2012! What are your opinions on it?

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  1. The world will end or something..

    I hope this happens!

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    Fucking spaghetti-nado!

    Won't be so lucky though.. most likely time will stop and then start moving backwards! We will live everything in reverse from that point on. Wonder what that would be like... Being fully conscious while everything is moving in reverse.. Lets get some ideas for 2012 going here!
  2. In 2012, it be will be revealed that Ocha and I are really the same being and that the Mayans will come back and take over the world like they tried to do in the most recent TMNT movie.

    If going by strictly Mayan calander theories, most Americans don't realize that the vast majority of Pre-Columbian tribes viewed time as a large cycle, yeah just like the one in IW. Time has no beginning, no middle, no end. The calendar may end but then a new and better world arises afterwards. :{ I view this fear as all a part of a larger trend of human consciousness saying we are tried of all the bullshit we have to deal with in a modern capitalistic with little sense of proper imagination and idealisms, just look at the shitty film 2012. Let's face it, there is a certain romanticism about being a survivor in the wilderness taking on the world and whatever other conflicts exist to make yourself larger than life.
  3. We're all gonna die. And I'm gonna laugh.
  4. Y2.012K

    People are just feeling let down that nothing happened at the dawn of the Millennium and want another chance.

    'Cept now instead of claiming SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY they're calling out Mayan calendar PROPHECIES.
  5. Well hey, if the world dies, at least Chavez dies too.
  6. I can't think of anything that happens in 2013 that I could honestly give a shit about, so hooray Armageddon!
  7. Hey, I could lie and say some bull shit like "I'LL DIE BEFORE I'M 21!" But I ALREADY do all the things I would do at that age. I drink in the comfort of my own home though.

    So, meh, Whatever. I'll prolly die with a scotch in my hand.
  9. Pfffffft, actually, I've already killed him, I've just made a recreation of him, a clever AI to pester the fuck out of you, Rory. Because I love you.

  10. Just another bullshit end of the world theory! D:<

    I kinda worry there might be a few psychos that pull a whole mass suicide or lord only knows what beforehand. c___c

    Or maybe it'll be like movie KNOWING.
  11. OH MY GOD! I'd laugh SO hard!
  12. It'd be better if it was more like. . .


    But personally I think the world deserves THE MIST.
  14. Instead of the mist or the happening I think maybe it will all just be


    HAVE YOU ALL PREPARED YOUR ANUS? (only jinx will understand this)
  15. I think in 2012 all the Mayan pyramids will open up and will flash giant lights into the sky, which will make a giant middle finger.

    Also a laughter track will play...

    But if you want a real world end theory.. then the Tea field will probably all die.. and I shall go insane and Britain will sink in a single night and day of misfortune and the resulting tidal wave will kill everyone.
  16. Well they could use the good ones this time.
  18. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

    If Winter Solstice 2012 does anything interesting I say it will be a great awakening in spirituality. Oh and all the stock markets will crash.
  19. You mean further then they have already? I'm putting my money on someone starting mass suicide cults and such.

    Also the Mayans will appear in space ships and it'll be just like

  20. One of my favorite bands will have a concert at the Mayan temple place and it is sposto turn into a space ship so they can rock out all over the universe..

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