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Containing or focusing on multiple love interests for one character.
  1. The Alpha and the Omega Vergil

    Looking for a partner for a teen titan harem rp.

    Hit me up if you're interested. My oc has six of the seven Power rings. Will, Fear, Rage, Death,, Life, and Hope.The Harem consists of Raven, Starfire, Jessica Cruz, Arisia Rrab, Diana Prince, Blackfire.
  2. A

    Kingdom-building Harem RP, From Lowly War Refugees to Rulers of The World (M looking for F)

    A poor and downtrodden family, losing their home to the flames of war that enveloped the entire continent. Our family was forced to hide in a forbidden forest, filled with dangerous monsters and beasts. Our father and mother had died, leaving us to fend for ourselves. But, it was only a matter...