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    What is everyone's Zodiac Sign? I'm a Taurus!
  2. Saggitarius.
  3. Depends on. Some papers and books says I'm a Capricorn, while others say I'm Aquarius. I'm born on the 20th, and some says the 20th is the Capricorns last day and other sources says it's Aquarius first day. Usually I have more in common with Aquarius, but on the frame which holds the picture of a few months old me, it says I'm a Capricorn, so I usually stick with Capricorn.

    It's kind of nice when they can't decide which date is which, because it gives me two to choose from. Capricorn doesn't fit? Check Aquarius. Aquarius doesn't fit? Check Capricorn xD

    With a Saggitarius moon. >> Pisces rising. Water Dog.

    *blabbers on about her star chart*

    http://www.astro.com/ Is really really awesome for free star charts. O_O
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  5. I am an Aquarius, though I don't really think it fits me all that well...
  6. I am an Cancerian xD. And it fits me like a GLOVE!>:)

    Everything doing with emotions and relationship, all fits very well..lol ;)
  7. I've never been around a Cancer before...I like being around Scorpios, as they make me feel calm.
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  8. Capricorn, just like my old pal Jesus.
  9. I'm a Leo. ^_^
  10. I'm Pisces! I actually relate very well to my sign. My element is water, and that certainly fits too.

    My significant other is cancer. As far as signs go, that's rather compatible. :D
  11. sagittarius, the archer

    ironically i know swordsmanship (kendo and fencing) instead. never fired a bow ever.
  12. I'm a Virgo, too! Pisces moon, Cancer rising, Venus SCORPIO.....ooooo -waves arms-
    The man is a Capricorn.

    I use cafeastrology to get my star chart. It's awesome.
  13. Scorpio. Born on the scorpio-saggitarius cusp.

    It's an interesting combo.
  14. I'm an Aquarius
  15. I'm an Aquarius and, oh my gosh, it fits me sooooo well!

    The way I act when I'm angry, how I feel about relationships, and the way I react to things!

    It's mind blowing, I tell ya!
  16. They take some practice, but they're quite fun! If you ever get a chance you should try it.
  17. I'm a Libra, and a pretty typical one at that. Just about the only stereotypical Libra trait I don't process is peacekeeping.
    I might be a gentle-hearted aesthetician, but I'm also pretty tough woman. You kinda have to be the kind of life I have.
  18. I be a Leo.
  19. I know my sign fits me well to a (T)and that I'm attracted to my opposite sign, Scorpio.
  20. Pisces! I don't know how, but it and my birth month match my personality... surprisingly well. Spooky!
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