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Hello all,

First, let me apologize for how plain this post looks. It's been a while since I've used a forum-based RP. I've been on a couple of year' break from it and have been using Voip-based games for RPing lately. Together I have over 10+ years of roleplaying. I'm pretty adaptable when it comes to writing and creating plots. Plots created on my own are normally pretty much bare bones but that is only because I like to work with my partners to create our plot. I hate sticking to a strictly outlined plot and prefer seeing where the roleplay takes us.

Preferences ✧

✧ 18+ is an absolute must if there is to be any smut. I am comfortable with writing it if needed but I prefer Story and character building to smutty romance. Not against it just not all about it.

✧ Open to any type of Face claim though I do normally look for semi-realistic.

✧ Intermediate grammar and responses. I'm not a grammar nazi but I'd like to be able to at least understand what is being written. 2-3 Paragraphs but I understand that can't happen all the time. Just be sure to give me something to also work off of. No multiple one-liners, please. Mine can range from 2-5 paragraphs depending what I'm given to work with. The more you give me the more I'll be able to give back.

✧ I like a partner who is pretty actively responsive. So at least a couple of responses daily would be nice. Though I completely understand how life is and where I'm lucky enough to be able to have my laptop with me at work and will most likely reply whenever I get the chance I get that others aren't always as available as I am. I'm willing to work with my partners if there are better time frames for them. But in the end just please let me know if you're no longer interested or planning to respond.

✧ PM's or Threads preferred.

✧ Main characters tend to be Female but open to Male side characters if needed. Normally try to stick to 2-3 characters max but fine with filling in with needed NPCs

☽ Plot / Genres Interests ☾

Cyber Security/ Hackers
Mythic / Greek gods
Demigods / Half-bloods
Gang / Motorcycle clubs
Witches / Magicka
Experiments / Super Soldiers
Music Industry
Dark Fantasy
Dark Romance