A City Betwixt

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  1. A City Betwixt
    The Grey Expanse—to the gods, it was home, to humans, however, it was a realm beyond their own, an afterlife of sorts. For some, it served as a place of penance, an opportunity to undo the sins of their past lives and achieve salvation. For others, it was simply an opportunity to pursue power they had never known in life. For yet others, it was a hunting ground, a new den in which their twisted souls, undeterred by the sting of death, could flourish and feed. These darkling creatures would become the scourge of both gods and men: demons. Even these monsters, though, began as mere humans, and all humans have one thing in common: hunger. This hunger, this constant desire, burns within the depths of every human soul. Some seek to embrace it, others try to bend it to their will, and yet others seek to escape from it entirely. For many, what they truly sought was guidance, a light to direct them in this new and strange world. Many sought this guidance from the gods, and, in time, their pleas were answered. In the golden city of Aurinc, the ArchSeraph Argyle proposed a choice to the wayward souls of humanity: hunt the demons and seek salvation, or become one yourself.​

    Hey there, and welcome to the interest check for A City Betwixt. As you can probably gather from the above, this thread will take place in a sort of 'purgatory' where the souls of the dead go after death. In this strange new realm, they will be tasked with the hunting of demons: human souls that have grown dark and twisted to the point of consuming the spirits of others. Humans hunt these demons for a variety of reasons, but the greatest of these is the idea that by cleansing the world of demons, a person can purify their own soul. It is said that when a person's soul has been completely cleansed, they may leave the Grey Expanse and return to their own world to be reborn anew. Obviously there's a lot more to all of this, and I'm still working on some of it, but if this happens to pique your interest, or if you just happen to have any questions, be sure to let me know. Thanks for reading!
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  2. Hey~hey^^!!

    Ooooooohhhh...! I like this!^-^! But just the reg rundown of questions:

    Post freq, post level req, Max number RPers, can we play multi charries?
  3. Hey there!

    As far as post frequency goes, I'm willing to adapt to basically whatever speed.

    As for requirements, I don't plan on setting any super-strict rules other than no one-liners. A solid paragraph is perfectly fine, but so is tons of detail. I'm not very picky.

    I don't really have a set cap for players, the more the merrier, and you're welcome to have as many characters as you'd like! (Within reason, of course.)
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  4. This is a demon souls reference isn't it?
  5. There's definitely some Souls influence here lol, I'm a huge fan.
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  6. I'm in on this. Seems like it could pretty damn fun.
  7. I'm in. xD
  8. Awesome!
  9. Interested!
  10. I'm interested, though I got a question.
    Is Magic included?
  11. Count me in.
  12. I'm interested by the way.
  13. If there's not too many people, I'm pretty interested, though I have to say I'm not too familiar with the Souls franchise, aside from playing through Dark Souls to just past the Taurus Demon, so any inspiration taken might be a bit lost on me. Still, I see potential for a very interesting setting here, so count me in, if possible!

    What sort of level of fantasy will we be seeing here, by the way? Magic? If it's dark fantasy like Souls, how dark? Level of technology? Sorry for all the small questions, but I'm very interested in hearing more about this.
  14. Very interested.

    I've noticed a lot of red stars here, so I just want to make sure you're okay with me potentially joining. I'm on the upper end of the underage group and I'm quite mature for my age. As long as you're okay, I'm super interested
  15. Oh, wow, hey everybody!

    @Shin @Gabriel Heartache
    As far as magic goes, it's totally allowed, and very present in the world.

    In regards to tone, I'd say dark fantasy, but that's mostly because of themes present. After all, all the characters will have already died, some of them in probably not-so-happy fashions, so potentially that could get a bit dark. I wish I had some kind of scale to compare this on, but for now: it's dark fantasy, but not grimdark fantasy?

    And with technology, that's where things get a bit interesting. The people whose spirits end up in the Grey Expanse didn't all necessarily die, or even pass on, at the same time. Theoretically, someone could have technology from whatever era on them when they arrive. Within the actual Expanse, however, you won't see many modern weapons or the like. I've got a writeup for a bit of the history behind the place, but the gods have relied pretty heavily on magic to get whatever they wanted done dealt with, so they haven't really needed many technological advances.

    Feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like!

    You're more than welcome to join! Like I said earlier, there might be some darker themes and whatnot, but as long as that's alright with you then everything should be fine.


    Awesome! Glad to hear it!


    I remember you! Thanks for the interest.

    Glad to have you aboard!

    Wow, having this many people interested is great! I'm still working on some stuff for the OOC, but I'll try to get that up as soon as I can.
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  16. What is the level of acceptable gore on a scale of none to bloodborne?
  17. Some is certainly acceptable. I don't think there will be any 'PREY SLAUGHTERED' post-boss blood fountains, but a realistic amount of blood and gore could be present, as combat will certainly happen.
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  18. I'm interested in this.
  19. Awesome! Be sure to check the OOC if you haven't already!
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