Zombie Apocalypse Game Sign Ups!

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  1. Alright folks! This will be a DnD style Role Play, you will all discuss your next plan of action as a group, or fly solo through the Role Play making a decision at the end of your post that will be affected by the dice that I roll. Depending on what your decision is, you'll have to roll higher scores to do your intended action or stay alive for another posting. You'll make your characters with a roll of the dice essentially.

    There are common stats that you yourself will roll. In the Role play you will roll a 10 sided dice 6 times and add 5 to each score you get, after you have done this take the scores and put them into the desired stats below. I recommend using an online set of dice, this is a good one: http://rolz.org/ remember it has to be 10 sided, and add 5 to whatever your score was! Also, please no cheating for your stats.

    Strength: (STR) Affects melee damage, along with how much you can haul around during your adventure through post-apocalyptia.

    Dexterity: (DEX) Governs your overall speed when running. Also helps with aiming ranged weapons.

    Constitution: (CON) Constitution will determine how immune you are to the Zombie Virus. Depending on how many bites you have your counter will go up, each day the GM will roll the dice and add your constitution to the roll to see if you have survived another day.

    Intelligence: (INT) Intelligence governs many things involving technology. Cracking into computers, hotwiring vehicles, syphoning gas, or anything else technical will require a certain level of intelligence.

    Wisdom: (WIS) Wisdom allows you with medical prowess. The more wisdom you have the better you will at treating a wound or a bite. The better a treatment, the less a zombie bite affects the roll of each day if someone is infected.

    Charisma: (CHA) With a better Charisma you will be able to talk down other hostile survivors, gain aid from an otherwise stubborn doctor, or how well you can barter for life saving materials from other survivors.

    Background: for your character will only be a small part of the story of the role play, whether you’re a mechanic with car smarts or an ex-marine with gun skills, try to make it correspond with your skills.

    Skills: Skills could be a variety of things as long as it is something that is actually possible. No god modding.
    Items: Keep this down to only 2 or 3 items that someone would be carrying during any normal day. You won’t be holding a gun or a baseball bat on the drive to work.

    Example Character
    Name: Exampleton Exampler
    Sex: Male
    STR: 1(What I rolled on a 10 sided die) + 5 = 6
    DEX: 5 + 5 = 10
    CON: 10 + 5 = 15
    INT: 3 + 5 = 8
    WIS: 6 + 5 = 11
    CHA: 6 + 5 = 11

    Background: Born on a rock, lived with a wrench.
    Skills: Is handy with a wrench.
    Item(s): Wrench.

    I'd like to forewarn you all, you can die, play with your head, not your god-modded heart. I'd like to have a small group of about 4 to 6 so we aren't waiting forever for people to post. So without further ado! Please start signing up!
  2. Oh! Also, I'd like to lay down some setting here, so that you know where to put your character in the world.

    Radio stations are blaring all acoss the country talking about small outbreaks of mass murderings by crazed, horrid looking people. Not much is being said about it, but people are saying that the killings hapened inside Chicago, the city you are currently in. Traffic is cascaded along every street as people try to leave the city or get to friends and family. People have barricaded houses and stores and hid inside, but you have no idea what is happening other than the information on the radio and the mass hysteria. some people have resorted to going into the streets and looting what they can.

    So, choose where are you, what you're doing, and why you're there. Please make it believable!
  3. I'm in. If has anything to do with zombies, I am your guy for the job, Bro.

    Do we have to post a screen shot of the numbers we have rolled on that site to give make it legit?
  4. Never have written anything in DnD style but if you don't mind I'll give it a shot. I am a zombie fanatic ever since childhood. I even got into the joy of stage makeup. On another note, I have to ask the same Ming asked.
  5. It would be helpful, but 'm not going to doubt you guys too much unless you say you rolled all 10's. So do it if you feel it's necessary, but I'm not going to force it on you.
  6. I forgot how to take a screen shot on a Pc, Isn't it the "prt scrn" key?


    Is this good for a Character?
  7. Name: Richerd McLaugherty
    Sex: Male
    Stats: "Old and tired. There happy? Can I go home now?"
    STR: 13
    DEX: 13
    CON: 15
    INT: 9
    WIS: 14
    CHA: 11

    Background: Retiared War Vet, Richerd has a few skills under his belt. But because he's the age of 52, he grows more tired then most but can pull his own weight when the time is needed. He was a Sniper for the aqua mariens in Veitnam, covering the boat from on coming fire of enemies off to the shore. He was about to sign in to be one of the very first Navy S.E.A.L's but had priar duties awaiting for him at home came up out of the blue. His wife left him while under the servace and left his daughter alone to fend for her self, so he had to come home as soon as physically possible. Richerd still has that old, rusted sniper rifle mounted above the fire place of his country side get-away, it was deactivated shortly after he left the military.

    Stubern old fool, Richerd is one of the remaining members of his family even before the outbreack. He's very hard to kill and walks with a limp from when he got shot in the knee when all of this happened.

    Skills: Crack shot with a rifle and other fire arms when given to him. Also some hand-to-hand combat training from when he started to train for the S.E.A.L's.

    Item(s): Cigaretts, lighter and keys to his Truck.
  8. This is my own little hint spree for skills!

    Oh! When people do their skills, think of what could be useful, hotwiring, mechanic, IT Technician, stuff like that could be very useful!

    Ming you're fine with your skills, I feel as though people are drawn to firearms though, which is a good skill to have, but you also have to think of how much noise that gun will make, zombies are drawn to noise.

    And finally! Skill will be taken into rolls, so if you're shooting at a zombie and you don't have skill with firearms, you'll have a harder time shooting because if you have a skill that is used when doing something, you'll get an added bonus to that roll of 1 to 5, so instead of a 10, you could get a 15.
  9. Did you read my previous post?
    I rolled though's numbers and took a picture of it. What do I do with them? I'm a little confused at how to calculate the number for what my character is, Do you just add thoughs numbers by 5 and then you got your number.
  10. Right. You take your number and add 5 to each of them, and distribute them accordingly. Also, those are pretty good rolls, you have very above average skills :D
  11. Did you like the fact that I gave him little quirks so he doesn't seem over powered?
  12. Yeah, over-powered characters are always kind of a turn-off in Role Plays, without flaws then you aren't really playing a person is how I see it.
  13. Can I have multipal characters? I think I can handle more then just one in this Rp.
  14. You could try to do multiple characters, sure, maybe not too many though, just incase others want to join.
  15. Name: Amanda McLaugherty
    Sex: Female
    Stats: "At my fathers side, through thick and thin"


    Strength: 8
    Dexterity: 8
    Constitution: 9
    Intelligence: 12
    Wisdom: 14
    Charisma: 11

    Background: My Father is a noble man, hard working, diligent. Always there when you need him, I love my Father very much. The feelings I have towards him had to of started when my mother left us, when he had to come back from Vietnam to take care of me. For a short period of time, I was all alone, no one to look after me or to make me feel wanted. I wasn't even a teenager when she left us, and because of that, I despise my mother with the very fabric of my being.

    Even though my father was mostly Military, I went off towards the medical career. Before the out-brake happened, I was an intern for a medical school and was on my way to get a doctorate in a few months, never got the chance.

    When all the chaos went public, where all of the new's channels were covering stories of people being dragged out of their homes and eaten alive by rioters across the world, it must of taken me a few days to get my self back home to my Father, so see if he was alright. Turns out, he was better then I could of imagined even though he had a bandage on his right knee. I fixed him well enough so he could walk farther then a few feet.

    Skills: Basic - Advance Medical Training

    Items: Car keys; Road-side collision kit/ First-aid; Tire Iron.
  16. *SUPER BUMP*

    Hello! I'd just like everyone to know I won't let this die! This is definitely a very fun thing to do, just branch out and try it! You won't be diappointed! I know what I'm doing as a D&D DM so please don't hesitate just because I'm a new member here!

    If you're still not sure if you want to join, you can post a character now and drop out later before we actually start or you can PM me about it. Just don't brush this off please!
  17. I almost forgot about this thread, Thank's for the reminder, I'm really stoked about this Rp and really want to do it. Can't we just do it with me and you?
  18. Well I won't have a character, but I guess we can start it with just you, and then see if anyone wants to join while we're going?
  19. Sure, what story do you have in mind for this father/daughter combo?
  20. Alright, the duo will start at home, Richerd had the windows boarded up, but the city is quickly being overwhelmed by the flesh eating hordes. So far the small house has been overlooked, but more and more of them have begun walking the streets, and it's no longer safe to stay at the house, you'll have to decide what to do from there. If you'd like I can start the thread as soon as possible.

    If you were looking for a definite plot line, that's the fun of a D&D game, we make the plot as we play, it's an open ended role play where you decide the fate of the story, not me. I will guide you down the path you choose, and throw obstacles and help you along your way, but I'm here to advance our story, it's not just mine or yours, it's everyone involved. So buckle down for the rollercoaster ride of zombies, because this'll be one heck of a ride!