Zombie bunker

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  1. in this challenge, design a place characters could hole up in a zombie apocalypse!

    It could be built for this purposes, or improvised from an existing structure. It can be a good bunker or a crummy one, it's up to you!
  2. The Sanctuary

    When the Plague first spread across the Asian continent, every country already not infected started doing countermeasures. Europe fell before it could put it's countermeasures into affect. Africa never stood a chance. Only the island nations and the Americas were left unscathed, of course until the dead realised they could float in packs and travel with the tides.

    The US instigated the Sanctuary Project. An effort to preserve VIPs in an environment that would make outside interaction unnecessary. As such, outside infection would be all but impossible.

    The facility was built somewhere in Nevada on top if a magma vein. It's entrance is camouflaged and in a sheer face of a mountain. It leads to an elevator that goes six hundred metres underground.

    From there it's basic living quarters, disregarding luxury for utility.

    On the floor below it stood the entertainment and feeding area. It's very important that those who eat the food do not know what it is

    The floor below that is the farms. Farms would be too generous of a word though, it's a breeding pit for fungus and arthropods that are edible. It is also where the water recycler is placed.

    Below that is the oxygen recycler and the geothermal generator. Both use the heat of the magma vein to respectively change carbon dioxide to oxygen and to generate power for the bunker.

    In case of emergency there is an armoury filled to the brim with weapons, but the facility was designed to be impenetrable, and as such it has no need for self defence
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.