31 things Americans [and basically everyone else] should know about Canadians

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  1. All awesome, all true


    for good measure (open)
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  2. I find the handful of errors in the text amusing to go along with the whole scholarly and literate thing.

    For those confused by that clusterfuck about the longest street, it should read "Yonge Street in Ontario".

    The inconsistent use of comas to break up numbers kinda makes me sad.

    James Naismith was Canadian, but he invented basketball as a physical education game for his students when he was teaching in American colleges.

    It should read that 1 and 2 dollar coins are formally (should really be informally) known as Loonies and Toonies. Formerly is inappropriate, as it is slang that's still in use.

    Oh! For anyone who has any Canadian currency bill and a laser pointer, hold the bill facing you towards an empty section of wall and shine the laser at that translucent maple leaf, aiming for the clear circular part. You will see the bill's amount projected on the wall by the laser. Lacking a laser, you can see the numbers by holding it up to a light source. It's something super cool I learned about a couple nights ago.
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  3. That was interesting to read, and I learned some things.
    That is not a moose, though. I believe it is an elk (could be wrong but definitely not a moose).
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  4. It's definitely an elk. They have narrower faces and pointer snouts; moose have long sloping noses and massive heads. The antler size is also a pretty good indication. Good eye.

    Considering there's about a 400 pound difference between a moose and an elk, you will have a hard time mistaking one for the other if you see them in the wild. Moose are terrifyingly huge!
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  5. Man, Canada is so cool.

    I'm moving!
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  6. Fixed it! My bad. Knowing as many hunters as I do, I really should have seen that.
  7. The little spoiler thing should say 'For Good Mooseure'
    ..I will go crawl in my corner of shame now xD
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  8. As a resident of Baltimore, I can totally believe #2.
  9. Don't feel bad! I see a crazy amount of elk around here, and whenever a moose shows up, it's like "holy fuck".

    When in doubt, ask yourself if the face is derpy. A moose totally is, all the time. Even when they're trying to murder your entire family with 1200 pounds of fury.
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  10. Looked over it again myself and noticed they also misspelled Avril Lavigne's last name
  11. Oh, why did they have to go and make things so complicated?
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  12. Moose is the best wild meat out there though
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  13. No argument there, although I only ever had it twice in my life. Not a lot of hunters in my life.
  14. If you ever come to sweden you can come hunting with me nad my buds. :D
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  15. You don't have to twist my arm to go hiking through a beautiful country with a gun. ;D
  16. "31 Things I Didn't Care About Today That I Won't Care About Tomorrow" is a good alternate to this title.
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  17. Hike and hike. The noble art of Moose Hunting has yo sitting in a couple of towers near a known Moose trail while drinking blueberry soup, wearing a silly hand and holding a rifle that Thor get penis envy over.
  18. Or 31 things that are either outright incorrect, speculation, or that most Americans already knew is another.
  19. Blueberry soup is a thing?

    What a time to be alive!
  20. [​IMG]

    Our passports under UV light. Friggin' amazing.
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