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Zorth (Fantasy/Steampunk/Supernatural/Etc.)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by MistressShadow/MasterFerlin, Mar 8, 2016.

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  1. Zorth is a world crafted by Enu. Enu is the god of all the goddesses and gods of all the species and races. You see zorth is a world of many genres so in some areas it is more modern and some areas it is steam punk. There are even some Sci-Fi aspects to it depending on your Race/Species/Class/Occupation. In Zorth there are many many different species of creatures and races. In the animal kingdom there are: Renu, Octice, Teribithians, Jalcs, etc. In the many different and diverse races there are: Vampires, Werewolves, Cyborgs, Ghouls, DarkWalkers, Shadow People, Spirits, Demons, Angels, Elves, Dwarves, Etc.

    In every race there is royalty or there is government. There are 9 known planets.

    Planets: Mediale, Lodile, Helim, Cro-Z, Zero, Crotoze, Sitize, MN[MotherNature]

    There are 9 alien planets and 21 unknown planets. Every planet has its major populations and the Elven kingdom lives on Crotoze, Dwarves on the mining planet: Zero, Humans- Lodile, Vampires Sitize, Werewolves Helim, and the rest of the species basically just have bought half or more of the planet to keep as their own.

    The currency consists of four coins: Rook, Yole, Crin, and Butun (< Going from least to greatest)

    There are many creatures you can choice from and if you are interested in a certain species please message me with your species name and I will explain their lore to you.


    Vampires [Pureblood, Blueblood, Blackblood, True blood, HalfBlood, Thinblood]

    Werewolves [HornedBeast, Normal]

    Demons[Lustful Demons, Combat Demons, LS Demons]





    Frost Bites

    Shadow People





    The Crik



    Metal Phoenix


    Elves[Tel Nobels, Mages, SunElves, MoonElves]





    Fairy (Female-Good)

    Pixie (Male-Good)

    Sprite (Both-Evil)

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  2. I will pm you the character sheet if you are interested ^-^
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