpluss to his kind but they were given treatment equal to them once. As he watched her be tugged around it made him wonder... What happened to his kind?

The time for closing was almost nearing, it was about 30 more minutes from what Jason could guess. So for whatever time he had, he used to help the blonde girl. Just watching her made his blood boil, his red eyes flaring with a sickened look of rage. If Jason was going to do something, he couldn't let his face be seen by a guard. From being in Arx for so long he'd become notorious, a vigilante almost, but still manages to keep discrete with his urges and abilities. To hide himself Jason pulled the hood of his jacket over his head, the shadow of it covered his eyes, able to sense hearts he was still able to scout out who he was looking for. Slowly, he walked his way over to the two, undoubtably one of them would confront his actions; if not the vampire would ask him to feed off the blonde. If he needed to desperately enough he would, but his hunger was low and didn't need satisfaction.

As he finally came across them, he glanced back and forth between them and the chain. "Probably none of my business," he mumbled "But I'd suggest you don't do that. his gauntlet was hiden behind his shroud of a robe, while his arm blade was unseen for the moment. He tried to avoid eye contact, but also be sure to get his point across.​
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Neyo froze for a second, taking notice of the odd position she held. She quickly stood up with flawless balance, and eyed the red-headed man. With a quiet tone, and softened voice, she said, "I didn't mean to trouble you. I was only curious." She looked away from his piercing eyes. Something about this man, feels warm, soft...
"Why are you alone out here, much less on a park bench?" She asked, wrapping her arms around herself. She could see that this man looked somewhat tempted to do something protective to her. "And do you know what time is it?" She asked politely.

Dahvie stopped dragging the small, white haired girl away from the crowd when they reached the broken apartment building Neyo and him stayed in. He took a small while to catch his breath and inspect the girl. "Have you ever had your blood sucked before?" He asked. "You look a little nervous." He leaned close to the girl's face, close enough to feel her breathing.
Lynette was startled that one of the vampires wanted her for their meal. She felt her heart rate speed up as he dragged her away. She wasn't sure what would happen, or if having her blood sucked hurt or not.

When they stopped, she could feel her heart beating a bit faster. "Have you ever had your blood sucked before? You look a little nervous."
Of course she was nervous. This was her first time being fed on by a vampire. Lynnette merely shook her head a bit at his question.
Such perfection, sheer grace adorning this strange girl. It was unusual to Axl. Most of the women around here dressed up like.. well, he was a gentleman. He would not judge when someone would step along the streets in barely a handkerchef hiding their lady parts, oh, and some heels thrown in. They could have the personality of a winner at heart, it could be true. But, to digress the matter, this one right now before his eyes, his focus was laid out upon her. The way she had just hopped up onto her feet without any trouble at all, it sort of gave him the butterflies. Or, was that just the high amount of wind that suddenly hit the side of his body, causing him to shift onto his other leg and grunt low underneath his voice, bracing for the worst? He didn't have time to tell, nor enough attention. This girl could be the next hardcore parkour champion along his side. Oh, was he turning into Cinderella tonight? Would that storytale heroine even be the right one to put himself in a situation as such? It's been a while since he had time to watch the movies all over again, he wasn't sure. Shaking his head quickly, noticing she was speaking to him, Axl cleared his throat again and blinked a couple of times.
"Why am I alone? Me?"
A scoff left his lips, followed by a cheeky grin, and then a chuckle worthy of a Celtic King.
"I'm a beefy, tough man. I'm fine all alone in these parts. As for the bench, well, it's rather comfortable to lay upon. Don't knock it until you try it!"

Smiling brightly down at her, an index finger was brought out to gesture along his words, wagging to add more sparkle to such a reply. Taking view of how her arms curled along her like a blanket, his brows fell down, just like the corners of his lips.
"Are you cold?.."
A tinge of worried expressions flailed along his face all at once, not enjoying the sight of a girl all alone, dressed weather inappropriately, and looking so fragile and..well, girly. It took all of the power in his muscles and mind to hold back from rescuing her. She might not even need a rescue, there could be nothing needing rescue from in the first place. But this urge, why was it hitting him, he'd never know. Trying not to let his voice crack with such a sudden, odd mix of emotions, Axl looked down at his shoes, to his arm, to a bright, neon clock, and then back to her.
"Ah.. it's.. almost 11 o'clock, I think."
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Neyo looked down at the grass below her feet. "I have lots time.." She mumbled to herself. Maybe seducing this man for money was a good idea to waste time, but she never knew what it was like to have a friend. She looked back up at him. "I'm not cold, just..." She couldn't think of the words, she could feel the awkward, or uncomfortable, vibe he was giving off. "You look uncomfortable, are you okay?" She changed the subject quickly. Neyo hated having to change subjects in conversations, because Dahvie always hated listening to her change it. But this man would be different, right?

A smile creeped across Dahvie's face, an evil, seductive smile. "Well then, I guess I'll have to be easy on you." He lifted the girl's wrist to his mouth and bit gently. He only sucked once, then let her go. "That was satisfying." He looked back into her eyes, those hazel eyes that paralyzed his thoughts. "I guess since that was good enough, and you're so damn cute, I'm going to have to keep you with me and my sister." He smiled and led her into the building, saying "Careful" every time there was a hole, or loose boards, in the floor.
They eventually reached their destination- Neyo and Dahvie's room. It was small, with a single bed and a pallet in the floor. The bathroom was not too far from the beds, and across the room from a little kitchen. The frame to the slide glass door remained firmly in it's place at the wall, leading to a balcony covered in weeds. The glass, however, was broken completely off, and swept off the balcony edge, onto the ground below it.
Dahvie looked to the white-haired girl. "So, how do you like it?" He paused. "And, do you have a name?"
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Lily's stance changed as the stranger grew close. She straightened her back, sitting there with her hands placed flat against the tops of her legs and a smile flitting across her face. A few moments told her that he wasn't looking to use her, and her expression changed from smiling to a mask of confusion. At her side, Ruby was regarding the tall stranger with a defiant snarl on her lips.

"You're right, it's absolutely none of your business." A thin black eyebrow arched as she folded her arms across her chest. The chain clicked as she shifted her weight. "She might be the property of the clan in general, but she's my sister and I reserve the right to discipline her as I see fit." As though to illustrate her point, she hauled abruptly upwards on the chain, sharply cutting off Lily's air flow. The blonde shakily followed the movement, what was visible of her neck turning slowly red under the abuse. Ruby's pout faded and she smirked at the man.
"If you object to how I treat her then perhaps you'd like to take her off my hands, hmm? You'd not be the first to want something like that." She cast a twisted smile down at her sister. "Would he, Lily?"

Lily seemed to shrink, throwing a helpless look at the man before shaking her head. "Good girl..." Ruby's fingers caught her chin, her nails digging into pale flesh. She hauled her sister in close and bared her fangs at a white shoulder in a further display of disrespect.
"Stop me if you can, stranger." She purred at him, eyes staring piercingly at him.
[Within the Governemnt Sector]

"What do you mean your cutting off any new slaves?!" The Mediator yelled at the council, he was livid. They had just proposed that the regular feedings stopped, and as the representative for the vampires, he had something against that.

"The vampires have adapted their habits, and so should we." An elderly man in the center spoke out. "They have begun keeping the humans alive. The more humans we send in, the stronger they will become. We can't risk an uprising from the Lamia. The city is ignorant of their existance." The man shook his head with a sigh.

"Also, the Humanitas has been getting restless. We have seen an unprecedented amount of activity from them and I fear they may do something drastic. Watch your back Mediator." This came from a younger gentleman, the newest to the council.

The Mediator frowned. "So you want to cut off their food supplies, right before the Humanitas makes their move? The fuck if wrong with all of you!?" Turning sharply the Mediator left in a cloud of rage to go and inform the vampires.

The day was quiet. Which was unfortunate for Sacre and his two shadows. No signs of any vampires at all in the city. They were back at Sacre's home now doing a whole lot of nothing actually.
"That was a waste of time. However I am still not convinced there isn't one roaming around." Sacre was dissapointed honestly. He enjoyed killing a vampire. The look on their vain faces when his blade slid beneath their chin. Their faces twisted in unbeleif as their head rolled along the pavement.

"Jeremy, Humanitas needs to move. We need to attack the vampires within the Lamia before they come out and attack us first. This business of killing only those that sneak into the human side of town isn't doing anything at all." Viktorya's hatred of the vampires always did rival his own, she was just more open about it.

"I know Vik, but Dux would never approve of it plus we need more members. We are under handed for a real attack." He shook his head and frowned. Why did their have to be so few of them?

"Who cares if Dux would allow it? If he doesn't want to fill his duties as leader he shook be removed."
At that instant the door swung open and standing before them all was Secreta, second in command only under Dux himself.

"You aren't plotting against the Dux are you there Vikky?" She twisted a smile at the other female and nodded at Sacre. "I finished the task for you. Consider our debt repaid."
"She's toying with me", he thought to himself, this woman had such intimidating eyes and attitude, but so far couldn't phase Jason's perspective. His eyes would move side to side, whatchig the chain swing and tug in almost every direction. Deep within it started making his blood boil again, he disliked people with such cocky attitudes, but admired her sense of authority. It almost made him feel a little pride for his people again.

"If you object to how I treat her then perhaps you'd like to take her off my hands, hmm? You'd not be the first to want something like that."

It angered him seeing how she'd offer up her sister like some whore to him, behind his back, unde his robe-like jacket he was squeezing his guantlet trying to hold back his anger. Even if you couldn't see it in his hands, his face said it all as his fangs gritted together with his eyes starring sharply back at the woman. Her wicked grin disgusted him, he was holding back his thoughts of pain, if he acted the guards would probably interrupt them in the middle of the moment.

Even so, it would always be worth it to save a life. Jason was lifted his armored left arm, holding off to his side with the claws twinkling in the dimming light. His eyes never left off the blonde, her facial expressions seemed to beg for his help as she was easing close to her sister's fangs. jason snapped to action and grabbed the woman by her throat. His voice had changed to a depper tone, sounding alomst as a demon, he made a sinister grin out of his left cheek. "Like I just said, I'd appreciate it......", he said pulling back his hood to show his eys anf face, "....If you don't do that again.."
"Eh? Eh, what?"
Blinking a few times, watching as the girl brought her head down to stare at blades of grass, the most interesting piece of material on this earth, clearly, Axl raised up both eyebrows. He could have sworn he heard her say something, but what was it? Was she even talking to him just then? Maybe she was insane. Hey, he had gotten along just fine with crazy chicks before. Insanity wasn't always a Deal Breaker. Smirking to the side as he looked over to a man holding a sign across the street, something about the end of the world or other, the human quickly ran his fingers through the red spikes atop his head. Poor guy, he thought to himself, his lips frowning over a bit. No one seemed to stop and listen to his rants, no matter how false they were. One had to admire how much work, though, someone like that put into what he believed in. With barely any money, clothes, no home, some still would cling to what they found as truth. It was pretty incredible, if you asked him.

Again she spoke. Gazing down to the girl, seeing as he was pretty tall looming over her, his hands tucked away inside both pockets along his pants. Scoffing as she questioned him, his eyes rolled along, a smile breaking through once again to form those boy-like dimples on his pale cheeks.
"I'm perfectly fine. You're the one out alone in the streets, looking like.. like.."
Trying to find the right words to be as polite as he could possibly be, Axl was caught on his words, lost for something to replace the empty silence. Pointing to her with an open palm, the other still snuggled along the inner fabric of his pocket, he shook his head and met her eyes.
"Why the hell are you out in barely any clothes?! It's almost midnight! It's not safe out her for a young woman looking like yourself."
Scolding like the brother-figure he felt he should be right then and there, he shook his head in shame and groaned to himself. Was he about to do it? Yes. Yes he was.

Finding the ends of his top, Axl peeled off the cloth. Leaving his torso bare and revealed to the public, his arm stretched out to her, pushing forth the shirt that would most likely fit like a dress along her figure.
"Take it. Please. It's for your own good."
Glancing away, his words grumbled along in a low voice, not quite angry or anything of the sort, but just worried for her well-being. Sure, she was a stranger, but he knew what other men thought when they saw that kind of person walking along in the open. And, he didn't quite like what most men would imagine in their dirty heads. It was wrong. Tonight, Axl would become Super Heroic Irish Boy. Or just Ginger Lad would do.
She cringed slightly at the vampire's bit. It didn't hurt as much as she thought it would...but maybe because he was being gentle with her right now. "I guess since that was good enough, and you're so damn cute, I'm going to have to keep you with me and my sister." Cute? He actually thought she was cute? Lynnette's spirits lifted a little at hearing such a rare compliment.

Lynnette didn't feel uncomfortable this time when he began leading her somewhere else. "Careful." Every time she heard him say this, her spirits lifted even more. Someone was actually caring about her. This was a big change from the orphanage.

When they stopped, she looked around the place she would be staying for a while. To be honest, it was much better than the room she was given at the orphanage. In fact, her old room was supposedly the coldest one there. Why they treated her like she was nothing still eluded her. She knew why once before...but the traumatic experience in the park made her forget.

"So, how do you like it? . . . And, do you have a name?" These words brought her out of her thoughts. She merely nodded at his first question, but hesitated on his second. "L-Lynnette..." This was all that she managed to say at the time.
Neyo felt a warm sensation in her face as her blood pumped through it, she knew it was red. Should she feel complimented that he cared, or embarrassed for not having much clothes on.
"I.." She didn't know what her mouth was about to push out at the man, she just didn't know what to say. "It's okay, I'm a..." She had the strength to stop herself, and grab the shirt slowly. She saw the red haired man turn his head away slightly. Neyo felt a small guilt trip, and without hesitating, she slipped the shirt on... Over the man's head.
"You'll catch a cold like that." She said quickly. "And I don't mind, I'm a pro-" She paused for only a second. "-stitute." She paused again, but a little longer than the last. "I'm Neyo." She said quietly, but loud enough for him to hear.

Dahvie shuddered when he heard the little girl speak to him. Her voice, so quiet, so soft, like she was telling him a secret. "Lynette.." He repeated coolly. "A name that belongs to an angel." He let out a breath and looked down at the girl. Slowly, he took a bow and gently touched his lips to Lynette's hand. "Well then, my Princess Lynette, may your stay here be a pleasant one." He stood up straight again, a smile laid out on his pale face. He sat her small body down on a dining chair, and studied her closely. "Well now, you wait here." He took off into the bathroom for only a minute. Grabbing some of Neyo's clothes, some appropriate ones, he folded them nicely and headed back out towards the bedroom. "Here you are, I'm positive Neyo won't mind." He set the clothes down on the table in front of Lynette. "It's some pants and a white T-shirt, you and my sister are about the same size."