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  1. A village was pillaged by robbers, and when the people from the neighbouring village came to help, the only one they found alive was a four year old boy. The boy was pretty, reddish brown hair and deep blue eyes. He didn't have a scratch on him, but he was dirty and his hair looked like it hadn't been cut for a while. He had lost his memory, and he had no idea how he ended up in the middle of a destroyed village full of dead people. He could only remember his name, Lucian. The villagers couldn't just leave the boy there to die, even when they had no knowledge of his origin, so they desided to take care of him. None of them had enough of money to raise him alone, so after a little arguing they desided to let him live with each family for a year. That way none of them would get too many financial problems feeding him. Lucian soon got used to it, and in that small village, everybody was soon like a parent or a sibling to him. Lucian was a careful, a bit shy child, but h But he couldn't help feeling that he belong there. After he turned 17, he left the village to see the world and maybe find his real parents. The farewell was sad, but Lucian was quickly on his way to adventures. What kind of people will he meet while travelling?
  2. Interesting...group rp or 1x1? How many people are you looking for? Sorry for the questions I'm curious and interested. :)
  3. group rp, no limits :)
  4. Oooo, specific species you're looking for or character sheets?
  5. I'd love to join! I'd also like to know what kind of characters (species and the such). I'm thinking of a demon guy for myself. But it really all depends on the setting and what type of characters you would like.
  6. I'm interested too. Just let me know what sort of species you're looking for, and I am there.
  7. I'd like to join as well. But mind if i ask what the reason for our characters would be to join him?
  8. The setting is sort of magical medieval, so you are free to choose what race would you like, as long as it can at least chance to a human looking form. Demons, dragons and such are not unheard of, but not common either. Ears and tails etc. in the human form are ok, if you can hide them for awhile.
    You may also choose the reason yourself. They could just want some company to travel for awile, they could be rejected or hounded in the village they live in, they might try to make him work for their own purposes or maybe because they want to help him. Write the basics of your characters in here or make sure you tell in your first post.
    It's sort of free to choose everything kind of rp. Sorry for all those who want a detailed plot from the start. The plot will be planned more, when we see wha kind of people are joining and what they want to do.
  9. Do you have a particular character sheet set up in mind? I'd love to join, just want to know what's expected of me...
    Something like this, maybe?
    Character Name:
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    General History:
  10. Sounds fair and interesting at the same time to me. You have found a player.
    How do i sign up? I am new here.
    Would it help if i just copy another filled out sign up sheet here?
  11. Don't forget me, I would like to give this a go.
  12. I notice you put the IC up --- but don't you want us to have character sheets of some kind?
  13. I'm just gonna put one up...hope that's ok..

    Name]</SPAN> Byron James</SPAN></SPAN> Goodfellow</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>
    Age] 30
    Appearance] 1299986527_3369_full.jpeg </SPAN> </SPAN>
    Short black hair, bright green eyes, average features, wears black pants, shirt, vest, and long hidden pocketed cloak. (Basically like the picture) </SPAN></SPAN>
    Personality]</SPAN> Quick tempered, quick thinking, sometimes clumsy *sure footed in a fight but otherwise trips over his own two feet*, irritable, merciless, gets bored easily, sometimes has a sense of humor, sarcastic from time to time, has moments of space cadet *stares off into space for no reason*, friendly from time to time, and generally likes to take to the woods than be in a bed.</SPAN></SPAN>
    Biography]</SPAN> He was born into a family of mercenaries, and started training at the age of 5. Though he was young his father stated that he needed more discipline and the only way to do that was to start training him early. Byron was never one to go by the rules and always found a way to goof off. In the end he wound up the best marksman they had and he graduated top of his class. He moved from town to town with his family till he was 18 when he struck out on his own. His father disapproved when he left because he had felt he should have left sooner than that.</SPAN></SPAN>
    Other]</SPAN> he usually carries around daggers, poison tipped needles and knockout needles for his dart gun, lock picking tools, throwing knives, a battle knife, and his Long sword/Katana</SPAN></SPAN>
  14. leviathandances is gladly welcomed to join :D

    I'll just let everyone copy your example:

    (sorry for copying leviathandances :( too lazy to make my own)
  15. Name]Lusterless Nova (prefers to be called "Nova")
    Age] 22

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    He likes to help others and even protects caravans and other travelers when they have the same destination. At his best times he is just and protective. At his worst stubborn and Authoritarian.
    He is often found diving into a book or spending hours working on a project. Although he trusts his own ears more then rumors he is a bit naive and will at least doubt rumors that he thinks are interesting.
    While he tends to be book smart as opposed to street smart, he also tends to be a tad socially awkward, but he still somehow manages to help his friends and family with their problems.
    He cares very much for his friends and tends to hide his own problems when he knows that they would be worried because of it.

    Despite this nature he has a somewhat cold personality. It takes time and trust for him to warm up to others.

    Nova grew up in a village that is hidden from civilization, and surrounded by a forest. He had a quiet life there and learned from his father how to use the Chaos force, while his mother taught him magic.
    At the age of 12 he learned how to use those powers, but he had yet to learn how to fully master them. In order to do so he left his home, after making himself a own sword, and became a traveler at the age of 15.

    As he came back 3 years later, his village was under attack. He did not pay attention for a moment and fell on the ground. His head hit something hard and made him pass out. Thanks to this he survived, since he remained hidden in the nearby forest.
    As he woke up, everything was destroyed and the villagers were dead. He searched for the house he grew up in, but his worst fear were sadly confirmed. His parents lied there dead before him.
    He remained there for a few days to give the villagers a proper burial and collect any knowledge that was not destroyed. As he was done, he destroyed the remains of his old home to leave the past behind him.

    He is a traveler who seeks a meaning for his life. Whenever he has a chance, he takes some jobs to make some money. If that is not possible he camps outside and eats what nature has to offer.
    Being a traveler taught him many things. He knows how to survive in the hardest environments, cook with nothing but a pot, and how to identify poisonous plants.

    Nova has 3 Skills that he combines for combat. Swordsmanship, Magic, and the Chaos force.
    Swordsmanship: Nova uses his own fighting style. He moves quick and slashes with his short sword in his right hand while casting spells or using chaos in his left hand. Big or slow enemies will have a hard time dealing with him.
    Magic: His magic is used mostly for defense or tactical use. This ranges from shields and barriers to simple spells and combination with other abilities.
    Chaos Force: The chaos force is a energy source. Unlike energies like KI, it is not drawn from the user.
    This fact allows nova to use near infinite amounts of chaos. But the output is limited. If he reaches that limit he becomes exhausted and has to rest for a while.
    Chaos can be used for many different things.
    Currently known uses are Energy blasts, projectiles, beams, transformation and even teleportation.
    He can also use it to heal ether himself or others.


    Additional info:
    -Luckily he is not uneducated. He knows most of the stuff that is taught at school, and complex facts about supernatural powers. This makes him a good strategist and clever fighter. If the enemy has a weak spot, he will find it.
    -Instead of striking power, he relies on speed and defense. This is complimented by his own fighting style.
    -If seperated from his sword, he will use chaos and magic, along with some strong kicks.
    -He might be a human but isn't sure of it himself.
    -His magic and energy blasts are dark blue.
  16. YAY! I don't mind at all. :) I'm excited about this.
  17. :D glad you don't mind. Lusterless Nova welcome :)
  18. Thanks.
    Mind to tell us when it will begin?
  19. Character Name: Daniel Danielson
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Cursed Death Knight / Necromancer (A capable melee combatant, with a few spell-like abilities.)
    Age: Undead (Died/Rose at 24, Currently 43)
    General Appearance: A thin man gone thinner since his death. His skin is the colour of a bleached skull, and his long, grey, rope-like hair - entwined with black strings - hangs a little past his shoulders. His hands are narrow, but black and blue at the tips from his death. Daniel's eyes are a dark grey, but the irises are blood red from exploded blood vessels -- they are set deeply in his face, and ringed with dark circles. his wrists have thick black lines around them, to hide several scars that loop around his preserved flesh. His chest has a similar thick black line in the shape of a 'Y' on his torso. Similar ones wrap around his ankles and neck.
    Daniel dresses in thick black tunics and armor, with a heavy dark blue-purple cloak. His hands are wrapped in bandages, and he wears a heavy helm that only allows his eyes to peek out. He wears a belt with a small satchel filled with magical spell components.
    Daniel constantly smells of distilled alcohol and embalming fluid.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Break his curse. See his prophecy fulfilled.
    General Personality:
    Show Spoiler
    Despite his history, Daniel tries to remain level-headed and calm. He speaks as frequently as a mortal man would, and often goes to pains to hide his condition. He's very driven by his goals; but like all Danielsons, is easily distracted by talk of necromancers and necromancy. He keeps his suffering inward; and tries to avoid dwelling on his condition, after unliving with it for 19 years. He's deeply vengeful and angry beneath his surface, and despite his efforts to remain calm, often has a hair-trigger temper.
    General History: Daniel is descended from a long line of necromancers; the Danielson family has always had a firm grasp on negative energy, and the trait and aptitude has been passed down from generation to generation. Their progeny was known as Grim the Dark; the first of a long line of Danielson necromancers (Daniel, being taken from one of the more successful necromancers within the family line) was both a necromancer and a seer; and when he was hundreds upon hundreds of years old, he inscribed a prophecy on the archway that led into his family's ancestral home…
    'Those of my name will not die
    Amongst the dead; they will thrive
    The first chosen will break all bones
    The next picked will lay him in stones
    The third of ten will lose her head
    The failure of the son bled and bled
    The family will end with the last Son
    The Son will be have to deal and run
    "I must be able to discover my way out
    So that my power can be brought about"
    My Son, the greatest of my line--
    You will find that even death may die'
    The prophecy had haunted the young Daniel, as he went about his studies. He and his mother were the last of what he knew was the dwindling Danielson family, their days in the spot light were far behind them. Being the last son of his family, he figured that he would be the final Son as mentioned by the prophecy of Grim the Dark -- but he was not. He remained ignorant of that fact for some time, and strove to be all the final son in the prophecy.
    Daniel craved discipline; as the means of becoming powerful, and soon left his aged mother. He joined an order of Knights - given a vow of celibacy, oathbound to never have a son, and he steadily became a powerful warrior. His order waged wars against the unjust and cruel - but often without success on their part; the wicked things in the world only seemed to grow more powerful as the knights did. Soon, there number became less and less and the knightly order that he had joined had been driven down to only a few knights; and the world had forgotten the purpose of his order. Enraged with the outcome of his efforts, and the pressure of ignoring the call of his bloodline, Daniel became dark, and calculating ; his thoughts turning towards making everybody remember what his brethren had died for. He needed the power that his ancestor had prophesied, to assure that he would not be forgotten.
    He went to the home of his mother, and his father - the house of all the Danielson's before him. She asked him what his purpose was, and he told her it was to bring glory back to his house ; to assure that the Danielson family were the ones that wiped all traces of evil from the world. Daniel told her that he needed Grim's book, but his mother assumed that he had gone mad ; none of the family were able to even look at Grim's book without going mad. It was assumed that he had used pieces of the book to contribute to the Black Grimoire that all necromancers and diabolists used ; the book itself was tainted with the essence of the family founder. Previous family members had tried to read it -- and each had died. She tried to stop him, but a sword was driven through her.
    Daniel retrieved the book from the vaults where it was locked, suffering through many trials; monsters and magic that were sent in to the vaults by previous Danielsons; to protect the book and keep certain magics from out of reach. Daniel pushed on through force of will, and his own assurance that he was the last of his house -- and that he would be the one who would claim the powers of Grim the Dark.
    Once the book was in Daniel's hands, however, something happened. He cracked open the book, and from its pages, came Grim the Dark himself. A smokey illusion of Grim the Dark emanated from the book, standing out of it. He strode confidently to Daniel, and reached out to touch his face with ghostly tendrils.
    "This is something I foresaw, my child. I wish I could have helped thy mother see the truth of the matter." The illusion shook its head. "Thou art Daniel the Second. There was a prior Daniel, and there shall be a Daniel after thee. Thou art not a failure, and nor was thine father; thou art the Second Daniel. Thou must live to bring the Third into being; so that mine Son might be born" His fingers twitched on Daniel's cheek, feeling solid. "I shall give ye a measure of mine might, so thou may understand."
    Daniel was shocked to his core, as his ancestors powers coursed through him. He felt a piece of him leave, and then another part return. But then the voice of Grim the Dark rang out with a howl;
    "Ye hath killed thy honored mother! Now, ye shall wander accursed and lost -- never knowing the might of thine family! Go now from this place, and ne'er return; the Keep of Daniel's Son shall not see thine face!"
    And then, he was gone. Daniel stood outside of the lands that his family owned, and in his hand he clutched a small black book; a miniature of Grim's. Inside, were a few spells of necromancy -- but they were nothing, in comparison to that feeling he had felt, when he had held the book. Soon, Daniel became aware of the price he had paid for holding the book. Grim had given him undeath, as a measure of his power, but not lichdom; limiting his magic. That said, he did not know where his phylactery was, the thing that could be destroyed to destroy him. He was cursed to never see his home; the only place that he was certain he could retrieve his phylactery. So, he wandered, accursed, as Grim had foretold.
    Daniel went first to a castle of mages, and slaughtered them until he found the High-Magus Grasian. The high magus told him that his wickedness had been his undoing; and his despair and anger were what had cursed him. Nobody had seen Grim in centuries, after all. He demanded to know how to break the curse.
    "Only by serving one pure at heart
    Will you be able to play your part."
    Daniel snapped his neck, and left the now empty castle of magic behind. He then, began his search for somebody pure at heart, swearing that the High Magus Grasian would be the last that he slaughtered mercilessly for this goal. He would find a way to return home, and he would find his phylactery. Despite his death, he would have a son; so that there could be another Daniel.

  20. Hopefully this character is okay! (Editor is being a butt, and isn't letting me edit my character to tack this message on.)