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    In this roleplay, you are the star of your own demon fighting, angel saving alien destroying epic band of amazingness. You can be any kind of music style you wish with little to no restrictions on how you RP things. Bands can meet up and tour together, open for each others shows, or even make albums together, all whilst fighting off the horrible creations of hell!! The fighting section is pretty much required, but if you only want to be in for the band part of the RP, that's fine too. Just say that you want to not be a fighter in the little doo-da beneath this and I won't bother you about it. If you encounter someone who is a fighter even though you are not and they challenge you to a Battle Of The Bands or request assistance in fighting off a horrible beast, you do have to comply. Otherwise, have a great time!!~

    ((O = Optional. R = Required. Even though this is Jump-In, please do this part:))
    (R)Band Name: Endless Horizon
    (R)Your Name: Scarrlet Reach
    (R)Genre Of Music: Power Metal, Dubstep as a side-career
    (R)Band Placement: Lead Vocals
    (O/R [Optional, but much appreciated if you do]): Black hair down to my hips, a dark blue overcoat and skin tight blue t-shirt, tattered jeans, sneakers, rectangular rimless glasses
    (O)Current Location: On a plane, heading to Germany
    (O)Other Band Members: Two guitarists, one bassist, one drummer, one backup vocalist (one of the guitarists), keyboardist
    (O)On Tour?: [Y] [N] (<-- Just put the selection in bold.)

    Scarrlet took another sip of his drink as he gazed out the window into the clouds. He could no longer see the land he left behind as his flight soared far beyond the view of a normal man, but he would be in Germany within the day and he couldn't be more excited. "Dear gods, this is gonna be great!!" he said, mostly to himself, but loud enough for others to hear, "I've always wanted to play a show in Germany..!" nobody really paid him any mind, but he was in for quite an interesting ride as he saw what was approaching his plane from below.
  2. Band Name: The RedRum MuRdeRs
    Your Name: Viper "Dethwisch" Slate
    Genre Of Music: Arse-blistering Death Metal! \m/
    Band Placement: Lead Guitar and Backup Vocalist
    Apearance: Viper is built quite stockily, with shoulder length brown hair. He wears one snake-eye contact (often covered by a pair of aviators), and wears several rings. He is normally seen in a grey shirt and black jeans. He plays an Ibanez RS sieries 7-string.
    Current Location: Berlin, Germany.
    Other Band Members: Secondary Lead, Lead vocals, Drums, Bass.
    On Tour?: [Y] [N]

    Viper was sitting in the rehersal room, waiting for the other tour bands to arrive. He stared into his bottle of Jagermeister and chuckled. He took a swig and put it down on the table. He smiled to himself. He was in one of the most successful Death Metal bands on this planet. He had money, fame, wife and children back home and he was a prominent defender of the Metal faith. He reached out and grabbed his guitar and started warming up, waiting for the opening bands to arrive...
  3. Band Name: Dream Of Angels
    Your Name: Corey "Whisper" Johnson
    Genre Of Music: Ear-Blistering Brutal Metal
    Band Placement: Lead Vocals
    Appearance: Average height and built stockily with curly hair usually kept in a ponytail. He is generally seen wearing a black shirt and cammo's.
    Current Location: Sydney, Australia.
    Other Band Members: Lead and Rhythm guitars, Bass and drums
    On Tour?: [Y] [N]

    Corey took a deep breath, readying himself for the chaos that was about to erupt before his eyes. His diaphragm quivered as if it were anticipation what was to come in just a few short seconds. Tearing the Microphone from its stand he took his place at the head of his band, ready to give the ravenous fans exactly what they wanted, absolute brutal and unrelenting metal. Letting out the last of what little oxygen he could gather in the sweat soaked air he was ready.
    With a wink to the roadies and a nod to his closest companions, Corey let out a bowl shreddingly low scream as the curtain dropped and the blinding lights shot to life.
  4. As Viper was cutting some wicked licks upon his guitar, he heard a rumble. At first he thought that it may have been a truck carrying gear of some sorts. Then, he heard it again. It sounded like the earth splitting. He strapped up his guitar and headed outside to see what the noise was all about. The concert ground had been scorced and there was a massive split in the earth, fire belching from the hellish chasm. "We've got trouble!" he shouted to the rest of the band. They came up from below the back-stage and watched as deamons crawled from the pit with unearthly screeches. The sky was blackened and lightning flashed through the clouds above them. "You know what to do..." Viper said to the head roadie. The roadie flashed out of sight, reapering with the entire crew, rushing to set up the rigage and wiring for the band. Viper reached his hand and one of the roadie crew threw a lead into his hand. He plugged his guitar in and struck a brutally majestic chord that struck pain into the hearts of the deamon hoard. The band followed his lead and joined in. Viper gestured a taunt towards the demons and they swept towards the stage in a swathe of claws and teeth. "Let's Begin!" he shouted.
  5. Corey slumped in his chair, liquor in hand, after a victorious night of blowing the asses out of his fans with a scream so brutal it was as if he was one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. Toasting he and his bands glorious return home, they reminisced of the days when they weren't even known in their own town. Suddenly, a familiar sound came to the ears of "Skull", the drummer of the band.
    "Whats up?", Corey asked having not seen Skull's face like this since he returned from his tour with Dethklok.
    "You guys better come outside." he calmly stated, standing and walking towards the backstage area. The sound reached Corey's ears as they followed him to the long dark hall leading them to the car park. The sound grew louder and a red glow came into vision as laughter and gunfire rang from the car lot. "What the hell's going on down there?"
    "Demons" Skull said with a stone cold face.
    After a short pause where the entire band tried to figgure out whether Skull was bulshiting them or not, only one word left Corey's mouth, "Sweet".
  6. As they approached their final destination in Berlin, Germany, Scarrlet was fast asleep. That is, until a strange sound jolted him awake. It was the sound of an inhuman crush. No.. A cracking of the earth. He looked down out the window and a small twinkle appeared in his eye. "... Oh, yes." he said to himself, standing and walking to the door of the plane. "Have fun at the airport!!" he shouted to his band members, their faces confused and curious. Scarrlet opened the door and a large force began sucking him out, sirens blaring in the background. "Come at me demon scumbags!!" he shouted, screaming wildly as he leaped out the door, bareback skydiving into the attack zone. He could see another band already there, fighting the demons off as he fell, so he turned on his shirt. He had bought this shirt several weeks earlier and has had yet to regret it. The shirt had a large, yet compact and powerful speaker embedded into the front of it and could have any instrument plugged into it. He pulled a microphone out of his pocket (he always keeps one with him) and plugged it in, eagerly beginning to open his mouth. With a deep breath of air, he began to scream at a pitch so intense, that the untrained ear could have broken. "Look out beloooooow!!" he bellowed with a tremolo on the final word, falling towards the largest demons back as it crawled from the tremors scar.
    The demon itself was a hideous creature. It had two horns, but only one was still intact, the other lost somewhere in oblivion. Its body was covered in scales like a dragon, but its shape resembled that of a fat Godzilla with a height issue. It paid no mind to the falling humanoid, but instead, began tugging its bretheren out of the break. It was clear now that this was the leader of the hoard
  7. Viper was shredding licks left and right, melodic, harmonic, symphonic death in the form of lightning bolts slamming into the chests of the demon hoard. His singer caught sight of a demon leaping towards the stage and grabbed it effortllessly by the throat and squeezed. Blood erupted from it's mouth and the singer let it drop in a crumpled heap. With a gutteral roar that could split mountains the singer ordered the roadie army to attack. "Kill these motherfuckers!!" roadies poured from the stage and into the fray armed to the teeth with weaponry both medieval and modern. Bullets and swords rang out through the din of battle. Viper shifted his gaze towards the bleeding skies and saw a man falling. The man landed with an almighty howl and a cracking of earth as a crater sprang up around him. "Looks like the openers have arrived!" roared Viper over the noise of the battle.
  8. The force of the fall should have been enough to kill someone, but Scarrlet was trained for this. He stood up quickly, pumping a fist into the jaw of a smaller cherub like demon and sending it flying away. "Hey there everyone!!" Scarrlet shouted into his mic casually, ripping the head off a demon as it darted at him as if it were a fly in the air. "Sorry I'm late, plane was delayed! I'll be here by myself for a bit, my colleagues aren't the skydiving types!" he explained, dashing towards the stage with incredible agility. He could run about as fast a speed as the frequency of his highest note, which was pretty damn high. When he arrived he stood triumphantly in front of everyone, his gaunt figure showing the many demons falling dead in his wake. "What'd I miss?" he asked, rummaging around in his pockets for something to fight with.
  9. "Nice of you to get here so early!" shouted Viper. "Plug in! You can take vocals with The Corpse!" he looked over at the vocalist and gave him a thumbs up. The Corpse gave him a nod in return. Viper retuned to lashing out lightning bolts with his insane shredding techniques. They all cut into an insanely heavy breakdown that caused the bones of the demons to rupture and split at the sound. All that remained left to kill was what seemed to be the leader of the hoard. "That thing looks like a little Godzilla with some sierious bight issues, man!" laughed Viper. "Ready to take him down?"
  10. "I'm about as ready as I've ever been!" Scarrlet responded eagerly, his microphone already plugged in. He took a stance resembling that of a person about to take off in a sprint and held the mic to his mouth. "If we harness the power of both our voices; high and low, we can at the very least stun it enough to launch a good attack!!" he planned out loud, making sure everyone could hear him. "Prepare your heaviest, most gut wrenching, ear splittingly low vocal anything and tell me when to go!!" he screamed, his voice heightening itself in preparation for the upcoming onslaught. 'Ooh, this is gonna be goood..!~ I'll never understand why the basic public can't notice this but we still can.. It makes me feel so..' he thought to himself, his thought finishing itself vocally. "Aliiiiive!!" he screamed into the microphone, his voice in the sixth octave on a tremendous D note. He had originally said he would wait, but he had given up on that accidentally.
  11. In the car park, 30 roadies armed to the teeth with machine guns were blasting the shit out of a gain demon, however, the bullets did nothing but make the beast laugh. It's enormous scale armored body which could only be described as a fat Godzilla walked over towards the roadies, flinging them out of the way as if they were dolls. The hideous monster then proceeded to begin pounding at the ground as if it were trying to split the earth open. "Alright", Corey said eagerly, "My turn motherfucker." Opening the back of the conveniently placed amp truck, he plugged in a mike and signaled for the rest of the band to join him. They ran over and plugged in, with an exception to skull who didn't have an easily movable drum kit.
    Sound blared from the truck, striking the demons back. It turned its attention to the band and began to charge at them. When it was but a few meters away, Corey let out a scream so violently brutal it was as if the gargantuous beast shat itself and turned to flee. "IT'S TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!" The grinding break down of the guitars mixed with the continuous onslaught of Corey's scream sent what looked like ripples through the flesh of the demon. As they finished, silence fell upon the car park and the beast exploded.
    "So," Corey said casualy (as one does after killing a giant demon for the first time), "To London."
  12. "NOW!"yelled Viper. The vocalists screeched like a banshee and rumbled like an earthquake. The beast clutched it's head and cried out in pain. Viper unleashed a massive twelve fret 64th note run that caused a bolt of firey red thunder to smash into the the demon's skull and split the bastard open. The earth closed up jitterishly and sealed up leaving little but several cracks in the earth. "That was brilliant!" exclaimed Viper. He walked up to Scarlett and shook his hand. "You must be Scarlett from uhhhhh.... An! Endless Horizon! You were going to open for us tonight. Good to meet you man."
  13. Scarrlet smiled cheerfully, warmly shaking the mans hand back. "Hey, yeah! You guys are The RedRum MuRdeRs!" he laughed happily, "Great to meet you. You're Viper, right?" he asked, unplugging his mic and stuffing it back into his pocket. The crowd of fans slowly began to regather near the stage, but they came slowly, still a bit disoriented from the past event. They may not have seen it, but they knew something had happened. Someone shouted and pointed to the two bands at the same time, he being the first to realize that they were both there now. "Oop! I do believe that we have been noticed!" Scarrlet announced cheerfully, waving calmly at the crowd of people. 'But my band isn't even here yet.. What's taking them so long?' he wondered.
  14. "Indeed we have been noticed. We'll need to gather these folks outside of the venue. We'll tell them that we are still doing sound checks." said Viper as he motioned to one of the roadies who began motioning to the others who began ushering the fans out of the showground. They smiled and waved until they were all gone. "So, Scarlett. Your last album was pretty damn cool, man. I feel pretty damn privileged that you guys agreed to open for us on this tour, man. Thanks." said Viper warmly. "Dude, where is the rest of your band? They should have been here about an hour ago..."
  15. "Yeeaah, like I said. Plane got delayed, I'm just lucky to be here now." he explained, laughing softly at the memory of jumping out. His last album, in his opinion, wasn't exactly their best, but he enjoyed the supporting words of Viper and returned them with a kind smile. "They'll be here soon, though, I'm su--" He was cut off by a ringing in his pocket. He took out his phone, his ringtone that of a single riff being played repeatedly from a Nightwish song. "Oh! That's them now!" he said, answering the call quickly as he casually hopped off the stage.

    About five minutes passed before he returned, his hands in his pockets and his face bearing a guilty yet satisfied grin. "They said that my little stunt caused airport security to freak out on them. I told them to consider it my weekly prank to them." he said jokingly, sitting down on one of the larger speakers on the stage. "They'll be here in ten minutes, so don't worry about anything." he said, waving a hand in the air as if trying to catch a bug without closing his hand upon it. A small red something-or-other was now sticking out of his pocket. It looked like a small, bloody scroll of some sort, but he refused to mention it at first, as he was waiting for the time to come when the others were here, or the other band noticed it.
  16. Viper looked out past the barriers at about 90,000 screaming fans. He then looked at the sky, which had since cleared from being blood red, stained by black clouds and lightning. He then looked at Scarlett's shirt and then at his pocket. And then at a tattered red scroll. "Hey dude. What's that? Badass lyric sheet?" Viper inquired as innocent as a multi-millionare of brutal monstrosity could be. He stared at the strange little scroll which seemed to almost pulsate the more he looked at it. It was strange in the way that it seemed to captivate him. He tore his eyes away from the scroll in time to hear Corpse also inquire about it. "Yeah... Like, what is it?" said Corpse. Even his normal voice sounded like a toilet flushing on an aeroplane.
  17. Scarrlet looked down at the scroll, taking it out of his pocket and tossing it to Viper. "Bah, I found it on the ground when I was on that call. It seems to be from The Devil Himself!" he spoke the last words with as much mocking sarcasm as he could muster, clearly joking as he smiled slightly. It was sitting at the edge of where that big crack was, so I'm assuming it's a message to us or something." he shrugged. He hadn't read it yet, but just holding onto it told him what it contained; one of the 10 pieces of the Demons Heart. A mystical item used centuries ago for black magic and witchcraft before being broken into pieces and scattered across hell to prevent its usage from continuing. And as the scroll reached Vipers hand, a van pulled up behind the stage and released Scarrlets band members from within it. "We have arrived!!" their drummer, Attur said excitedly, holding his drumsticks in an X shape above his head.
  18. "Lets have a look at this, then." said Viper as he held up the scroll to the sunlight. He unrolled it, but all that was revealed was a vieny, bleeding, pulsating, anatomicly correct heart. "What the fuck is this?" he exclaimed. His look of horror turned to one of admiration. "Brutal..." he remarked as he threw the scroll back to Scarlett. He turned to the arriving band. "Nice of you to get here! You missed all the fun!" remarked Viper cheekily. "So! Lets get this show started before the crowd starts ripping each other apart! Ha!"
  19. Scarrlet slapped the scroll, like a bat would slap a baseball, towards one of his roadies, the man catching it nervously and putting it inside the truck. "Yeah, get set up you guys!! We only have.." he checked his phone to see what time it was, "Negative 45 minutes!!" He laughed happily at the situation, watching as his band members scurried around everywhere to get themselves set up as quickly as possible. They needed to get this show started as fast as they could, despite the late arrival making them even more eager to play.
  20. Viper stood backstage and watched the crowd pile into the showground. Hundreds of thousands of them, chanting the bands names. He sat eagerly with anticipation. This was going to be an amazing show. And these guys were just the openers. He looked out over the crowd and saw the excited fury in thier eyes. They were about to explode, and they were showing it. Viper motioned to one of his roadies who dropped a massive curtain that covered the entirety of the length of the stage, revealing Endless Horizon all in position and ready to blow some minds...