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  1. Welcome!

    Hellp everyone I'm Forevveru or Evv. As you can probably tell, I am new here but not new to roleplaying. I've roleplayed for over five years and thought I'd try out some new sites. So here I am!

    Follow all site rules
    I do prefer playing female but I'm willing to double.
    I've only ever played straight pairings but if we double I could try a slash rp.
    Romance in a roleplay is a must! It doesn't have to be the certain of a roleplay but I just prefer to have it in my rps. Now that's not to say I won't add other stuff because I love things like drama and conflict!
    I do prefer canon x oc, but again I'll possibly do canon x canon or oc x oc in the event of doubling.
    I prefer forum rps but I may try a private message one. I also am open to email as well.

    I'm going to put a * beside the pairings that I want to play the oc in

    The Originals (Craving!)/Vampire Diaries
    Klaus x oc*
    Kol x oc*
    Elijah x oc
    Damon x oc
    Stefan x oc

    Dean Ambrose x oc*

    Walking Dead
    Daryl x oc*

    The 100
    Bellamy x oc*

    Alec x oc*
    Emmett x oc*
    Jasper x oc

    Thor x oc*
    Iron Man x oc*

    Game of Thrones
    Robb Stark x oc*
    Jon Snow x oc

    Cirque Du Freak
    Vancha x oc*

    Original Pairings

    Demon x witch
    Vampire x human
    Vampire x witch
    Master x slave
    King/prince x princess
    Lord x lady
    Knight x princess
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  2. Hello,

    Would you be open to double?
    I'd like to play Thor in exchange for you playing Tony. We would both have OC roles, if course.
  3. I'll play Thor for your oc if you can play Loki for mine.
  4. Hey there I could certainly give Tony a shot. Just a warning I've really only seen the Avengers movies and a part of the third Iron Man movie. So I can't promise I'll be the best.

    Sure! Again, I'm not sure how good I'll be (but I have seen the first Thor movie) but I'll certainly try.
  5. I might be willing to do Twilight and/or Avengers.
  6. Hey there I'd be up for either if your interested.
  7. Still looking
  8. Seeking still ~~
  9. Seeking still
  10. Hello! Nice to meet you, I saw you wouldn't mind a Vampire x Human RP which... Well I am really interested in that! Please PM me or respond to this if you're interested too!

    I also wouldn't mind a Master x Slave RP too!
  11. Hello there, I'd be up for something vampire x human =3
  12. Wonderful!

    Would you mind taking this to PM?
  13. Searching!
  14. I'd be interested in a Cirque Du Freak roleplay if you doubled as Evra Von for my female charrie :3
  15. PM me , we can roleplay, Avengers
  16. Still seeking
  17. Are you still looking for a Vampire Diaries or The 100 roleplay?
  18. I am :)
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