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  1. (all spots taken!)



    The Circle:

    Nicole - played by Madyline.
    Thomas (Tommy Boy!) - Played by Leader of Nations.
    Aleksei - Played by Cthutie.
    Elysium - Played by Rosie.
    Vincent - Played by XC.
    Rosalie - Played by inDefiance.


    Hell. Oh. Bunnies.

    Yes, Fie is inDefiance. Lovely to meet you, bunny.

    Go on and post up questions/clarifications, plot shit, character arc/relationships, world-building ideas up in here.

    Do know that this RP is going to be rather dark and grim. Creepy occult stuff and same-sex very welcoming too. Fie knows that there are many views on Spirits and Shamans and stuff, so this OOC will keep track of what we make of them. Circle of Thorns characters and notable things shall be listed here as well.

    The actual way the NetherRealm and Abyss work we will discuss, but Fie does have ideas that she will post later to create a baseline.

    This is a re-post of the OOC spoiler in the Jump-In thread for convenience:

    Hell. Oh. Bunnies. (open)

    Welcome to Fie's RP:

    -A Circle of Broken Thørns.
    In this RP we will be playing 6 members of The Circle of Thorns, A disbanded bunch of powerful Spirit Catchers that have fallen low and are now powerless. They still have the ass-kicking physical skills and are knowledgeable in the ways of Spirits, the DreamWorld, the NetherRealm, the Threshold and the Rift. We used to be one of the major players in the fight to close the Rift that leads into the world of the Diables; physical manifestations of negativity, perversion, anger, rage and all that kind of nastiness; Demons basically.

    We grew up together in the fictional city of Crown's Port, British Columbia, Canada on Vancouver Island and were a really close knit bunch of low-life trashy urban kids that were born with power and ended up learning that we were linked and we became better and better each time we 'connected' and fought EVIL!!! and learned more about the NetherRealm.

    The shit hit the fan when the Rift tore open and the Diables spilled out and began to wreak havoc upon our world. What exactly happened can be created on the fly in the RP, but Fie would like to focus more on Crown's Port and making our way across Vancouver Island where we must fight our way north to the Queen Charlotte's Islands to find 'Rena, the kid sister and powerful seer of the group.

    All our characters will be between 20 and 27. Just know that the older you are the more you know about your powers. Every seven years of life we have to go through rituals to learn more. Age 21 is when your powers will have matured. Age 28 is when your powers will be set. We have a mentor named Ivy who's a chubby, jolly old blue-eyed gardener woman.

    One year has passed since my character gave our True Names up to bargain for the sealing away of the Society big bads. But in doing so, 'Rena was apparently 'killed' but it turns out she survived and is being used by the newly joined forces of a big bad bitch Diables named Malgoria and some of the escaped members of the Society.

    The Society is a group of Mages that have made pacts with Diables. They are the ones that tried to manipulate Demons for more power. Where Shamans and Spiritualists tap into the Threshold and into the NetherWorld (afterworld), the Mages tap into the chaos of the Rift and into the Abyss. Their thirst for more power may have caused the Rift to break a hole into our world. We can make up details as we go. The Society were people in places of power and influence, but were thwarted by Circles time and again. Our group, the Circle of Thorns, kicked their asses and sealed their major powerful baddies into the NetherRealm. But... of course that did not last long.

    And it was not enough to keep us safe. We were hunted and split up. Without powers and soon enough without many allies, we had to go into hiding. There are a lot of people that hate us and blame Circles for empowering the Diables; the Society did drain the Diables afterall. But what most people do not realize is that the Society wants to keep the Rift open because they are stronger with the Rift open despite having to combat Diables as well. We can make up details and fill in the blanks as we go as well.

    So the year is 2020 and we are at war with the Diables and their armies so it's a rather messed up time. It's been six years since the Rift tore a hole into our reality and it does not look good. We rarely get ten hours of daylight here but we know when we score a major victory because the day lasts longer than yesterday.

    Very well then.

    This is Rosi. (open)


    Rosi (open)

    Name: 'Rosi' - Rosalie Rouge
    True Name: She-Who-Speaks-With-Three.
    Age: 27

    Magic practice: Shaman. Shape Shifter and Spirit Catcher.

    Brief bio: Rosalie was 7 when Grinder spoke to her from behind the trees. She was with her first foster family and a good one it was. However Grinder was was wild and aggressive and taught her the ways of the lone wolf. Rosi was the toughest of the girls her age and the most dominant. And when anyone older than her pushed her around, Grinder the She-Wolf would give her surprising strength and speed not to mention a vicious bite. When she was 10 there was a wolf at large in the parks. And when Rosalie moved away the rumours and sightings of the wolf never surfaced again.


    Rosalie was 14 when Seeker spoke to her from the sky. She was with her fourth foster family and this one was a bad one. And Rosi was a bad girl by now. This family knew what she was and kept Grinder pinned away, for they knew how to deal with rampant spirits. But Seeker taught Rosi how to fight the enemy unseen. Seeker took her to the place of the Threshold to release Grinder. And with Grinder's mighty form, she slashed and rendered her captors. The police report stated that an Owl called from above the roof of the house before flying away from the bloodbath inside of Rosalie's final foster home.


    Rosalie was 21 when Weaver spoke to her from dreams. A young, troubled woman, addicted to drugs, the spider pulled her into the Netherealm, the host world of spirits. It was here where she learned to face her fears and answer the voices that called to her. The drugs were meant to suppress the callings, but as she lay dying, overdosed on heroin, Weaver showed her what she was meant to do. There were bad things in the world. Very bad things. And 'She-Who-Speaks-With-Three' was meant to deal with them. Both here in the Dreamworld space of the Netherworld and in the Waking world as well.

    Things changed when they started her heart again. She got a job and started going to the gym, learning how to use firearms, how to fight. She trained hard and even had to force herself into a relationship with a man to learn MMA fighting styles. And all the while, she sought out those of the Dreamworld who had ties to the physical. And soon she became a Spirit Catcher, one who may speak in both worlds as well as walk within both realities.


    Rosalie is now a woman of 27. She can speak with spirits. She can fight spirits in the Dreamworld. She can shift into three different types of animals. She can take their strengths and senses, whether crushing teeth, silent wing, or terrible poison and use them in the waking day while still remaining virtually human. And now that the dream has been set upon her, she has travelled along the Western coast of Canada and ready to face what she has been called to do.

    Rosi is a cunning, trash-talking, foul-mouthed, tough as nails, grumpy lesbian but loyal leader and loving and fiercely protective sister of the Circle of Thorns. She is about 5'9" and about 140, blue eyes and, when not dyed, she has naturally black hair.

    She's been almost-quitting smoking for years now (it's hard since she reads cigarette ashes like some read tea leaves), likes punk rock and pink underwear, hitting the heavy bag while training, and collecting talismans, charms and imbue-able baubles (fills them with magic then attaches them to her boots), and she really likes wearing different kinds of gloves.

    She is always cold and actually cold to the touch, she can't drive worth shit, and she is a sucker for cute chicks acting cute and gets all dorky when one has her attention.


    Okay. So Fie is looking for only five RPers to join as part of our Circle. Please do write like a beast as much as possible with flashbacks and emotions; get all flowery and flourish-y! But do expect Fie to type out lots too. There will be a lot of making things up as we go so let's have fun with this one. Fie loves to read your posts and enjoys some OOC banter too so jump on board, bunny!

    Very well then. So if you want to jump in then jump on in, bunny! No need for CS but: Please do start off with your location prior to coming to the graveyard in Crown's Port and do include reaction to the call from my character.

    So knowing this please do make up what you will about past interactions with her. Fie is open to how Rosi got along with your character.

    Oh and this RP will have dark overtones, occult type things and some violent/graphic content, but please let's not turn this into a one-up-others gorefest.


    Very well then. Hope to see some interest. Feel free to ask questions/clarifications if you gots them. Urshums. Thank you for reading, bunnies!

    Standing as Always,

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  2. -Madyline- Hell. Oh. And thank you for jumping in! :D

    Holy Shit. You are a fantastic RPer. Like Fie loves what you wrote especially about Nicole being torn and slowly revealing your characters appearance and personality, awesome writer... but Fie sees in that post of yours that you did read what Fie wrote, suggested and requested and you tossed it in there. Lovely. Just fuckin lovely! Hands down So happy to have you jump-in, bunny~~~

    Okay. Urshums. So Fie's girlie is taking her out to dinner so shall do that and come back and work on some posts. Since no one else up in here to see if they can post, Fie shall have a response tonight. Again, thank you and so excited to see how it all plays out, Madyline! Anything you'd like to suggest for Fie to include for Rosi's post, then do let Fie know okay?
    Ta, for now.

  3. Thank you for the welcome, Fie, and the compliment on my writing skills! :) You're a wonderful writer as well. I look forward to your response!
  4. -Madyline- Oh, my dear, you deserve the compliments. Really. Fuck yeah. And thank you for your kind words. Thinking that Rosi called Nicole: Nix or something. For a bit of flashback, Fie was thinking of tossing in some shit where Nicole protected everyone by something simple but stuck with her for always~~ Lovely. Was going to reply but...

    -Leader of Nations- Hell. Oh. and thank you for jumping in :] Lovely.

    Fie sees another awesome RPer up in here. Tommy boy. And So gun call him lil' bro. Will so run with the 'Tommy boy! Toooooommmmeeee boy!' shit that you have up in your post. Awesome angsty assholy baby bro!!! Urshums. Fan-fuckin'-tastic and...

    -Cthutie- Hell. Oh. to you too and thank you as well for jumping in :D Fuck yeah!

    Yes, look at your post too. Fuck me, wow another lovely post. Aleksai seems like a good guy hiding behind a hell-to-it-all attitude but sweetiness just like Nicole. Lovely opposite of Rosi, Tommy and other bitches, rite? Urshums! Speaking of biyatches...

    -Rosie- Hell. Oh. and thank you for getting in there and emo juumping in with us! :]

    Wow. Shit is that Elysium one hot red headed darkly yummy bitch. Seeing some kind of rivalry or tension between our characters. The swing and playground contrasting the graveyard was awesome. And the one liners about the others in the Circle. Fuck yeah.

    Okay, erbody... wow. Dint expect this to fill up so fast nor have such awesome posts to respond to. But shall be working on somehtings to post on. Dayam. All heated up in Fie's pants right now. Fuck. Yeah. So hoping my girl gets to jump in here too because she is urshums too, but very well then. One more spot to fill! Fie is so excited to have such awesome RPers up in here. Really. What all of you have put forth is more than Fie could have ever dreamed of... she is so thankful to have you in this RP. You should totes be proud of what you've posted too. Well done and fuck yeah! Lovely, my dears.

    Kk. nuff with the bitch ermahgerd gushings... shall work on responses. But really, thank you everyone for your effort and creativity. Lovely. Lovely all of you.

    Any ideas you woul d like to dump in here, do not refrain to post here. Would so love to hear more about your characters!

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  5. Whaddup.

    How do powers work here? I sorta got an idea for Vincent, but Idk how it'd fit into the mechanics behind the powers in this setting. I was thinking of him being in a Battle Mage role.

    But yea, I can work with anything, so throw it out at me, yo.

    Pleasure to meet ya'll.
  6. Hell. Oh. XC. Welcome and thanks for jumping in. LOVELY. Shall answer question when fie is done work. Ta for now.
  7. Very well then.

    -XC- Vincent seems to hold resident badass role. Urshums. Probably had him teach us how to fight proper. Rosi probably taught them how to fight with cheapshots. Lovely post.

    So what Fie has written so far is that there are two types of dominant magic types: Shamans/Spiritualists and Mages/Sorceresses. The Circle are spirit based, which Fie shall lump in with witches and druids. They bargain/make contracts with spirits to gain power.

    Subtlety over flashiness. WE can still be rather powerful so we can be equipped to fight. Rosi is a shape-shifter and as leader she gives us her ways of doing things. Not to say all of you do not hav your own ways of doing things, but we all do rituals. We have a slow burning build up to reach our strengths in our powers. The more elabourate and the more valuable a bargain, the more power we get.

    Mages on the other hand are rather ruthless in power attunement. They try to dominate a Diables whereby we work with our Otherworldly beings to gain powrers. So think of it this way... we are passionate considerate lovers. Mages just want to fuck. That being said, it would be a lie to say that the Circle did not try to swindle their way into getting the better end of bargains. That's Rosi's style. She seems to get the better end of bargains and pisses off spirits, but somehow the Circle always ends up appeasing them. Rosi's wolf spirit is a good example of fuckin' things up for us; Grinder does as she pleases. Bitch.

    But at any rate, in terms of a battle mage... does that mean someone equipped to fight with physical attributes? If you want flashy then that sounds cool. I'm sure the Mages would be pissed off if a Shaman/Spiritualist could wow onlookers with sheer spiritual power. Fie would suggest that your character Vincent would make bargains with arrogant fucker ancient warriors. Ones that wanted to make a name for themselves. Your character wears all black, kinda' like a half Japanese Neo from Matrix, so Fie thinks that the ancient spirits would be rather subtle but when it came down to it, during fights, they would show what they were about. Fie thinks that Vincent would do well with making bargains with spirits that demanded their Names/legacy/fighting styles continue on.

    We are on the left coast so think about that. Would Vincent be like water? Tidal waves crashing down or rising tide that over takes you subtlely but quickly with undertow. Perhaps a totem animal? Raven, trickster and stealer of the moon. Power in subtlety. But power nonetheless when in the thick of it.

    Again, these are just Fie's suggestions and hopefully this helps. Do what you like but just consider the difference between the Circle and their enemies. We are spirit Catchers. We fuck over the dark spirits. It's what gave us the strength to fight Diables and Mages. We learned that if you cannot fight fire with fire, you can fight fire with a big ass fuckin' huge fire extinguisher. It's why Rosi gave our True Names away; we became a huge water cannon to snuff out that fire.

    Speaking of True Names... our True Names are the ones that were etched into our hearts and minds when we came back to life after we died as babies. It's how spirits know who we are. There is power in names for those who know how to use them. So major difference between The True Names of Spiritualists/Shamans is that those True Names are our own. The True Names that Mages use are the True Names of Demons; that is how they control Diables... that being said, you can guess as to who Rosi possibly gave up our names too. Not a Mage, but a Demon. Not Malgoria either, she would have wiped us out. It would be something else. An Abyssal Mistress that would have traded a secret about the Society to show their weakness; an Abyssal Mistres that had a link to Shamans. Who and what? Well shit, bunnies... that's something we will build right?

    Very well then. That was a shit tonne of random ramblings, but hopefully you get a peek into the world that our characters live in and just what kind of people the Circle were; we fucked over the Society. We sealed away those fucker Mages. We were a force to be reckoned with. That's the shame Rosi feels. She gave it all away without permission and now... well, the Society is coming back. And with a Demon that we fucked over time and time again.

    Anyways... hopefully what Fie just wrote makes sense?

    Okay. Do let Fie know what you think and what you would like to add, right?

    Lovely. Working on response, my dears. Oh! And Fie has a friend on site that might do some cameo posts everyso often. Might even play our little sis Serena. Her name is DotCom and she is the sweetest of them all. So loves her and yes, all of you too for jumping in with Fie. Ta... and again thank you soooooooo much for jumping in and kicking its fuckin' ass. Really. Holy shit. All posts were fuckin urshums. Lovely.
  8. Hullo. Just here to help when needed. =) Lovely posts, all.

    Fie, beautiful work, as per usual. Y'all let me know if you need anything. =D
  9. Whaddup DotCom, where's the rest of the family? Your cousin DotOrg, your siblings DotCoDotUK and DotCa?

    Bullshit aside.

    Yep, I was thinking something like that! Except instead of warriors it's animals. Or something. Or concepts. I was thinking that all his tattoos were what connected him to his powers. It could be a Tiger tattoo for speed, etc, etc, that sorta thing. Or a Dragon tattoo. Or I was going with something to the point, tattoos of Kanji for "Strength", "Hard", "Speed".

    But the warriors/creatures/animals stuff is cool! I mean, I could imagine him getting these tattoos in the past and having to start with something small. Like maybe a well-known but not legendary warrior. Then when the magic was bound into the tattoo his soul was dragged into the Spirit World and he had to duel whoever or whatever he wanted to bind, and if he loses he dies. He's got to prove himself worthy first, before he gets their power. Then he gets the contract, and all that!

    So he could get strength and speed or whatever, I don't know.

    I'll make things up when the fighting starts. >_>
  10. Hey Dotty!!! Thanks for popping in. Loves ya, girl! Shall so gets you involved. We'll talk later, okay?

    -XC- Dotty's fam is probs hanging out with the rest of your emoticon fams.. how is XD doing? And lil XP all grown up yet? ;P Just fuckin' around, XC... YOu know Fie thinks you are so Urshums. There will be lots of time before we actually start the power slinging... but Fie has some things up her sleeve regarding that. But keep on coming up with ideas and dropping them up in here too. Fie loves to toss around ideas together!

    -Everyone- Okay, franken-post was franken-posted. Was a mish-mash of ideas all slopped together, including random thoughts of how Rosi views each character. Had to connect responses to what I had originally planned to respond to Madyline... then all you joined up in like less than two days. Was so not prepped for that. But just skim the post and look for the sections relative to your character if you wish. Shall work harder to make a more cohesive and less giant post next time.

    And again, open to whatever you'd like to put forth. You are all lovely RPers and soooo fuckin' creative with your characters, so Fie would love to hear any ideas you have bouncing around in your heads!

  11. Are you okay with Nicole being an empath? I know it's not a strong gift, but I wasn't sure exactly how powerful you were wanting them to be.
  12. -Madyline- Oh for sure, girl. We all have a minor gift that we start out with since we are 'special.' Rosi can 'read into' things as well, but something about reading ashes does it for her. Other than that we need to get our True Names to start kicking some ass.

    We really were a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps your character was one that enhanced our powers if you are not really into serious power players. Perhaps your character could imbue things with spirits, making spiritually charged weapons? Just have fun with your creativity. There is still time before we get our names at any rate.
  13. Holy. Shit. Ladies be fast and fantastic up in here.

    Like seriously what an awesome read back to back! We gots some lovely contrast of tone and both with some real torn emotions up in there. Wow. No really. Fuckin blew Fie away! Lovely lovely posts. Urshums. <3
  14. Yo, we runnin' any kinda posting sequence?
  15. I don't believe so.
  16. Just realized I never put a picture of Thomas up.
    Show Spoiler

    THAT'S Little Tommy Boy :3
  17. Not so little any more. Nice pic tho.
  18. -XC-No posting sequence/order. Just post when you gots it.

    -Leader of Nations- Not so little anymore, but will always be 'Baby Bro' to Rosi ;P
  19. Lovely posts XC and Leader of Nations. -XC- Fie likes the recalling of just how badass the Thorns used to be... just look what Rosi's done... oops. Wah. Chance to kick its fuckin' ass later. -Leader of Nations- Loves the angry-at-Rosi Tommy Boy and the fact that he so does not trust her. And! The whole looking up to Vincent part was urshums... ohhhhh... Baby bro...!

    Very well then.

    Posted. Was trying to hold off until Cthutie got a post in but Fie hopes that they have a chance to post soon. Normally fie likes to give everyone a chance to post before she posts, but just got all itchy and shit to post something.

    Oh and hey! Some random person marked off a Love It thingy for our RP! So urshums! Lovely work everyone.
  20. Whoo compliments whoo!

    Oh, oh, oh - what're we supposed to do now?
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