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  1. And you probably already figured this, but today will be a game day. >.<
    So I wont post till tomorrow.
  2. Everything looks very nice and really sweet! I think if you add a little information about what the world is like, then it's just right! >:D Like if it's space saga scifi (out in space with other worlds), or if it's Future Earth SciFi with advanced technologies, OR if it's Modern Earth, but scifi twisties because of the Genetics programs.

    What sort of characters (besides Trackers!) are you looking for? I may be able to find some interested peoples. >:]
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  3. You see? I knew I was missing something! Thanks for pointing that out to me. Well it's just supposed to be Future Earth SciFi, (like the world of CHOBITS by CLAMP) with more advanced technology and a twist on DNA and genetic mutations. So a person could either go walking by Times Square Manhattan (where most of the action takes place in the rp) or fly in a Hover Scooter of some kind.

    - The types of characters I would need are more Trackers, Androids, Humanoids, or any other "species" that's original and unique.

    I have high hopes for this rp, I can't wait to start! And thanks for the feed back :D


  4. I know I was referring to the others who haven't posted, I'll read your CS soon
  5. If you are referring to Nathan, I am not sure how comfortable I am with that ship. If you are referring to Zane and Lorenzo as a couple.... I am not sure about that one either.
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  6. Sure are, it makes the rp more fun and unpredictable. XD


  7. I'll be back, my character will probably have been driven mad by the process of genetic modification, if that alright...

    <s>I'll edit my character into this post when I'm done.</s>

    Changed to cybernetics......

    <b>Character Name:</b> Drake Fearson (Aka: S-alpha-182/2)

    <b>Gender:</b> Male

    <b>Job/Role:</b> 'failed' cyborg

    <b>Race/Species: </b>Cyborg

    <b>Age:</b> 33

    <b>General Appearance:</b> Tall, and well built Drake usually wears a large coat to cover up the metal that pokes through his skin, especially on the legs and arms. His eyes are pure black with only a slight redish glint in the center. The left side of his face has been partially replaced with a black metal cover that hides some of the sensor devices imbedded in his skull. Metal reinforces every joint and his bones are coloured silver, his skin looks like its held down with rivets in several places especially around the chest where an armored cover-plate hides most critical systems. His increased weight gives him a heavy tread as he walks and if one listens carefully there is a faint hum coming from deep within him. If he does anything strenuous servo motors can be heard.

    <b>Current Goal/Purpose:</b> To live out his life and end what he calls 'the subversion'

    <b>General Personality:</b> Extremely unpredictable one can never know what rake will do in a given situation... erratic, and often seemingly confused. Then 'normal' he appears withdrawn and afraid. He is incapable of forming connections with other living beings beyond the 'i need your help, you need my help' variety and occasionally has violent outbursts, or will start ranting about 'the subversion'.

    <b>General History:</b> Entered into an early cyborg project Drake was recruited from the army as part of a volunteer program at the age of 29. The process of 'upgrading' him was a slow one and took several years, everything was going well until they turned all cybernetic implants on, Drake fell immediately into a coma. When he woke up he was mentally changed and deemed 'unusable' or 'failed' but he resisted every attempt to remove the implants that gave him increased speed and strength. The program was shut down after success was achieved in the genetics program and Drake, along with off the other unneeded equipment was disposed of. rather than face the fate awaiting him he escaped and has since been wondering... all evidence of wis existence was erased, and he was deemed 'an embarrassment' only a select few know hes still out there.
  8. There will be sme changes to it like what we make and stuff
  9. You had me at vampires. I will make a character soon.
  10. And done. Hope you like it.

    Character Name: Henry Miles

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Power enhancement test 13, Status: 60% Success

    Race/Species: Vampire

    Age: 24

    General Appearance:
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    [align=center] [​IMG][/align]

    Current Goal/Purpose: His main objective as a vampire is to find blood. Afterward he focuses on what he wants. What he wants is the last 40%, and only through Cynex will he have it. He cannot access the lab but his blood could absorb it if he bit into someone who had the chemical. His mind has set sights on the recent runaway. He hopes to drain the Cynex from him and kill him leaving no evidence behind.

    General Personality: He is cold but cunning. He hates to converse with others but will put up a charade when needed. His fake personality versus his real one is really hard to distinguish. At one point he can be your friend and ally the next he will a vicious enemy. Deep down he wants power and that is all that will satisfy him.

    General History: After a potentially fatal accident Henry was brought into the labs to endure some heavy testing. They wanted to test some preliminary drugs to Cynex. His real life was taken away and his solitude began. He was labeled as Experiment 13 and was observed during the entire time. He could not even sleep in peace.

    It was soon ruled that he was finished and allowed to join the Trackers. His true devilish intentions were realized when he caught a glimpse of his file. He was a sixty percent success, but was a forty percent failure. Checking into details on his tests he found out exactly what he was.

    Henry Miles was now the world’s first artificially created vampire. Nanites were injected in to him to work as a sort of immunity system. Anything from cuts to bone fractures were sped up in healing speed. His muscles were aided slightly. He was able to be quick on his feet and punch harder but not as hard as the successful tests. It was then he also saw the reason for his blood transfusions. Only through hemoglobin was he able to replenish the power of the nanites. Without blood for prolonged periods of time he would get weary from the nanites inside his body eating away at his own supply. His teeth were also fitted for self replenishment.

    The only problems with the tests were that he was not entirely strong, dependant on a continuous blood intake, and he could not go out in sunlight. The nanites made his skin sensitive to the Ultra Violet rays from the sun and could potentially burn him to death. Thus he was only sixty percent complete. Cynex would free him from the nanite cage and that is his one true purpose left.
  11. "It's not a big deal. Lots of men get impotent when drunk." Lilith shrug.

    Diane giggle a little before letting out a soft moan, "Mistress... not there.. ah..." she shudder as Lilith's tail continue wriggling under her clothes.
  12. Cool, have a wack at it! :) I can't wait to see what your character is like. Remember fellow RPr's ALL CHARACTERS WELCOME!!!


  13. Okay, I got it...

    Character Name: Gunsight, CWO5, United States Army. Real name classified, as per OPARMINST 7211/115
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Helicopter Pilot/Tracker Escort/Support
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 42
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose: To bring the Super Soldier in so he can go on terminal leave and go into Law Enforcement.
    General Personality: Typical do or die pilot, having served in the 101ST Airborne. He will carry out any objective by any means possible using the tools at his disposal, within reason.
    General History: A decorated combat pilot, Gunsight has pulled eight tours in two separate combat zones, both as a transport pilot and in a gunship. When the Super Soldier escaped orders were written up to activate him as the recovery team's air support. This will be his last combat mission.

    Gunsight prefers the P-90 SMG for it's compactness in a helo cockpit and the M-1911A1 as a sidearm. He also carries an SPAS-12 shotgun for it's devastating power up close.
  14. I might make a robot girl. Sometime soon.
  15. Carl...... your guy might have an objective of opportunity in my cyborg....
  16. Character Name: Khalid Al Zuvari
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role:..........not a terrorist.....more of a 'creative problem solution expert'
    Race/Species: Humanoid (can change appearence to any shape with two arms, two legs and of roughly similar size, though this requires a special syrum known as 'polymorphene')
    Age: undetermined, usually appears mid 20s
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose: to ensure that the cynex escape, and to eliminate all trackers, Though clearly 'Khalid' is being paid, his employer is at this time unknown
    General Personality: Direct and to the point, Khalid enjoys his work, killing armed opponants and other infiltrating armed strongholds are not jsut his specialty, the challenge they present gives him a psycologocal high.
    General History:Khalid has been known by many names, "Richtor Von Horth" during the second world war (where he earned the Iron cross despite actually working for British intelligence)
    "Sergei Vassilovich Tolenka" when he worked in the KGB and his most recent Alias "Khalid Al Zuvari" as which he has infiltrated several "Mujahideen" groups, fromn the late 70s to the early 00s, though his purpose changed from helping the 'freedom fighters' fight off the russians to helping the western world fight the 'terrorist's
  17. Hmm.... Alright, now I need to figure out what the best positions would be for us in a Charmed rp.

    As for the Genie RP. Do you want to be the Genie or the Master who finds it?
  18. hmm
    Genie :3
  19. You want to start now? Right now? 'kay- GRANTED! Just as soon as I type it up here and post it :)
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