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  1. I've been craving for a zombie apocalypse theme one x one rp for quite some time now and I was hoping to hit gold in the request thread. These are the vague ideas I had in mind but I'm open to any plot you may have:

    I M M U N I T Y

    A group comes across a man whose arms are riddled with bite marks that had long since healed with nothing but scars left as a grizzle reminder of his attack. While many in the group fear of the high probability the man may turn against them without warning, one man is convince he's the answer to all their prayers. While the prospects of a cure seem to be god's solution to the hell they've lived through, one can't be sure if the blessing in disguise is really a ticking time bomb just waiting to destroy them when they least expect it.

    So a lot of things can happen. Drama in the group can occur. The immune character may have side effects that makes him unable to eat normal food. There may even be others like him. I don't know. Sky's the limit.

    S A F E . H A V E N

    Character A has been trekking through one zombie infested town after the next searching for a safe haven or some kind of home to call his own. When Character B, a recruiter, comes in to save the day and introduces him to a small camp strategically design to ward off the undead, his new surroundings seem to be as perfect as perfect can get. However, mentally unstable and paranoid by years of torture, the leader of the camp has secrets as dark as what lurks beyond the barricades that protects them all.

    What that secret is? I'm not entirely sure. We can plot it out. The recruiter (Character B) may be aware of the corruption or not, but A is surely oblivious to everything that is going on. It's just a matter of time that he uncovers the truth.

    T H E . H U N T E D

    10 years has passed since the outbreak placed mankind at the bottom of the food chain. Many died, a lot of sacrifices were made, and hope itself was hanging by the balance until one day, a small civilization made up of 20 people transformed into a town occupying more than 5,000 residence. In order to keep the numbers growing, a special force trained to kill was created. As their names entailed, The Hunters set out to kill corpses and find any trace of a cure if any exist. After years of searching, they found that the fate of mankind lays in the hands of a child who is destined to die the moment he steps foot beyond the gates of what was supposed to be a town that fostered a sense of hope for a better tomorrow.

    So the two main characters will be the hunter and the child's brother/father/companion. The idea I had for this is that in order to make the cure, they have to use a large portion of the child's brain matter which will instantaneously kill him or leave him brain dead. Either way, he's dead and although the child's keeper knows nothing about this, the hunter is well aware of it. So the rp will start in a town or somewhere miles away from The hunter's home base. The convoy might've broke down, they might've been overrun and his entire team dies...idk, we can discuss it.


    - Ex-lovers forced to travel together
    - Sister's fiance x The brother
    - Someone who is unable to kill the undead for 'reasons' x Someone who gets a kick out of killing
    - Convicted killer x cop

    If you're interested PM me or post in the thread and we can plot 83
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  2. Bonjour! I stumbled across this and wanted to know if you still would like to do one of these?
  3. I'm interested, if you're still looking.
  4. Ex-lovers forced to travel together sounds interesting and drama-worthy.
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