100 War Scenes

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  1. Would this work for like, if you were performing actions? I mean, as you're shooting at the enemy you roll and, 39 means that your gun jams, for example?
  2. Was originally going to give Saber Alter the violent illusion and Lucifer the lotus-eater one, but in hindsight this seemed to suit the other much more. Love all the posts so far by the way.
  3. Robin's about to risk either blowing his brains out or going further into the illusion.

    I say he deserves it.

    That, and he's the one that hired her in the first place. If anyone hugs her, it should be him. *Shrug*
  4. Finding oneself in the location of an airstrike done by either the enemy or your allies.

    You find soldiers of the other side surrendering.

    Your vehicle runs out of fuel/something fails in it.

    A tank arrives to aid you in battle.
  5. Just that yesterday was my Birthday. so I thought I'd be overwhelmed, But I squeaked by. :p
  6. "You have more then just seduction to your pallet. You have influence over the demons he tries to control with fear. You have influence with the angels and fallens as well, you can give them hope so that they can see that fighting him isn't in vain. You were there and we beat him, this Diablo would be much weaker since he only had a couple thousand years to manifest and gain power, he won't be as strong as the first. I only ask that you do something and act as a leader to fight against him, and try to keep him out of the mortal realm. I can't lead demons because I am not that charismatic, but you can and naturally if he comes for you I will protect you." his voice was calm and collected despite the situation. "What ever we end up deciding to do, we can't continue letting him grow in power, that will only make things harder, and with the disappearance of my brother Lucifer..." he shook the thought off and remained quiet.
  7. You step on a trap, or open/enter a trapped door/room. Like those things in the Yugoslavian war and shit, they put unpinned grenades on doors so that they were set off when they were opened.
  8. That's a mouthful.

    Good stuff Black Mage
  9. You find a group/one of civilians about to be executed.

    You are spotted by the enemy.

    You find an enemy artillery crew.

    You find an abandoned building with supplies inside.

    You catch a lone enemy soldier.

    You catch a group of enemy soldiers resting.
  10. Luckily for me I was just at work at the time. And I lived quite close to work really, but since the trains were not running I had to walk for about 1 hour to get home, if I remember correctly.
  11. Ah, weather. Good thinking
  12. My headcannon is that Scott and Peter are in a staring match with no dialogue.... mainly because I suck at writing fight scenes.,, while Stiles is losing his mind... again.
  13. Maybe I'll have Artyom turn into a rabbit lol
  14. Both Fine. We're filling up with spiders... seems legit. Approved.
  15. Hello! How is everyone?

    I apologize for not being so active. I've been pretty busy with school. But will return to regular activity shortly and (hopefully) a new challenge.
  16. "You know you'll always be babies to mommy." Harmony smile at him as she sat down on the platform.