7 kingdoms OOC

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  1. (Everyone is fighting everyone for multiple reasons. Resources, land, power or just because they don't like each other)
  2. (Both times yes. ;) )
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  3. (Guys, can we please wait for her? Perhaps not go on too far?)
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  4. ( How about we do a posting order now? )
  5. (I'm fine with waiting)
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  6. (I suggest everyone writes one post until you return. It would be polite to wait for each other, but I don't see the necessity to plan a fixed order.)
  7. (Sounds good. Maybe we could go by that in the future too.)
  8. (Oh, no, you misunderstood! It's not necessarily another war declaration, it's just that the Dragon king has made a very provocative suggestion for all nations to unite under his power. Exact conditions as to what that means for each kingdom have not been revealed yet, but all other nations are flabbergasted/amused/disbelieving/shocked about it right now. It's not an official war declaration yet.

    By the way, may I add another kingdom or some non-royal character or something? I want to play a dude, too. Really missed playing male characters. Please, lemme :P)
  9. (Yeah sure you can play another character. But keep it a non royal for the moment please. I want to wait and see if other people fill in the remaining kingdoms)
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  10. (I think only the Ox kingdom is left anyway)
  11. (Oops! Sorry! Saw the "looks like we are at war" by the Fox and assumed. Ah well, that can be Mei's misunderstanding! Haha)
  12. ( Was let home early :D )
  13. ( Lets wait for Mei now. )
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  14. (@parkpyro Assuming you're talking to me, the site kinda crashed for me and I could browse everything, but couldn't type into conversations or threads. @Anowell Vive is playing Mei, right? She already commented. I think it's your turn actually)
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  15. (My phone is being messy. I posted and the post got in the way. Give me a few mins to get home on laptop. )
  16. (@parkpyro he's in the room with Mei, sorry!)
  17. (Well this is awkward...... I thought you had walked out onto the balcony)
  18. (Haha, I had after having her father come in and go to the balcony first too)
  19. (I will change my post then)
  20. (( Um would have been nice for people to wait for me like others... just saying... >_> ))
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