A Cat's Tale

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  1. Winter came to the small city of Altarre as it always did: In a very cold series of showers, only occasionally broken by periods of silent grey skies and a very rare few rays of sunshine. It was the time of year when most would rather just stay in bed and hibernate until the rain stopped and the fluffy first snow fell rather than go to school or work. Children would cross their fingers before they went to bed, wishing to wake up to something other than the cold rain, and adults hoped it wouldn't get any colder so they wouldn't have to worry about black ice on the roads

    Of course, whether the rain continued or turned to snow, nothing would change the fact that the weather was fairly uncomfortable to anyone who ventured outside at this time of year. And woe be to any who neglected the proper equipment. Of course, not everyone can really help that, especially when the only equipment you have to use is a bunch of flimsy cardboard and a thin coat of sopping fluff.

    Numerous things have happened to these two little kittens who were abandoned by their owners, abused, and left to rot in a soggy old box outside in the rain. On the box it said “Help me please,” as if the owners wrote on it trying to see if anyone would take them. No one quite knows why the owners left the kittens behind, but it was certain that they were no ordinary kittens.

    Their eyes seemed to hold a bit of a certain sparkle, and at times the box would be empty. No one knew how the weak things could ever leave this 2 ½ feet tall box by themselves, and most people didn’t have the care to take them or give even give them some food. But perhaps a stranger tale, one that dates back much longer then the city itself, lies in the truth of these two unfortunate misfits.
  2. "Ah! Rain!" Nocci pulled his hoodie over his head in a not-completely useful attempt to block out the drops that were just starting to fall. He could have sworn that it was sunny just a minute ago, but he really should have known better; the weather was always pulling some sort of surprise shower this time of year. Maybe if he hadn't lost track of time before he had gone out to run his errands, he would have remembered to wear something a bit more waterproof, or even to bring an umbrella. Sadly, though, this was not the case, and now he had to run home with his bag of groceries before he got soaked enough to make himself sick in this cold.

    As he ran, the thought of a warm shower and some hot food gave him hope for when he reached his house. His brother probably wouldn't be back for another few hours, but he could get himself warmed up and into some dry clothes before getting ready for dinner. It certainly was lucky that the soup was already cooked, so all it needed was to be heated up and served with some of that warm, fluffy bread...

    His delightful reverie about the dinner waiting at home was put on hold as noticed something odd on the side of the sidewalk. That box...he didn't remember having seen it before. There was something scrawled onto it as well, but it was looking a bot messed up from the rain. Curiosity overtaking the shivers shaking his form, he approached the box and peered in, eyes widening at what he saw there.
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  3. Arekkusu was dreaming, the dream was filled with scanted flowers of all kinds. She was running through them with her arms out wide her flowing dress blowing in the wind, but Arekkusu had awoken to a odd site of a particular human looking upon her. She had all most forgotten she was still in her cat form, Arekkusu yawned. She was thin and wet, she had never been fed any real food and the rain would always soak to the bones.

    Arekkusu had never liked the conditions she lived in it was unbearable at times. She let out a big cry, as a large pain stung out on her side. Those dammed human, she looked at her wound it was a only a good scratch but since she never really had any food or water the wound never fully healed, Arekkusu is starting to think that it has become infected. Those humans had done some wretched things to her, ever since that day she would never trust them.

    She looked up the human, he looked less threatening then and other humans, why had he come to look at her? Had they come back to kill her to put her out of her misery or have they come to continue their terrible acts?
  4. The surprised male stared for a moment at the pitiful creature in the box. It was so...fragile, maybe? He couldn't help but wonder how long the tiny thing had been there.

    Just a little kitten, sleeping at the bottom of the cardboard shelter and looking even more soaked than he was. Feeling the similar discomfort only gave him more sympathy for it. But...isn't it illegal to abandon babies like that? It should be if it isn't. That's just wrong...

    The pained cry coming from the box startled him out of his contemplation on the potential legal issue and he looked back to see that the little creature had awoken. Bending down a little further to closer inspect it, Noccire could see the injury on its side, looking still quite painful despite the fact that it didn't appear to be particularly new. "Oh, that's no good." Balancing the shopping bag in one arm, he pulled on the zipper of his hoodie to open it up before reaching into the box for the kitten. It probably wasn't all that much, considering how soaked he was ending up still, but it had to be better than the deteriorating box. "Here, I'm sure Fi won't mind if we have a guest for the night. That really should be looked at before it gets worse." If he hadn't been certain before, the attempt to pick it up definitely showed him how unnaturally thin it was. To think tht he had just been thinking so blissfully about food before when there was something like this to be attended to...

    "Maybe we both could stand to get something to eat..."
  5. The little kitten was trying to make out the face of the figure, but her vision was blurry. What did those humans do to her? Then she was soon even more confused when the human picked her up, was this the end of her? Arekkusu cried out more trying to get help, but her mouth was dry and she couldn't speak.

    So she just waited for the man to take her to wherever he was going, she could tell now he was a boy. Arekkusu at that moment had just remembered something, oddly one of the only things she could remember. A melody, it was slow toned and has it flowed though her mind she remembered the words. The song had some sort of impotent to her, Arekkusu couldn't remember though.

    Mountains of doves
    lakes of fish
    forest of little adorable bits
    bits of flesh, bits of fur, bits of bones
    dark it came...

    She couldn't remember the rest...
  6. After somehow managing to get the small kitten zipped up securely in his hoodie using his free hand, Nocci shivered a bit at the cold rain and ran the rest of the way home. It was a little tricky to do so without slipping or dropping anything, but it was worth the great feeling of relief when he finally caught sight of the familiar door. Wasting no time, he fished the key out of his pocket and shook his head free of both water droplets and his soaked hood as soon as he was inside. "Whoo! Not the season for an outdoor bath, is it? Home sweet home, how grateful I am to be here!" Kicking off his shoes at the door so he wouldn't track mud all over the house, the brunette walked into the living room and placed the groceries on a coffee table before grabbing a throw blanket off the back of the couch and placing it on the cushions. "Here we go! It's not much just yet, but just stay here for a minute or two and I'll get the supplies we need. Don't worry, it'll be warmer in a minute."

    With that, the boy unzipped his hoodie and gently lowered the kitten onto the blanket, wrapping it up warmly and giving it a sympathetic smile before running off to his room to change his clothes for the time being. He couldn't very well take a shower until he had dealt with this, so he would have to settle for just a dry T-shirt and shorts for now. "Oh, right! I should turn on the heater, too..."

    Rushing back to the living room in his drier attire, the boy messed with the settings for the house's heating and rushed off to the kitchen to put the grocery bag on one of the counters and get a bowl of clean water. Once he had that and a second bowl of torn-up turkey strips, he walked back to the living room and placed them on the coffee table he had just vacated. "Here you go. I'll get a towel and some first aid supplies, too, but you should enjoy this while you wait," he commented to the wet fuzzball as he moved the entire blanket bundle onto the table near the two bowls. "I'll be right back again, okay?"
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  7. Arekkusu breathed quietly on the couch, the human had given her some food and water. She couldn't though, Arekkusu couldn't even move, she was too confused. What had just happened? Arekkusu smelled something, was it-- turkey or maybe ham? She needed to do something, it was important and necessary to her survival, but what was it? Arekkusu thought many question, as she just stared at the food and water.

    Everything she saw was completely blurry, she cried out trying to make it go away. Everything she did wouldn't work though. Arekkusu just gazed at the food, puzzled on what it could be. She was paralyzed by fear and confused, but why?
  8. When he returned to the living room with a kit full of bandaging supplies a few minutes later, Nocci frowned when he saw that there was absolutely no movement from the blanket. Placing the kit down, he lifted a fold of the blanket and peered inside. "Hello? You still okay in there?"

    He thought for a moment as he looked at the tiny creature again, petting the top of its head as gently as he could with two fingers. Maybe it was still too uncomfortable? Perhaps it would feel better after the bath. And after he got it all bandaged up, too; that was probably making moving difficult. HE smiled gently at the kitten and picked it up out of the blanket. "It's alright if you don't want to eat just yet. I filled up the sink with some water, so maybe we can take care of all this mess and yucky cold first. After that, let's deal with some bandages and you can see how you feel about food after that, okay?"

    He continued petting her head as he brought her to the bathroom, where he had plugged the sink and filled it with warm water when he went to get the other supplies. A washcloth and some soap sat next to the small bath and a fluffy towel hung nearby, ready to be used for drying.

    After testing the water once more with his and finding himself satisfied that it wasn't too hot, the boy gently lowered in the kitten, making sure to keep its head above the water as he picked up the soap to lather into its fur. He fully expected it to fight back, since he figured that most cats weren't too fond of baths, but it had to be done. As he worked through the messy fluff, he had to be extra careful to try not to irritate the injury on the feline's side, not wanting to cause it any more pain.
  9. The water, it was so comfortable the heat made her feel finally at ease. Arekkusu could remember now, the rest of the melody. She had to just think the song in her head then she will turn human, but not now it's not the right moment. So Arekkusu just purred in the bath and waited from her new found friend to finish his job. Oddly though, she started to realized that she might be blind, she couldn't see much in front of her, everything was white and blurry.
  10. The purring somewhat surprised the boy, but he smiled after a moment and continued washing the kitten as gently as he could. Thinking back on it, he supposed that this must have been quite preferable to the cold rain from before, even if it was still wet. It reminded him that he'd have to take a shower as well as soon as he got his new guest settled in. The wet winter chills just never seemed to go away, otherwise.

    After several minutes of scrubbing, Nocci finally rinsed the suds from the kitten's fur and took a good look at the clean black fur. The cut still looked painful, but at least it was clean now, so he could bandage it properly once she was dried off. Pulling the towel from where it hung, he carefully wrapped the kitten in it and rubbed at her fur to get some of the water out. "Wow, look at the water. You really needed that bath after all, huh?" He chuckled as he pulled the plug and watched the discolored water drain away before he walked back to the living room and sat down on the couch again. A few more minutes of drying later, he saw the fur start to look maybe a little bit fluffy again and took another look at the cut on her side.

    Opening up the kit he had left there before, he took out a few bandages and some of the disinfectant, reading the label briefly before turning back to the furry creature and holding her down with one hand. "I know we just got you all cleaned up, but this looks really bad, so I'm going to make sure it's completely clear. This might sting just a bit, but it'll be done soon, okay? Just stay still for a moment..."

    A quick spritz was all he needed to do, then he dropped the bottle and quickly picked up the bandages to wrap up the injury so it wouldn't get dirty again. As soon as it was all properly dealt with, he hugged the kitten closer to his chest and petted it's head softly again. "I'm sorry, I hope it wasn't too bad. You're okay now, though, it should heal properly now." Nocci gave her a small kiss on the head and smiled again. He really liked cats, and he hated seeing one in pain like this one had been. Hopefully it would be alright if he took care of it for a while, then he could figure out what to do with it.

    For now, though, he placed the tiny creature on the blanket in front of the two bowls again, hoping to encourage it to eat something. Goodness knew how long ago it had been since its last meal, especially with how thin she had seemed when he gave her a bath.
  11. The human did a good job of patching her up. Arekkusu had stopped bleeding, it wouldn't be the time to transform it would ruin all of the work she had done. She couldn't wait any longer though, if she stayed in this form to long she might just forget all together, that's probably what got her into this mess in the first place.

    Mountains of doves
    lakes of fish
    forest of little adorable bits
    bits of flesh, bits of fur, bits of bones
    dark it came the transformation will come

    (Cheesy I know but deal)

    Then suddenly a bright like shown across the room, and her body shifted into a body of a young female, with a thin body and blind white eyes. But oddly she was completely naked, Arekk had forgotten how cold it was for humans they didn't have any fur. She blushed and curled up in the blankets and waited for the human's response.
  12. Nocci had not been prepared for whatever was going on at all. Any normal person probably would have been caught by the couch as they jumped back, but he apparently was just special enough to jump to the point of flipping himself over the back of the couch and land on his back behind it. When the light faded, he sat up with a groan and checked himself for bruises before remembering the issue at hand. "What was that? Hey, are you okay little...uh..."

    The boy had no idea how to react when he stood up from behind the couch and looked over to the coffee table he had left the kitten on. On one hand, there was someone he didn't know just sitting there without any invitation that he was aware of. Furthermore, this person only appeared to have the blanket for cover. That was probably something to be a bit concerned about. On the other hand...

    "Oh my gosh, my cat! Where'd she go?! I didn't even finish coming up with a name for her yet!" Completely forgetting the odd situation at hand, he started searching frantically around the couch and under the table for the tiny creature. "Ah! Don't be lost already! You didn't even get to eat yet! I have to make sure your injury doesn't open up again! Come back!"
  13. Did the boy not get it, odd he was to attached to the kitten to now pay attention. Arekk was the kitten, from what she heard the boy was searching for her. In her blurry vision she saw him run to the side of the couch just close enough to see him and his hair. Arekkusu poked at the boy's head and said "Excuse me, but if your looking for that kitten that would be me" she smiled and let the blanket show her head on it a pair of cat ears filled with fluffy white fur. The ears its self a black just like the rest of her long dark hair.
  14. Having been distracted from his search temporarily by the poking of his head, Nocci stared up at the strange girl he just realized that he had completely forgotten about and stared for a moment as she revealed her ears. Giving a deeply scrutinizing look, he slowly rose to his feet and placed both hands on the fuzzy ears, petting and playing with them for a good few seconds.

    Soon, though, his serious expression morphed into one of slight amusement. "They're so fluffy! They're just like a cat's!" He grinned as he continued to pet her ears for a moment before looking back down at her face. "You're really my cat? I'm not sure what to think about that yet. Maybe I hit my head when I fell off the couch... Still, this is fun." As he continued to examine her face, he noticed the strange color of her eyes and waved one hand in front of them. "Um...this is...your natural eye color, right? I can't say that I've seen something like this a lot. What color were they before I hit my head? I should have been paying more attention...then I'd be sure..."
  15. The boy was being awfully immature treating a lady like if she was some sort of plaything. Who did this boy think he was doing? She slumped down and frowned her ears flattened on her head, she was being humiliated. "Stop, please your being so childish," Arekk blushed "Oh my eyes, hmm I think" she pause and crawled back into the couch trying to get away from the boys head petting her. She definitely blind or at least partly blind "Hmm I think I'm, my eyes there hmm" she looked down. "Can you please stop petting me it feels weird"
  16. "But they're so fuzzy! They're really cute~!" He petted her ears for a few more seconds before finally stopping, not really wanting to upset her but still a bit reluctant to give it up. "How did this even happen, I wonder? And more importantly, are you hungry? If you are my cat, then I don't think you've eaten yet. You can still have the turkey if you want it, but maybe you should have some of the soup. I actually want some, too...let's go heat that up, then!" He started off for the kitchen happily, thinking briefly to himself that perhaps he had forgotten something...he really couldn't seem to grasp what just yet, though.
  17. The boy sure was cheerful, that was for sure. Arekk flinched in pain as she tried to curl back up. So this boy was getting her a meal, turkey she hadn't had any is a long time. She remembered long ago when she had some; her month watered at the thought. But now wasn't the time for food this boy hadn't realized that she was still bleeding and had no clothes on. "wait," muttered Arekkusu, the name most of her friends would of called her "please," she bit her lip in pain, she had forgot that humans feel more pain then cats there flesh so unprotected and dull.
  18. Nocci's head popped back out from behind the corner that led to the kitchen. "Need something?" It took a moment to register, but soon his smile switched to an expression of slight confusion and shock. "Oh...OH! That's a problem!"

    Rushing back over to the couch, the boy faltered a bit as he started to panic a little. "Um... What do I deal with first..? You need clothes, but we need to fix that injury...but I can't just..." After another few seconds of dithering about nervously over the situation, he snatched up the kit again and dug through it briefly. "Here, I need your hand!" Grabbing the one closest to him, he quickly wrapped a length of gauze around it several times before letting to and dropping the box. "Keep that pressed to the wound. I'll be right back!" Without looking back at her, he ran up to his room as fast as he could.
  19. The fluster from the boy was quite amusing. Arekkusu giggled and then squeezed her eyes in pain from the gash in on her ribs. She got the gauze and pressed it on the wound. A single tear of pain dripped down her face. The cloth quickly turned red from the blood. "Please hurry," whispered Arekk laying down still holding the cloth on her rib.
  20. After about a minute of rifling through the dresser drawers and hurriedly pulling things from the closet in his room, Nocci bounded down the stairs to thrust the small pile of clothes he had gathered onto the couch in front of the girl. "Ah, here! Just put these on for now! It's just some of my stuff, so it might be a bit big, but it's better than nothing. And I haven't worn the boxers yet, they came in the mail before I had to go out, so I haven't even been able to check the size."

    Indeed, the underwear was, in fact, still in its plastic packaging on top of the pair of grey drawstring sweatpants and the red T-shirt he had brought. "We can get something better later, but for now..." He kept his gaze turned away from her for the moment, instead searching through the kit again for some more supplies. "Do I need to disinfect it again? Nah, it's probably fine this time...more important to stop the bleeding..." Fishing out some large squares of gauze, he turned to remove the girl's hand from the gash and press them on her side himself. While applying pressure with one hand, he continued pushing around items in the kit until he found some medical tape to keep it there. It wasn't perfect, but it kept the injury covered. "There. It might need to be checked again later, though..."
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