100 Days

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  1. 100 Days


    100 years and 100 days have passed since the nuclear war, 100 years ago America, Great Britain, China, and Italy sent 25 people each into space, astronauts trained since they knew World War 3 was coming, they were given the task to build a colony. They only had 95 days to build a station big enough to support 2,000, 500 from each nation. Each nation gathered their greatest doctors, nurses, engineers, farmers, and tons of equipment but..no weapons. There was going to be no war on the ship. The engineers perfected a way to make air from space, or at least what they thought was perfect. They sent their 500 people and it was going well until people broke the rules. This couldn't work killings, fights, looting, rapes. The colony was bad, to the point any crime was punishable by death, you steal a single ration and get caught? Death. The only exclusion was kids, they were locked up until their 18th birthday when they would be judged on if they died or if they lived..The oxygen was running out their parts worn down..all they can do is lower the amount of people. People are no longer permitted to have more then 1 child if you have another you will be killed and the second child thrown into Lock Down...also known as the prison for the minors. Finally though the oxygen is to low to support the 3,000 best solution, Earth..they said it would take 300 years for the radiation to stop..what better way to test it then with the people who should be dying as their 18 anyway..73 people are sent down to Earth..few know how to do anything but a few have a basic knowledge of certain skills. Can they survive this nuclear planet or will they die once they open the doors. Although those are good questions the main question is are they alone?

    1: All Iwaku's Rules Apply obviously
    2: If you're on the ship to Earth you must be under 18
    3: Listen to me, the world is different make your decisions carefully..cough don't go swimming cough..
    4: No sex, if you want to PM
    5: Some people will die, get sick, or get lost I will PM and make sure you're okay with it
  2. Morgan stared out of the cell like room of the drop ship like ship. She knew where they were going and she could only laugh. The guard looked at her "You aren't getting out of this one! The circuit board is on the outside of this one..." The man said before he walked away. Morgan grumbled and sat back in the cell "You aren't getting out of this one!" She said half mockingly and pissed "You know what... Ill show him." She said but stopped as the ship shook. She remembered for a split second what was about to happen and second guessed making an escape. She sat down on the bench of her cell and strapped herself in. Above her she saw air vents and dangling wires. 'Ohhh... the chaos I could cause... But I don't want to die yet...' She thought to herself and consigned herself to sitting patiently and just waiting for whatever was going to happen to her.
  3. Kastia
    I sat on the ship down it was strange we all sat in a circle facing each other..I was facing "Walker" he decided to walk out in space and waste a years worth of oxygen just to go in space for fun. That's when the rocket disconnected from the ship, it was a massive shake and everyone banged heads as we fell off from the colony we were pushed. I knew we were running out of oxygen...that's why I'm in jail I tried to warn everyone but they found out beforehand floating my father and mother for telling me. It was 3 years ago and I knew they would try to cut back on innocent lives soon. Here we are going to the radiated planet that use to be our home, they gave us barely anything, blankets and new shoes but no food. We had no weapons either..they think we're gonna die, but what if Earth is livable..
  4. Raven sat still in his cell. The others were doing things. As the ship which carried their cells began to shake Raven screamed out,
    "It's too early! It's too early to kill me! I still have my week, you hear me!" Raven shook with fear as he patted his shoulder.
    "There, there, Geo. It'll be fine. It's too early for us. Yup, yup, yup!" He continued to pet his shoulder when another shake 'flung' the furry squirrel, Geo, off him. Raven scooted to the side of the cell, reaching his arm between the cells. "Geo, Geo hang on- I'll- Don't let go Geo!" He searched his cell for something to help. But at last the guards took away his bench bed when Raven used it to keep one of the guards from hurting Geo. Nothing could be found in his cell besides the make shift tie-down that now was placed where the bench was. Still frantic, he returned to Geo. The little squirrel in Raven's mind was still hanging on.
    "You, you in that cell! Save Geo, please, I'll do anything. Just- please save Geo. He's hanging on the 7th bar of your cell. Just hold him tight." Raven returned to the tie-down buckling in. To him it looked like everyone was doing so, But all Raven could think about was Geo.
  5. Kastia

    "Buckle in kid!" Kastia screamed to the boy who was screaming about some Squirrel..if he didn't buckle up as soon as we hit the atmosphere..he's gonna go flying towards the ceiling.."Buckler up NOW!" Kastia screamed at the top of her lungs...she was over thinking everything plans when they got to earth and losing one person could mean their deaths. "Kid please sit down and buckl" Kastia couldn't finish as there was a buck in the ship and a message played

    All delinquents please move out of your cells and into the middle area of the cell block. There is a smaller ship if you can see it that is your way down to Earth it will detach from your cell in 3 minutes. If you're not in it once this ship detaches you will be left to float in space and suffocate so I would choose wisely kids.

    Kastia walked out of her cell almost falling as it wasn't the smoothest of flights and down two flights of stairs into the ship in the middle, and found a seat they were all facing the middle where there was a T.V. repeating the same message.

    As you arrive to Earth please do not open the doors we will.rnlugisk....rfnkiusgniksi..*ringing noise*

    Kastia watched as their only instructions fell off the wall in the middle..they were alone now that was their only radio to the colonies to tell them if Earth was safe..not even on Earth and they lost communications what was this..
  6. Meric shuddered in cold fear, but he did not protest when they shoved him into a cell and sent him back to Earth. The boy was absolutely convinced that he was going to die and was nearly in tears by the time they started moving and had to buckle in. Somehow, those tears didn't jar loose at the movement despite how much they threatened to fall. Silence fell over the ship at the lost communication.
    "What do we do now?" He asked, peering out of his cell that he'd been instructed to leave.
  7. Oliver was just as confused as the guy with the imaginary pet. It was certainly not yet their time to be executed and the chairs in front of them were certainly not execution chairs... so what was going on? The ship suddenly started moving and felt like it was falling down. Oliver headed for a chair and began buckling up while listening to the radio transmission. "Earth?", he wondered out loud. "I thought that planet was radiated?". He instinctively grabbed somebody's hand and braced for impact.

    What the hell is going on?
  8. "Get down in these seats everyone! The cells aren't safe anymore hurry up there is only a minute before we leave!" Kastia felt a hand grab hers she put her other hand over top of the boys and looked at him.."It's going to be okay I promise" Kastia said and then got out of her seat to grab the other prisoners who were not leaving their cells she didn't want anyone to die..no matter what they did.
  9. Raven left his cell like the female voice screamed at him. He untied himself and opened the door that usually never budged. Before running to a center chair, he looked for Geo. But there was no sign for the squirrel. Raven ran where everyone else was. The flickering lights burned his eyes. "ugh-!" he panted in panic and pain. He felt his way into one of the seats. He fiddled with the buckles. Squinting to see.
  10. PSA

    Oh and, all your food was burnt in a fire after you crash landed.
  11. Trice looked around before un-clicking her seat belt. It was clear they hadn't bothered to give them a ship that could actually survive a trip to Earth. They were lucky though, it didn't look like there were any bodies to bury.
    She un-clicked her seat belt, standing up shakily. She knew that she couldn't feel the difference between the gravity here and back home, but she knew there was a difference. Not very concerned with anyone else, as no-one appeared to be bleeding, she headed outside.

    They were in the middle of a forest, and seemed to have scared any life that may or may not be there away with their violent landing. She rand her hands through her hair, hoping to push it back and feeling a slick liquid when she did. Yes, it was hot, but she wasn't sure she had sweat that much. She looked at her hand, oh, she hadn't, she just had a cut on her forehead. She must look terrifying.
    She checked their surroundings, it was clear that the buildings before the nuclear war hadn't survived. If they wanted a real structure to live in then they'd have to use their landing ship. Thankfully the ship had knocked out tree's with a 100 foot radius, making a small clearing in the dense woods.
    "And..." She said, thankfully noting that she had yet to die of radiation. "We're home."
  12. Already out of the ship, Cassie was picking at a chunk of wood that had been lodged into the ships wing. She Had chipped away at it to make a small wooden knife, sharp and stiff.
    " Is everyone alright? "
    Her leg had a gash in it, but she had taken the edge of her shirt and wrapped it up.

    " bit of a rough landing. Should've known that officials would dump us here on this crummy planet..."
  13. "They wanted us dead, I mean we were low on oxygen. So they send down people they can spare so there is more oxygen for everyone else. I must say surviving down here isn't gonna be easy." Kastia said as she looked around for the food. "Shit, we're going to need more food anyone wanna go with me to hunt?" Kastia said as she found scrap metal on the ground and took a vine and a stick. Tying the slimy stringy vine around the scrap metal and the stick Kastia had a make do knife. There were some injuries which would have to be taken care of but right now they needed food, and water. Realizing no one was listening to her Kastia screamed
    "I know we're all here and we don't want to be but if we don't work together we're going to die. I don't know about you but I'd rather try to live. Now if you're with me on wanting to live we need walls to protect us from any animal that could have lived the nuclear war and might try to attack us, but right now we need tools weapons, hatchets, different things to help build. We have wires from the ship to use as rope and these vines that could work now I'll go help us get food we need to work together" Kastia lowered her voice halfway through once everyone had started to listen to her.
    "Now is anyone going to get with me hunting for food"​
  14. Oliver woke up at the sound of someone yelling. He scratched his eyes awake. "Mm... why are you so noisy?". He looked around and noticed they're no longer inside the ship. Oh yeah.... we crash-landed in a radiated planet... wait what?!. He stood up and checked for wounds. Other than the scrap metal embedded on his arm, he seems to be alright. "Aw yeah! we're alive!".

    Oliver pulled out the scrap metal on his arm as he listened to the girl. "Okay, I'll help.... wait, hunt what? ". Being someone who is born in the station, Oliver didn't know what kind of food grows on this planet and why they need to hunt it.
  15. Cassie quickly jumped to her feet and ran up to the girl whom she barely knew and followed her.
    " wait! You said there are wires still right? If the front or the back of the ship is till mostly intact I'm sure I could whip up some kind of weapon or tool to speed up the process of survival."
    She was excited to get to messing with wiring and metal again. She always loved to create any kind of machinery. Take it apart, clean it, put it back together, blow it up, rebuild it from scratch, everything like that.
  16. Seeing the boy she responded as she started to walk

    "Well, we have deer, fish, bears. I'm not sure what's left after the war we'll have to see maybe there are new animals"

    Walking towards the part of the forest with the boy she realized he didn't have a weapon as a girl ran up asking about the wires she had talked about.

    "Yeah there are some wires in the ship, go up the ladder and close the latch, remember there are killers with us you need to be careful, also you need a weapon kid, what's your name?"

    Kastia said as she walked back into camp grabbing a branch on the way another fallen piece of the ship and another vine creating him a spear.

    "Okay lets go, we need to get enough food to feed the 100 here...if they're alive when we get back I'm not so sure everyone will work together we might lose people. Who knows we might even split into different colonies..."

    Kastia said as she walked with the boy into the wooded area.​
  17. Deer, fish and bears? All those words seemed alien to Oliver, but it sounded like they taste good so he followed her. The girl gave him a makeshift spear and asked for his name. "I'm Oliv-ouch!", he yelped as he poked the sharp tip of the spear. "That's sharp! I'm Oliver, by the way".

    The girl explained what they need to do as they were walking around the forest. "The 100?", Oliver asked. He wasn't sure if the girl was talking about the colony that sent them down here or the kids his age he was with when they crashed. Oliver saw something that moved through a thick pile of leaves. He jabbed it with his spear and the thing stopped moving. It was a lizard, but Oliver does not know what it was so he asked the girl. "What is this? A deer, a fish, or a bear?"
  18. " My name is Cassie. Well, that's what people call me. My whole name is such a mouthful. Thanks. I will have something snazzy whipped up in a bit. Later!"
    And with that, Cassie darted off back to the ship, grabbing a large crowbar for a weapon on the way there. She would have all the fun she wanted, wires, metal, electronics, dashboards. She had everything she needed...
  19. "That's a um some type of lizard, maybe enough to feed 1/2 a person, wait there are not 100 people I forgot the 79 they floated a few of us before we left."

    Walking with the boy after helping him tie the kill to a tree near camp and followed out until they came upon a river.

    "Okay fresh water is sorta far away, that is okay though we can move our camp maybe or just bring food lets go try to fish." Kastia said as she saw a huge movement pulling the boy back "Oliver look there, maybe we should stick to the shallow end"

    The shadow in the water was huge. They'd have to be careful even in the shallow end Kastia threw her knife at the water at the site of a fish. Missing she picked up her make do knife and tried again landing it. Grabbing the large fish she gutted it there to get rid of the blood instead of having to wash the fish at the crash site..

    "These are fish by the way Oliver from what the rumors say they're really good once you cook them over fire"​
  20. Just then, another cell came crashing down about 5 miles away from them, smoking and creaking as it ceased the landing protocols.

    Not too long after that, a girl who looked no older than 16 stumbled out of the wreckage, holding a bleeding arm with a piece of shrapnel sticking out of it. When she saw the others, she stumbled in their direction.
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