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Zombies Run!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Princess Poisoned Rose, May 27, 2015.

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  1. So I've been listening to this app on my phone while I go running called Zombies Run! It's a free app on both android and apple but it's got me inspired to start a role play along that theme. If you haven't heard of it then let me tell you about it.

    Zombies run is about a town formed by 5th military and runner by a major of the Army and it's called Abletown (of course the town I make is not going to be called the that it will be something completely different.) Basically you are a specialist doing what you believe is a basic supply drop and you are a runner for the military and you are on a helicopter trying to deliver thesee supplies. But as usual something goes array and you crash bing bang boom your grounded and told to run towards a tower by a gup named sam. It's an awesome app and I really do not wanna spoil more. So I was thinking that I would make a said tow similar to the app but with my character and one other being the survivors of the crash and othere characters as town characers and there will be a limited number.

    This post is simply to check to see if there is anybody is possibly interested in this please comment!!
  2. Seems interesting.
  3. I really hope this gets off and gathers more interest
  4. I'd be super interested! I just downloaded the app myself...not sure if this rp is still planning on progressing though. Just let me know!
  5. No no it is still in planning and I am trying really hard to get this up and running because I love the app and have had great fun running with it!
  6. Sounds fun and I quite enjoyed that app so much I kept playing till I unlocked everything
  7. I am going to download this app and I'm very interested in joining. I need some zombie fun in my life since the craze has died down lately. I hope to see it take off soon!

  8. Really if you have a GPS on your phone go out walking with it you collect things and the story is amazing but I'm putting my own spin on it. My goal is to have a minimum of 4 people including myself not sure if @Zackymas is still interested or not... do you all know of anyone interested I wanna do a max of 10 characTera and npcs
  9. Still here~
  10. So I used it and wow it's so much fun. Definitely helpful with my running - so much motivation! New fave app. I can't wait to start the rp. :eyebrows:
  11. It really does help with running especially with zombie chase on
  12. Yeah the chase part is the best because I suck at making myself speed up randomly. I'm the type who likes to hold one steady pace. THANK YOU SO MUCH for introducing me to Zombie Run!!!!! :glassesrose:
  13. Your welcome Zombie run is fantastic and I love doing it!
  14. It's usually really difficult for me to motivate myself to exercise because I get so bored. I love that Zombies, Run actually stimulates my mind too.
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