Zodiac Omegaverse MxM RP Request

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  1. Okay so I just thought about this plot just as the title says.

    In this world, your birth defines who you are. You are born under the Zodiac signs and can shift into your zodiac animal (only the orginial 12) and you also are either an alpha or omega.

    For example:


    Name: Ashton Haysworth
    Age: 20
    Birthdate: September 1 (year of dog). (Virgo)
    Shifts: Yellow Labador Dog
    Elemental Sign: Earth
    Status: Omega



    Plot: The world is divided in society based on what you are born as, alpha or omega. No one knows until puberty hits and that means that their scents change quickly as well as personality and once found out, they are separated from their opposite class.

    High school is always the worst time because it's harder to keep the two classes from interacting though the adults try. Around this age, the omegas tend to go into heat (if they are not on medication or birth control). Before graduating, they are usually tested and matched with their "perfect mate" in order to keep society in check.

    Omegas cannot do the following:
    -interact with alphas
    -be in althetic events or sports clubs
    -tell an alpha off or be "disrespectful" toward an alpha

    Alphas cannot do the following:
    -take an omega when they are not in heat
    -fight other alphas while in school or on school property
    -interact with omegas
    -attend any omega-oriented classes (including but not limited to home ect., cooking, sewing, baby care).

    Overall, No omega or alpha are allowed to transform into their animals forms or use their elemental powers during school hours.

    However...everyone breaks the rules everyone once in a while...

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  2. Still looking
  3. I'm interested but I'm not sure how good I'll be at the whole Alpha thing. I haven't done it before but I'm willing to give it a shot ^.^
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  4. In this RP, Alphas are big jerks who think that can do whatever that want and society says that can and they are usually only ever gentle is when they are with their omegas during tender moments but that can also be abusive as well.
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  5. Still looking
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