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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Genghismike, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Greetings, New to Iwaku.

    Husband of Beatrix, so we share the same comp. Meaning same IP ( don't ban me >.< )

    Long time RPer, though I haven't really rped in a while.

    Due to life and all that, I tend to be lazy in posting, but if I find something interesting that I can commit to, a post a day is feasible.

    Multi-Para rp is much preferred, though not overly done. I like things to flow. Smoothly. Like Water.

    Be Water, Friends.
  2. *Flows in like water, floods entire thread*

    Um..Sorry 'bout that... <.<;

    *Ahem* Welcome Ghengismike, Husband of Beatrix! Welcome to Iwaku. Take this complimentary welcome balloon *Balloon*, enjoy your time here, and have fun!
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  3. O.O

    -Takes Balloon, and looks around at the flood damage-

    <.< Erm, thanks. xD
  4. ...................
    *death glare*
    Happy roleplaying!
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  5. o.o


    -tosses some kiddie arm floaties in the water-
  6. Ew, go away
    Just kidding... I lub you.
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  7. They're the same person, just two personalities. Shhh...we don't like to talk about it.
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  8. T.T i h8 u
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  9. Y'all better invite me if you start an RP in the you know what section.
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  10. *creates some concrete sandals and drops into the water in a very ungraceful way*
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  11. Mike & Bea doesn't have the same ring as Mike & Ike and don't taste nearly as good.

    I mean, hullo again!
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  12. Aw... Come on now. This isn't the place for sexuality jokes!
    This is a welcome thread!
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  13. Trust me, these guys are like the patron saints of crusty bedsheets. They're all about the sexuality jokes, which is touching.
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  14. You know it ;) At least we can do it out in the open now away from the prying eyes of teens.
    Where's your ball and chain?
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  15. Balls and Chains aren't my thing...s.
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  16. @Genghismike

    Hi Mike! Thanks for the heads-up about the same device and IP. Now we have less work to do to prove that you're the same person. ;]

    In all seriousness, welcome to the site.
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  17. This right here. Unless, you know, there's another perverted couple around here somewhere.

    Anywhere I am is always the place for sexual jokes.

    Swim, Squeeky, swim.

    Will keep that in mind. Also:

    Shh, quit telling everyone our secret.

    Many thanks.
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  18. Welcome to the site! :D
  19. *appears and bows* Another one from this migration... *taps finger as he ponders* Welcome as well and I do hope you have a wonderful time here and created many fond memories with all of us.
  20. Howdy Mike, welcome aboard! 8D