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greetings & salutations! my name is vera. i’m just a random twenty-year-old who loves to write about the things she loves. i’ve been writing for well over eight years now, and i’ve gotta say, the hobby never gets old. making original characters is something of a passion, because i have over fifty of them… i can’t stop, haha! i only really like a handful of them, though, so 90% of them don’t ever see the light of day. some interests of mine include comic books, anime, and videogames! i’m a bit shy at first, so if you want to chat on the side of our roleplay, please be aware that i might be a little dry at first!
▌ ❛ one -- format, length, & literacy
in my roleplays, i only accept third person point of view. in the past, i did accept first person, but then it proved to be too confusing, and i constantly forgot the names of my partner’s ocs. i felt so horrible, that i began to stick to third person. i hope you’ll understand my reasoning. another format i absolutely will not do is script form. it lacks detail, and it doesn’t really allow a writer to actually paint a picture in the minds of their readers, get what i’m saying? as for length, i will often try to mimic whatever length my partner’s comfortable with. however, i am not up for novella styled roleplays due to the fact that it is too time-consuming, and it generally drains me of my creativity, thus causing the rest of the roleplay to be far too dragged out.
▌ ❛ two -- spelling & grammar
now to discuss spelling and grammar. all i ask is that you try your best, i know that english is not everyone’s first language, and understanding it is rather difficult, considering the fact that it is one of the hardest languages to learn. however, if i cannot understand your writing and have to resort to asking you to decipher your work, that’s where i might start to feel a little frustrated. all i ask is that you know the difference between ’your’ and ’you’re’ as well as ’their’, ’they’re’, and ’there’, okay? i know my replies won’t always be perfect; i recognize that i might make mistakes in my writing from time to time, and it’s unavoidable because i’m human; humans make mistakes. the same with you, my lovely reader, if you misspell anything, i’ll easily dismiss it, but at least have spell check on, and always proofread your responses before sending them. it makes a big difference.
▌ ❛ three -- triggers & limitations
my limits are actually close to none. the only things i do not tolerate are bestiality or ‘furries’ and pedophilia. i adore dark themes, cursing, blood, gore, drug use, alcohol, violence, homosexual pairings (except yaoi, sorry!), anything you can throw at me! however, you must tell me all of your limits beforehand to ensure that we have a mutual understanding of each other’s dos and don’ts! i also want to say that even though i am not a minor, i do not want to roleplay anything sexual. nothing farther than kissing, please! i’m uncomfortable with it for personal reasons, but i also think that i’m not very good at roleplaying that kind of thing in general. i am very sorry for the inconvenience!
▌ ❛ four -- communication & commitment
i mostly roleplay over email. however, if you do not want to email me, direct / private messages are the alternative. i also have a discord, but i don't really use it; if you want to roleplay there, ask, and i'll send my info in a private message. remember, i have a life, just like every other sane person does, therefore i might not be able to reply to your response right away, the longest i’ll take is two days, so please, if i don’t respond immediately after you do, don’t start spamming me, it gets really annoying and it clutters my inbox. also, if you’re going to roleplay with me, don’t just ditch me. it’s very disrespectful, and frankly, why message me in the first place if that’s what you’re planning? it’s a waste of my time and yours, so please, just don’t, seriously. if for some reason you wish to end the roleplay, just send me a message with the subject titled, “this is the end, my dear friend.” and i’ll simply delete it and move on. no explanations asked for or needed. i also want to warn my future partners that there will be times that i will go over my two-day time limit, and if this happens, it is because of my mental health, as i am a little unstable. roleplaying is an escape for me, but sometimes i get overwhelmed. i hope you’ll understand if this happens.
▌ ❛ five -- characters & love interests
i would really appreciate if you didn’t godmod. if you extend that courtesy to me, i’ll gladly do the same for you. i want you all to know that you can go all out with your characters. roleplaying is meant to be fun, so don’t worry about me being too strict about anything. just make sure your oc isn’t too over the top and we’ll be good! i will play your crush and my oc, and you’ll play my crush and your oc, plain and simple! i only do oc x canon. playing side characters would be greatly appreciated too; i’ll do the same! if you’d like to have a love triangle, just ask, it’d be an immediate yes. i simply adore love triangles, in fact, i encourage them! if you want, a love square is also possible, but i’ve never done one before, so… first time for everything, i guess?
▌ ❛ six -- side convos & friendship
okay, so, i love makin’ friends. i’m shy but please feel free to talk to me! i love talking about my ocs, so i’d love to hear about yours as well! share anything you’d like about them. i sometimes make character mixes for my ocs and the characters they’re shipped with, so if you do that too, puh-lease tell me! i also love sharing headcanons and just memeing in general. by the by, perks of befriending me include sporadic one-shots and headcanons! how cool is that?! pretty freakin’ cool if you ask me. moral of the story is do not be afraid to talk to me! let’s have fun with this, yeah?
▌ ❛ hunter x hunter -- ★★★★☆
❤ killua zoldyck * kurapika kurta
⎼⎼⎼ i am not caught up with hunter x hunter! i only just started it in january, but holy hell am i loving it so far! i’m currently on episode 60, i think, so no spoilers, please! i am so damn worried for kurapika that boy is gonna give me a heart attack oc status : incomplete!
▌ ❛ kingdom hearts -- ★★★★☆
❤ riku * sora * roxas * aqua
⎼⎼⎼ hot damn, do i have heaps of history with this game. i first played it when i was like, six years old, and it has been my favorite freakin’ videogame series ever since. i’m currently still working on kingdom hearts 3, but i’ve played every game before it (including khux)! i’ve also read the manga, and am currently working on reading the birth by sleep light novels! i like to think i’m pretty well versed in anything kh related; with the exception of kingdom hearts 3 of course. because of how complex the series is, aus are welcome! oc status : incomplete!
▌ ❛ mob psycho 100 -- ★★★★★
❤ shigeo kageyama * reigen arataka
⎼⎼⎼ mob psycho has quickly become a series that is very near & dear to my heart. i am caught up with the anime, and am reading the manga from the beginning on the side. if you’re finished with the manga, no spoilers, please! oc status : [1] complete (shigeo) | [2] incomplete (reigen)!
▌ ❛ south park -- ★★★☆☆
❤ kenny mccormick * kyle broflovski * leopold ‘ butters ‘ stotch
⎼⎼⎼ south park... what's there to say? funny show with lovable characters. it's been a while since i’ve seen it, so i'm not caught up. stick of truth + fractured but whole are my preferred story settings, though. oc status : complete!
▌ ❛ supernatural -- ★★★☆☆
❤ dean winchester * castiel
⎼⎼⎼ it’s been a while since i’ve roleplayed supernatural, but i miss it… so i started rewatching it from the beginning again, haha! i’m on season 12, though, so there’s that. oc status : kinda sorta complete? i have multiple but i’m not sure if i like them enough. might make a new one from scratch.
▌ ❛ teen titans -- ★★★★★
❤ robin / dick grayson * raven / rachel roth
⎼⎼⎼ another series i really held off on watching. why? man, i dunno! i’m only familiar with the cartoon network version, so i haven’t read any of the comics (i’m more of a marvel girl). i’ve always really liked robin, though, so i decided to finally watch it! that, and my friend said she’d disown me if i didn’t, lol. just a heads up, raven is kind of my backup… i really want robin, but i’m kind of a softie, so… i’ll most likely give him up if you ask, aha. if you’re comfortable with an au where we can both have him, though, let me know! if you don’t know what i mean by this, just ask! oc status : incomplete!
annnd that’s about it! when you shoot me an email, please put the passcode in the subject as well as the fandom you want. something like this: ‘guardian [south park]’. the same thing applies if you're going to be sending me a direct message!
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