teen titan

  1. The Alpha and the Omega Vergil

    Looking for a partner for a teen titan harem rp.

    Hit me up if you're interested. My oc has six of the seven Power rings. Will, Fear, Rage, Death,, Life, and Hope.The Harem consists of Raven, Starfire, Jessica Cruz, Arisia Rrab, Diana Prince, Blackfire.
  2. Cyberelite2k

    Time for the new generation of heroes to shine (rp thread)

    Chary aka The Synth Heart As soon as she heard the loud bang the robot had rushed over. Luckily her rebreather like mask formed over her mouth in time. As her now hook like hands tore into the brick to get her to a high vantage point she looked around. People running, scared, villain and his...