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  1. Zoe walked through the small pathway that led to the zoo. She smiled when she heard all of the noises and ran up to the elephants. Her face lit up when she saw them, trumpeting and throwing water at each other. She giggled like a school girl even though she was almost 22.

    She always loved the zoo. All of the animals made her want to become one. She walked around slowly, looking at every single animal and reading each plaque. She finally stopped at the tigers. There was only one, lazily laying on the stones by the small stream that flowed through it's pen.

    "Keanu." She giggled. "What an odd name." She leaned over the fence, closer to the bars that kept the animal trapped. "Hello. How are you today?" She leaned her arms on the fence and stared at the beautiful creature. Tigers were her favorite next to wolves.
  2. The tiger looked up from where he was lying, intelligent blue eyes staring right back at Zoe. He grunted and moved to turn his back on her, not in the mood to entertain visitors. He was a beautiful pale orange tiger, with beautiful blue eyes that seemed wiser than a normal Tiger's. He did not belong in this cage, or this zoo. He was no mere animal, he was a shifter! He couldn't even remember how he had gotten himself into this mess, but it was beyond annoying. He could probably just escape by turning into his human form, but what if he was caught? He couldn't expose his secret and for now, he was forced to bide his time and wait for a chance to escape.

    His name was not Keanu, even though that was what the humans had taken to calling him. He was offended by such a name, since he liked his own name. Which, his name was Kai. At least they had gotten the first letter right. Did this human honestly expect him to talk back? He could, of course, but that would give away his identity as a shape shifter.
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  3. "Well you are quite a pretty kitty." She purred back at the tiger even though he had turned away from her. She sat down on the bench beside his cage and pulled out a notebook from behind her back. She grabbed a pencil and began sketching, constantly looking up at the tiger in front of her. After a few hours, must have been close to three, she finally sighed and looked down at the picture. She held it up slowly and looked at the tiger.

    "I drew you in a human form." She chirped. The drawing was exquisite, such small detail cram packed into what was normally a single piece of collage ruled paper. She had drawn a tall human, with piercing eyes and shaggy hair that fell around his shoulders. He was shirtless in her picture, since she liked a man with a chiseled chest, and had ripped up jeans on. He had a slight smirk to his face and she looked back at the tiger. "I think you would look like that."
  4. Kai turned to watch the human with half lidded eyes, curious about why she would continue to linger. Before long, hours had passed and he had almost dozed off while she had been drawing. His ears perked in curiosity as he slowly sat up and then walked over closer to where she was, peering curiously at the drawing. He studied it for a few moments before snorting, noting that she did have his appearance right to a degree. "Quite like how I look," He couldn't help but mumble, forgetting to act like a real tiger before pausing when the words registered. He then stared at her cautiously, looking around to make sure no one else was around and with a sigh of relief, he relaxed. Maybe she would just think she had imagined it.
  5. Her eyes widened and she ran up to the bars, clinging to them. "Did you just talk?" She whispered, a smile spreading on her face. "You are one of those things aren't you? That they write in mythical books about?" She let out a squeal and looked around, hoping nobody heard her. She looked back at the tiger. "You know, I know other animals that talk too, none here though. Mostly in the wild." Her eyes flashed with excitement.

    "Attention, attention, the zoo will be closing in ten minutes. I please ask that you head back to your cars. Thank you for your visit." She frowned, hearing the intercom buzz all around the zoo. She looked back at the tiger, leaning closer to the bars so that her lips almost touched them. "Are you stuck? Did they trap you here?" She questioned, eagerly looking for a response.
  6. This reaction of hers was not something he had expected, causing him to stare at her for a few moments before he sat down in front of the bars nearest to her. She had talked to other animals? Was she just saying that or did she really know of others? Could she possibly be a friend to his kind? "Yes, I am trapped. I cannot reveal my true form or let them know I can speak, lest they discover the existence of my kind. Have you spoken to others like me? To shape shifters?" He tilted his head slightly, blue eyes watching her before his ears pinned down briefly at the sound of the intercom.

    "At night, there is little security. You should come here and try to help me. I would be in your debt, human."
  7. "A shape shifter?" Her eyes widened. "Noo. I can just talk to animals." She let out a little squeal and looked around, hoping nobody saw her. "Okay, I will come back." She made a face. "How do I know that you will help me after? What is saying you won't just run away?" She leaned forward, hopping over the fence quickly and putting her hand through the bars. She laid her hand on his fur and stroked it gently.

    "I will be back, just because I like tigers." She giggled and ran off. Hours later she returned, close to midnight. She was wearing a black hoodie and dark jeans with a backpack strapped to her back. She climbed through the gates on the far side of the zoo. Sneaking through the zoo she finally found the tiger exhibit. Her heart was pounding and she barely had any breath left. She leaned against the cage and caught her breath.

    "Tiger?" She whispered.
  8. Had he been in his human form, he would have face palmed at his own error of revealing what he was. He was disoriented from being cooped up in a cage and he blamed that on his plunder of thinking she had met other shape shifters. It was too late now and he could only that she would remain true to her word and return. His golden eyes watched her form disappear and he sighed and laid back down to begin the wait. Around midnight, he had almost dozed off when movement caught his attention and he lifted his head up.

    Seeing that it was her, he stood up and moved over to her form against the metal bars, guard up as he looked around warily. Content that no one was around other than the animals, himself, and her, he relaxed. "You came back. I was almost afraid that you would change your mind. I have a name. It's Kai. Do you have any idea on how we can get me out of here?"
  9. "Why would I not come back?" She questioned quietly. She pulled her backpack down round her side so she could dig her hand into it. She pulled out a small black box. Opening it she pulled out a pick and began to pick the lock. "Keep an eye out." She muttered. If he only knew what kind of person she was. The people who she was running from. She shook the thoughts from her head, trying to focus on the task at hand.

    The lock popped and she slowly slid the bars away, making it so that he could get out. She stood to the side, looking around to make sure that nobody was there. She shoved the black box back into her bag when a flashlight hit her face. "Shit. Follow me!" She screamed and took off, hoping that he was following her. She stopped and dug through her bag, holding out a pair of shorts for him. She wasn't sure if he would change back naked or not and she had come prepared.
  10. "There are many reasons you would not come back, but I am glad that you did return." He truly was as he watched her pick the lock, unable to help but be impressed by her skill. He could probably have done it himself, if he had the proper tools and was in his human form. As soon as the door was opened, he shot out and followed her, growling at the owner of the flash light. He paused when she did, surprised that she had thought ahead as he changed forms and quickly put on the shorts. It was good that they fit and it felt nice to not be cramped in his animal form.

    His skin was tanned, obviously kissed by the sun and it made his golden eyes stand out more. His hair was solid orange except for some black streaks. He was in relatively good shape, with nice abs and the like. Most would consider him rather handsome. "Thank you," He said, glad to be able to speak normally. "It was smart of you to bring me shorts. I can't retain clothes in my other form. Let's get out of here."
  11. She giggled at his remark and took his hand, pulling him alongside her. She tried to hold in her excitement. Her was by far an adrenaline junkie. As they ran out of the zoo, across the street and soon into the large park that sat beside the zoo she slowed down. She let go of his hand, hoping he didn't think it was weird that she had taken it. She continued walking at a quick pace, scared that the man with the flashlight would find them.

    "How did you end up there?" She questioned quietly, looking around for the small cabin just on the other side of the park she knew as home. She knew she was walking fast and slowed down, her adrenaline calming. "How long were you in there? It didn't look like a very good place to be." She muttered, trying to hold back her millions of questions.
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