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  1. It was the year of 2015. In New York, New York everything was silent. Cars were abandoned. House’s were not being lived at and stores and businesses left unlocked and left alone. Of course you were the only survivor, It was the year of 2015. In New York, New York everything was silent. Cars were abandoned. House’s were not being lived at and stores and businesses left unlocked and left alone. Of course you were the only survivor, YC thought. Everyone was dead. Zombies. Technically they weren’t zombies at first. At first the had just been invaded with the Mulla disease.The one from Africa that takes over your body and makes you move in jerky movements, turns your eyes a dead faded gray and makes you bite others. But it was no problem. But, how the hell did people start decaying losing there upper lips and shit while they were still alive. You had yet to figure that out. You’re mom, dead. You’re dad, dead. You’re friends? Probably diseased. You had yet to find someone who was alive. But how?
    Hi! Welcome to Zombie Land: NY. ^^ I just had a little thought that we needed a taste of adventure/horror. Im really getting sick of the little Romances in feeds -.-. SO I thought that maybe we can all just chill here for a while.
    Rules: 1. Ew. Dude. No sex. Romance is fine on the side of killing and death if you role that way but take the sex to PM or whatever regarding Iwaku rules.
    1. 2. Please try rping two characters? Like one main one you can rp the entire Roleplay but the other one just put as NI on the character sheet.
    2. 3. You can do up to three characters and if you want more than that, PM me.
    3. 4. HAVE FUN!! Don’t get on here and start RPing if you know you’re just going to get bored. This is mostly going to the romance dolls who’ll come for that then leave not finding it because in reality there desperate and can’t seem to find anyone outside of Roleplay. The roleplay is about Survival No harm intended. So, stick to it.
    5.Don’t make those little (blah blah blah) sayings in the IC. Unless it’s just small, like you editing or correcting somoenes mistake then take it to Occ/Signups
    1. 6. Im not a complainer on how you RP. I wasn’t that good at iit either and one of my closest friends has dyslexia so im only asking for at least three sentences if not two. Don’t just put something short like:
    Raymen looks at him.
    Drew silently eats.
    Brittnet blushes.
    Be for real guys -.-

    Sign ups
    Age: (one char should be between 10-28
    Any “arranged in pm” relationship pairings: (me with @whatever)
    Appearance: (picture or description)
  2. I hope this is good to start! I'm going with two characters, but I am not sure which one will be my main until I start getting into their heads. I was hoping I would be able to hop back and forth depending on the situation, if possible.

    Name: Orland Grieves
    Age: 52
    Relationship pairings: Loraine Grieves (wife, currently missing)
    Appearance: Tall with a build that suggests he is a laborer of some sort. Dark hair and beard peppered with gray; deep-set brown eyes. Wears simple clothing that does not restrict movement and a knee brace on his right knee.
    Personality: Serious, protective
    History: Orland and his wife, Loraine, are from Arizona. They were on vacation visiting New York, NY for their thirty first anniversary when the outbreak happened. He and his wife were separated during the chaos. Orland has no idea how much time has passed since then, but he has not given up the search to find his wife (or the walking corpse that used to be her).

    Name: Tobiah Deponte
    Age: 17
    Relationship Pairings: None
    Appearance: Just shy of six feet tall with a thin, mildly muscled frame. Light brown hair, blue-gray eyes, and a light smattering of freckles over his nose and cheek bones. Wears jeans and a hoodie with a tattered pair of DC's. He is rarely ever without a skateboard.
    Personality: Quiet; laid-back, but alert
    History: Tobiah was born and raised in upstate New York in a small, quiet town surrounded by farms. He moved to the city only a few months before the outbreak when his mother landed a well-paying journalist job. His mother came home one night, frantic and crying, saying that she had been attacked by a lunatic. The next morning, she had turned, and Tobiah just barely escaped with his life. He left her locked in their second-floor apartment building, unable to put her out of her misery.
  3. okay i'll join

  4. Name: Jason Crowwe
    Age: (one char should be between 10-28) 19
    Any “arranged in pm” relationship pairings: none
    Appearance: he usually wears a black long sleeve shirt, and black jeans, hightops with black socks, a baseball cap, leucistic (white hair) blue eyes.
    Personality:He is very solemn, serious, and kind of evil, not in a bad way, but he will chop the limbs and jaw off a zombie and beat on it for hours in the safety of his base, listening only to the moans, worse fates have met humans he has met that made him upset.
    History: he was a normal kid, he pulled the wings off of flys, he stomped on large bugs mercilessly, and he would fight a lot, he also got teased because he turned leucistic at the age of 10.

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  5. Name: Stelios Margaritis
    Any arranged "Arranged in PM" relationship pairing: Not right now
    Personality: Stelios is a laid back kind of guy, He is really nice and Helps who ever he can, He sometimes is emotional, but tries to act cool, He loves having fun and making jokes
    History: Stelios was born and raised in Windsor Ontario, His mother and father were Greek so he has a Greek accent, He met a boy named justice and they fell in love, He hasn't told anyone he's gay, And was on a trip to new York with his two siblings and his parents.
  6. Can you reserve a spot for me?
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