A Cry For Help!

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  1. [size=+2]A Cry For Help[/size]​

    Your life changed in an instant, in retrospect it felt like waking up, as if your entire life before she entered you had been asleep. Reality changed forever in that moment and no matter how hard you tried you could never go back to sleep.

    This is a horror/modern/fantasy RP. You will be contacted by someone who needs your help, some unnatural force is plaguing her and people around her are dieing. Can you get to the bottom of the stalker or are you just another victim?


    Character Name:
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    General History:
  2. So much opportunities I'm in I'll do a sheet on Monday when I finally have time off.
  3. I'm interested.
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  5. Belle

    She laughed in spite of herself "Its a good thing I did most of the talking in Moscow because your accent is horrible." She nudged him again.
  6. I'm interested in this myself, it seems intriguing!
  7. I'm interested!
    Won't be able to properly post for a week or so though.
  8. Definatly interested.
  9. Ok, great to see so many people interested. everyone should fill out a sheet, make it as detailed or as plain as you like. I would prefer it if at least some of the characters knew each other in some way before the story starts (will be easier to get everyone in one place that way).

    Heres the minimal sheet, though feel free to use another from the RP guide or add in other details as you want.

    Character Name:
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    General History:

    Patty, I'll wait for you though it will be easy to slide you into the story once we're underway.
  10. (I don't think we ever decided on ages for Belle and John. I'm thinking just 28 or something.)
  11. Character Name:
    Alan Gabriel Macken




    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To defend his clients in court while keeping a healthy bond to his family. Alan loves both his job and his private life, so whenever he's not busy with a case he spends his time raising his kids Robert(8) and Vanessa(5) with his wife, Ida.

    Alan has recently accepted the role as the coach of the local soccer-team which Robert plays on.
    It's fair to say Alan doesn't have much time for his own interests.

    General Personality:
    Eccentric, vigorous and serious are the three words that describes Alan's personality best. His eccentric side comes most notably through while he pleads his client(s) case in a court of law. His vigorousity is a good tool in his lifestyle and accompanies him in his job. While in his serious manner he can turn very silent and focused.

    General History:
    Alan grew up with his mother in Baltimore with a younger brother. His family situation made him quickly into a grown man, with much help from his uncle, Ronald, who was a lawyer too.
    In his early 20's he moved to New York to pursue a career as a defending lawyer.

    Alsmost twenty years later and events just keeps coming his way to keep him a busy man that feels satisfied with the way things are.


    There, you got one :P
    Hope it's okay, history might be a little short and vague.
  12. Histories fine, in fact everything looks good.
  13. [​IMG]
    Location: Unity Fighters Base
    Time: Morning
    Interactions: Clo @Mobley Eats
    As the grappling continued, Allie knew she was at her weak point. She had always been inferior to Clo when it came to mat-work so rescinded to holding a strong defence, tucking up until an opening presented itself. Still, she didn't get the chance to enact the plan when they were interrupted. Following suit, Allie jumped up, matching Clo's haste and speed and bowing deeply. Even though Allie had always trained primarily with a human instructor, much preferring Earthen styles of combat to that of the Arbomites, Cydios had been one of the finest weapons instructors in the group. The lessons imparted by him are the difference between life and death in the field and one could only have the utmost respect for him for that.

    Allie stayed quiet through most of the discourse, aside from the heavy breathing as she reacquired her breath. When Clo spoke to her, raised a curious brow for a moment before smiling. "Sure thing, sounds good to me. Maybe we should hit the showers first, though?" she asked, blowing an errant lock of sweat-laden hair from her vision. While Clo was answering, she ventured over to the far side of the room snag her hoodie from the side. "All the best with your morning training, Cydios," she bowed deeply once more to the Arbomite before exiting the room.
  14. Looks good Palonis, I'll talk to Loveless again about her shee, just need a couple more people.
  15. Character Name: Alice Greene

    Gender: female

    Job/Role: N/A

    Age: 19

    General Appearance: <a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/goth girl/PINKMALDINI/goth_girl.jpg?o=100" target="_blank"><img src="http://i675.photobucket.com/albums/vv113/PINKMALDINI/goth_girl.jpg" border="0"></a>

    has an anklet http://factoidz.com/images/post/bracelets-anklets-and-armbands.jpg, and Malleus Maleficarum the book, kept with her at all times.

    Current Goal/Purpose: N/A

    General Personality: Use to be a very sweet motivated girl, who would hang with friends and go to the mall and have fun. But since She came, Alice is now a very distressed girl, who is practically afraid of almost everything. She stays in dark rooms and reads things about witches..etc..that she never would read before. Her friends barely see her, and have come to conclusions that she has gone insane or mad. She dresses in goth clothing and wears dark make-up, again, that she never wore before. Use to go and talk to random people that she didn’t know, or go to very crowded places. Now, she never goes around people, the very least a crowd of people. Alice has changed in many ways from what she use to be.

    General History: Alice was born in quite the normal family of three, with a little brother coming in three years later. Her parents being Christians and her dad being a priest and very well mannered, they had taught her the same way. Alice, was a well mannered child in all of her private and public schools, and was always the one to break up fights when they occurred. She was in cheerleading during middle school, and got out of it when she entered high school, being a bigger book reader and writer, although her parents didn’t enjoy it when she would stay in her room for hours reading.
    At the age of 17, her family decided to go to her grandparent’s for a few weeks. They had asked her to go with them, but she had decided to stay home. One of the days that they were gone, Alice decided to fix up her room a bit; reorganize it. During the time, she noticed that one of her book shelves was looses and went into the basement to get a screwdriver and some extra screws.
    In the basement something caught her eye, way in the back, a lone little shelf sat on the floor. Thinking that she could use it, she went back there to get it, and when she moved, under it sat a book, labeling Malleus Maleficarum. She looked though it and it got her attention pretty well, as she then noticed a little box that sat about a foot away from where the book lay. She took the box and kept it also with the book.
    Alice went through all of her school years making good grades and favored by a lot of the teachers. At the end of high school she decided to get a job and start collage, already having a few scholarships. During collage she began reading Malleus Maleficarum. Which soon enough, dragged her mind to the book again and again; rarely thinking about her school work. After a while some of her friends started get worried and decided to drag her to the coffee shop to get some coffee and to get her mind fixed on something else for a change.
    On the way back to the dorm rooms, one of her friends got killed from train suddenly passing over the railroad tracks. Six months later another one of her friends was killed by a passing robber.
  16. Character Name: Sylvie Fischer
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Model
    Age: 20
    General Appearance:

    View attachment 1370
    Current Goal/Purpose: To live her life how she wants to, and to have as much fun as possible.
    General Personality: She is quite unwilling to engage in acts of physical labor. She is very social and has a lot of friends who aren't all too close with her. She seems to be a bit lazy except when it comes to modeling which she approaches with enthusiasm. She isn't the brightest crayon in the box, and isn't exceptionally intelligent. However, she has a rather strong sense of right and wrong, and isn't afraid to call out someone when she thinks that they're doing something wrong.
    General History: Sylvie was born with a silver spoon in her mouth because her parents were both rather rich. However, she was not the heir of the family fortune; her older brother would be. She did okay in school, but not really well. She treated school as a necessary pain that didn't really have a ton of merit in the real world, or at least the world she wanted to live in. Her parents' views slightly conflicted with hers, but they managed to live peacefully long enough for her to move out and start a life on her own. She began modelling and eventually managed to make a living on her own.
  17. what are the rules?
  18. Characters are modern, with no supernatiral powers, just regular people. The weird stuff will happen once the story gets started. No rules per say just use common sence.
  19. are you online? if so may i join?