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Posting Expectation Levels

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This level system is a handy resource for Game Masters to use so that players will know exactly what you expect from them! It's also handy for players to refer to so that they can avoid games that will frustrate them and not suit their aptitude or playing style. The Staff encourages all GMs to use this labeling system for their roleplays. You can quote this list in your posts, tag your threads with the posting expectation level tags, and specify in your roleplay preferences under your account details on your profile.

Levels are ordered from "easiest" to "hardest".


You can expect to post absolutely anything in this roleplay as long as it doesn't break forum-wide rules. If there are at least two letters or numbers that form a legible word (even if only in chat speak), it's fair game.


This roleplay asks for minimal effort and is open to players who are just starting to learn. You should have a grasp of basic sentence structure and be prepared to actively contribute to the story. Chat speak is not appropriate here.


Elementary-level roleplays are ideal for those who are still learning but are comfortable with roleplay fundamentals and etiquette. An understanding of simple character roles and loose adherence to a basic plot line is expected.


At this level, you should exhibit a distinct writing voice and style. All players must be familiar with common grammar and punctuation and write clearly legible posts with varied sentence structure. You will be expected to have more fleshed-out characters and adhere to the setting.


An Adept roleplay is best suited to players who have a varied character repertoire and a grasp of complex themes. High reading comprehension is expected. There should be little to no "fluff" posts.


Players should be confident in their writing ability and have a thorough understanding of genre, themes, story elements, and character dynamics. You will be expected to take an active role in driving the plot forward without derailing the focus of the game. You may be expected to create and/or control NPCs as necessary. Grammar and spelling mistakes should be few.


Every post should be written as if you are drafting and editing a professional manuscript. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors oughtn't be present. You are to prove yourself proficient in creating and orchestrating subplots, carrying out full scenes, expanding upon world lore, and smoothly integrating your narrative with other players as if you are a Game Master in your own right.


You will be impossibly perfect.
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