2016 New Year's Resolutions

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  1. Time for another generic and obvious holiday related thread!

    People of Iwaku, do you have any resolutions for this new year? If so, what are they and how confident are you that you'll complete them. If not, feel free to snark about the topic to your satisfaction.

    Also, if you made any resolutions for 2015 did you complete them?
  2. LOSE 50 POUNDS.

    • Lose weight
    • Become a better person
    • Be less of a bitch
    • get that dream booty
    • etc
    • etc
    So I'm pretty much being generic.
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  3. fuq mo b!tch3z

    On a cereal note, my only plan for this new year is to make more money n work on improving myself as a person.
  4. [​IMG]

    I don't make resolutions because I never follow through with them.
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  5. Everything here can be solved by SQUATS.
  6. Get my Law degree and earn actual money.
  7. To not post on Iwaku any more...

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  8. No, that wuld make Iwaku a much more boring place sweety! I like you here, for one, and I'm sure many other ppl wuld agree :)
  9. I vow to always break my New Year's Resolutions when the want or need arises...what? Not happy? That's my New Year's Resolution so deal with it.
  10. I wanna learn to love myself more. I'm probably only saying that because it's so late and I'm half asleep.
  11. - Get a job
    - Eat as much snacks and candy as I want! I AM NEVER GONNA DO THOSE STUPID "WON'T EAT THIS" PROMISES EVER AGAIN!
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  13. Well...
    • Become better at art
    • Lose weight
    • Learn more
    • Make new/better friends
    • Break bad connections
    • Stay alive
    • Maybe stop suddenly breaking contact?
    • EDIT: own at least 10 physical copies of comics
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  14. No. I don't need new years for resolutions. If you want something to change you get on it right away.
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    • Take over the forum
    • Destroy General Chat
    • Start with Counselling
    • Ban everyone
    • Laugh heartily at what I have wrought

    Simple, concise five-point plan of action right there.
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  15. I'll be the mood breaker here and say that I don't make resolutions anymore since they hardly ever get accomplished. Better to accomplish things on the way than to find yourself not completing the resolution and end up getting let down.
  16. I'm not making any resolutions this year because the ones I did want last year were accomplished and ended up making my life miserable.

    I'm going to go super basic and say if I don't die this year, I completed my resolution. Setting the bar low, friends.
  17. To be honest I usually never make resolutions because I know myself too well, in that I never ever complete them. But.. This year I want that to change!! I want to try my best to stick to a goal and work hard for it.

    This year I'm not going to let my posts lapse for too long. I was a total sucker to procrastination during 2015, and I let myself down, even though the people I rp with are forgiving. But as a GM I want to be a leader and be the most psyched about my story, and help my players keep their interest!!!

    So for 2016, I'm planning to keep up with my posts, give player updates when needed, and keep everything scheduled. I'm already setting myself up for success by making outlines and tabs for myself. I have tons of future events already thought out and written down, and I'm totally looking forward to how the players react to it. I just have to keep at it, and work hard! And I'm feeling dedicated at the start of the year c:
  18. Move into an apartment with one of my best friends.
    Get a dog.
    Get an internship or research position pertinent to my major.
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