(*^ー^)/C口~~ Coffee ~~匸Pヽ(^O^`)



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Hey guys, your coffee sucks.

Sincerely, guy who lives two hours from Colombia.


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I absolutely love coffee, however my body seems to process enzymes slowly. Last time I had non-decaf coffee, I ended up staying up for 24 hrs. I drink decaf now and love how it tastes, but I still get a lot of heartburn from it thanks to that oil that's on coffee beans...

Jamaican coffee is AMAZING. Extremely smooth and terribly delicious. I like my coffee iced since I'm not big on warm drinks.


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I'm more of a tea guy, although I mostly drink water.

Never really bothered fighting the tiredness. Most of the time in university I'd get 5 hours on unlucky nights, 7 usually. If I fell asleep in class, I went with it. Usually I didn't. Usually.


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Me and coffee are like....this.

On a more serious note...yes. i do enjoy coffee very much. I'm not an ADDICT with it but its definitely a helper when it needs to be. My favorite is a simple Caramel Frappaccino. I <3 ICED COFFEES.