Zombie Survival

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    (Two twins I'm the female need someone to be the male. They are not together at the beginning was hoping that he had some kind of health issue. Epilepsy, diabetes, asthma something like that)

    "Damnit." Amanda cursed under her breath as she quietly opened the door to a grocery store. The outbreak happened about a week ago and so far she had not seen or heard from her brother. He probably had gotten bit from one of those undead. That is what she was calling them since that's what the television said before the world went to hell. When she opened the door she saw a few slow walkers and maybe she could walk around them. She had been on the streets for a day now and this was the first store she had come to. Quietly she shut the door behind her and grabbed a can of soda. The soda felt refreshing as she finished off the can quickly. It had already been a few minutes and the zombies did not notice her yet that was a very good sign. She had on a backpack which she carried her supplies in. Most of the counters and shelves were empty but she noticed some food on one shelf in the back. Kneeling slightly down to avoid detection she started towards the canned food not making a noise. Little did she know one was coming towards her which she did not hear.
  2. (Does the name matter ¿)

    Mike had been with his girlfriend racheal eating at a redlobster. When a male burst through the door
    "THIS IS THE END... I TRIED TO WORN YOU ALL OF YOU.. ( he got in a womens face and began to talk about how people are riseing from thedead) " its the government they planned it all" by the. Security had him restrained. After they left racheal and did aswell. We were rearended by a truck she died in the crash..

    After making it home i found out that the world was ending. Lile in the movies. "This came put of nowhere " he says out lpud.. Amanda!!! He gets up and fallsnocked out cold ... nice time to wanna blackout/seziure.. he thought his problem was gone.. he wakes up to see that a day has passed it was quiet. He grabs a water and drinks.. picking up the
    phone to only hear a dail tone..
    "booooooooooooooo "

    After he does not get an answer he decides to go out he thinks of kevin who lives alone down the street. Mike packs a book bag and grabs a baseball bat.. And a feww spools to use as a distraction. He heads out the door not looking back at all.
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    Just before the zombie found her she had noticed him and turned around jabbing the knife deep into the skull. He let out a gurgling noise and she was glad she did not make any noise to distract the others. A moment later the zombie fell to the ground and she pulled the knife out of the skull then putting it back into her belt. Turning around she started grabbing this quietly off the shelves and packing her bags. After that she started heading toward the front of the grocery store to get some more soda. She was lucky this time nothing had seen her yet.
  4. Confuesd every step he takes he realizes that its real.. He notices that a few of the walkers have seen him.. Now he thinks... Try and fight them or run.. .. . After a moment he notices that kevins house is two houses down.. He runs to the back door and goes in.. mike prepares his bat "kevin you in here" he shuts the door .. Stepping one foot over the other "kevin" he whispers once at kevins door he pushes it with the bat ... The door creeks open .. "agggh grr" . An undead bites the bat thinking it was an human .. Mikes first reaction was to swing the zombies jaws locked on the bat mike swings it in to the wall cracking it aginst the wall.. he looks it was a naked female he had killed and another one already dead agein its head seperated .. "kevin .. Kevin" mike slides the bed over then opens the hatch "kevin"
    "mike" a long drawn out respons is herd kevins body is seen coming out the hatch with bite marks all over.
  5. Amanda started running towards her old place maybe her brother would have went there. Little did she know he was only two houses down from there. She started picking up the pace when the zombies noticed her coming out of the grocery store. Her breathing quickly got faster as she she picked up pace. Now she wished she had bought her phone from home maybe she should still get a hold of her brother. The whole zombie outbreak started when she was going to a movie theater to meet some friends and noticed some weird things. Someone had shot someone in the heart it looked like and the person got right back up. "Mike?" She called out when she opened the door to an empty house.
  6. kevin_"mike I thought .... My first tim ... Those bitches ... " mike helps kevin to the kitchen ...

    Mike_" what happened " he looks at his friend his facial expression showing that it is the end for him ..

    Kevin_"i went out and brought 1 home he looks at the one he killed .. She said she had a sister we picked her up and you know" he curls over "the first sister bit the secon .. It came out of no where withen in minuets they were trying to eat me and then u showed up.. "
    "do u still have that bunker filled with supplies. " kevin pointed .. Mike scared he takes a few wire ties and binds his frinds hand to a sink drew ... His eyes begin to change.. What do I do now.. I hope amanda is ok . He thinks out loud he gathers another bag of supplies replacing his bat for a katana blade he strapes it to his left hip .. "kevin I have to find my sister ill be back.. Mike heads into town keeping to the woods to avoid being seen by walkers but watching for humans
  7. (I don't know if i will be on much. So if i don't post and you guy's do, Leave me behind. Because my computer charger is abit muffed up and barely working.)
    -Raine would kick the door in, The would shattering under his foot, Since he was in a crappy trailer park, There was not much security and he knew the owner well enough to know he was out of town, on "Strict Business." Which was drug dealing. He walked into the trailer and toward's the back. When he came into the room. He flipped the bed and smiled at what he saw, a Shotgun and a Pistol He bent down. Letting the mattress fall on his back, When he grabbed the two weapon's he moved away letting the mattress fall down. He put the pistol in his pocket. and the shotgun, Luckly had a strap, Which he slung around his body and moved to the door, When he got to it, He looked out. The male was six foot and very big guy, He had spiked hair and a pair of shade's over his eye's, A standard biker outfit clung to his body, White T-shirt Leather jacket, Boot's and jean's along with glove's. He stepped down the wooden step's and moved over to his Vehicle which was a Ford Raptor, He got in and slammed the door, He knew the weapon's were loaded. They alway's were, But he had no spare ammo, He started the truck. Then drove off, Toward's the inner city.-
  8. It was dark...the window was shaded but wind blew in it causing the curtain to flutter, something some noise inside the room, sounds like humming? The curtains fell and the light hit the roof quickly flooding in and showing a black room with nothing but a punching bag and a guy sitting on the floor cross legged. Screams filled the room from the outside, He chuckled and slowly rose from the floor. His dark red hair cut not to short but at neck level, He was wearing a black-beater and green camo pants. he was wearing Mixed Martial Arts shoes, his build was well and his eyes still closed. He opened them and his green eyes were showed out in the semi light room, He heard banging on his door and the sounds of groaning and screaming. He tensed and walked over to one edge of the mat and pulled out two combat knifes and a sheathe for each of them, He sighed and walked towards the door. Someone shouted his name through the door " Constance! " before the sounds of blood spurting and bone chewing interrupted them. He opened the door slowly pulling it towards him, He looked down at some creature feasting upon a body. He put his foot to it and shoved it away from the bleeding body, sending it rolling down the steps. He ran down the steps after it and leaps over the railing and landing right on its head when it lands on the floor, He mushes the face into the floor. He then opens his door and looks around the streets thinking maybe he could find some of his friends but right now...he needed to run. He saw more of the creatures on his tail as he took off running down the road his face without emotion of fear, He only had determination on his face the determination to survive.
  9. (It's ok Raine)
    (Akuma do you mind being Amanda's best friend)?

    Amanda sighed as she looked throughout the home not wanting to call out and attract unwanted attention. She came across the picture of the two twins (pic posted above) and put it in her backpack. This picture was taken on their birthday and she wanted this picture for a long time but couldn't get back her safely. Taking one long look at the house she opened the door and noticed it had gotten dark out. "Great". She said quietly hearing a moaning sound come from behind the house they had found her. Now it was dark and she took out her flashlight. She had been in the house longer then she thought now she had to find a safe place to spend the night and fast. Taking one last look at the closed door leaving her memories behind she started walking trying to find some place
  10. ( sure ill be your best friend Lol )

    He was running down the dark roads and looked at the houses as he ran, He noticed that he was nearing Amanda's house. But he expected someone like her to already had headed out. He noticed something in the dark and it was one of those cretins, His hand placed outward it rammed into the zombies head sending it staggering back. which he proceeded and lifted it off the floor with a quick lariat to the neck, The creature flew back and landed onto the floor on its back. He had no time to kill it off, along as it was on the floor it wouldn't bother him for a while. He was running and his breathing started to become heavy, He noticed a flash light and then dove down to the floor his body rolling and leaning next to a bush. He looked at the house and noticed it was Amanda's house, but he wasn't sure it was her. He waited in the shadow hoping it was her.
  11. Mike reached town by the time the sun began to set he entered a wal-mart. to his surprise most of the undead had already been killed .. was some one else alive. finding his way to the hunting section he fond one pistol and one extra clip he grabbed it... "gralll grall " he swung his body around quickly his head turning before his arms and torso. he noted that it was undead and did not hesitate his arm struck it slicing it in half. it moaned more loudly as he sliced its head ad it fell to the floor.

    more would come he thought he grabbed a flashlight two packs of batteries and a tomahawk. out of the store we go .. but where to "i have to find Amanda..
    he thought quickly he drug 3 shopping carts to the bathroom and placed them in front of the door so that when pushed open the carts would meet the wall. he did this only after grabbing 2 cans of tuna fish and a box of cereal. and spelling out in blood im in the bathroom. on the wall . he holds out there for the night.