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  1. Magic used to be myth and fantasy. It was supposed to be nothing but lore left to rot in books. Then the technology flourished beyond what anyone would believe. Soon it became harder and harder to conceal the truth. The first to come out were the wolves after a court case were a hunter had shot one of their own and decided to sue. Panic ensued and many became paranoid on if there were any more creatures that went bump in the night. There was a big dispute on if they should be even considered citizens of the United States of America. There were congress meetings, riots, and every type of information being fed into any ones smartphone and TV.

    The werewolves had successfully granted themselves citizenship by proving that their symptoms were caused by a disease and they had the knowledge and facilities to tend to those who are in need (Mainly those new and unable to control their other half). Vampires went through the same process and where able to speed things along since they could also confirm their affliction to be that of a disease. The Seelie and Unseelie court did not wish to take the steps forward to the light. The problem was that they were born Fae, not made, and the fact they had no souls.

    It was soon decided for them when there was an interview on a talk show about other races like goblins and trolls. This was meant to be a joke but the vampire questioned very nonchalantly called the Fae out stating “Well these trolls are Fae of course but they can’t stop fighting each other for a second to get their priorities straight.”

    That’s where Gavin Selwyn came in. He was a fae lord of Seelie court picked by his King to represent both courts. He felt that he was way in over his head. He was a well likeable guy mainly due to his glamour and was able to get a high position in a law firm. It was a nice cover but he never expected that this would mean he would have to represent his whole entire kind. This wasn't going to be easy at all. He felt sick in his stomach thinking about even dealing with all this pressure. He was going to take it in strides though. How hard can making a fantasy creature become a citizen of a country were half of them wants nothing more than cut you with an iron axe.

    He had to go before the Unseelie Queen to complete the bond and short truce for the current dilemma. Then an announcement of their kind would be sent to the humans. Then there would be a banquet held to show their hospitality, and maybe some good public relations as well.

    ((Feel free to jump in at any time with any of the races mentioned above and from either of the courts))
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  2. The Unseelie Court was home to the "darker" fae, those with more violent natures, who didn't see any need to play with their food. And their Queen, an easily annoyed Fae who's element lied in thorns saw even less need to play with her food, let alone register her existence with it. The Seelie court had delighted in the idea for the most part, of course, seeing it as a sort of freedom to more actively torment the mortals, she was not surprised by this idiotic train of thought, Selena Chantala was rarely surprised by anything nowadays.

    So of course when the letter she received stated that her obnoxious rival had dared to name a representative for both of their courts, she was not surprised, she was enraged. Tearing the letter to pieces soon after reading it she set herself to work preparing her court for the visit they would receive from this sure to be annoying emissary, for even in anger a queen should know how to make her guest feel welcome.

    Selena sat quietly in her throne, a winding form of silver and antimony with onyx and tanzanite gems embedded in it, tucked away in a manor deep in the heart of woods that locals claimed were haunted. She much preferred it that way the last thing she need was people on nature walks running rampant through her wood. The inside, like the outside, of the massive mansion was overgrown with a dark ivy, roses and their thorns entwined in the green growing up the walls, giving the home a terrifyingly elegant presence. Selena stood from her throne, disturbing her black waves from purple grey shoulders, and made her way to the window, peering down at the Kelpies that played in the fountain in the front of her home. She did hope this Gavin would hurry himself she was eager to be done with him and his petty negotiations.

    Maybe the Kelpies would drown him, now wasn't that a lovely thought.
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  3. If the Unseelie was a place of darkness, the Seelie Court was realm of infinite, dazzling and hypnotic light. Their stronghold was cleverly disguised a lovely old ruin that drew anyone with half an imagination in. The white stone caught the light and turned it to gold, flowers and vines of every variety spread out over the space, and a clear pool lay at its center. Young people and nature lovers found themselves entranced and for those the Seelie found interesting, lead into the otherwise impenetrable still-standing part of the ruin. Inside lay floors of luxury styled in every color, with sprawling sofas, mounds of pillows, and clear pools at every corner. And spicing the lavish space were beautiful men and women of every variety, colored as richly as the fabric with bodies the Gods would envy. Not to mention the tables upon tables of fruit and meat and every wine imaginable.

    The place screamed ‘Do come in. And stay awhile.

    At the center of all of this glory sat the Golden Throne. It was expectedly exorbitant, crafted of gilded gold and set with pearls and their mothers. But it was only a trinket in comparison to the creature that sat atop it. King Opolens Faux [Ah-puh-lins fox] was deemed ‘The Pale King’ by his subjects at his second millennia on the throne, and the name as well chosen.

    He was built of thin, lean muscle that gave him an elegance in his movements and a distinct beauty of form that drew men that normally wouldn’t look twice at another male. His skin was luminous and shone much like the mother of pearl he surrounded himself with, usually shining a pearly white in flat light and easily bleeding into pinks and purples and pale greens. It was utterly flawless and warm to the touch, and smelled always of perfume. His long hair was elbow length and pale, sea foam green in color, falling in thick straight lines which much volume to spare, as though it had been tossed by the wind. His features were agile and lovely, with full lips colored in a sunset pink and long almost equine straight nose. Oh but to look into Opolens’ eyes was to love him. Ringed in long white lashes, to look into them was to drink of honeyed wine and melted silver.

    Atop his head he wore a crown of silver branches, strung with long, clean ivory colored bones and strung with pearls of every color. His origins were so ancient they were nearly unknown, falling to legend even among his people. There were arguments as to what sort of phae he was, if The Unseelie Queen was a thorn, what was this lovely creature? His lips would be sealed when asked, though a smile would draw attention away soon enough.

    He both loathed and loved the human race with all their technology and indulgence. He drank deeply of their lust and their ache for love and ended their lives in bliss when he chose to do so. It was foolish to mistake his beauty for kindness and it was stupider still to think his patience was fear. He had conquered humans before, marched with the Romans and the Huns, brought plague and taught the knowledge of the stars. He despised to reveal himself to the humans as though they posed some threat and as though their petty paperwork could justify his existence. He loved to ‘toy with his food’ as Selena would tease, but they did not permit his existence, he allowed theirs.

    But the vampires were fools and he would rather emerge in his splendor and on his own terms than be found in the appearance of cowardice by some mortal fool. So off Gavin was sent, his trusted friend and adored servant. He didn’t like the idea of pleading with the Unseelie, but it seemed the wise thing to do. And if Opolens was nothing else, he was wise.

    So he sat on his throne and watched his people frolic and laugh and do whatever they pleased here and there while he thought on their fate, and dreamed of war for moments and spurts.
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  4. Within the Seelie Court, many fanciful creatures found their home. Their lush gardens were ideal places for languid naps and general enjoyment. Unicorns were no different, though not all of them stayed so near to the Pale King. Many would go off in search of their virgin, a thing that did not always stumble upon the Seelie kingdom--or at least not nearly often for some unicorns' preferences. So they would leave, following the scents of those not tainted by another mortal's flesh. And that smell was the sweetest a unicorn could find, and the tastiest.

    Idero chose to stay close to home, however, having grown bored of hunting for his prey after the last few centuries of doing it. Besides, finding a good virgin these days seemed harder and harder to do. He would lounge about the gardens of his King's palace, napping in the sun or frolicking with the other lively sprites that dwelt here. Even that got boring sometimes, though. So he would take to wandering around when he was bored of being home, blending in with the humans in their own city. He wouldn't go as a unicorn, oh no. Instead, a glamour would be used. He would look like one of them: a rather tall, muscular man with milk-coffee colored skin and brown hair that was too long for this century's style. He wouldn't cut his hair, though. That'd be insane. His mane was his pride.

    The horn would be easily concealed, shrunken to the point it would hide beneath his bangs. No one would find it unless they directly touched the top of his head, and no one would get close enough to do that anyway, so no worries.

    When the news of creatures outing themselves to the mortals started circulating, Idero was on one of his journeys in the cities. He'd returned to the Pale King's court as soon as he could, though, unsure of their next move. Would they expose themselves too? Would the humans be told of everything they do? If they did, surely there would be no more virgins stumbling carelessly into his unicorn arms. Hooves. Whatever. Either way, they'd surely be warned about a unicorn's tendency and how they prefer--neigh--require virgin flesh to be satisfied. The thought of never having that again left a bitter taste in this latte-colored unicorn.

    Now, he prowled. There was to be an emissary, and if the Unseelie Court went with it, their kind would be exposed like the rest of the mythical creatures. Idero could see the Pale King on his throne and watched him, waiting. He had no desire to prance about gaily with the rest of the fae. This was serious business.
  5. Gavin paced through the thorned forest being careful with his strides. Still he had a smile on his face. His glamour was down for he was in fae woods now. Also he would present himself before the Queen of the Unseelie. It would be foolish to put a facade on. Gavin wanted to lengthen his chances of surviving with each step they get lower. He wasn't sure how this was going to go but he wouldn't at all be surprised if the Queen decided to chop him in half. With all this information and walking within the doom and gloom he held onto his smile. There was still excitement to be had and he hoped to live it up to the very end. His face was angular with a creamy skin tone that was white as milk. His silvery hair was braided into one huge braid that laid against his chest. He wore a simple wooden circlet that held a teal stone in the center of his forehead. Teal was his favorite color so it was only natural for him to wear matching earrings and wardrobe. Though he couldn't go over the top like normal. He wouldn't want that. He wore simple silver breeches with a white feathered tunic and leather vest around his thin waist. In his gloved hands was a red box that he held as if it were a child.

    He stalked his way his green eyes wide for any attacks. He would see flickering shadows and knew it would be foolish to dismiss them as trickery. He just smiled and continued on his way. The thorns became thinker and thicker. He avoided them as best as he could but as he neared the center they were like barriers. Trying to grab and scratch at him like dirty claws. It was when he saw the entrance that he felt like his body might skip a beat from the flood of emotions. That was Gavin a flood of emotions. He entered and saw the manor wrapped with the thorns. He gripped the box tighter and forced his feet to continue. This had to be done there is no turning back now.

    He entered the manor keeping his eyes straight. Gavin seemed to glow in the darkness. The opposite of where he was supposed to be. He heard whispering and laughter. Different laughter then the light chuckles that entered his pointed ears. He crossed the threshold of the main room and saw the Queen propped up on her throne. Imposing, deadly, beautiful. The realization struck him of how real this was and felt his smiling lips twitch. He approached her with his eyes directly on her. Not in an way to threaten her but more as to take in as much detail as he could. He inclined his head towards her and slowly forced himself to give a stiff bow. It was hard since the only being he kneeled for was his lovely King. "Your Majesty...I am Gavin Selwyn of the Seelie court. I have been sent here to see if a treaty will be signed until the nature of our involvement with the humans has been resolved." This was all information he knew that he knew. It was supposed to be an introduction of himself towards her and the court. "To show faith and honor I have brought a gift of blood, flesh, and bone.

    He opened the red box to reveal black satin furnished inside of it and in the center of the cushion his pinky finger with one of his favorite turquoise rings still intact. Gavin had felt guilt build behind him as he had not told his King about this. Though this was needed so that he could represent both courts. He had to bind himself to them as well. He would be the bridge to connect them.
  6. A thin eyebrow rose and disappeared under swooping bangs as Selena watched Gavin open the box, revealing his own pinky. She forced herself to keep back the laughter threatening to break her current cool demeanor, at the very least she expected this envoy to be amusing. She wondered if Opolens picked the most expressive fae in Seelie to act as a negotiator for the sole purpose of her entertainment. She would have to thank him if that was indeed the case.
    "A blood gift? Most interesting." Her words left her lips in a sultry purr, riding their way into the ears of all in the throne room on the rich song she had for a voice. "You must be serious about this petty mortal matter, which I can respect. I was just going to send your head back to Opolens in a pretty box if this was a waste of my time. I had picked one out just for this too, it's decorated in various whites and golds, I think he would have liked it. Alas I don't think I'll be killing you just yet, he'll have to wait to get it."

    An elegant ringed hand motioned at Gavin knelt on the floor and one of Selena's servants slipped from beside her throne to retrieve the box he held, placing it into her waiting hands. Her legs crossed underneath her deep violet gown and she rested the box on a shapely thigh, peering at the finger once more briefly, before drumming her own digits atop it.

    "Tell me Gavin Selwyn of Seelie, why should I sign a treaty with Seelie? I hate them, this is no secret, I hate your court and your king almost as much. It is my duty as Queen of the Unseelie to do so. I would much rather just go to war with Seelie again then waste time with these petty mortals and their petty paperwork." Despite her cruel words Selena's face had settled back into her typical bored nonchalance and she reached over to grab a wine glass from a nearby table while someone pulled forward a plush chair for Gavin to sit in.

    "My court does not truly wish to be known by the mortals and I cannot think of a single good reason to sign a treaty with Seelie." She paused to take a sip from her sanguine wine peering down at Gavin from the raised steps her throne sat upon. "Can you Gavin Selwyn, provide the Unseelie with a good reason to go along to this nonsense, for as I said I can't think of a single one."
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  7. His green obs watched as a piece of him was taken and given to what should be his immortal enemy. The Seelie couldn't help but feel some of the power drawn from his name as the queen spoke it. His smile twitched again. He was amused by this. She was pronouncing each of the syllables correctly. She was only using two of the five words in his true name and he still felt the power of it. It could either be he didn't realize how strong the two were alone or how she could tap into her own force to pull it out of him.

    Gavin raised only slightly to position himself on the chair provided. It was best not to deny anyone's offer of hospitality. Especially if this was probably going to be the extent of what he received. He straightened his shoulders and crossed his hands upon his lap. Then listened to the queens words thoughtfully and waited patiently. He opened his eyes as she asked him these questions. He reached for his thick braided hair and began to pet it. A habit he did while he contemplated over matters. "In all honesty I always thought the mortals would always be the same mindless baboons caught in their own idiotic excuses they call problems. Yet they themselves have not evolved their technology has. I know this first hand since I dwell among side them to hunt." For the first time his mouth fixed into a frown.

    "They can communicate half way around the world in an instant and make structures as tall as mountains. Their weapons are no longer pitch forks and fire on sticks but guns and missiles made of metals that can easily destroy us." He remembered watching their televisions and seeing the news reports about the explosions in the east that took out thousands of their own in an instant. "We have the upper hand now but it would be foolish to believe that it will always remain that way." He removed his hands from his hair and felt them trembled slightly. He felt his smile ease back on his silky face again. "The media is trying to seek out others that haven't unveiled themselves now and if we don't revoke our rights as citizens then it will be witch hangings by the churches."

    He intertwined his fingers together and smiled "If we prolong our refusal to come out it will only it will only make matters worse. We need some of us to be indited as citizens so that they can't openly hunt us down. They will have laws against killing us and we killing others. Though I'm sure I can find a way around that so that we can continue as if it never happened. Once we establish ourselves and add in some trickery we can build a structure that will assure that we will have nothing to worry about again. Once all that is over the treaty will be revoked and our traditions will continue." He was speaking human court laws which he had study mainly due to having nothing else to do and mild fascination with how the lesser beings had structured themselves.

    "As an emissary I will run everything by both you and my King. We need to be on the same level so that we can start a good public relations and build the kind of reputation we want them to be fed with." He smiled because to him this was a larger game then he had ever played before and felt quite excited for the long term profits.
  8. Opolens’ molten eyes flicked right and left lazily, then settled on a familiar beige form. His lips curled into a pleasant smile as he pushed out of his throne. His long kimono-like robes trailed behind him in various shades of gray marked with white trees and a scene of a setting sun around his calves. The dull colors made him all the more luminous as he crossed the room to stand at the window, glancing over at Idero as he did so. “You seem worried.” His plush mouth maintained its curve as he turned to admire the gardens, looking fondly down at the dryads and unicorns foals who raced about the hedges and toppled columns, laughing and oblivious to the predicament their entire kind was in.

    The King’s slender brows knitted on the pale expanse of his forehead then loosened to rest above his eyes. He leaned lightly against the edge, uncaring when his robe slipped from his shoulder, revealing more of his opulent skin which subtly caught the light and bent it to reflect rosy pinks and lavenders. “I wouldn’t waste your thoughts on the situation. I chose Gavin for his over cautiousness, but my worries do not rival his own even if it was I who initiated the movement.” His ringed fingers curled over the window ledge to rest just on the edge of it. “In all honesty, Idero, I don’t believe the humans are much threat to our kind. Truly they have never harmed us safe for when they were unaware of our presence, such as what occurred to the desert phae in the East. If they wished to destroy us we could evade them and cripple them before they knew our presence.”

    He shook his head, green hair tossing to and fro around his long ears which held two heavy golden tear drop pearls. “If Selena refuses my treaty I will reveal my kind alone and make it plain which of us were willing to work with the humans. If she agrees as I suspect she will, we will continue forward together until we can entrap the mortals with our harmlessness.”

    He chuckled, a sultry sound deep in his throat. “But I will tell you one thing, Idero, if someone were to bring me the vampire who revealed us I would enjoy my time with him and reward the messenger greatly.” He reached out and brushed his fingertips over the unicorn’s hand. “But no matter, tell me of something more pleasant. How goes your hunting?”
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  9. Idero couldn't maintain any kind of eye contact with his King, he was far too beautiful and terrifying for that. His own deep brown eyes were busy drinking in the sight of the rest of the Pale King, such as how the kimono flattered his form. Idero's earthy appearance was nothing compared to the Seelie's King.

    He listened to the brilliant ruler's musings, his thoughts, his opinions, silently as any subject would their sire. His words did ease the unicorn's mind some, but not as much as Idero would have liked. His gaze fell to Opolens' hand as it touched his own, and the light caramel-colored appendage curled with tingles. He thought about what he would say to his King, how he hadn't hunted in quite some time. Virgins were hard to come by. He hardly believed that would be something pleasant to discuss. However, since he was asked, he felt obligated to answer.

    "I myself have not been hunting in quite some time, my leige..." Idero stated calmly. His deep voice was probably expected from his rather thick stature. Tall as he was, he was still thick, muscular, fitting for something that was actually a horse. He ran his free hand through his hair, smoothing it back from his face. Here, his horn was visible. Only here was it safe to show. "The virgins these days... They are few, and they are unappealing. Mostly children, if I'm lucky. There's no joy in hunting children. They are... Well... Too pure, to the point that they don't even understand how pure they really are."

    No, Idero's ideal prey were the young women--or men--that managed to maintain their virginity into their twenties. It sometimes happened, but with the media making sex commonplace, finding those tasty morsels was difficult.

    "I may take another hunt before we are exposed fully... I suppose my main concern with it all is if they know about us, they would know about my particular race, and hunting would become all but impossible." He mocked a pout and continued, "The thought of not tasting that sweet flesh again saddens me like nothing else."
  10. "You and your king make an annoyingly convincing case." She mumbled leaning on her hand moving her calculating gaze off to the side staring hard out a window. Selena was not a fool, despite what her stubborn pride made her look like in the eyes of others. She rarely allied herself and by extension her court with others and the only times she did was if there was absolutely zero possibility of her succeeding by her own prowess.

    The matter at hand was completely different and that was from where her current dilemma rose. She was certain she could hold off the Seelie court, it had been done before, and she wasn't going to even consider the mortals a threat despite what the messenger pigeon in front of her said. What she was concerned about was the mortals being used by the Seelie as weapons against her court, which Gavin had implied whether he realized it or not. The Seelie could guide them and their iron weapons, and the humans were like bugs, never dying out, you always missed just one of them and that was enough for the numbers to multiply once more.

    She didn't need an army of cockroaches guided by a handsome face storming down her doors.

    Selena turned her line of vision back towards Gavin standing as she did so. Her heels echoed with dull thumps against the wood as she came to a stop before him.
    "Stand Gavin Selwyn." She hooked a finger under his chin and tilted his head back so she could look him in the eyes, a smirk finding it's way onto her full lips. "If we're going to work out a treaty we'll need to work out terms and I won't be doing that with an envoy." She snapped her free hand and one of her servants draped a thick chocolate fur around her bare shoulders (the only present she'd ever gotten from her late king that she actually liked).

    "We're going to go see your damned king."
  11. Chrysea looked forward to seeing the Pale King again. She was after all, his ambassador to the eastern Seelie and his daughter. She hadn't just delivered news of the kings decisions to reveal the fae to the humans. She also gained the support of the distrusting eastern Seelie king. She liked to have initiative, taking the responsibility of being the temporary ambassador after the disappearance of the original. Rumors pointed to the Unseelie court, but that wasn't new. The hatred between the two courts was as obvious as the existence of humans.

    The eastern king was benevolent to his people and didn't so much rule over them, he fathered them. It was definitely a grave offense to him when the desert fae were harmed.

    As soon as she came into her home, the glamours faded. She was earlier presented as an ebony haired and pale skinned young woman newly entering adulthood with plain eastern features. Unremarkable and inconspicuous for her mission. Now, her fae features gleamed nearly as beautiful as her father's. She had mostly his features, only softer. The same pale coloration that gave her a calm glow. She had a gentle beauty exuding with the warmth of sunrise. Her eyes is the sunrise itself, shy but luminescent yellow, round and deep set with flaxen lashes and artful brows. Her hair was a lighter green of apples and summer grass, with streaks of gold that became her name. Her lips, small but curving, often with a poised smile or with a song, as her voice is a sweet melody.

    She wished to look more presentable to her father upon her return, so she had her favorite dress prepared. Her father doesn't seem to have any interest in human fashion and thinks it too plain. Perhaps that suits them, in Chrysea's opinion. Her handmaidens helped her into a flowing gown of spidersilk and lace, one of the many that her father gave her on her coming of age. She put on the flowing kimono-like royal robes and her tiara, to see her father as princess and ambassador first, daughter second. She liked to put it on herself. To her, it symbolizes her duty and she'll take her duty by herself.

    As soon as she finished, she headed for the throne room. Her maids followed her closely, one was bringing paperwork for her.

    She heard Lord Gavin Selwyn was called by her father. She always liked that man and secretly delighted in his presence at court. She likes his sense of style, the characteristic silver braid and teal color scheme was a perfectly pleasing combination.

    She's in truth, too young and blissful to fully understand the graviy of the situation. She isn't foolish nor clueless. She is well read and intelligent as her father was at her age. But she was innocent. Her travel to the east was her first time among humans. She found them interesting in a boring sort of way. Nothing too special.
  12. He sat with tension building in his muscles waiting for his words sink in with the royal fae. Gavin wasn't sure what was going to happen now. His life was at the peak and the one in control of which direction it went was before him. Though he knew of these repercussions before he had even mentioned coming to his own king. It was now or never. He watched as her eyes pierced towards him and she stand. His adrenaline rose and he couldn't help but grin from the rush. If he was going to die he'd have a smile on his face.

    Instead her hands cupped under his chin and glided his body upwards. He shot up as she spoke his name not from the power of it but from the surprise of her 1. not killing him then and there on the spot and 2. Then queen of the Unseelie actually just touched him. He looked into her eyes not able to avoid them as she spoke to him. The surprises didn't stop there she wanted to be in the presence of his King to negotiate the treaty. This was a new chapter in history not just him coming in the Unseelie court and making it out alive but also the two courts meeting without the intent of going to war. He followed her in her wake unsure of what had just happened.

    Then it all flooded to him. She was going to see the King and he needed to be prepared for this encounter. He deftly reached into a bag in his side to pull out his blackberry smartphone. He needed his court to know so they won't think this was an attack on their kind. He quickly texted one of his faithful servants.

    Just as he had pulled out his phone he flipped it back into his leather pouch. If he could he would be sweating bullets about now but there was electricity in the air about this that made him even more excited to see how this all turned out.
  13. Opolens’ sculpted brows knitted as he looked upon the steed with sympathy. Truly, it hurt his heart to know the unicorns were suffering for the human’s utter lack of morality. His grip on the brown hand tightened as he gazed at him, eyes finding his even when Idero made a point of looking away. “I can assure you my sweet Idero, the next virgin presented to me is yours. And the next and the next. I have little care for virgins, inexperience is only a burden in my own method of…feeding.” He smiled, all sadness wiped from his porcelain countenance. He laughed softly then leaned close to Idero’s face, breathing in deeply of his earthen scent. They were close in height but the unicorn outweighed the King by at least thirty pounds, though Opolens was anything but intimidated. “In exchange though, I may ask for some time to savor your seasoned skills. I’m sure with your method of hunting you have much to share with me.” His grip slid from the large hand up Idero’s forearm to rest there. And even though a touch to the arm would be considered platonic in any other situation, Opolens’ long fingers promised something far beyond familial.

    The King’s attention was suddenly drawn away by one of his heralds, who announced Chrysea’s and her flock of ladies’ arrival. Opolens smiled, but there was a note of strain on his lovely face as he nodded a polite goodbye to Idero and stepped forward to meet his daughter with open arms. He embraced her briefly as was appropriate then pulled away to stand at a business-like distance. “My daughter, it is good to see you home.” It was not a whole lie so his delicate tongue was not burned, but it was only a half truth. Opolens loved his daughter dearly, there was no doubt in that, but his plans for the East had no played out. The Eastern King, though certainly powerful, had been subdued by Opolens’ might on many occasions. Even sending an ambassador was a mere kindness, and the Pale King had hoped for a marriage offer for his fair daughter. That had not happened, but there was no point in harming his daughter by telling her that. “You’ll have to tell me of your trip—“

    ”Forgive me your highness! But there is urgent news!” The King repressed the urge to roll his eyes and gracefully turned from his daughter to accept a cellphone thrust into his hands by a frantic looking servant, one of Gavin’s if he wasn’t mistaken. His eyes flicked over the screen, took a long moment to process the choppy English, then shut. He held the cellphone out to the servant, nodded at him, then strode a few feet away, back to everyone watching as he collected himself. “Ellium.” One of the decorated servants, a snowy white satyr, rushed to the King’s side. “Forgive the short notice, but I need the feasting hall furnished for the Unseelie. Prepare the farthest guest hall for them and dress is accordingly lest they ruin my decorations again. Have the nobles ready to attend and dressed, and prepare my grand robes. Post haste.” Ellium nodded then hurried into action, giving orders to the lesser servants left and right before hurrying off himself.

    Opolens exhaled then turned round with a soft smile on his face that carefully hid his annoyance. “Everyone, prepare for a royal visit!” He then strode off to dress. It took only a few moments for him to dress in his ceremonial armor, carved of the same ivory bone and strange silver and dotted with pearls. His hair was plaited down his back and his eyes lined in silver. He returned to the throne room when he was dressed and sat back in his throne, accepted his sword from Ellium, which he draped across his knees. It was a glorious pure white sword, the blade carved with intricate silver designs while the handle seemed to be entirely wrought of pearl. He was ready, if anyone could be ready for Selena.
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  14. Selena made no attempt to converse with Gavin as they rode in her vehicle, pleased that humans had chosen to start making the bodies of some of these death traps out of plastic. Her driver peered back every once in a while to steal glances at Gavin but other than that he had no interactions with the Seelie noble. The only one who showed in real interest in Gavin was Selena's escort to the Seelie court, a tall intimidating figure in a crimson suit. His eyes could be seen glinting gold from underneath the rim of the matching fedora atop his head, his dark hair tugged into a side ponytail over his shoulder. Selena seemed to take notice of his leering at the "ambassador" and glanced at him as the car came to a stop outside of the winding path that led to Seelie's court.

    "Stop it Darren, I'm sure you're scaring the poor man." She slipped from the car as she spoke and Darren followed her out with a dark chuckle.
    "Sorry but 'ow am I ta 'elp it? I am ta stuff of nightmares after all." He piped up behind her as they started towards the court. Neither of them bothered to turn and see if Gavin was following.

    Selena made her way quickly towards the blinding ruins, picking up her pace when she spied them in the distance. Her long legs carried her to the entrance in little to no time, and finally she paused to glance back at Gavin over her shoulder.
    "I hope you're ready for this, because trust me I am more than eager to be done with both you and him." Her green eyes narrowed when she felt the pressure of hidden eyes watching her and she peeled back her lips in a snarl at no one in particular, revealing a mouth full of canines. She took not kindly to the curious stares of some of the Seelie faes and Selena would have liked nothing more than to turn their eyes into various accessories.

    "Well Gavin, aren't you going to escort a lady in?" She questioned tapping a foot impatiently. Darren laughed next to her and placed his hands on her fur covered shoulders in an polite attempt to calm her.
    "Well Gavin was it? Ya 'eard my queenie, introduce 'er 'ighness ta 'is lowness."
  15. Gavin was swept up along with the Unseelie. He felt out of place and a bit uncomfortable. He found his eyes catch that of the drivers who's eyes would dart towards him every now and then. Gavin felt his nervousness bubble into his throat but he contained it. His green eyes shifting towards every person in the vehicle until they landed on a very large fae in red. Her highness noticed the way he was looking at Gavin. He felt a chuckle flutter between his straight white teeth. His grin widening as he heard a thumping inside his head. They finally stopped and the lord felt a little bit of the tension lifting knowing he was home.

    He followed the pair, lengthening his strides to try and keep up with them. Darren spoke towards him and he wondered why he shivered at his words. Some how he believed him when he talked about nightmares. They walked more and being in his own domain he still felt on edge. She turned towards him as her malice tongue spoke towards him. Gavin didn't want to say anything. He only spoke when it was needed and right now he desired only his own silence. He just nodded and finally saw the ruins ahead. Soon he would see his King. Worry still built in his mind wondering if what he had done would please him or bring his wrath on the noble.

    His colorful imagination wondered what that might be like when his head shot up as Darren spoke his name mockingly. Gavin just showed his teeth and stepped forward and politely took his arm in hers to lead her to her King. He had to do it. Gavin had gone before her and created a blood gift. Tying himself to her court. It was only proper as well. Gavin was anything but proper. Though it might lead to some harsh criticisms by his fellows it was still his duty. Never in his long years of immortal life has he thought that he would be presenting the Queen of the Unseelie. He had wished he was wearing something more formal and dashing but he was going to have to put up with what he had on. Plus what he was wearing should be least of his problems. Right now he was between the King he loved who could easily strike him down and the Queen of the dark fae's who could just as easily extinguish his essence.

    My what a predicament.
  16. Idero listened to his King's words carefully, curiously. His hand was literally tingling as the Pale King held it, and the shivers of sensation traveled up to his arm as the hand moved. He felt his face redden at the implications meant by Opolens' offer. He could do nothing but nod, at a loss for words for just a moment.

    "O-of course, my King," he blinked his dark eyes, feeling giddy all of a sudden. "Anything you ask."

    His moment of brief excitement was quelled as the Princess was announced and Opolens' attention was demanded elsewhere. It gave Idero an opportunity to fully examine what had just occurred, what he had just agreed to do. It made him blush even harder, honestly, but at the same time a sort of satisfaction was reached. He nodded to himself, yes, this would work out. He allowed his gaze to regard the Princess and her father as they spoke briefly before they were interrupted by a cell-phone-bearing servant. And then chaos broke out. Orders for proper dress, decorations, feasts... The Unseelie Queen was to arrive here at any minute. That was something Idero wanted no part of, to be honest. Besides, he was a unicorn. He did not feast like the other fae, and had no use for fancy dress. For him, the fanciest he could manage were jewels strung together and dangling from his horn, woven in his mane and tail, and draped over his forehead and muzzle. He did not have the time to find some fae to braid his mane and tail, either, and didn't feel like picking out the proper jewels necessary for this occasion.

    So he excused himself from the throne room and went out into one of the many gardens, where he dropped his glamour completely. The gardens were really the only place he enjoyed being his true self. It was also here, in the gardens, that he was able to see the Unseelie Queen and her escort, and Gavin -- the poor lad -- as they arrived. Selena was beautiful and terrifying, gorgeous as any royalty would be, but at the same time it was completely different from his King. He laid in the grass of his favorite sun-drenched spot, and watched. He didn't even bother hiding from sight, like many of the other fae did. He was afraid in a respectful way, but at the same time... Not.

    He nibbled on grass instead.
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  17. Selena walked strong and proud in her strides through the court, seeming to be leading Gavin rather than the other way around. She paused briefly glancing at a tan unicorn, pleasantly surprised that it hadn't acted like the rest of it's kin and opted to watch her instead. She flashed the horned beast a dazzling smile before continuing in she and Gavin's "casual stroll." She choose to ignore Darren blowing a kiss behind her back towards the horse.

    She paused in front of Opolens throne when she entered the main hall and her dark lips twisted up into a full cruel smile.
    "Opolens! How good to see you." She leaned on Gavin twisting her fingers loosely in the back of his hair, tugging on the gold flowing from his head. "Were you expecting me?" Selena glanced at Gavin as giving him a knowing smirk, glancing around at the decorations. "I'm flattered that you'd go out of your way to impress my like this. You didn't need to though, goodness know I wouldn't."

    "Ya wooln't need ta ya 'ighness, ya always dress fa success enyway." Darren chimed in behind her. "S'not cha foolt 'e doesn't, gotta dress up all fanseh an such evra time 'e gets a visatah." He stood next to Selena and flashed Opolens an obnoxious smile. "Oh an nice ta meet ya milord. Darren, Far Darrig at cha servus, not that I'll be servin ya or nothing of ta sort."

    Selena paid Darren no mine instead choosing to turn her attentions on Opolens lovely daughter, ignoring the words slurring together into a gigantic ball of incoherence behind her. "And Chrysea darling you look stunning, you were younger the last time we met, and I'm sure you don't remember me, but how could I ever forget a face a lovely as the one you have, you rival your father my dear with your beauty."

    She casually pushed herself up off of Gavin and smiled at everyone in the court before focusing in on Opolens again. "But I guess you know why I'm here Seelie King, so why don't we cut to the chase hmm?"
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  18. Opolens was a man of remarkable patience. He was of a cool disposition as a rule and there were few things that infuriated him.

    Rude house guests and Selena Chantala topped the list.

    The King merely smiled when The Queen, her guard and his poor Gavin entered the throne room. His eyes settled on Gavin briefly then swept over his uninvited guests, narrowing when they realized the nature of the creature in red, then becoming blankly pleasant when they focused in on the Unseelie’s monarch. He was quiet through both of their obnoxious introductions and behavior, but anyone who truly knew him, which was like Gavin alone, would be able to predict the white hot rage building in his chest. It did not make an appearance, however, as he rose from his throne, sheathed his sword, and walked a few paces so he and Selena were at an appropriate distance for conversation.

    “To address your /compliment/ Selena, I prepare for any guest. No matter their lack of manners towards their own or their feelings about my hospitality.” His voice was soft and cordial to blunt his words, but he knew very well Selena’s ears were too clever…his actions from here on out could be interpreted in that context. His eyes flicked over Darren’s form like a lion might regard a house cat, but he nodded and smiled all the same. “A pleasure, Darren. And I assure you I will have no need of your services. Ever. If I ever approach you for such things, please let Ellium know so he can have me taken off of the throne for madness.”

    He noted the tall Satyr slip up to his side but only gave him a sidelong smile. Ellium’s goat ears pressed flat to the long braids that adorned his head, his foggy yellow eyes flicked over Gavin’s form with a scrutinizing gaze, focused on his hand, then leaned to whisper in Opolens’ ear while Selena was distracted with Chrysea. The girl was always useful for that. The King’s gaze followed Ellium’s, noted the stump where a delicate digit should have rested, then found Gavin’s gaze. He was not happy. Ellium sniffed and rolled his broad shoulders, now focusing on Darren, someone needed to keep an eye on him.

    When Selena was done with her dramatic introductions, Opolens’ met her challenge with a leveled gaze and a soft smile. Opolens’ didn’t like to show his teeth, no one was sure why, perhaps he found it tacky or maybe he had something to hide, either way Selena only got a view of his luxurious mouth. “I know precisely why you’re here Selena. Though I cannot fully understand why you felt the need to make what should have been a brief exchange of notes into such an ordeal. .Regardless, come and let us get started.” The King and Ellium turned and strode into the banquet hall. Chrysea and few select nobles were allowed to follow, everyone else was shut out.

    The feasting hall was glorious. A long table wrought of polished ivory held every possible delicacy in glass dishes of every pastel color. At the head of the table sat the ‘little brother’ of the Golden Throne, a grand dining chair that followed the theme of the famous seat of Seelie power. Ellium pulled it out for Opolens, who sat gracefully. The table was much shortened for the intimate gathering, with chairs at Opolens’ left and right for Gavin and Chrysea, a few chairs between for the nobles, and finally a large chair for Selena at the other end of the table with a seat at her right for her escort.

    The Pale King leaned back in his chair as various servants served everyone in attendance wine and some of the bounty on the table. As soon as that was finished and the formal amount of time for everyone to eat their first course passed, Opolens dove into action. “What do we need to discuss Selena? Treaties are simple especially in this case. We stop any warring between us until the matter of our ‘exposure’ is finished. Once the mortals are duped we slip back into our lives, including hunting them and each other. What else could you possible fathom we need to take time out of our days to debate over?” His voice, though still lovely, was far more biting now that they were out of the eye of his people. His long fingers were gripping the fabric napkin in his lap under the table, and Ellium took silent notice, tossing a hateful look at Gavin for distressing his Lord.
  19. Chrysea was glad to see her father was well but before she could report to him or even greet him, an urgent message was delivered by Gavin Selwyn's servant. Her heart stopped. Could he be in danger?

    The king announced the arrival of the Unseelie Queen and Chrysea was filled with even more dread. She chose to remain silent. She knew her father well enough to see his mood wasn't entirely good even as she arrived and now with the Unseelie Queen coming, maybe he's more...irked.

    She went about with the preparations that her father instructed them all to do, her mind on her meeting with the Eastern King and dealing with his unfriendly personality. Perhaps he wasn't naturally this way. He was quite bitter about the incident among his desert people after all.

    flashback (open)

    "Your father paid absolutely no mind to my people! Nothing at all." The Eastern King said angrily. "He is too detached." He gave Chrysea not even a second to reply.

    "He cannot even take care of his ambassador. You have no word of your ambassador?" The Eastern king questions her, not bothering to hide the frustration in his face.

    "The investigation is ongoing, Your Majesty." Chrysea replied solemnly. But before she could proceed, he interrupted in annoyance.

    "It's the Unseelie court, I tell you. Outside this conference room, I cannot make such accusations. But if we were to be honest with ourselves, only the Unseelie would have such intentions." he said with a smug, dismissive tone. "So why would I be concerned with the affairs of lycanthropes and vampires-and those damned humans! -if I should be worrying myself with the Unseelie? And that Pale King wants to form a treaty with the Unseelie? Has he gone mad?"

    "I shall have it reported personally that the Unseelie may have involvement in this matter, Your Majesty." she replied, attempting to appease him. "But my Father King intends only to-"

    "Bite a vampire's bait." Eastern King said, now exasperated.

    "The humans have become a formidable-" Chrysea began but by the time the Eastern King interrupted her again, it was quite apparent that he had no intentions of letting her finish anything.

    "They are just humans. Humans. So easy to slay yet so...many. They are but bugs to us, Seelie. Several of us won't benefit from their knowledge of our existence. It is simply ruining our...camouflage." The Eastern King massaged his temples. "Those humans will kill themselves off sooner or later."

    "And yet, we need them." Chrysea said as quickly as she could without being rude.

    "And yet we need them," The Eastern King repeated thoughtfully, putting much pause in between each word. Surprisingly, all it took was five words to convince him, fickle minded king that he was.

    "That Pale King father of yours has a way with things." He said, entwining his fingers. "Sending his daughter."

    Chrysea wasn't able to cloak her curiosity for a mere split second, but Eastern King saw it.

    "Have you no idea why it is you he sent to me?" The Eastern King questioned.

    "It is my duty as Princess and acting ambassador-"

    "He's simply trying to placate me. And perhaps finally gain a foothold on my people. He expects a union." The Eastern King said flatly as if talking to himself. "You being his daughter, close to his own image in fact, you are his most treasured political pawn. With us Eastern Seelie, he has more power over the Unseelie. As we know, the Eastern Unseelie are quite unstable themselves..."

    A...union? A pawn? Chrysea could not accept it. Her father isn't like that. As far as she knew that is. He agreed quickly to her idea of being acting ambassador for the Eastern King because he thought it's responsible of her, not because she's a political pawn.

    "I shall concur with his decisions and send an envoy to the Eastern Unseelie." He said dismissively.

    She was quite unsettled by how her meeting with the Eastern King but the presence of the Unseelie Queen is a more troubling matter. She chose silence until the Queen turned her attention to Chrysea. She was beautiful in an intimidating sort of way, in fact, intimidating was a very soft word for it.

    "And Chrysea darling you look stunning, you were younger the last time we met, and I'm sure you don't remember me, but how could I ever forget a face a lovely as the one you have, you rival your father my dear with your beauty." she spoke with a voice that rang in melodious yet venomous authority.

    "Thank you, Your Majesty." She replied with a solemn smile, knowing well that nothing more is required for her to be said.

    The words political pawn ran in her head once more. She spoke nothing even as the banquet was held in the Unseelie Queen's honor. She watched Gavin with worried eyes every so often.

    When the King spoke, Chrysea watched him out of the corner of her eye. The nobles fell silent. Everything was muted in anticipation. She had never witnessed her father this way and neither had anyone else at the long table. His demeanor didn't change but there was something about his words that made them slightly frightened, as if the Unseelie Queen plus her guards' presence had not done enough of that.
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  20. Theatrics this was all it was. To Gavin this seemed to be another power play. Forever testing the boundaries and how far they can push it. Such as Gavin escorting Selena before his King. Something he couldn't avoid but wished he knew the magic of invisibility. The look on his King's face. His dear Opolens. It made him feel ill. He watched helplessly as the two royals approached one another. He felt a twinge of anger as Darren addressed his King but held his tongue. He was not to speak while this engagement unless it was needed.

    Then he saw Ellium along side Opolens. Him and the satyr never saw eye to eye. In fact it could be a bit more then that. There was a dislike held by both of them. Gavin's was for his stiff nature and Ellium's for Gavin's recklessness. He wanted to stick his tongue out at him in a playful mocking manner but noticed his sharp eyes examining every flaw on Gavin. He stiffened as he whispered into the King's ear. The fea lord quickly covered his gloved hand with his other slender hand and looked away.

    Please no.

    He wanted to tell Opolens himself. Sit down and calmly explain that it was a last minute decision. While the two exchanged harsh pleasantries Gavin noticed that the Princess had returned. He crossed his hand over his heart and lowly bowed towards her in respect. He followed behind as they went to discuss business in the banquet hall. He sat in the chair beside the King with Ellium on the other side. He wished to just slink in shame but he was going to have to own up to his choices. Having regrets isn't going to change anything.

    He straightened himself upwards. 'Look proud Gavin boy. You are the King's emissary and you have a duty to perform for him.' using those words in his mind to help pick up his spirit. He didn't even look at Ellium's way as Opolens spoke towards the Queen. He looked across the grand feast keeping his mouth shut until his voice was needed.
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