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  1. <center>(*)C~~Coffee~~P(^O^)

    I really love coffee! Do you?

    I am... a caffeine addict T^T (it's expensive!!)

    Does anyone else share my love for coffee? What is your favorite blend/brew/specialty coffee?


    I didn't used to like coffee at all... But then after my sophomore year of college, I started to depend on coffee a lot... And then after that, coffee no longer kept me awake, but I still had to have a cup a day anyway x_x

    When I was in the US, there was a local coffee shop, there is a drink called 'Perfect Canadian', it is the beeest... I can't remember what's in it, but it is such a delicious blend of goodness @_@

    Yep... *sips coffee*

    In Japan, there is a vending machine just about every other block... And at least an entire row of the machine dedicated to coffee ^.^ Yes, I love this place!! X3
  2. I used to hate coffee, then I grew to like it just for the fun blends and flavors! But I think I have an allergy to coffee beans or something that is in them. D: Cause when I drink more than one cup, It gives me a really blechy sick feeling. So I can only drink coffee in moderation!

    I really love ICED Coffee! And Vietnamese Coffee!
  3. What's Vietnamese Coffeee ;O Is that the type of Coffee they serve at Pho restaurants? I've always wanted to get it, but never in the mood for coffee when I'm eating pho ^^'
  4. I drink a big cup of coffee pretty much every morning. I drink it black, straight up and only for the caffeine! I used to be a super caffeine addict, soda, red bulls and all that stuff... but I cut way down.
  5. I was reading a book on how to make fancy coffee the other day. I am now thinking about purchasing an espresso machine.
  6. D: Hats off to you for being able to drink it black... It is waaay too bitter for me xD I like mine sweet, almost to the point you can barely taste it. Red bulls and energy drinks (such as 5 Hour Energy) don't work for me :s So I've never been hooked on them...

    And also red bull taste terrible!
  7. Here is Vietnamese Coffee! The big thing is using the sweetened condensed milk for it! You can read the reviews too for people's tips. XD
  8. I used to add a TON of sugar and milk/creamer, but one day I just stopped..who knows? I stopped using sugar, as well as drinking soda, because I hate the sugar crash! I end up chasing it all day, like a drug addict @@
  9. Oooh, like the ones where you can make a design with the foam? Those are super cute xD
  10. It is not foam, but steamed milk. But yes, that is what I mean.
    I am interested in trying to do some of this for myself, but I am horribly unartistic, and I feel that it might just be a waste of money.
  11. <-- dislikes coffee, for the most part.

    drank it twice in these last two months after only three hours of sleep to stay awake during the day.

    our cafeteria has this machine that gives expresso or something. tried the french vanilla. it's drink-able, and it kept me awake, but i didn't like the taste.

    one cold night out in manhattan and everyone wanted to stop at starbucks.
    my best friend ordered White Chocolate Mocha and it tasted okay. It was really thick and heavy though. I didn't want anything like that, so I asked him to pick out something for me. so he ordered Green Tea Frappuccino . I actually liked it, but the whipped cream was a little too much, haha.

    Then again, it tasted mostly like greentea with milk and sugar, so maybe that's why I was happy? I like green tea, I like milk. Wasn't really coffee-ish.

    I have yet to find an actual coffee taste I like. (even my dad's homemade something-green-mountain? doesn't taste good to me.)

    I think it's the bitterness.
    And if there's too much sugar to counter that, I don't like the sweetness.

    Ahh, I am so picky, aren't I?

    I'm really not! haha. It's just coffee isn't my thing, I suppose.
  12. I thought this thread was going to be about the member, not the drink.

    As for actual coffee, never touch the stuff.
  13. I'm not a fan of coffee myself. I've never needed caffeine to actually keep myself awake desperately enough to resort to drinking it. I find the taste of it quite unpleasant. I also dislike the smell of just about all coffee, which I hear is strange. I've been told that most people who don't like the taste of coffee still like the way it smells.

    I haven't given up on it entirely, I try it every few years to see if the taste will become acceptable to me. It's something I try with just about all foods and drinks I don't like, you never know when your taste buds will change enough to like something you used to hate, or vise versa.
  14. Coffee ~<3

    I am definitely a coffee fiend. Base consumption is at least a cup a day and two on my days off.
    And, I've been known to brew three pots during study sessions.

    _At home, I'll drink it with a teaspoon of sugar and milk.
    _When running around, I like it black and generally prefer it this way.
    _While working at the cafe, I like Americano's.
  15. There was a study done at Harvard recently that those who drink at least 1 cup of coffee a day are 15% less likely to get depressed~
  16. Coffee... <3
    I like mine with a little sugar and a little creamer and... Bailey's Irish Cream.
    Best coffee ever.

    Ahem, but when I'm being sober I take mine with about a tablespoon creamer and one and a half tablespoons sugar to about eight ounces of coffee.
    The fancy ones are Starbucks can be a nice occasional treat but they're so damn sweet. Dx
  17. I can drink coffee.

    Roughly one part coffee to thirty parts sugar and creme of some kind.

    Because coffee tastes terrible to me.

    However...I do enjoy the smell. There's something nostalgic about it. I may be tempted to brew some up only to let the room smell like it.
  18. XDD I do think coffee with Bailey's taste nice! At this local coffee shop here they have the option to add just Irish Cream... Without the Bailey's XD
  19. I could never stomach coffee. It's way too bitter, and nothing I ever do gets rid of it. Mountain dew is how I get my caffeine.