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  1. This is my first time searching for a partner. I'm very nervous .///.
    (I'm looking for multiple partners, by the way)

    Basically, I love to RP pretty much constantly. I use skype and am always online. I would prefer using Skype for future RPs, too, but I can give the forum thing a try as well.

    I'm looking for male characters only, but I don't mind if you are male or female yourself. 18+ only in case of sexual content, though!

    Like the title suggests, I'm mainly into romances, but I don't like for the whole story to revolve around that, just for it to be an outcome.

    Intermediate and up is the level I would like, with around paragraph length or more. I'm more of a passive player, but I do move the story along when I see an opportunity. I hope for a partner that can do the same. I open to suggestions for plots. Just lay 'em on me!

    • Slice of life
    • Mature
    • Fantasy (low or high)
    • Vampires
    • Action
    • Dramaaaaa!!!
    • Anthro/Furry (kemonomimi might be okay)
    • Fandom-specific
    • Hardcore smut (I can get close, but would be comfortable with a FTB before getting too heavy)
    • Western

    Plot Ideas
    • Vampire/Human
    • Neighbors
    • Stranded in the wilderness/on an island
    • Queen/Guard
    • Custody battle over adopted child
    • Betrothal
    • Stowaway/Kidnapped by pirates
    • Travelling with a bounty hunter
    • Healer/Warrior
    • Bound to a succubus
    • Master/Servant
    • Terraforming colony on a new planet
    • Wife-for-Hire

    I hope someone's interested!
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  2. I'm interested, perhaps on the island.
  3. Oh, wonderful ~
    Would you like to use Skype or the forum?
  4. Forum, please!
  5. Alright then. So could you tell me about the character you're thinking of using?

    I have a rather cold female character that I want to go with. She probably wouldn't be too easy to get along with at first, but she means well. (Her picture is my avatar)

    As for the plot... Maybe the typical plane crash would be okay.
  6. Mines would be a neutral type, but leaning slightly towards good and friendly, with a warm heart. And he'd be resourceful and smart.
  7. He sounds excellent. It's a bit late for me right now, but maybe tomorrow I'll start up a thread for us and let you know.

    In the meantime, any other ideas for the story?
  8. No ideas, though I'm sure your story will have some room for flexibility and creativity. Thanks!
  9. I would like to do the Queen/Guard pairing if you wouldn't mind.
  10. You're a teen member, right? I don't think we could RP together given the possible maturity levels. :c
  11. Out of curiosity, what ideas do you have for Vampire/Human? As a matter of fact, what do you consider vampires to be the first place?
  12. @Suchiko Ah your right, but correct me if I'm wrong but that rule only applies when sex is involved. Regardless I understand if you would not want to RP with me.
  13. Hi! Queen/Guard seems interesting to me. Send me a PM so we can discuss :)
  14. I like the 'Stranded on an Island' one,
    The neighbors sounds pretty good, too, if you wouldn't mind.
  15. Well I don't have a super concrete idea for it at the moment. I'd like either a female human helping out a male vampire by keeping him fed, or a female vampire who is protected and fed by a male human. As for vampires I guess the standard type. Bloodsucker, supernatural powers vampires.

    The thing is, I'm not totally sure if it would be involved or not, so I'll err on the safe side. I'm sorry about that :c

    Great ^^
    Any specific ideas for either one?
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  16. Its alright, thanks anyways.
  17. Maybe the neighbors could have some thing in common. Like they don't realize they're neighbors but are seeing each other on some podunk dating site.
  18. Hm... maybe something more like they hate each other. That could be fun.
  19. Sounds good. Do you have a Kik/Skype we could do this roleplay?
  20. I do. suchiko-h.
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