Zorth Academies (Also looking for help with world building)

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    • Welcome to the Academies!

      I suspect that the travel was rather long but do not fret it will be very easy to get settled. You will be asigned a locker based on your species and D Levels. Each Locker is relatively large. Once you enter your locker you will walk into your new dorm room. You will be placed in a dorm room with your dorm mate based on D Levels.

      If you are not familiar with D levels they are simply your Danger levels. How much of a threat you could pose on the people around you. We wouldn't want to put weaker Species with stronger species only to prevent bullying, discrimination, and any possible aggressive outbreak.

      If you are not yet signed up for Zorth Academy please fill out the sheet and send it to the Head Mistress, Welshwood. (Aka me just pm me it x3)

      In the Academies you will learn how to live your desired life throughout Zorth and abide by the rules laws and even use the currency. Please enjoy your stay here at Zorth Academies.
    • (Character information)



      Species: (Lore of Zorth)

      Wealth: (High/Middle/Low Class)


      Are you planning on Attending any of the Magik Classes?:

      Are you planning on joining the Knights Order?:

      Do you smoke?:

      Do you Drink?:

      Past records of crime:

      Preferred Job/Carreer?:


      How many Members are in your family?:

      Any siblings in the Academy?: (Ask me first)

      Do you have any plans on becoming some thing more Morbid?: [Example: Assassin, BOMember (Aka Beast killer), Butcher, Bounty Hunter..Etc.]
    • Lore of Zorth
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.